Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln
General Information
Species Human
Home World Mars
Occupation(s) King of Mars
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Immortality, Magic
Equipment Magic Wand
Alias Abe Lincoln
Voice Actor Pendleton Ward
Abraham Lincoln is a character in IRR. He comes from Adventure Time.


Abraham has black hair as well as black eyebrows and a beard. His bowtie and suit are also black, with a white tuxedo shirt underneath. 

History and Personality

Abraham Lincoln posed as a normal Human for a long time, up until the supposed end of his life during his term as President. He was recognized as a great person who "never told a lie", and was known for his tall stovepipe hat. After being shot in the head at age 56, he was forced to fake his own death. Losing his hat during the incident, he never was able to wear it again. Afterwards, he went on to become the king of Mars.

Powers and Abilities

  • Immortality
  • Magic
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