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this is a episode in the DVD ben 10 the untold stories

ben 10 the untold stories
Season 1, Episode 1
Written by amazingman
Directed by amazingman
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KA-BOOOOM!!! a giant exploson comming from bellwood park ben as fourarms attacking some of vilgax's drones he punchs one into a tree two come from behind him and grab him then throw him across the park into the fonuntain ben times out aw great ben says the white drone says give us the omnitrix give us the omnitrix give us the omnitri-SLICE nuff talk diamondhead says he jumps over to the last drone kicks its head off ease ben times out gwen runs over to ben hey doofus where were you kicking butt ben says yeah and you skiped class becuse of it gwen says oops ben says shruging his sholders. later at bens school ben is his room watching tv when sudenley tetrax comes bursting through the wall



aliens used[]


  • this is feedback's real debut in the original series
  • this is the first time ben considers using ghostfreak even after he escaped