Crazy Angry Alien Tiger
Season 1, Episode 1
Written by The Awesome Jack
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Appoplexian, Meet Galvan

"A Vacation To Terraexcava" is the first episode of Crazy Angry Alien Tiger.


Jack, Rocky and Gunny were at Target. Gunny saw a purse she really wanted. She asked Jack and Jack agreed. She squealed then hugged Jack.

Gunny: Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!

Jack blushed because he secretly had a crush on Gunny.

Gunny: Are you blushing because I hugged you?

Jack: No I'm blushing because I just farted. (Farts)

Gunny: Eeeeww! Gross!

She punched Jack in the shoulder.

Rocky: Rocky wanna go home and see family.

Jack: Ok Rocky, after we finish shopping we will go to Terraexcava.

Rocky: No! By home Rocky means our house down the street you idiot.

Jack: Oh, to late we already bought the tickets to Terraexcava.


Gunny; Put a sock in it!

Rocky put a sock in Gunnys mouth. She spat it out.

Gunny : I was being sarcastic!

Rocky: Whatever.

Jack: This is taking so freaking long! RAH!

He went crazy and destroyed some windows. All the air escaped but they were aliens. Some plumbers came and arrested Jack.

Jack: Later dudes!

He jumped off the ship and into space. He landed on a nearby Galvanic Mecomorph.

Galvanic Mecomorph: Get the heck off of me you idiot! DAMN YOU!

Jack climbed inside and took over the ship. Except Jack didn't know how to pilot.


GM (Galvanic Mecomorph) returned and charged Jack. Jack kicked him in the face.

GM: Aw my leg!

Jack: Dude I hit you in the face.

GM; Oh, aw my face!

Jack kicked him in the nuts.

GM: Aw my chest.

Jack: No dude that was your kiwis.

GM: Now I can't spawn any children! (Spawns) Oh! I'll name you Buttface because you face looks like a butt!

Buttface: No actually my name is Kickbutt because I kick butt.

He murdered GM.

Kickbutt: I'm joining you team.

Jack: Cool.

The two went back to Gunny Aand Rocky. They got to Terraexcava.

Jack: This sucks

Gunny: Yep

Rocky: Bor-ing!

Kickbutt: Screw this.

They went back to their Apartment on Earth


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