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A Team Unites part 3 is the Fifth episode of Mark 12 Omniverse.

Mark 12
Season 1, Episode 5
640px-2012-01-24 195946
Mark in vulimancer form.
Air date 7/29/12
Written by Mark
Directed by Zonator
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Mark Speedy and Zonator are eating breakfast.

Mark:Can we come here more often.

Zon:Yeah Please!

Mark:It's really good food here.

Speedy: agreed!

They step outside and notice Hundreds of Punisher's around them

Mark:Oh Crap!

Mark opens up his 3DS.


Mark:I like my 3DS..

Mark gets shot aand his 3ds is destroyed.



They rush over to Mark.

Mark:Speedy youre in charge Zony take take this device.

Zon takes the device 2 legs of his becaomes arms he begins standing on 2 legs and starts to be able to see and grows legs (He has clothes by changing the colar and sash opn his arm to fit him.)

Zon;Im..Im human!

The device apears on Zon's rist.


Mark Heals up with the heroe force

Mark:I..Did not know i could heal MYSELF!

Mark:Turns into Rath begins fighting them with rage anger and sadness.

Rath:You Punisher broke me and my DS!

Rath throws the Punisher into a building Punch's it kicks him throws him into another build slaps him punhs him again kicks him once more and breaks his neck and throws him in to a building again.

Mark transforms into Computertrix.


Zon transforms into The Light.

Zon:I...I am Light, awsome!

Computertrix:i DONT like you smart guys Mark punchs them and hacks into there suits causing them to self destruct.

Zon destroys all the weapons and detransforms whoa.

Speedys trix:New DNA sample aquired.

She trys to ransfom into The Light but, turns into FastTrack

FastTrack runs around the tans making the systems go haywire and detransforms.

Mark turns into waybig and destroys the tanks and go's ultimate to destroy therir space ship.

Mark Detransforms.

Mark:Omegatrix is just WHOA!

Zon:Nice job scary but nice job.


Then three Punishers kidnapp Speedy!

Mark and Zon:Speedy!!!

Mark and zon use their mind power things and trys to stop them but their new suits block them out.

The Scene swiths to Mark's school.

Teacher:Pop Quiz!

Mark:Oh Fudge!

Teacher:Did you just say f,


Teacher oh.

scene swiths back.

Mark and Zon:No!!!

The end More Continuing!