Absorber is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Thithian from the planet Thith in Ben 10: A new dawn. He is one of Ben's first ten aliens when he gains the Omnitrix.

Powers and abilities

Much like Kevin Levin from Ben 10: Alien Force and onwards, Absorber can absorb (hence the name) any solid material by touching it. After absorbing it, his body will be encased in the material and will take on its physical traits. When in his normal form he is fairly strong and durable, more so than the strongest of humans.


Absorber is humanoid in appearance, with craggy, rock-like skin. His arms are thick and blocky, as is his torso. His torso is slightly hunched over. His head is smooth and rounded with two ear-holes on either side and a square jawline. He has a single red eye on the front of his head and below that a wide, white-toothed mouth. His legs are significantly thinner than his arms and torso and end in feet with two toes each. He has the omnitrix symbol on his chest. His clothing consists of black and white: black over the shoulders and upper body, white on the lower body down to just below the knees and finally black just below the knees and ending where the legs end and the feet begin. When not absorbing any materials, Absorber's skin tone is brown.


If he is hit hard enough, the material shell will break and he'll return to normal. His weaknesses will be the weaknesses of whatever material he's absorbed (burning, rusting, getting magnetised etc.).


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His name refers to someone who absorbs, which is his power.


-His powers are actually inspired by Kevin Levin.

-His species and planet name are from the Albanian word: "Thith", to suck, drain or absorb.

-He was first created in the Ben 10: Hero Matrix flash game.

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