Alyssa Matthews is the hero of the future and also the descendant of Ayden. She's also really mean at times, usually when something bad is happening. 

Alyssa Henry Matyhews
Vital statistics
Home World Earth (112)
Species Human (1/4th unknown alien)
Age 12 (Season 1)
Other info
Physical description
Gender Female
Hair Color Red-ish
Eye Color Black
Relatives Ayden Matthews (Grandfather)
Aaron Matthews (Brother)
Affiliation Generation Xeno (Team)
Role Heroine
Powers and equipment
Powers Light Manipulation
Paraphernalia Proto-Tool


Alyssa Matthews wears a black skirt with an indigo top that has a folded collar and a skirt. She wears a black gauntlet-like Omnitrix on her arm with indigo on different sections.

As a child, her appearance resembles Gwen but with a indigo and white shirt with black pants and shoes.


Alyssa Henry Matthews was born in Hunterville to a wealthy family with her brother Aaron. The two got into quite a few quarrels and played with their grandpa. At the age 12, the girl was saddened by the fate of their grandpa who died at the hands of the Nemesix. Azmuth was told of this by Grandpa Max; a reason he sent down not one, but two Omnitrixes.

The two would be given to them (despite their parents' pleas). The outdated Plumbers went to form a new group known as Generation Xeno, with a plan to bring together the most advanced tech they could find in their future. With just two Omnitrix users taking on all the evil Grandpa Max knew Generation Xeno had a chance.

Alien List

  • Plugstrom: A Conductoid used for electricity. Plugstrom can conduct and manipulate energy for offensive purposes. It makes her look really cocky, though the evolution makes it better.
  • Arachna: A large Tarantulon capable of creating sticky webs that damages enemies.
  • Incin: Incin is a Combustarosapien who is capable of creating intense heat used to burn its enemies. It can also absorb beat and redirect it into a powerful blast.
  • Dasher: Dasher is a clear meaning of speed. She is a Kineceleran capable of running incredibly fast,though it can also vibrate itself repeatedly.
  • Gigantica: A To'kustar (everybody has one.) Gigantica is big and has nice beams with different formations... usually.
  • Whirlwind: Whirlwind is a Geochelone Aerio, a sort of tortoise that is capable of creating deadly hurricanes and tornadoes.
  • Jawbreaker: Jawbreaker is an Aligatosapien and an incredibly strong gator at best. Its jaw is strong. letting it rip through tanks and trucks.
  • Frankieshock: Transylian.
  • Banshee: Bansherites are known for their loud sonic screams that destroy things and disorients enemies.
  • Scissorhands: Uganian.
  • Diamondcut: Petrosapien.
  • Magno: Biosovortian.
  • Hydropower: Orishan.


Unlike her brother Aaron, Abby is a kind-hearted teenager who does well in school. She is well-mannered and knows EXACTLY how to use her Omnitrix (due to at least knowing how to use her aliens), though her intelligence gets to her head sometimes.

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