Abomination is an alien created by H20guy.

General Information
Species Merliana
Home World Xerisas
Body 6-Legged Blob-Like
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Acidic Spit

Faint Causing Stench Enhanced Strength

First Appearance TBA


Abomination takes the appearance of a green, 6-legged, round-shaped alien. His eyes are small black dots/circles. He has a quiate large mouth, with large yellow teeth that are visible when he opens it. His skin has bumps on various areas. He also has a tail that curves upwards and ends in a point. His legs are short and stubby, and he has 3 on each side of him. Each has 3 white claws. The Omnitrix symbol is on his forehead.


Abomination can spit a corrosive green slime from his mouth; whether it is acidic or not can be controled. His stench is very bad, and can possibly even knock someone out. He has enhnaced strength and speed, and his claws can be used when fighting.


Despite have enhnaced speed, Abomiantion is naturally slow. His stench makes it hard for him to hide. His slime spit can be neutralized by certain gases or chemicals.

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