Ben and Gwen have escaped prison.

Gwen:C'mon keep running they might catch us

Ben:I wouldn't worry

(Vilgax and Eon appear)

Vilgax:hehe do you know what we will do?

Psyphon:we took some Celestialsapien power and are making an army of Esoterica That have celestial powers and will destroy earth!

(Professor Paradox appears)

Paradox:My my what is happening? this is a terrible occurence. you will need an army of Tennysons from different dimensions.

(Ben and Gwen are cast to another dimension)

Chase:Hey weirdos my name is Chase Tennyson, i'm the coolest guy in the world with my Infinitrix,

Bob:Hello Chase.

Chase:Kneel before me servant!

Ben:What's happening Chase?

Chase:Oh i forgot to tell you! i kinda rule the world with my cool Chase's Infinitrix!

Gwen:This guy is more Arrogant than you.

Ben:I know right?

Chase:So, what are we doing today?

Ben:Preventing all dimensions and alternate universes from being destroyed.

Chase:Ok i'll do it, but how is the multiverse being destroyed?

Gwen:We'll explain on the way to Dimension 34.

(The team goes to Dimension 34)

Ben:ok there is another me.

Harry:hi! i'm Harry Tennyson! i knew my theory was correct! there are other Dimensions!

Ben:Harry i'm you from another dimension you have to help us save the multiverse!

Harry:Sure lets go!.

Meanwhile in Vilgax and Psyphon's lair....

Vilgax:ugh that Tennyson is forging an army to stop us, heh heh they don't stand a chance.

(Vilgax slams an Infinitrix Remover

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