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Season 1, Episode 13
MS013 40
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A Zoroark Conspiracy is the thirteenth episode of Ben 10: Unlimited Force.


When a rampaging Zoroark scratches the Ultimatrix, Ben finds himself only able to become Nightclaw. And what's worse, the Zoroark falls madly in love with Nightclaw!


The episode starts in Bellwood at night, where a Zoroark is savagly trying to destroy anything she sees. Ben, Gwen, and Kevin notice this, especially when the Zoroark destroys Kevin's car. The Zoroark then scratches the Ultimatrix, causing it to spark a little.

The Zoroark manages to easily dodge Gwen and Kevin's attacks. Ben dials through the Ultimatrix to find he only has one alien form for some reason. So he transforms into Nightclaw and prepares to fight. The Zoroark tackles Nightclaw, but it is shown she is licking Nightclaw instead of attacking him. Gwen tries to pull her off with a mana rope, but the Zoroark just blasts a Shadow Ball at her. Soon the Ultimatrix times out and Nightclaw reverts back into Ben. The Zoroark becomes confused, then runs off.

12 MKV~1

Psyphon's R.E.D.s appear on the scene.

The next day, Ben continues to wonder why the Zoroark was all over him, though Julie corrects him that she was all over Nightclaw. Gwen does some research on Zoroarks, and finds out that some of the females are known to attack because they are lonely. Shortly after, an alarm goes off, and the four go to check it out.

Once arriving, they find an army of Psyphon's R.E.D.s taking out police officers. Ben searching for Humongousaur but he finds the Ultimatrix is still broken, so he becomes Nightclaw and takes out some R.E.D.s with Gwen and Kevin, until the leader comes and traps Nightclaw in a net, which paralyzes him. At this point, the female Zoroark roars and rapidly attacks any R.E.D.s she sees to the point where the leader calls a retreat. The Zoroark uses Metal Claw on the net to free Nightclaw, and leaps onto him, licking him again. The Ultimatrix eventually times out and then, confused, the Zoroark leaves. Though unbeknownst to them, the Zoroark is spying on them using it's Illusion ability.



  • R.E.D. Leader
  • Psyphon's R.E.D.s
  • Psyphon

Aliens Used[]

Memorable Quotes[]

Ben: (Searching through Ultimatrix) Zoroark, Zoroark, Zoroark... well, might as well keep this a fair fight. (Transforms) Nightclaw!
(The female Zoroark tackles Ben)
Gwen: Ben!
(The female Zoroark is shown to be kissing Nightclaw)
Kevin: Aww, I tink she wuvs you.
Nightclaw: Not funny!


  • The episode is in one way similar to The Galactic Enforcer's, as Tini, a Tetramand, fell in love with Fourarms, while here, another Zoroark falls in love with Nightclaw.
  • Nightclaw's transformation sequence is seen for the first time.