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Absolute Hero
Absolute Hero.png
General Information
Species Cryodenist
Home World Freezeopolis
DNA source unknown
Body ice
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Ice Powers
Fire Immunity
Flight (via propulsion)
Enhanced Durability
Enhanced Speed
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Defense
Voice Actor Jeff Bennett
First Appearance Under Huge Pressure

Absolute Hero is the Omnitrix Mark 12's DNA sample of a Cryodenist from the planet Freezeopolis in Ben 10: Unlimited Control.


His legs, arms, core, and head are made of solid ice.

Powers and Abilities

He can use his ice powers to make shields, allow him to fly, and freeze his enemies into ice cubes. (of course) Since his form is solid ice, he can use it as a defense boost.


He can only be immune if the air is 99% degrees or if he is in super hot water.


  • Under Huge Pressure (debut)
  • The Mysterious Charmer
  • Skurd's Return


A combination between the words Absolute and Hero.


  • The name is a pun on the word Absolute Zero.
  • This is Ben's fifth ice alien. The first was Big Chill, second was Articguana, third being Eye Guy, and fourth being Zero Knight.