General Information
Species Osmosian
Home World Osmos 5
DNA source Oussama Matar
Body Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Enhanced Strength

Matter Absorption

Energy Absorption

Matter Manipulation

Substance Melting

First Appearance Unknown
Absorber is an Osmosian from the planet Osmos 5 in Ahmad 15. He originally did not survive the reboot, but he soon got rescued and survived.


He looks just like Oussama, his DNA donor, except with a green/black jumpsuit.


He has the ability to absorb matter and energy from nearly anything and use it in various ways.

He can channel energy through his hands to manipulate technology, discharge it as an energy blast or use it to speed up cellular regeneration to increase his strength or recover from injuries at an accelerated rate. However, absorbed energy will be used up over time or through excessive use, so he is required to recharge.


While he is stronger and more durable than an average human, he is largely powerless without matter or energy to absorb and must have a decent amount of matter to completely encase themselves.

His biggest weakness is his insatiable hunger for energy (only if he absorbs so much energy and become this way). A failsafe in the Ultimatrix limits the hungry if Absorber hasn't absorbed much energy, though if he exceeds that, he will go insane like regular aliens.

Any powers an Osmosian has absorbed from other life forms will begin to wear off and disappear. The more life force, metabolic energy, and DNA they absorb, the longer it takes for their absorbed powers to wear off.


  • This is the first EVER osmosian to be called Absorber, as the others were all forced to name their aliens puns on Osmosian, or "Absorber (Series Hero 10)".
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