Acidrain is a Derreteir from the planet Fundirse in Simien 10: Polyverse and Simien 10: Blood Monkey.

General Information
Species Derreteir
Home World Fundirse
DNA source Unknown (Simien)

King Xiv (Deimios)

Body Humanoid-Fluid
Evolutions Meltdown - evolution
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Acidic Body

Firing Acid

Fluid Body


Flying Metal Core

Firing Hardening Material (King Xiv Sample only)

Users Simien Tumbilly

Deimios Miedo

Series Simien 10: Polyverse

Simien 10: Blood Monkey

First Appearance The Polytrix, Part 1 (Polyverse)

All Falls Down (Blood Monkey)


Acidrain is a humanoid made of yellow-black acid. His chest has a metallic sphere with the Polytrix symbol on it. He has two yellow eyes with a demented smile. Although it usually isn't noticed, Acidrain is constantly hovering over the ground to avoid melting it.

Deimios' sample looks about the same, but possesses a blue left arm, and has a darker metal core with yellow gems on it signifying royalty.

Typing Quirk

In Blood Monkey, Acidrain talks normally, besides capitalizing the letters P and H in his speech.


  • Acidic Body
    • Fluid Body

Acidrain is made out of a highly acidic liquid that can dissolve through almost any material in seconds. His body is fluid, allowing him to shapeshift freely.

  • Firing Acid

Acidrain's supply of acid is almost infinite, as he can fire acid off from his body without losing mass.

  • Flying Metal Core
    • Flight
    • Enhanced Durability

Acidrain's body and acid is controlled by a floating metal sphere in his chest, which allows him to fly around using its pull. The sphere is incredible durable, completely acid resistant, and can be used offensively. The sphere can keep controlling the acidic body from a short distance, allowing it to leave Acidrain without dropping him to the ground.

  • Firing Hardening Material (King Xiv Sample)

King Xiv's sample of Acidrain has a blue arm made out of a different liquid, which, once fired off, will almost instantly harden, creating incredibly durable blue matter.


Acidrain is fully controlled by the metal sphere in his chest. If he goes a certain distance away from the sphere, Acidrain's body will drop to the ground in a pool of acidic sludge, which is uncontrollable. The metal sphere can be magnetized or electrocuted.

Acidrain's acid blocks him from touching most creatures or devices, since he will most likely damage any acid resistant object.

Acidrain's acid is somewhat weaker versus organic matter, melting through it much slower.


Simien 10: Polyverse

Simien 10: Blood Monkey


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