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General Information
Species Assorbono
Home World Kuyeyusha
Body Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Energy Absorbtion

Life Absorbtion


Sonic Scream

First Appearance Plant Life

Absorbat is an Assorbono from the planet Kuyeyusha in Simien 10: Polyverse. This is a redone version of the original alien.


Absorbat is a tall, brown alien with bat-like wings. His head has big yellow eyes and big ears.

When Absorbat talks, bat-like screeching is heard in the background.


Absorbat can absorb energy similarly to how Chromastone absorbs energy. By touching a source of energy with his hands, he absorbs it and he can shoot it back from his hands. He has a limit to how much energy he can absorb, and he eventually must release it.

Absorbat's absorbtion abilities allow him to even absorb the life force from living creatures, by firing black lasers from his arms, like Darkstar's. He cannot fire it back, but inside uses it to become stronger and more durable. Absorbat must eventually release this energy, but most of the life force is returned to creature it was sucked from. This happens when Simien reverts. This power cannot kill, but usually just causes creatures to wither.

Absorbat has the ability to fly, due to his wings.

Absorbat can use echolocation, and uses it all the time instead of seeing, due to him being nearly blind. This ability is activated reflexively, meaning he always uses it. In order to see things far away, he can use enhanced echolocation for measuring distances.

Absorbat can let out a sonic scream from his mouth. This scream is weaker than Benwolf's or Echo Echo's, however it can be used to bring enemies to their knees.


Absorbat is nearly blind, and always uses echolocation to look around. If his mouth was blocked, he would be completely blind.

Absorbat eventually must release the energy and cannot keep it inside him for too long.

While not much of a weakness, Absorbat's life absorbtion can't kill a creature.



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