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Accelertrix is a watch-like device that allows the user to turn into different alien species in Reo 19

Users: Reo Jones (currently)
Vilgax (formerly)
Azmuth (formerly)
Tech Level: 19
Type: DNA Alterer
Creator: Azmuth
Additional Information: There are 2 versions of it. The unfinished one and the completed one.

List of Aliens

  1. Diamondhead
  2. XLR8
  3. X3M
  4. Goop
  5. Heatblast
  6. Jetray
  7. Terraspin
  8. Water Hazard
  9. Reioa
  10. Ultiverse
  11. Articguana
  12. Chromastone
  13. Fasttrack
  14. Kickin Hawk
  15. Astrodactyl
  16. MindFlip
  17. Waht
  18. Upgrade
  19. TeddyPooh
  20. Feedback
  21. Whampire (Reo)
  22. The Worst
  23. Pesky Dust
  24. Molestache
  25. Walkatrout


Regular Version

The Accelertrix was originally Created by a Galvan named Azmuth. Then Vilgax the evil villain killed Azmuth. With the Accelertrix in his possession, Vilgax took over multiple worlds. When he was about to take over Earth, he lost the Accelertrix and it was found by Reo Jones.


The Warmatrix was only (until now) used in Time Problems PT 2. It was the completed version of the incomplete version. It was completed by Vilgax himself. It still served as his glove.

Completed Version

The recalibrated version was used by Azmuth as a belt in Time Problems PT 1. He gave it to Reo. Before Reo Turned everything back to normal, Azmuth told him the code to recalibrate it in the main time.


Regular Mode

Name When it was put on Taken off
Vilgax Unknown, when Azmuth created it Before Taking over the Earth
Reo Jones All New TBA


Name When it was put on Taken off
Vilgax Time Problems PT 1 Time Problems PT 2 (also destroyed)

Completed Version

Name When it was put on Taken off
Azmuth Unknown, when he created it Time Problems PT 1
Reo Jones All New (Technically, Gained the power only in Sige of Earth PT 1) Time Problems PT 2 (Technically Alternate Dimension) 


  • Active mode - Dark Blue
  • Recharge mode - Orange
  • Self-Destruct Mode - Green
  • Scan mode - Red