Dilluscus Absorblob UnipixelColor
General Information
Species Unknown
Home World Unknown
DNA source Unknown
Body Blob-like Squid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Element Absorption

Matter Absorption and Manipulation

DNA Copying

Space Survivability


 Absorblob is the Atomnitrix's DNA sample of an Unknown Species from an Unknown Planet.


Absorblob has the appearance of a blob-like squid. He has wide blue eyes and two "tentacles" portruding from his head.

The Atomnitrix symbol is located on his chest. 

Any other appearance depends on the material or DNA he absorbs.

Powers and Abilities

Absorblob has the ability to absorb, copy and manipulate matter and DNA. Using this ability, he can create armor and weapons.

Absorblob has the ability of elasticity, meaning he can stretch at a far distance.

Absorblob can survive in the vacuum of space.


If Absorblob is continually shot, it will take him a while to reconnect himself.


  • Absorblob was made on and in the spirit of the 5th Anniversary of BTFF.
    • 01:48:30  22 Nov 2014 (UTC)


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