A new Hero rises is the 1st episode of Deo 12

Deo 12
Season 1, Episode 1
Air date Unknown
Written by FlameStrike96
Directed by FlameStrike96
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Jack and Deo are walking in the park.

(Jack): Summer! Finnaly!

(Deo): I know right

(Magan): Deo, Deo!

(Deo): What is it?

(Megan): a me- meteorite ju-just chrashe-ed

(Deo): Where?

Magan shows him

(Magan): there

(Jack): lets go!

(Deo): i was going to say that


They run to the meteorite

(Jack): wow!

(Deo): what is that

They see a watch in it

(Megan):There is something in there

Deo goes and takes the watch out

(Jack): What is it?

(Deo): a watch

he puts it on and transforms

(Terraspin): wow a Geochelone Aerio

(Jack): Aren't you 1/4 Geochelone Aerio?

(Terraspin): i know. it's wierd

(Jack): give me a try

(Terraspin): okey

he transformes back. deo tries to take the watch off

(Deo): it wont come off

Then he transformes

(Upgrade): wow cool

(Jack): a Galvanic Mechamorph? cool

(Upgrade): i know right

Then Khyber's Pet attacks. He transforms in to Crabdozer, but Deo merges whit him. Khyber's Pet transformes in to Buglizard and trowws of upgrade. Then Deo transforms in to Nanomech

(Nanomech): Wha...? oh man!

Then Khyber shows up

(Nanomech): who are you?

(Khyber): i'm Khyber the huntsmen

(Nanomech): you mean Cyber

(Khyber): No! i mean Kyber

(Nanomech): Then way did you say Khyber?

(Khyber): I mean Khyber. My name is Khyber and now give me the Alientrix

Deo transformes back

(Deo):The wahatatrix?

(Khyber): The Alientrix

Deo transformes

(Lavathrend): cool!

Khyber takes a blaster and shoots Deo. Deo transforms back

(Deo): Wha...?

(Khyber): Now give it to me

(Deo): No!

Deo transforms

(Terraspin): oh yeah!

He blows him away and detransforms

(Deo): Cool!




Aliens used


  • Hope you like my first episode
  • Khyber will apper in this episode
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