A Tale of Two Watches is a crossover comedy/action-adventure series created by Echoson. It features Nate Adams teaming up with Ben Tennyson to go on a univrtdr traveling, dimension shifting journey through time and space to stop a wicked evil from destroying the time stream.


After moving to Bellwood due to his dad transferring jobs, 11-year-old Nathan Adams, an average kid who has a not-so-average wrist watch that allows him to see supernatural entities known as Yo-kai, will have to team up with Bellwood's greatest superhero Ben Tennyson to stop a menacing Yo-kai duo from destroying the time stream. They will have to unite both of their abilities to put an end to the their time thievery, but are Yo-kai, humans and aliens interacting a good or a bad thing?


Episodes usually air every week in GMT +8 time.

  1. Speakin' with the Locals
  2. Clash of the Watches
  3. Yo-kai Exist!
  4. A Twist in Time Stone
  5. The Search for Time
  6. Back to the Past
  7. Astronaut Virus
  8. Astronaut Cure


Main Characters

  • Nathan Adams
  • Ben Tennyson
  • Whisper

Secondary Characters

  • Jibanyan
  • Rook
  • Hidabat

Minor Characters

  • Aaron Adams
  • Lily Adams
  • Mr. Baumann


Main Villains

  • Kin and Gin

Secondary Villains

  • Liam (deceased)
  • Wicked Yo-kai
  • Nekidbeat
  • Roughbrat
  • Sgt. Bully
  • Waglin

Minor Villains

  • Steam Smythe


  • Mirapo
  • Espy
  • Miradox
  • Mochismo
  • So-Sorree


  • Big Chill
  • Diamondhead
  • Eye Guy
  • Four Arms
  • Heatblast
  • Kickin' Hawk
  • Overflow
  • Upchuck
  • Upgrade
  • XLR8

Fan List

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  • The series is more of a fan-service for the creator, who just combined his two favorite shows.
  • The series combines elements from the Yo-kai Watch games and anime, along with elements from Ben 10: Omniverse and the reboot.
  • While most of the dub names for Yo-kai Watch will be kept, the characters still originate from Japan. Furthermore, some history within the franchise is re-written to fit the story.
  • The series is uses an alternate version of Nate and Ben, as some parts of the story goes against of what is established in their series, like Nate befriending a Yo-kai he met before.
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