Abomination 11
Kevin 11 031
General Information


Home Planet:


Other Info
Crimes: Multiple Accounts of Destruction of Public Property
Goal: Complete Destruction
Abilities: Multiple Ablities
1st appearance: (first appearance)
Arch-enemy: Kevin 11
Henchmen/Leader: Vladimir Tepes(Master)
Elisabeta Harker(Co-Henchman)

Abomination 11 serves as Vladimir Tepes's muscle and right and man he is very unstable and even more violent than the original Kevin 11. Though his intellect is small at best.


Abomination was created by Vladimir Tepes when Vladimir took the DNA of Kevin Eleven and applied it to the DNA within the Omnimatrix. The result was a creature that is in essence the "son" of Kevin and a haunting image of his darker nature. He is referred to as Abomination 11 because of his unnatural origins and because he was the 11th and only successful attempt.


Appearing to be mindless Abomination 11 is little more than psychotic and unstable animal. He can't even be controlled by Vladimir Tepes

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