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Absolute Zero
Absolute zero tno.png
General Information
Species FairenSapian
Home Planet Kelvinatrocitus
Body Icy Humanoid
Abilities Cyrokinesis
Cyro Immunity
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Jumping
Enhanced Agility
Ice Beams
Walking On Water
Ice Breath
Voice Actor Dee Bradley Baker
Status Unlocked

Absolute Zero is an alien in Ben 10: The New Omniverse and an alternate version of Cooldown. He is the Ultimatrix MK10's DNA sample of a FairenSapien from the planet Kelvinatrocitus.


Absolute Zero has a humanoid appearance and is made of pure ice. He dosn't have fingers and toes and his chest has a omnitrix-like core design. He wears green pants with the Omnitrix symbol on the pants. He has a pointy head with one eye.

Powers and Abilities

Absolute Zero has the ability to shoot ice beams. He also is capable of using Freezing Breath. Like his name stats, he can also project ice and can create many weapons out of his ice. As shown in 23 Equals 10, Ben as CoolDown (Dimension 23 version of Absolute Zero) protected Ben 23 as Humungousaur from Vilgax. Also shown in 23 Equals 10, Absolute Zero is capable of flight.

Absolute Zero has Enchanced Agility, Jumping, and Strength. He also has cryo immunity. He can also reduce kinetic energy. If Absolute Zero touches water, it will freeze, meaning he can walk on water.


Absolute Zero survives by sucking in the heat and leaving only cold air or ice so generating too much heat may cause him to melt. Also he is not very effective in dry areas like the desert because the air is dry. The ice is as hard as rock so breaking his body is easier but he has the ability to turn everything that touches him into ice so its kind of cancels itself out. If it's too cold, he can start releasing large amounts of heat in order to survive and than he could eventually faint.

Absolute Zero's core is his weak spot, if someone punches it hard enough he can melt. If someone touches his weak spot, then they will not freeze.



Ben 23

  • In 23 Equals 10, CoolDown is used by Ben in Ben 23's body to fight Vilgax.



Ben 23


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