General Information
Species Wizard
Home World Earth
Occupation(s) Wizard
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Magic
Equipment Magic Wand

Abracadaniel is a character in IRR. He originates from Adventure Time.


Abracadaniel is a humanoid with a pear-shaped head and pink skin. He has black hair that goes around his whole head. He wears a white robe and socks, as well as a rainbow headband and what appears to a small blue fanny pack that sports a red and yellow lightning bolt design on its rear. His robe is a bit odd-looking; it is long-sleeved and forms circular bulbs at the top of his legs. There are green spots at the bottom of the legs and the end of the socks. There is also a green circle on the chest area of the robe. He wields a small wand that forks at the end; it is brown and essentially looks like a twig.

History and Personality

Abracadaniel is a lowlife wizard who is really just obnoxious. He is a weak wizard, and his powers are just easy spells that can be performed by almost anybody. He is more of a nuisance than a threat. He is slightly friends with Ice King.


  • Making rainbows with his wand
  • Changing people's color
  • Transforming things into butterflies and viceversa
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