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None A new Hero PT 2

A new Hero PT 1 is the first Episode of Reo 54. 

Reo 54
Season 1, Episode 1
Air date 21/05/2013
Written by Reo
Directed by Reo
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A new Hero PT 2


Reo is coming home from school true the woods

Reo: Summer finally! [he sees a big Whole in the gruond} What is that? [he goes towards it] Is that a Pod? [he takes it and opens it] cool! [takes out the watch] What can this do? [Puts it on his hand] It fits me. Why isn't it showing time? [pushes the trix and transforms]

Reo as Shocksquatch: Wow?! Cool?! [Shoots Electricity at a tree] Very cool!

Meanwhile at Khybers hideout

Khyber: Ahh I have to find the DNAmatrix. No up to get it [presses a button on his hand. His Skelet-like armour gets taken off and a Black Ninja-like mechanical armour gets put on all over him] Great! [Runas away]

Back at the woods 

Reo as Shocksquatch: When will I turn back?

Khyber: [running in a far distance]

Reo as Shocksquatch: [Sees khyber] Who's that?

Khyber: [Jumps up]

Reo as Shocksquatch: Where did he go?

Khyber: [jumps down in front of Reo] I am Khyber. I have come for the DNAmatrix.

Reo as Shocksquatch: So that's what this thing is called

Kyber: Give it now!

Reo as Shocksquatch: No! [Pushes the DNAmatrix and transforms]

Khyber: [Shoots an Electricity blast at him]

Reo as Heatblast: Cool! [Absorbes the Blast]

Khyber: I will get you [Starts running towards Reo]

Reo as Heatblast: [Shoots a Fireblast at him and runs] no, ya won't

Khyber: You can't hide from me

Reo as Heatblast: Yes, I can [Transforms]

Khyber: Where did he go?

Reo as Plantcut: Over here

Khyber: where?

Reo as Plantcut: Ewerywear

Khyber: Stop it now!

Reo as Plantcut: No.

Khyber: You...

Reo as Plantcut: Me what?

Khyber: [Preses a button on his hand] Now you will pay [he turns invisible and then his form changes into an unknown form. He becomes seeable again]

Reo as Plantcut: What the hell are ya?

Khyber as Treeblazer: I have changed my form into a Treeean

Reo as Plantcut: a what now?

Khyber as Treeblazer: Your natural predator

Reo as Plantcut: Shi* [Starts to run away]

Khyber as Treeblazer: [Jumps on Reo] You can't escape

Reo as Plantcut: Maybe I can. [Pushes the DNAmatrix]

Reo as Blitzwolfer: [Trows Khyber away] told ya

Khyber as Treeblazer: You will pay [Turns back]

Reo as Blitzwolfer: whit what?

Khyber: Whit your Life




Aliens Used

By Reo

By Khyber

  • Treeblazer


  • The next episode will air some other time, not 28.05