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Acetylene is the mayor of a Pyronite city on Earth.


Acetylene looks like a normal Pyronite with an orange cape with purple textures which establishes his race and his planet, Pyros. The cape covers his feet.


Acetylene wants to prevent snow to fall in his city.

Powers and Abilities

Acetylene retains all the powers typical Pyronites have, namely fire manipulation, temperature resistance and flight via propulsion.


Like all Pyronites, Acetylene can be put out by water or extinguishing substance.


Acetylene once estabilished a base on Earth in the Antarctic Continent. This base later evolved into an entire city.

In Snowman and Snow, Evfnye found this city and entered in contact with Acetylene, telling him the smoke they produce causes warming of the atmosphere of Earth.



Acetylene is a type of flame.

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