Maxwell "Ace" Tennyson was a normal ten-year-old kid until he found the Omnitrix, a powerful watch-like device that allowed him to turn into ten different aliens. Though initially immature and clumsy, He will grow to be a true hero. By the time he's sixteen, he will become famous in not only his hometown of Redflower but on Earth and beyond. Ace will also be deputized by the Plumbers and gain more aliens as time progresses.


He has shaggy brown hair, dark blue eyes, pale skin, and he's quite skinny for his age, though he strangely shows a lot of muscle definition.

He wears a white shirt with a red smiley face, purple arm rim and green neck rim. His bottoms are black. He wears olive green shoes with white soles. He wears the Omnitrix on his left arm.


Ace is highly secretive with his true emotions of sadness and anxiety and usually hides behind a fake smile. Although not officially diagnosed Ace possibly has depression, anxiety and some level of paranoia but does pretty much always hide it behind fake joy. He is slightly aggressive and tends to swear.

One key trait of Aces his personality is natural empathetic/sympathetic mind, with a tendency to succumb to guilt tripping to make sure he doesnt make someone feel bad or hurt them, this usually makes him a highly caring person. However due to constantly buring his true feelings sometimes he'll unintentionally get extremely annoyed and bevome somewgat blank to peoples feelings until he has calmed down whuch doesnt take long.

Powers and Abilities

Due to being a average human, he seems to posses the average abilities of a 10 year old human male, who partakes in minimum exercise.

However Ace sometimes shows unnatural durability and strength, although this might be an undiscovered feature of the Omnitrix but could be something else.

Due to being the weilder of the Omnitrix, Ace can transform into a variety of different alien species all with there own unique abilities and powers.

He has extensive comic and film knowledge,especially science fiction and horror films.

Omnitrix Aliens:

Current Set:

  1. Airforce
  2. Gator-Ray
  3. Ironshell
  4. Ringslinger
  5. Probe
  6. Wackermole
  7. Wing-Spider
  8. Frog Rotter
  9. Haywire
  10. Ghostfreak


He possess most natural human weaknessess and when transformed gas all the weaknessess of that species.


10 Are Given

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