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Want to make a series with unique aliens but don't want to use canon aliens or make up your own? Look no further!

Aaronbill3's Alien Arsenal is a service that provides free use aliens made by the BTFF community for the BTFF community! Most aliens available here were made through the I Wanna Draw Up Some Aliens thread, so if you want to make requests keep them vague. If you want specific aliens drawn, please use other alien services such as CaT's Alien Art Shop.

It goes without saying, but this service is run by Aaronbill3, so any complaints or questions should be directed to him.

Aaronbill3 certified

Terms of Service (rules)

  • If (for some reason) you need to make your own page for any of the below aliens, you must credit the respective creators.
    • All aliens here were made in some form by Aaronbill3, but proper credits for each can be found on their respective pages.
  • All of these aliens are free use.
  • If you wish to use any of the content of this arsenal on a different wiki or website, you must get my explicit permission beforehand. This includes any recolours or edits to images.
  • If making a suggestion on the I Wanna Draw Up Some Aliens thread, please follow the rules of that page as well.
  • This is not a request service. I do not run any specific request services.
  • Do not be rude
  • If you wish to give any alien new or alternate powers, either create a new page or list the new powers in the 'alternate powers' segment of the infobox.
  • This last one isn't so much a rule as it is a note: You are allowed to add the categories of your series to any AAA article that you use. That typically meaning a Series Name category and an Earth-XX category.
    • For bonus points, these categories should also be added to the respective alien's species page and home world page. Albeit only the Earth-XX category should be added to the planet unless the planet itself directly appears in the series.

Available Aliens

Any of the below aliens can be recoloured by Aaronbill3 easily, so if you need an alternate colour (or female version (or both)) for use in your series just ask in the comments.

The respective species and planets of the below aliens are also free use, and follow the same rules above. Not every species/planet has a page yet though, so if you want them just say and I'll get around to it soon enough.

Ultimate Forms
Omni-Enhanced Forms

Mimi-Kix Armour

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Anti-Magic Forms

Anti-Magic Rath.png

Remix Armour
Unlimited Forms

Aaronbill3's Alien Arsenal!

Veridian Wildflower - Shianusapien - Erodinian - Ophidian - Sentientsapien - Sentient Chemicoal - Hamsapien - Totanium - Mimewt - Velosabre - Necroterran - Teslamorpha - Luxava - Lytrasapien - Ramiel Monolith - Cranvius Sapience - T'zun Army - Coral Titanoform - Faratin - Visionary - Kerotops Security Module - Vesuviusapien - Floral Manzardill - Circadian - Ornithis - Alpha Lytra - Hyperphysical Sapioid - Kerotops Communication Module - Kerotopsidian - Rorschinellidae - Fracturemen - Ulmana - Psycranium

Swamp Swarmer - Bone Wraith - Terralifter

Home Worlds

Veridia - Non Precipi - Serpentis - Dischronia - Chemicon X - Bacos IV - Kubran 11 - Alpha Proxima - Aquillis - Cruscolo - Lutra - Cranvius - Chione - Cathemera - Al Hazen - Algernon - Brachii Majoris