A new one is the 8th episode of Deo 12

Deo 12
Season 1, Episode 8
Air date Unknown
Written by FlameStrike
Directed by FlameStrike
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Deo and Megan are walking in the Park

Deo: Sis, i know i don't take u seriosly whit this all alien thing, but now whit Jack gone...

Megan: Yes?

A ship chrashes

Deo: Lets go

Megan: Oh

They run towords The ship.

Brandongrade: [Walks out of the ship] Where am i?

Deo: You are on Earth, Galvanic Mechamorph

Brandongrade: My name is Brandongrade. I'm one half Galvanic Mechamorph and One half Human

Deo: I'm Deo and this is my Little sister Megan and i'm part Geochelone Aerio

Brandongrade: Cool. Wait is that the Alientrix

Deo: Yeah it is

NineNine: [Flys down] I have come for u Brandongrade

Deo: Slaps the Alientrix

Deo as Gummy man: Whoa a new Guy?! Cool!

NineNine: [shoots fire at Brandongrade]

Deo as Gummy man: [Trows a bomb at NineNine]

NineNine: [Doges]

Deo as Gummy man: Brandongrade, Run!

Brandongrade: [Runs away]

NineNine: [trys to follow Brandongrade]

Deo as Gummy man: [turns in to a Pyronite] What i didn't slap the Alientrix

NineNine: [shoots Gummy man]

Deo as Gummy man: [Doges and transforms in to Upgrade] Cool. I got an idea [Starts running towords Brandongrade]

Brandongrade: What are u doing?

Deo as Gummy man: Trust me

Brandongrade: okey

Deo as Gummy man: [Turns in to Brandongrade] Split up!

They Split up.

NineNine: [Folows Deo]

Jack as Over - Tech: [Folows Brandongrade]

After a long run

Deo as Gummy man: [Turns  around] You are traped [Trows a Bomb]

NineNine: [Blows]

Jack as Over - Tech: [Catches Brandongrade and Blasts him] Your going down

Deo as Gummy man: i don't think so

Jack as Over - Tech: Deo! [transforms]

Deo as Gummy man: Oh wait how can i be still in this form? I'm Stuck as Gummy man!

Jack as Teethbox: [grabs Deo]

Deo as Gummy man: Oh no

Jack as Teethbox: [trows Deo up in the air and catches him in his mouth. Then chews him]

Deo as Gummy man: This hurts. Auch!

Jack as Teethbox: [Blows a bubble out of Gummy man]

Deo as Gummy man: [Gets out of Jacks mouth][Turns in to Feedback and blasts him]

Jack as Teethbox: [transforms back and disappears]

Deo as Gummy man: I'm stuck [transforms back] i'm not stuck!

Brandongrade: See yah [Goes in his ship]

Deo: Bye [Waves]

Megan: so what did u want to tell me Back there?

Deo: Back Where? i didn't want to tell u anything?





By Deo

By Jack


  • NineNine Is caled NineNine cuz my favorite numbeer is 9
  • It's Unknown Why was Deo stuck as Gummy man
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