Ben 10: The New Omniverse
Season 1, Episode 12
MA (250)
Written by Waybig
Directed by Waybig
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Ben and gang arrive back on Galvan only to be stuck in the middle of a war between the Incurseans and the Galvans. Ben frees Albedo and gives him his 17 year old body back in order to help fight. Azmuth also reactivates Albedo's Ultimatrix. Can Ben and Albedo stop this frog war?


The scene starts with the Rustbucket III in space heading toward Galvan Mark II

Ben: Hurry up. I need the rest of the DNA samples to fight Infern.

Kevin: I'm going fast as I can Tennyson. Your lucky that Azmuth collected the rest of the DNA for you so we can finally go back to Earth. We've been in space for 6 months now.

Rook: Yeah and we have visited many planets, over 30 I think.

Gwen: Guys, what is that?

A purple ship is catching up to the Rustbucket III. When they catch up, it is known to be an Inscursean fleet. The ship then bumps the Rustbucket which loses control and crashes in the water. A door is then open in the Rustbucket and Kevin, Rook, Gwen, and Goop get out.

Goop: switches to Crashhopper and jumps to the ship that bumped into the Rustbucket Wee hoo!

When Crashhopper lands on the ship, he jumps to the floor inside the ship and starts fighting some Incurseans.

Crashhopper: Omnitrix MK10, scan DNA.

Omnitrix MK10: Omnitrix scanning Incursean DNA. DNA accepted.

Crashhopper transforms into Bullfrag

Bullfrag: Oh man. I missed this guy.

Emperor Milleous walks up to Bullfrag.

Milleous: Ben Tennyson!


Bullfrag: Well, well, well. If it isn't Emperor Milleous. You finally broke out of prison.

A voice over a loudspeaker: Attention all units, we are about to crash land. Take cover immediately, I repeat take cover..

The voice disappears with static

Bullfrag: Got to go! transforms to Jetray See you later.

Jetray makes it out of the ship right as it crashes into Galvan Mark II. Jetray flies to Azmuth's office, where is friends and Azmuth are waiting for him. Jetray lands and transforms back to Ben

Ben: Azmuth!

Azmuth: Let me take a look at your Omnitrix.

Ben shows him the Omnitrix MK10, and Azmuth opens it up putting in a tube holding the DNA samples Azmuth had collected.

Azmuth: There we go. All the aliens you had ever transformed into. Even a couple of new, never before seen species by you too.

Ben: Thanks Azmuth. And where's Albedo? We need his help against the Incurseans.

Azmuth The Incurseans?

Ben: Yeah! And reactivate his Ultimatrix. He'll need it to stop them.

Albedo: Ben Tennyson!

Azmuth reactivates Albedo's Ultimatrix and Albedo transforms into Gravattack and then Ultimate Gravattack.

Ultimate Gravattack: I've waited forever for my revenge!

Ben: Oh yeah transforms into Grey Matter oh man! Anyway, I need your help in stopping the Incurseans, will you help?

Ultimate Gravattack: Ok, you win. I'll help.

A blast goes through the wall and Emperor Milleous, Attea, and about 20 other Incurseans walk in

Grey Matter: hits the Omnitrix transforing into Way Big Way Big!

Way Big destroys the ceiling

Azmuth: Ben!

Way Big: Sorry Azmuth.

An Incursean ship flies through the air and about 30 Inurseans jump out of it, anding on Way Big making him fall

Way Big: Hey, get off of me! reverts to Ben Oh man!!

Albedo as Ultimate Gravattack lifts the Incurseans off of Ben, and throws them to Galvan B.

Ben: Thanks Albedo!

Ultimate Gravattack reverts to Albedo

Albedo: No problem.

Azmuth: We must warn others. Ben, you and Albedo ggo fight the Incurseans so the Galvans will have enough time to evacuate.

Ben: Alright!

Albedo: Sure.

Albedo and Ben both hit their Omnitrixes. Ben turns into a crystal like creature and Albedo transforms into Four Arms

Ben: Diamondhead!!

Negative Four Arms: Why do you always yell out the name of the alien.

Diamondhead: I do it to strike fear to my enemies.

Negative Four Arms: Doesn't seem that frightening.

More Incurseans are then seen. Azmuth, Kevin, Gwen, and Rook are then seen teleporting away to warn the other Galvan. Negative Four Arms knocks out a few Incurseans, and Diamobdhead knocks out two Incurseans

Diamondhead: There's to many.

Negative Four Arms: I got a plan, just give me a hand.

Diamondhead: How about four. transforms into Four Arms Four Arms!!

Negative Four Arms: Just help me! transforms into Negative Goop and knocks out more Incurseans with his acid

Four Arms: Cool.

Negative Goop: Need a hand?

Four Arms: knocks out the rest of the Incuseans Nope.

Ben: So, what is this plan you have?

Albedo: We use our Incursean DNA to hide out in the Incusean Warship.

Ben: Sounds good. Ok.

Ben and Albedo transfom into Bullfrag and Negative Bullfrag

Negative Bullfrag: Yuck, Incursean DNA.

Bullfrag: Why don't the Galvans like the Incurseans.

Negative Bullfrag: We Galvans had accidentally destroyed their homeworld. Now the Incurseans don't like us and we don't like them after they hired the Highbreed to blow up Galvan Prime.

Bullfrag: Why didn't the Galvan just rebuild their planet after they accidentally destroyed it?

Negative Bullfrag: We had taken it to Galvan Court and we were about to, until Galvan Prime was blown up by the Incurseans.

Bullfrag: Maybe we can still rebuild it.

Negative Bullfrag: yeah, I guess we could.

A bunch of Incurseans start coming towards Ben and Albedo

Incursean: Hey you two! Where are you guys suppose to be?

Negative Bullfrag sticks out his tongue and knocks them out cold

Bullfrg: To easy!

Attea: Why are you back. I'm the new ruler of the Incurseans daddy!

Emperor Milleous: No you're not.

Attea: Why?

Milleous: because I'm your daddy and I say so.

Attea then walks away whispering she'll get her revenge

The scene then shows Ben and Albedo in the main control room

Albedo: I'll destroy it. transforms into Ultimate Jetray and shoots a laser at it

Voice over loudspeaker: Attention all units, we are going down, take cover. I repeat, we ware going down.

Ben transforms into Kirk Upchuck

Kirk Upchuck: Why couldn't you give me a flying alien Omnitrx.

Negative Ultimate Jetray picks up Kirk Upchuck and they fly away to Galvan B, where all the other Galvan are

Negative Ultimate Jetray: Sorry about that.

Kirk Upchuck: Be more careful next time.

Another Incursean ship is then seen, landing on Galvan B. Hundreds of Incurseans get out along with Emperor Milleous

Milleous: Tennyson!

Kirk Upchuck: Ok, you want to fight. I'll give you a fight.

Just as Kirk Upchuck is about to run at the Incurseans, he transforms back to Ben

Ben: Aw man.

Negative Ultimate Jetray transforms into Negative Ultimate Humungousaur and shoots missles at the Incurseans, knocking all but 15 and Emperor Milleous out

Milleous: Attack!!

Negative Ultimate Humungousaur: runs at them Not today! he jumps in the air and punches the ground sending them flying

Milleous: I give up!

Negative Ultimate Humungousaur: Ha ha. Thanks for freeing me, but I have to go now. seals an Incursean ship and leaves

Milleous: Please don't send me back to jail Ben.

Ben: I've got another plan. transforms into Inspector 10

Azmuth: Hw about rebuilding Incursean Homeworld?

Milleous: Really? Even after what we did to all of you?

Kevin: Yeah, why should we?

Gwen: Kevin! elbows him in the stomach

Kevin: in pain Ow. That hurt.

Inspector 10: Ready Azmuth?

Azmuth: Yes.

Azmuth and Inspector 10 are seen building a device

Azmuth: There, I think this will do it.

Milleos: Thank you all. And Azmuth, on behalf of all Incurseans, I would like to apologize for destroying Galvan Prime.

Azmuth hits a button and a new world is seen right next to Galvan Mark II

Milleous: I think we should call this Incursean/Galvan Prime.

Azmuth: Come along Ben. It's about time you get back to Earth.

Azuth hits a button teleporting Gwen, Ben, Rook, and Kevin back to Bellwood





Aliens Used

By Ben

By Albedo

DNA samples added

  • Incursean
  • Many other DNA samples
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