Absorbed is the fourth episode of the forth season of the show show created by the user Ultimate avatar (Talk - Blog - Contribs), Ben 10: Alien Access.

Kevin-That Selone dude is strong

Gwen-Yea he is

Ben-He didn't attack me but I can tell he's strong

Gwen-Well, I know something that can stop him, but i'll need time

Ben-What is it?

Kevin-Are you gonna get hurt?!


Ben-With your powers amplified you still need time


Ben-Then this should shave some time off

Ben gave Gwen the Ultatrix

Gwen-Ultatrix, Energy Being!

Kevin-Hope that helps

Energy Being-Mortesies, Mortesies, Motesies, Absorb!


Ben-Wow, that fast

Gwen-Now just get me to Selone


Selone-Hello, weaklings



Kevin-You, absorbed him

Gwen-Yes, now you shall die!

To be continued

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