A triangle has 3 sides: Part 1 is the ninth episode of At Azmuth's College.


Evfnye, Electron, Sektor, Vektor and a female Cerebrocrustacean student named Atomicmass are doing a test about superior dimension travel, but just when they finished, a message enters the main computer and tells Albedo is searching for the Prisma crystals on the planet Aqualux in the Triangulum Galaxy.

They invite Ben's team to this mission, and they accept. Sektor inserts Warp Drive to Kevin's ship.

During the journey, Evfnye and the others are trying to see the planet Aqualux and to discover species and, after 14 hours of journey, the team arrives and sees Albedo who tries to defeat them as Astrodactyl. Ben transforms into Atomix and starts fighting the rival, and Gwendolyn uses mana to prevent the ship to be damaged. After a hard fight they land on a cliff and Ben turns into Ripjaws, while Albedo uses Terraspin and escapes. Everyone wears an underwater breathing helmet and searches for sentient life. They are shocked to find the sentient life on this planet is... illuminati-like species called Treyengles.

Noteworthy Events

Major Events

  • The team first visits the Triangulum Galaxy.
  • Astrodactyl, Atomix, Ripjaws and Terraspin make their At Azmuth's College debuts.

Minor Events

  • The female Cerebrocrustacean student is revealed to be named Atomicmass.



Aliens Used

By Albedo

By Ben


  • Astrodactyl draws a triangle-like shape when using his energy whips.


  • This is the first two-part episode in At Azmuth's College.
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