Way Big


last time on Ben 10: Infinite Forms

(gemoses) behold my true power

(megashark) yeah about that Infinmatrix unlock polar mandrill code 000

(Infinmatrix) polar mandrill unlocked


(articguna) i think you might wanna chill

articgunana freezes two gemoses then punchs them to peices

(gemoses) you!

(articguana) hey not? finished

goes Infinite

(infinite articguana) infinite articguanna! this cool heh heh

infinite articguana freezes them so much they all shatter

changes back to aticguanna then to human

(Infinmatrix) Unkown DNA aquired

(evil voice) gemos failed but tiny won't

theme song

later ben is in his room when he hears a knock on the door

(ben walking to the door) i realy hope this not some alien trying to kill me

ben opens the door

(ben) cooper?

(cooper) hey ben max send us

(ben) us?

(cooper) yeah mike come on he won't hurt you

a Gourmand walks up

(mike) hello

(ben) a Upchuck?

(mike) gourmand!

(ben) whatever

(cooper) well half gourmand

later ben and new co are petrolling bellwood? ? ? ?


(ben) what was

(mike) don't ask me ask that thing

ben looks up and sees a To'kustar with a werid headband

(cooper) ben that headband is controling it i can tell

(ben) time to go big way big


(heatblast) way big! or not

heatblast then flys up and blasts th to'kustar in the eye it prepares a cosmic ray

(heatBlast) drats

heatblast flys out of the way but a bulding is destroyed

ben lands and times out

(ben) ugh i hate fighting these things

(cooper) try for waybig again

(ben) the infimatrix is out of power i can't

then like 30 robots come out of nowhere

(cooper making his robot suit) ben you go fight that waybig me mike will fight those uh umm

(ben) evil robots

(cooper) thats it

(ben) way big way big please way big


(humungousuar) well could be worse

humungousaur grows to 60 feet tall and punchs the to'kustar the to'kustar picks up humungousaur and throws him to the ground

(humungousaur) oof urrrrr

times out

(ben) 3rd times the charm


(way big) way big ding ding you win Ifinitmatrix you got it right

(to'kustar)Gemos failed but i will not fear Tiny

(way big gigling) tiny

tiny grabs way big's shoulders throws him into the air way big lands on his face

(way big) ow

(tiny) fool you can't beat the Order

tiny disappears

(way big) yeah will see about that

changes back

(ben) intresting

cooper and mike run up

(cooper) where did it go

(ben) don't know

(mike) well bye i don't care

mike walks off

(ben) thats to bad i was going to go to the burger barn buffet

(mike) buffet?

mike runs back

the end

major events

cooper and mike become ben's new team

heatblast humungousaur and way big make their Infinite Forms debuts

aticguanna? and infinite aticguanna make their debuts



Cooper Daniels

mike munching



Tiny (Infinity Forms)

aliens used

Megashark(last episode)


Infinite Articguana(debut)

Heatblast(first reappearance;accdental transformation selected alien was Way Big)

Humungousaur(first reappearance:accdental transfomtion selecyed alien was Way Big)

Way Big(first reappearance)

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