A Triangle has 3 Sides: Part 2 is the tenth episode of At Azmuth's College.


Evfnye, the students and the trio have arrived to the oceans of Aqualux, and then dicsover the Treyengles. They try to interact with them, and the Treyengle Luminiscence say the Prisma crystals are safe because of guardians, but Gwendolyn and Kevin tell not to understimate Albedo, so they explain they could'nt go in these oceans. Evfnye tells Ben to use Lodestar and bring its body underwater. Then they find Albedo as AmpFibian who defeated many guardians of the monument and starts stealing Prisma crystals. Ben uses Cannonbolt and spins around to distract Albedo, but he shocks the team and gets away.

When the team gets out of water, Ben goes Armodrillo and searches for every surrounding rock and finally finds Albedo. He uses a blaster and traps Azmuth in a strong web, and then quickly glitches with Ben's Omnitrix. While Sektor, Vektor and Electron fix them, Gwendolyn, Kevin and Evfnye try to fight Albedo, but he goes Rath and, after hurting Kevin, Ultimate Rath. He quickly defeats everyone, and then escapes again. Azmuth is sad about having everything ruined and remembers the test, but this gives an idea to the four students, who remember Atomicmass's presentation, showing electro-feedbacks. They use this method (with the help of Brainstorm and Electron's amplifier) to battle Albedo and leaving him knocked-off. Then the team returns home after leaving the broken Prisma shards to the Treyengles.

Noteworthy Events

Major Events

  • Lodestar, AmpFibian, Cannonbolt, Armodrillo, Rath, Ultimate Rath and Brainstorm make their At Azmuth's College debuts.
  • Albedo steals one Prisma Crystal.

Minor Events

  • It's revealed that some aliens Albedo uses have inverted color scheme.




Aliens Used

By Ben

By Albedo


  • Niklas found a new snake he named Slime during the events of this episode.
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