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Fred 40: The Dawn of a New Hero
Season 1, Episode 8
Air date 13/7/2012
Written by User:Ahmad15
Directed by User:Ahmad15
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Ahmad 15-Fred 40: The Dawn of a New Hero: Squad of Champions
Decisive Battle, Part 1

A Teammate is the 8th episode in Fred 40: The Dawn of a New Hero.


Mindmesser: Mindmesser!

Anti-Omni: I've been trained to resist this kind of thing.

Mindmesser puts Anti-Omni to sleep.

Anti-Omni: I am fully (yawns) battle ready (sleeps).

The team flies off Zenon in Anti-Omni's ship.

Theme song!

Anti-omni woke up. He exited the temple. He saw Kraggus sleeping.

Anti-Omni: Wake up! Kraggus! You useless henchmen. (wakes Kraggus) We are leaving to Hathor. (creates a Ship) Let's Go!

Meanwhile, under remains in Hathor, an egg hatched. A creature came out. It flew to space. The team's ship was there. It ran inside.

Fred: Look who's here! A cute thingy with wings!

It purred.

Dawn: It's a Winged Puss from Hathor.

Suddenly, Anti-Omni's Ship attacked.

Fred: I thought we ditched them back at the temple! (transforms) Eyesight! (climbs on ship)

A giant energy blast sent Eyesight and the ship crashlanding on Hathor. From the remains. Fred got up (he was at the top) he saw Dawn under him. He saw Raiden he ran to him. Brock regenerated.

Dawn: Now we're on another planet!

Fred: Wait. Where's Raiden?

Brock: Maybe he didn't survive the explosion.

Fred: NOOOOOOOO!! Its not right!

Fred runs to the crash and starts searching for Raiden in the remains.

Brock: Fred. I saw one of Anti-Omni's goons take Raiden just before we crashlanded.

Fred: Know you tell me!

Brock: It didn't seem important.

Fred: The final battle is near.




  • Anti-Omni
  • Kraggus

Aliens Used[]

  • Mindmesser
  • Eyesight