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Absorbenites were intorduced in My gigantic camping trip and is in Cassie 12: Original Series.

General Information
Species Absorbenites
Home World Earth
Body Human
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Material Absorption
Language Reading
First Appearance My gigantic camping trip


Absorbenites generally have the appearances of Humans, however, their skin does not turn into the same color as absorbed objects and do not become similear to Anodites nor Osmosians. Their home planet is clearly Earth since their ancestors were monkeys for a period of time until being near a source of minerals.

These minerals have been revealed in Hey is this even real? to be Wobynide a source of the third most existing oldest species on Earth;Humans,Fusers,Absorbenites, and Osomisians supposedly. Aliens often have arguments who are the oldest specices on Earth over this claim.

Children Absorbenites.[]

Absorbenite children feel tickled when something hits them and gets absorbed, signs of being one of them is nonstop chatter from age 6 or eyes see everything clear as day at night. Some who do not posses this nonstop chatter or ability, show signs by being able to read very complicated and old Alien language/translate them. They also present clear knowledge to fool a Alien by bluffing.

These advanced humanoids are able to use their absorbed abilites by transfering it to somebody else upon contact, but it is not used on other People, instead they are redirected to plants or other Aliens posing danger to the Absorbenite child.

Adults Section[]

Adults are able to harbour abilities within hands or objects, sometimes they must cover their hands with gloves because they have soft skinned hands that could only be out of a movie and males have rough hands like men except more bigger than average.

As seen in A startling Revelation powers start as ripples in the throat or hand depending what ability they are about to use, for a very longtime it was clearly impossible to fire out a water type or fire type move from their lungs until further aging show they adapted from generation to generation or somehow.

Features of an Absorbenite[]

In the family line of The Bennys, all three people who present the abilities have blonde/black/brownish gray hair and light blue eyes. It is fair to say anyone can be a Obsorbenite except for the Levins (Osmosians) and Tennysons (Anodites) and the rest of the Canon characters from Ben 10.

Notable Absorbenites[]