Abstract DST
General Information
Species: Unknown
Home World: Unknown
Body: Misshapen Knight
Alternate Counterparts: Abstract
Classification: Fauna
Powers and Abilities
Abilities: Perceptual Reality Warping
Limited Shapeshifting
System: UnaSystem Vision
User: Iblis
First Appearance: TBA

Abstract is an alien planned to appear in DecaSystem Tech.


Abstract's abilities include:

  • Perceptual Reality Warping
    • This ability allows Abstract to change reality simply by envisioning the changes he wants to make; what makes it different from normal reality warping is that these changes only affect Abstract himself. For example, if he were to envision a random door as leading to another timeline, he could use the door to actually access that other timeline, but everyone else trying to use it would just find themselves going into the next room.
  • Limited Shapeshifting
    • Abstract can change the his extremities into various simple shapes.


Abstract's default form is a large humanoid alien made of various mismatching colors and misshapen parts. He has a vaguely knight-like appearance.


Abstract's Perceptual Reality Warping is unable to directly affect anyone but himself, disallowing its use to directly help or harm other people.


  • TBA


  • Abstract's abilities and appearance were based off of Abstract Art in general.
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