Absorbatron is an alien created by H20guy and appears in the series Ben 10: Legend of Ken.

General Information
Species Absorbrea
Home World Hailtron
Body Humanoid Robot
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Energy Absorption

Strength Increase Determined by Energy Stored

Flight(With enough absorbed energy)

Enhanced Strength

Enhanced Durability

Energy Blast

First Appearance TBA


Absorbatron is a humanoid robot-like alien. His chest is large and white and, along with his stomach area, has a black line running down the middle. On his mid-section are several black lines, which are actually able to be spread, opening his body and revealing a blaster. His waist is white and and the upper part of his legs are black. The lower part of his legs are white and oval shaped, and he has white, boot-like feet. His shoulders are circular and white and have a short black stalk that leads to large white cylinders with black lines running vertically down them. At the end of these cylinders are his white hands, which have 4 fingers. His head shape is similar to that of Gutrot's. However, his is white with several small black orbs on the back. His eyes are green. When Absorbatron has energy stored in his body, his cylinder like arms and the orbs on heads glow green. The Omnitrix symbol is on his chest.


Absorbatron is able to absorb most forms on energy, be it actually energy, electricity, or even data on a computer. Then, he can release green energy blast to attack enemies. Or, by keeping the energy stored in his body, Absorbatron can increase his own phsyical strength from enhanced to super strength. His durability would also increase. With enough energy, he can also fly. He can release his energy in several ways, be it by blasting it, or causing an explosion. Finally, by opening his mid-section, Absorbatron can fire extremely powerful energy blast from it. These drain his energy faster however.


Absorbatron relies on his stored energy a little to much. Without a sufficient amount, he is nowhere as strong as he would be, loses his flight powers, and can only fire weak and small blast. When completely out of energy, he may even lose mobility or detransform.

Ben 10: Legend of Ken


  • TBA
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