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A Storm Is Coming, Mr. 10
E-10 Ep 10 - A Storm Is Coming Mr. 10.png
General Information
Original broadcast September 10, 2017
Season 1
Episode number 10
Overall episode number 10
Written by Alanomaly & ZeVikingSif
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A Storm Is Coming, Mr. 10 (Part 2) is the tenth episode of E-10: The Series.


After temporarily stopping the Weatherheads from setting their device off, Ethan must face off Pyr-O in an epic battle to save the Earth. Meanwhile Sif and the Agent settle their differences.


[Meanwhile in a tri-state area, everything is looking perfectly normal. People are moving on with their day, walking on sidewalks with their phones, cars passing by, and little children playing on the swingsets. Then suddenly a visible glowing heat wave begins to spread all over the city like a bullet being fired off a shotgun. Eventually a little girl’s ice cream started dripping. People wearing their jackets started sweating and taking them off. Kids outside neighborhoods started wiping their heads and going back inside their houses. Then suddenly as a teenager tried turning down the air conditioning, it stopped working and the power suddenly turned off. The parents watching looked quite worried. Meanwhile in the North Pole, large glaciers started dropping into the ocean and began melting swiftly. Meanwhile back in Utah, golden smoke surrounds the entire destroyed building. Pyr-O eventually stepped out of the smoke, melting a piece of metal with a laser. He noticed the Weatherheads were scanning the area.]

Mist-O: It appears that most of the Weatherheads but Mons-O have made it out of the explosion.

Humidit-O: Not to worry, we can scrap for his parts and reassemble him back at our station on Planet Storm.

Pyr-O: What about… the Pyros Generator? Did everything manage to go off?

Atm-O: It did. But it’s hitting at a slower rate, it will not affect the entirety of planet, but the amount of heat has significantly increased. Humans will not last long on this planet but they will remain for at least a few more Earth years.

[Pyr-O’s eyes turned into flames, and started showing his first signs of emotion: rage. He fired a large fireball at the explosion site.]

Pyr-O: That boy! That human with the Omnitrix… How could a human boy be able to interfere with my plans? He better hope that blast managed to kill him. Because if not, I will melt that Omnitrix off his wrist, then I will melt his face.

Atm-O: Despite Plan A’s efforts, we shall resort to Plan B. Move it Weatherheads, we shall move to what the Earthlings call it, “Yellowstone.”

[Pyr-O took one last look at the explosion site then moved along with the other Weatherheads. Meanwhile far from the explosion site, a diamond shield started to fade away. Ethan appearing to still be awake and alive, he struggled to sit up and noticed the Weatherheads were retrieving, then he fell back to the ground and went unconscious.]

E-10 logo.png

[Ethan began to hear a faded voice.]

Faded Voice: Hey…. get up kid…

[Ethan heard ringing from his ears, his vision is very blurry.]

Faded Voice: Are you okay? Come on… we need to move...

[Ethan’s eyes fully opened and saw that it was Lieutenant Steel speaking to him.]

Ethan: Lieutenant Steel? What happened?

Lieutenant Steel: You stopped the Weatherheads from using whatever it is they built. Then it released a large unstable amount of heat. If it wasn’t for that crystal shield you made, we wouldn’t have made it out alive.

Ethan: Where’s Maggie?

Lieutenant Steel: Well…

[Lieutenant Steel’s eyes turned toward an unconscious Maggie, Ethan ran toward her. Ethan laid down to check if she was still breathing, he heard heartbeats.]

Ethan: Where’s Sif and the Agent?

Lieutenant Steel: No sign. But don’t worry, we’ll find them.

Ethan: I hope so…

[Maggie’s body started to glow in front of them, Ethan threw himself back and sat up as they both watched her. A large blast of water shot from the air, with a vortex surrounding her body, it lifted her up and her body changed in front of them, and a flash occurred. The water faded and a body slowly drifted down, revealing to look like a completely different person, with a dress, and blue skin, and a face similar to Maggie’s, her eyes glew in front of them.]

Ethan: Maggie?

Silver Stream: [She wagged her finger no.]

Lieutenant Steel: What the hell? [He aimed his gun.]

Silver Stream: Relax, it is me, Silver Stream.

Lieutenant Steel: Who with the what now? [Puts it down]

Ethan: You’re one of Maggie’s personalities?

Silver Stream: That is correct. Because of overdosing herself with Kotchya’s powers, they both can no longer control her body, and due to this massive change in climate, I am in control of Maggie’s body, for the time being.

Ethan: How long will you be in control?

Silver Stream: Relax, you will see her again. But only when the heat returns to normal and her body is done healing will I change back. Your weather is absurdly unnatural.

[Ethan and Lieutenant Steel wiped the sweat off their faces. Ethan looked up at them.]

Ethan: The Weatherheads were the ones that caused this situation, and now they said they were resulting to Plan B.

Lieutenant Steel: What!?

Ethan: Yeah, but I don’t know what.

Silver Stream: Did they say where?

Ethan: Not sure. [He started to think.] I think they said they were going to Yellowstone?

Lieutenant Steel: My helicarrier is not that far from here. With any luck, we should be able to arrive there in a few hours.

Ethan: Then let’s get moving. You knew where it crashed, so you lead the way.

Lieutenant Steel: Very well.

[As Ethan, Silver Stream and Lieutenant Steel began moving north of the area, the scene moved south eastward to the other side of the explosion. The rest of the building were spreaded in pieces scattered all over the ground, including a destroyed windmill. Dead bodies of SACT soldiers were surrounded, and another body managed to lift himself up, waking up, revealing to be the Agent.]

Agent: [Wakes up, frantically feels face and hair] Good, good. Didn't regenerate… [Sees bodies, slowly stands up] Okay... One of two possibilities... Either they're all dead... Or we had an extremely steamy orgy... [Thinks for a moment] Oddly enough both have happened. [Takes off jacket and rolls up shirt sleeves] I should probably stop wearing suits... Fucking hot as shit.

Sif (Black Sun): [Wakes up] Agh.. what… happened?

Agent: Well let’s see, The Weatherheads were setting up their device, everybody but Ethan passed out, I got swung in the back of the head by a Weatherhead, and everything went black.

Sif (Black Sun): Did the Weatherheads manage to change the temperature?

Agent: Hardly, It has only risen I’d say… maybe 10? 20 degrees?

Sif (Black Sun): You think Ethan managed to stop them?

Agent: Given to the explosion, the dead bodies, damage on our arms and legs, and increasing heat… Nah... I think he just delayed their plans, besides otherwise it wouldn’t be so hot right now.

Sif (Black Sun): Then that must mean they retreated back to their base to come up with a Plan B.

Agent: Oh god...

Sif (Black Sun): We should attempt to go back to ours.

Agent: And what about Maggie and Ethan?

Sif (Black Sun): If they’re alive, like us, they’ll catch up to us soon. In the meantime, I need to get back to my ship.

Agent: Alright then.

[Sif began moving, and the Agent started following behind him.]

Sif (Black Sun): What are you doing?

Agent: Going with you?

Sif (Black Sun): Look, no. I’m going alone.

[The Agent grabs Sif by the shoulder and stares at him with vicious disturbing eyes, creeping Sif out as he breathed in his ear.]

Agent: If you plan on ditching me, I will be sure there is no "ship" to go back to. Then you'll have to stay in the TARDIS. If you're in the TARDIS, I can make like every capitalist fucker on your planet and make you pay rent for staying there even though it'd be my fault you're there, and every time you complain, I up the rent. This threat admittedly has gotten weaker and weaker every word... And honestly going capitalist is more of a threat to my own sanity than anything so nevermind... I'm still going with, though, and you're not stopping that.

Sif (Black Sun): [Frightened and confused] Okay….

Agent: Good.

[The Agent moved away and he and Sif begin moving.]

Sif (Black Sun): Just do me a favor and don’t ever do that again.

Agent: Don’t bet on it.

[Sif screamed into the air and the scene moved forward back to the desert, as Ethan, Lieutenant Steel walk tiresome while Silver Stream walks like there’s no problem. Lieutenant Steel is also revealed to be walking slow while Ethan takes notice as he falls.]

Lieutenant Steel: Agh.

Ethan: Lieutenant Steel?

Silver Stream: He’s probably exhausted to the heat, as are you.

[She grabbed both their hands and started healing them with an aquatic glow to their bodies.]

Ethan: Thanks.

[Lieutenant Steel struggled to move still.]

Ethan: Wait, I thought that was supposed to cure him.

Silver Stream: There’s something bigger the matter here…

Lieutenant Steel: [Looks up] My ribcage…

Ethan: It must’ve been from the explosion. Maggie, I mean Silver Stream, can you...?

Silver Stream: No. I maybe able to heal minor wounds and dehydration, but a broken body part I cannot.

Lieutenant Steel: Leave me, I won’t be able to help you at this rate.

Ethan: We can’t just leave him out here in the open like this.

Silver Stream: Unless you plan on carrying him to safety.

Lieutenant Steel: [Struggles to move.] No… I’d rather die than get help from any aliens.

Ethan: You’re still holding this grudge? I thought we’ve been over this! Not all aliens are bad.

Lieutenant Steel: [Stood up.] But not all can be trustworthy.

Ethan: You don’t get it do you? I thought we had an understanding!

Lieutenant Steel: I will not let my life be decided by some boy that can’t even control his powers! You made this explosion happen because you couldn’t control your temper, and I bet the next person you touch you will destroy the rest of the Earth.

Ethan: This may be my fault, but I won’t let the Weatherheads destroy what else is left of my home. In the last 2 months I’ve stopped a super crazy nanny, some mutant animal scientists, black market weapon dealers, and I’ve helped a ton of other people. Maybe you won’t accept my help, but I know I can change the rest of my planet’s fates into my own hands. Come on Silver Stream, let’s go.

[Ethan and Silver Stream started turning away, then Lieutenant Steel looked up.]

Lieutenant Steel: Alright. Maybe not all aliens are bad… If you have the power to change the fate of people on this planet and maybe do something good, then let’s see you put to the test.

Ethan: Alright then.

[Ethan turned the dial and it showed Wildmutt’s icon on the diamond symbol.]

Ethan: Now hang on, this maybe a bumpy ride.

Lieutenant Steel: What?!

[In a green flash, Wildmutt appeared in front of Lieutenant Steel. He then threw Steel onto his back and sat up. Wildmutt started running through the desert, with Lieutenant Steel holding onto him, Silver Stream sliding next to them with her ice powers.]

Wildmutt: Grrruf-Grruf-Grruf-Grrruf. Heh-heh-heh-heh… [Panting]

[Wildmutt was panting due to the heat affecting his fur, Silver Stream threw a splash on water on them, Wildmutt shaked his head and continued further. Eventually they approached to the Helicarrier, and Wildmutt stopped, letting Lieutenant Steel off, Maggie jumped down right next to them and Wildmutt changed back to normal.]

Ethan: Ugh.. why did I choose Wildmutt of all aliens, I could’ve gone Fasttrack.

[As Ethan wiped the sweat off his face, they felt a small fissure on the ground.]

Lieutenant Steel: Must be coming from inside the Helicarrier. Come on.

[Ethan ran inside as Silver Stream helped Lieutenant Steel in. They started scavenging the ship for survivors from out and inside, they found nothing but dead bodies.]

Lieutenant Steel: These poor brave men. If it wasn’t for the explosion they would’ve made it out in time…

Silver Stream: You shouldn’t blame Ethan for that. He had no choice but to, in order to stop the Weatherheads from destroying us too.

Lieutenant Steel: Maybe…

[Silver Stream and Ethan made it to the cockpit, and all the controls were destroyed along with dead pilots surrounding most of the mainframe and system.]

Silver Stream: Huh, and I thought the insides of their ship would look cleaner.

[They took a closer look at the controls.]

Silver Stream: It looks like it due for repairs.

Ethan: Then this looks like the job for Upgrade.

[Ethan raised his arm above the Omnitrix, but before he could slam down, Lieutenant Steel interrupted them.]

Lieutenant Steel: I need you outside immediately.

[They ran outside and met up with Lieutenant Steel. He told them to look and pointed out a giant hole bursting from the prison side of the ship.]

Ethan: Dang it man.

Lieutenant Steel: Looks like the crash ended up destroying some of our prisoners.

[Holding an arm, throws it, Ethan and Silver Stream are disgusted.]

Silver Stream: Why did you have prisoners on the Helicarrier?

Lieutenant Steel: We use some of them to track our enemies or evidence if we need to. We were intending to use it on you if worse-case scenario, but it looks like all of them are dead. [His eyes widened.]

[He ran inside and noticed a giant containment cell was open.]

Lieutenant Steel: Oh no…

Ethan: What? What is it?

Lieutenant Steel: It looks we now know the cost of it.

Silver Stream: One of your prisoners got out? That’s not too bad.

Lieutenant Steel: No, it’s worse.

Ethan: Worse? How could it be possibly be worse?

[A fissure started shaking the ship, they ran outside and spotted a giant large and spiky looking creature, with a large mouth started roaring outside before them. Ethan, Silver Stream look surprised to see the creature.]

Lieutenant Steel: That's how...

[The creature roared.]

Ethan: What is it?

Lieutenant Steel: A Dravek, one of the most deadliest creatures in the universe.

[It started chasing after them, the group began running from it.]

Lieutenant Steel: Careful, it can dig beneath the surface, or launch its spines right at you.

Ethan: [Turns around] Then it’s a lucky thing I got my spines!

[Ethan slammed down and transformed into Diamondhead, who took a big stretch after transforming. The Dravek dug underground and Diamondhead started trying to look for it.]

Lieutenant Steel: Careful, it can pop out at any moment!

[It jumped at Diamondhead, and Diamondhead began struggling to hold its mouth open as he stood on it’s teeth.]

Diamondhead: [Raising his eyebrow.] I see what you mean there Steel!

[The creature continued moving around, while Diamondhead struggled to hold it steady. Diamondhead’s grabbed it’s mouth and tried lifting it higher, eventually diamonds started surrounding the Dravek’s mouth then it shaked viciously. Diamondhead struggled to hold on, and as the Dravek stopped moving, it turned into a diamond statue. Diamondhead jumped out of its mouth, and landed walking toward Lieutenant Steel and Silver Stream.]

Diamondhead: Well guess that’s done.

[Then everything began shaking and the Dravek broke free, roaring at its mightiest.]

Diamondhead: Oh come on....

Silver Stream: Let me.

[Silver Stream created trails of ice and began to slide toward the Dravek. She shot ice blasts in an attempt to freeze it from multiple ranges. Eventually with most of its parts frozen, its tail breaks free and it smacks Silver Stream to the ground. Diamondhead runs over to try and save her, but Silver Stream creates a water vortex to break the fall.]

Diamondhead: We got to send this creature tumbling, but how?

[Lieutenant Steel took a closer look at the Dravek, and came up with an idea.]

Lieutenant Steel: I bet I know how.

[Lieutenant Steel grabbed his gun and started firing. The gunshots looked like they were being fired at Diamondhead.]

Diamondhead: Agh, hey!

Silver Stream: What are you doing?

Lieutenant Steel: Finishing this monster off.

[As the Dravek started moving, so did Diamondhead, who was blocking himself from getting shot. The dravek roaring, Diamondhead turned his head opening his eyes a bit, and saw that pieces of the Dravek were broken off around a small glaciers of ice.]

Diamondhead: So that’s what he’s doing…

[Silver Stream created a giant hand made of water, as she was about to grab Lieutenant Steel, Diamondhead jumped in front of her.]

Diamondhead: Wait, stop!

Silver Stream: [Puts her hand down] He was trying to hurt you.

Diamondhead: No he wasn’t, look!

[Silver Stream saw that the ice she previously had blasted was destroyed, along with parts of the Dravek.]

Lieutenant Steel: I figured if I blasted holes into those ice shards, it would sustain a good amount of damage and it worked.

Diamondhead: If we’re going to destroy this Dravek, we have to hurt it from the inside out.

Lieutenant Steel: And how are we going to do that?

[Diamondhead smirked and tapped the Omnitrix symbol, then transformed into Big Chill.]

Big Chill: BIG CHILL!

[His wings spread up and he floated above in the air, looking down at the both of them.]

Big Chill: Silver Stream, try to freeze it on the outside, and when I give the order, [turns to Lieutenant Steel] you fire at will. Got it?

Silver Stream, Lieutenant Steel: Got it.

[Big Chill dashed towards the Dravek and as he floated above it, the Dravek began to notice and tried attacking it. However the Dravek failed to do any damage as Big Chill turned intangible.]

Silver Stream: Focus your attention over here please.

[As the Dravek turned his attention away from Big Chill, Silver Stream shot ice from her hands and the ice started surrounding part of its body. The Dravek roared, Lieutenant Steel then grabbed his guns and fired at the ice, it blasted the a hole into Dravek, where it started bleeding yellow, feeling pain.]

Lieutenant Steel: Hurry Ethan!

[Big Chill dived right into the creature, then from the outside, the Dravek began to scream and shake all over the surface, as it’s body started freezing slowly, it eventually turned into a whole statue. Big Chill flew out of the creature, and Lieutenant Steel fired at it with a larger gun, and it destroyed the Dravek. It started raining hail from the sky but it quickly turned into snow due to the heat.]

Lieutenant Steel: Nice to feel some cold air again, Even for a moment.

[Big Chill dropped to the ground, returning into his cloaked form and changed back to human.]

Ethan: Let’s hope we can get more than a moment once we beat the Weatherheads. Question is, what do we do now?

Silver Stream: With the helicarrier busted, we can’t fly anywhere. And the controls were too smashed to fix it, unless we wanna wait around for awhile for Upgrade to fix it.

Ethan: That’s if he can.

Lieutenant Steel: Either way, we’re wide open and there could be tons of aliens out there, and we don’t even know if Ethan can fix my ship. So for the time being I say we continue moving on foot til we get to sanctuary, then we’ll figure out what to do from there. If I’m correct there should be a town nearby.

Ethan: Then I guess, lead the way.

[Lieutenant Steel nodded. Ethan and Silver Stream followed Lieutenant Steel and continued moving in the desert. Meanwhile Sif and the Agent managed to arrive to Sif’s ship.]

Sif (Black Sun): There it is.

[The Agent covered in sweat, he laid his knees down on the ground and took deep breathes.]

Agent: Please tell me you got any water on that ship?

Sif (Black Sun): Maybe, I’m not sure.


[Sif grabbed a handle, then pulled down the lever. A bridge of stairs opened and Sif and the Agent started climbing up. Sif turned on the light switch, and everything inside looked to be a mess. Sif sighed and walked forward. He grabbed a bunch of test tubes and lab works off the ground, he placed them back on the tables.]

Agent: So, why are we back on your ship? You never said.

Sif (Black Sun): I have a plan.

Agent: A plan, huh? And what exactly is that plan? To be more of a whiny cuntnugget than you already are?

[Sif released himself from the armor and placed it back into his armor chamber.]

Sif: Ah… that’s better…

[Sif opened a hatch nearby, revealing to be a containment tube for a bright and glowing object.]

Sif: I never thought I’d have to use this.

Agent: Is that?

Sif: Yep. A Dwarf Star. I had this safe locked and kept for an emergency.

Agent: And you didn’t tell us this information before because?

Sif: I didn’t trust you guys at the time, nor do I now.

Agent: As if you're in any position to make any sort of good judgement about trust, you Life of Pi looking cunt. Now why don’t you tell me a better reason as to why you kept a dangerous piece of alien tech behind our backs for this long?

Sif: Because in an emergency where I’m stranded on a planet without any Bicenthium Alloy, I would use this to super enhance my fuel supply and get off whatever rock I’m on.

Agent: You intend to leave?

Sif: Even if I wanted to, I can’t. Because I still gotta fix this ship, it just enhances the technology and fuel inside, I still have to make repairs if we’re going to get this thing up in the air.

Agent: Fine. Where do we start?

Sif: All we need is to fix the engine and some of the defensive systems.

Agent: Huh, wow I actually thought there was more to be done. Alright, let’s get to it.

[The scene changed to outside Sif’s ship, Sif was back in the High Tech armor, and the Agent stood next to him.]

Sif (High-Tech): Alright all we gotta do is rewire the systems, repair and we’re done.

Agent: Sounds simple enough. [Aiming his sonic device.]

Sif (High-Tech): Wait what are you...?

[The Agent activated a switch, and the door falls to the ground.]

Sif (High-Tech): AGH! AGENT?

Agent: What? I can always put it back.


[He screamed loudly.]

Agent: Whoa, somebody has their panties in a twist.

Sif (High-Tech): It’s just… I can’t take it anymore… The last few days… I just can’t anymore. My ship, my home… the only home I’ve ever known, it can’t fly anymore... There’s no way off this planet! Ever since I got to this stupid rock, it’s all been nothing but a living hell! What’s worse is ever since I joined this team, all we do is let the bad guys win! Every time! Even when we get our one chance at victory, I just fucking can’t anymore...

[Sif’s anger grew louder, shouted as a large green laser blasted at the sky, then Sif stopped and released himself from the ground, and started punching the sand, going mad. Tears shed from his eyeballs and just stopped. The Agent watched him throw his tantrum, standing there until he was finished.]

Sif: I just wanted to go back out into the cosmos, just to escape from all the hell in my past, all my losses… my pet… my family… and everything right now. That stupid bounty hunter! [Agent’s eyes widened.] I just want it all to go all away… [Sniffs.]

[The Agent walked up to him.]

Agent: Look… we’ve all suffered from loss, and we’ve all been put ourselves down from time and time again. Anybody can experience that.

Sif: [Getting ready to strike him.] Like you know anything about...

Agent: [Interrupts] Listen, and you might just learn something. [Sif stopped.] You can’t let your past define who you are. You gotta be you, just like I gotta be me. There’s something every ex in a relationship has to do… move on, move forward. Let the past be in the past and focus on the here and now. Because if you don’t, then you’ll prove everybody right, that you’re nothing but a sad and pathetic coward, like how you’re acting right now. So you can either get up, start acting like a man, and help me fix this ship, or cry out all those feels away and know that you’ll never see the light of day again. So? Which is it…

[Sif was silent for a moment, and he just wiped the tears on his face.]

Sif: So what now?

Agent: Now, you get back in your armor. We got a ship to fix…

[Sif stood up with his head high, and his High Tech armor started surrounding him from his torso. The parts surrounded his arm, and his palms began to glow green. After each leg grew on, circuits surrounded Sif’s body and struck a pose. The Agent grabbed his sonic device, and they both started messing with the wires. Wires started connecting and disconnecting, the engine inside started getting an upgrade. Eventually everything blinded the screen and the scene moved forward to Ethan, Lieutenant Steel and Silver Stream continuing in the desert, Lieutenant Steel fell due to the humidity and his ribcage.]

Ethan: Lieutenant?

Lieutenant Steel: Agh… I don’t know how much longer I can make it.

Silver Stream: Nor I. I can only stay cold for so much longer, my water might start to boil up. I need to rehydrate… or at least reach colder climate...

Lieutenant Steel: Same… here…

[Ethan fell as well.]

Lieutenant Steel: I don’t think… we’re going to make it…

Ethan: No… this can’t be how it ends…

[They start struggling to breath.]

Ethan: Maggie… Steel… Agent… Sif… Everyone… I’ve… failed you…

[Ethan slowly started to shut his eyes, then a ship started to arrive in front of them, two shadows stood above the light.]

Shadow: Hurry! Bring them inside!

[Ethan’s eyes shut. Then suddenly, a blast of from a colder climate, starts to wake Ethan up. Ethan stood and looked around, he and everyone else appeared in Sif’s ship.]

Ethan: Sif? Agent? How did you…

Agent: We went back and repaired the ship. It was a lucky thing we found you in time.

Sif (Absolute Zero): Also a lucky thing the armors are still fully functional.

Agent: But you mind explaining what happened to Maggie, and why you brought Lieutenant Steel here?

Lieutenant Steel: Don’t worry kids, I’m on your side, Ethan explained everything to me. Right now we’re on [squints] okay terms…

Ethan: If he does anything, we’ll just drop him at the gordor…

Sif (Absolute Zero): And Maggie?

Silver Stream: Maggie can’t be out here under her conditions…

Ethan: When you guys were knocked out, she used all of Kotchya’s power to stop the Weatherheads, now both of them need time to recharge in order to do anything.

Silver Stream: Plus, due to the weather at this tragic state, they cannot be out here until the weather is back to normal.

Agent: That’s going to be hard to do, given what the Weatherheads did.

Ethan: Actually… I did...

[They all looked at him.]

Ethan: I was the one who set off the device, I had to stop Pyr-O from being able to fully use it, luckily it only went off halfly… if that is even a word?

Agent: What did I tell you about not fucking things up? If there was a newspaper in here, I’d smack you in the face with it, like if I were an old lady yelling telling the neighbors to fuck off.

Sif (Absolute Zero): Even if Ethan did do it, there appears to be a larger amount of heat coming from the surface of Yellowstone.

Agent: Ethan, I swear if this is your doing…

Sif (Absolute Zero): No its not, look.

[They took a look at the radar and noticed a different pattern.]

Ethan: Hurry, to Yellowstone, Quick!

[Sif increased the engines and Sif’s ship increased their speed, making their way to Yellowstone.]

[As the ship continues to soar through the air, in the background they flew passed the Yellowstone sign. Looking around they saw a demolished part of the forest and took a look below to see the Weatherheads were working in a specific area.]

Ethan: What’s going on?

[Groups of Weatherheads were mining the area, into a small pit of lava and a machine that continued increasing the heat.]

Lieutenant Steel: They’re mining, but for what?

Silver Stream: If I had to guess, I say they’re trying to mine into Yellowstone’s core.

Ethan: Why would they do that?

[The Agent’s eyes widened.]

Agent: Now I know what they’re doing.

Ethan, Silver Stream, Lieutenant Steel, Sif: What!?

[The Agent ran to the radar, and studied it with his sonic device. Then he rushed to grab Sif’s laptop and opened it to find a username and password protecting it.]

Agent: What’s your username?

Sif: [Sighed] Username is Ichigorulez

Agent: And password?

Sif: Clickclack123, with an exclamation point...

Ethan: [Turns to Sif] You like Bleach, don’t you? [Smirked.]

Sif: Ugh. [Spoke with tone.] We will have this conversation later…

Agent: Got it.

[The others turned to the Agent to look at the screen.]

Agent: In case you idiots didn’t know, deep beneath the surface of Yellowstone lies a supervolcano, which is super difficult to erupt, but if activated, would destroy a large portion of the United States, then possibly it could activate the other super volcanoes in the entire world. With this heat wave and volcanoes exploded, no doubt it would be difficult to find any life on this planet.

Ethan: How is that going to be possible to set something off like that?

Lieutenant Steel: I see a lot of crates containing some kind of golden object, and its coming in and out from there.

Sif: They must be using some kind of machine to power it up. Maybe a Methanoscalator?

Ethan: Methan-what?

Agent: A bomb made by a species you don’t have yet.

Silver Stream: One of us is gonna have to get down there.

[They all took a look at Ethan, surprised he starts to squint at them. The scene then moves to Grey Matter holding on to the top of the ship for his dear life.]

Grey Matter: This isn’t safe!

Silver Stream: Just go!

[Her eyes glew into Kotchya and she attempted a blast of wind to blow Grey Matter towards the Weatherheads, she then fell backward inside and took deep breathes.]

Silver Stream: Kotchya’s powers are still too much for Maggie, and me…

Sif: We should be able to at least bypass their security, with our cloaking technology, all that we need is for Ethan to stop them.

Lieutenant Steel: Let us hope he can do it.

[Meanwhile, with Grey Matter screaming for his life as he was falling, he found himself landing into one of the crates holding golden crystals. Grey Matter then popped himself back up.]

Grey Matter: That was… oddly coincidental. [He took a long and painful deep breath.] Now to find the source of all this madness.

[As the Weatherhead grabbed the crate holding Grey Matter, they started moving towards the machine, and down the path as they grew closer, Grey Matter sneakingly jumped off. He noticed it was all heading to a machine, gazing at what the Weatherheads might be doing.]

Grey Matter: A mining field, they must be using those Polymorphic Crystals to power up that fusion device, which will set off that Methanoscalator, and activate the Yellowstone supervolcano. Not if Grey Matter can say anything about it!

[Grey Matter ran towards the machine, trying to dodge Weatherhead footsteps, then jumped near the machine.]

Grey Matter: Hmm, maybe if I dismantle the machine from the insides, this might just do the trick. Although look at what happened last time… [Shakes head] No, I have to do this, the whole world, and eventually the fate of the entire universe, rests upon my hands… and brain, most definitely my brain!

[Grey Matter started climbing on top of the machine, and reached a small breaking point and snuck right into the machine. He found wires and started ripping them apart.]

Weatherhead: Is everything going according to plan?

Weatherhead 2: Yes sir, we should be able to activate this machine momentarily, then the fate of the entire universe will…

[Weird sounds and noises were made, The lights of the machine began flickering.]

Weatherhead 2: Wait, what’s wrong?

[Inside, Grey Matter ripped out wires and tried rewiring others.]

Weatherhead: It appears you have made an illogical error within our machine.

Weatherhead 2: Impossible, I made sure I had everything set.

Weatherhead: Hurry and fix it before Commander Pyr-O finds out.

[The Weatherhead attempts to put in special coding and authorizing into the computer systems. Grey Matter, continuing to rip wires, he heard sounds.]

Grey Matter: Wait don’t tell me… it’s all digital!? [His eyes widened.]

[Pyr-O arrived to the other Weatherheads.]

Pyr-O: What seems to be the problem here?

Weatherhead 2: There is an error inside the machine, I am attempting to fix it, but I am not certain if I will be able to fix it in time.

[Pyr-O grabbed the Weatherhead.]

Pyr-O: Fix it! Or I will melt your circuits until there is nothing left of you!

[The Weatherhead started melting.]

Weatherhead 2: Yes… sir…

Systems: Intruder Alert, Intruder Alert! Organic systems have entered our territory.

Pyr-O: He must be here… [Glaring] Hurry and get the system online, I do not want anymore delays.

Weatherheads: Yes sir.

[Pyr-O looking up to see a spaceship entering nearby.]

Pyr-O: Weatherheads, attack the unauthorized aircraft!

[Pyr-O blasted a fireball. Sif, noticing the blast, dodged the hit in time, then blasts of rain, air, hail and lightning were flying at them. The ship started making malfunctioning noises]

Sif: Agh! Silver Stream and Lieutenant Steel! I need you to do something for me!

Silver Stream: What is it?

Sif: Put my armors inside that blue energy cube over there.

Silver Stream: Why?

Sif: I’m about to do something… crazy… [His eyes glare.]

[Meanwhile sparks started coming out of the Weatherhead’s machine below.]

Grey Matter: There, that should handle the digital problem. Now to reach the core!

[An eye spotted Grey Matter]

Weatherhead: What are you doing in here?

Grey Matter: Yikes!

[Grey Matter started climbing in order to hide, the Weatherhead grabbed him and threw him across to the outside in front of the army of Weatherheads.]

Grey Matter: I’m going to feel that tomorrow…

Weatherheads: Is that a Galvan?

Weatherheads: What would a Galvan be doing in Terran territory?

Grey Matter: [Sat up] Hahahaha… This is embarrassing.

[Grey Matter transformed back to human, revealing to be Ethan. The Weatherheads gasped by surprise.]

Weatherheads: It is the shapeshifter!

Weatherhead: No way!

Weatherhead: What is he doing here?

[Pyr-O arrived to the scene and stood before Ethan.]

Pyr-O: You…

Ethan: [Stands up] Yeah, that’s right [Wipes off the dust, then he points at himself.] Me!

Pyr-O: I do not know how you managed to survive that explosion, but you will not do so well against the likes of me.

Ethan: Oh really, and how do you figure that?

Pyr-O: You may have caught me by surprise attack with our last encounter, but unless you have something on your sleeve, you have no chance in success. I, Pyr-O, will finish you off once and for all, and once our machine activates the bomb that will destroy this world, including all the life on this world.

Ethan: Ergh…

Pyr-O: Weatherheads, take him. [Starts leaving.] I will finish setting up the bomb.

[Before Ethan could run after Pyr-O, Gust-O, Hail-O and Shock-O appeared before Ethan, with their blasters out.]

Gust-O: Not so fast, changeling!

Ethan: Of course it had to be you three.

[The three Weatherheads blasted their attacks at Ethan. As it made its range toward him, he slammed down, and in time, Slapstrike created a sonic clap to catch the blast in time to prevent further damage on himself.]

Slapstrike: Shoot all you want, I’m just going to smack it back right at ya!

[The scene moved back inside the ship as Silver Stream placed the last piece of armor inside Sif’s energy cube. She gave it to him.]

Silver Stream: That should be the last of them.

Sif: Thank you. Now everybody hurry and get your parachutes ready.

Agent: Uh Sif, what are you going to do? [The ship started shaking.]

Sif: You’ll see.

[Sif pushed down the control wheel and the ship started shaking. It appeared the ship was making its way towards the Weatherheads down below.]

Lieutenant Steel: Sif, what on Earth…?

Sif: I’m going to floor it!

Silver Stream: That’s crazy! You’ll kill us!

Sif: I have no other choice! [Tears started shedding from his eyes.] Everybody hurry! Get out now!

Silver Stream: But!?

Sif: Now before...

[From Slapstrike’s point of view, the plane had crashed onto an open surface, an explosion occurred.]

Slapstrike: NO!

[He smacked the Weatherheads to the side and ran toward the explosion, all he saw was fire and ashes raining from the sky. Slapstrike dropped to the ground.]

Slapstrike: No…

[He heard Pyr-O’s laughing in the distance. He turned to him, who stood very far away.]

Pyr-O: Do you not see how foolish it is to fight us? Face it Omnitrix wielder, you cannot stop me.

Slapstrike: You… you killed my friends… you caused all this!

Pyr-O: They killed themselves, thinking they would have the upperhand against me.

Slapstrike: You’re… you’re going to pay for this… You’re all going to pay!

[Slapstrike turned around and began to engage with the Weatherheads. He started tossing each one back and forth, ripping some into pieces. He threw a dead Weatherhead’s corpse into another one, it exploded. Some attempted to throw lightning bolts, but Slapstrike’s armor managed to block it, he created a sonic clap and threw some back. He continued punching and shoving others back in rage, and stood to see Pyr-O was standing closer to him.]

Slapstrike: I’M COMING FOR YOU, PYR-O!

[Pyr-O smirked, and Slapstrike charged at him. Pyr-O shot a flamethrower from his hands, Slapstrike grabbed two of the Weatherheads and used them to block the flames, the Weatherheads screamed in pain. Slapstrike then jumped and laid his fist onto Pyr-O’s. He kept smashing him, piece by piece, until eventually Pyr-O fired a heat laser from his eyes, and threw Slapstrike back and smacked him. Slapstrike and Pyr-O then engaged into hand to hand combat to try and overthrow each other, Pyr-O charged his fist with flames, and Slapstrike firmed his grip and they punched right into each other, creating a shockwave. The other Weatherheads felt it. Eventually as the smoke cleared, Slapstrike took a deep breath, the Omnitrix started beeping and Ethan changed back to normal. Ethan took deep breathes and started turning away.]

Ethan: It’s over… It’s…

(Voice): Behind you!

[Ethan in shock, he turned around and was smacked by Pyr-O thrown back to near the guizer. Ethan noticed how close he was but then tried to crawl his way up. He noticed a burnt mark on his body and held it as Pyr-O stood closer to him.]

Pyr-O: Do you see how your efforts have come to played, you’re only delaying the inevitable.

[Ethan feeling more pain from his marks, he hears the voice again. Sounding like Maggie’s.]

Silver Stream: Ethan!

[He saw Silver Stream, Lieutenant Steel, Sif in a different armor, and Agent were running towards them.]

Pyr-O: Pitiful. You may be lucky your friends lived the crash, but you will soon see them die by my hands.

[Pyr-O shot a flamethrower and it blasted at Sif, who dropped to the ground, his armor started melting through him. Sif started gritting his teeth to speak.]

Sif (Slasher): Agh! This burns so much!

Pyr-O: See, any attempt you try to save mankind, all you do is make things worse and worse for yourself. If your dream was to become a superhero, you would be the worst hero in the history of mankind. You will never be able to become a hero, or save this world. What do you have to say for yourself?

[Ethan gasped and started flashing back to before Ethan got the Omnitrix.]

Sif: I appreciate the help, but next time don’t pretend to be something you’re not unless you have something to back it up.

[Scene changed to the Omnitrix jumping on Ethan’s wrist, then it changed to the Agent aiming his sonic device at Ethan.]

Agent: I’m taking you in, unless you want to make things worse for yourself?

[Ethan slammed down, then the scene flashed to Fasttrack being held down by the giant pieces of wood inside the burning building.]

Fasttrack: Maybe the Agent was right after all… I shouldn’t have decided to keep the watch for myself… I know I selfishly wanted to help people… without thinking about how it would affect myself… but at least… I finally managed to do some good with this thing…

[He reached his arm up as his eyes started to shut. Everything became dark and cold until, bang, the Agent rescues him. The scene then changed to Fasttrack creating a vortex around the burning building. Then it montages to other scenes when Ethan started saving other people’s lives. Then everything flashed before Ethan and he gasped, he looked back up at Pyr-O.]

Pyr-O: Well!?

Ethan: You’re right, maybe all I do is just get in the way, delay people’s problems, and force myself to help in situations I know I can’t get myself out of. But what I do, does matter. I never asked for this thing to be put on my wrist, I never asked for any of this, but you know, I’m glad I got the chance to say that at least I made a difference to other people’s lives. To Maggie’s to Agent’s to Sif’s and… well maybe not Lieutenant Steel, but at least I know everything I did managed to count, even in the end.

Pyr-O: Pathetic.

[He pulled the lever which dropped the Methanoscalator down into the guizer. Ethan gasped.]

Pyr-O: Told you.

[Ethan closed his eyes, and raised his arms out in the air. Silver Stream changed back into Maggie in a blue flash just to scream for the moment.]

Maggie: Ethan, don’t do it!

[Ethan fell backwards and started falling into the guizer to his death. The Agent, Maggie, Sif and Steel ran after him, and shouted.]

The Agent, Maggie, Sif, Lieutenant Steel: Ethan!

Pyr-O: Fool… [Raised his arms out, they turned to him.] Now I will finish you all off, just like what your shape shifting friend did to himself. Finally the universe will be mine, and no living being alive will be there to stop me.

[A gust of wind started blowing out of the guizer slowly as blue swirls started to surround up to the day sky. Lighter clouds started to surround the sky, the Weatherheads shocked by this event. It eventually started to snow.]

Pyr-O: What!? What is this?!

Lieutenant Steel: Snow?

[Maggie turned to the guizer and questioned what happened.]

Maggie: Ethan?

[Meanwhile all over Earth, the weather started cooling down all parts of the world. The power started to finally turn on for some people, raising children in joy, and parents in relief. Kids started to play outside as they saw it snowing, jumping for even more joy. In the Arctic, mountain guizers finally stopped melting and breaking into the ocean. More ice luckily was starting to grow back. The scene changed back to Yellowstone.]

Pyr-O: How is this possible!? My calculations were sure that the weapon was going to obliterate the life on this planet! Where is the supervolcano?

Sif (Slasher): Ethan must have reversed the effects of the Methanoscalator bomb into reversing everything the Weatherheads did. So instead of activating the supervolcano, it is instead global colding.

Lieutenant Steel: I can’t believe he did this, but how?

Maggie: He must’ve used…

[A large glacier grew out of the guizer, revealing to be a familiar face standing on top.]

Big Chill: BIG CHILL! Sorry I had to do that.

Agent: Well done Ethan.

[Big Chill changed back into Ethan, and he slid off the glacier. The group ran toward him. Maggie smacked him across the face, leaving a big bruise on his cheek.]

Maggie: Don’t you ever do that to us again! You hear me?

[She hugged him tight, and letted go.]

Ethan: Alright-Alright! Sheesh…

Sif (Slasher): How did you know how to reverse the Weatherhead’s weapon?

Ethan: Oh, I just messed around with the settings, and used Big Chill to reverse the effects. This weather should only last for a few hours, after that everything should be back to normal.

Pyr-O: You think this is over? You may have won the day, but you will all face my wrath!

[Pyr-O was suddenly trapped in a hydraulic bubble, The Agent ran over and stabbed him with his device. Inside, Pyr-O’s system started malfunctioning and electrocuting, the Agent pressed a button and his body blew into his pieces. He then aimed his device at the other Weatherheads.]

Agent: Anybody else got something they’d like to say?

Gust-O: Retreat!

[The Weatherheads started making a run for it, they made it to their teleporter pads and then transported themselves off Earth.]

Ethan: Hurry, we gotta stop them before! [Raising his arm above the Omnitrix.]

Agent: Easy Ethan, Without their commander, they’re pretty much useless. I’m sure if they do decide to harm the Earth again, then they know who not to mess with.

[The scene changed to Sif using the Healing Factor armor and started healing everybody’s wounds, including himself with his sprays and vaccines.]

Sif (Healing Factor): There, all finished.

[He took off his armor and it reverted back into his energy cube.]

Ethan: Are you going to be okay? You did end up blowing up the only home you’ve… ever known.

Sif: [Sighs] I know, but I have a new home now, today the Agent taught me that I needed to start letting go of the past. Besides I can always build myself a new ship, shouldn’t be too hard to find all the pieces, right?

[The insert song ended. Wind suddenly started blowing from behind them, a large helicarrier started appearing above them. Eventually the ship landed and the SACT soldiers started running out, aiming their weapons at Ethan and the group.]

SACT Soldier: You’re under arrest under the regards of...

Lieutenant Steel: Hold it.

SACT Soldier: Lieutenant Steel, what are you doing?

Lieutenant Steel: I can vouch for these guys, they’re on our side now.

[The other soldiers start chattering and gossiping about Lieutenant Steel’s response.]

SACT Soldier: Sir, if I may? How do you know these guys aren’t just aliens who are out there to suck out the human’s brain knowledge in order to...

Lieutenant Steel: No, they are not. They just saved this planet from a group of other aliens, well, robots technically, who were trying to destroy the Earth by changing our core’s climate.

SACT Soldiers: Ohhhhh….

Lieutenant Steel: Look Ethan, I know we’ve had our differences these last couple of weeks.

Ethan: Oh you got that right.

Lieutenant Steel: But today, you’ve proved that not all aliens are bad. Together, you and I can make a difference in this world and change the way we humans think about other life out there. Ethan, I’d like to make you and the rest of your team as an ally of the Secret Alien Containment Team in hopes of this situation never happening again. What do you say soldier?

[He gives him his hand to shake, Ethan looked down and shook. Sif started crying in the background and everybody noticed.]

Ethan: What Sif, are you getting emotional over this?

Sif: No… just… my ship…

[They all laughed.]

Lieutenant Steel: We’ll help you build a new one. Okay?

[Sif sniffed and wiped his nose, then smiled. The Agent pops in the middle of their conversation.]

Agent: And what about my ship?

Lieutenant Steel: Don’t worry, we left it back at headquarters. Come on, let’s get you back to your parents so you can straighten your situation out, sound good?

[They all smiled and they started walking with Lieutenant Steel into his helicarrier. The scene started zooming up with the Agent giving a quick remark.]

Agent: I think this is a trap.

[The scene zoomed up to shine directly on the sun. Then it shifted down into a different scene, containing a destroyed village, with knights and guards surrounding a giant castle. Everything zoomed into the window, revealing to be a mysterious woman, sitting on a throne in the dark, as she gazed forward to the viewers only to say.]

Mysterious Woman: She’s… alive…


E-10 ED01 - Episode 10.png

Major Events

  • The Weatherheads reveal to have a Plan B.
  • Ethan, Maggie and Lieutenant Steel are separated from the group, and Ethan makes an alliance with Lieutenant Steel.
  • Silver Stream's true form is revealed.
  • Sif reveals he had a Dwarf Star to power his ship in case of emergencies.
  • Sif and the Agent settle their differences.
  • Sif rams his ship into the Weatherhead's base, destroying it.
  • Ethan reverses the Weatherhead's weapons effects, saving the Earth from extreme heated temperatures.
  • The Secret Alien Containment Team makes amends with Ethan and the group.
  • Lieutenant Steel brings the group back to SACT headquarters to retrieve the TARDIS.
  • Sif moves in with the E-10 team.
  • Arc 2 is foreshadowed.




  • Pyr-O
  • Atm-O
  • Mist-O (first appearance, brief)
  • Humidit-O
  • Gust-O
  • Hail-O
  • Shock-O
  • Fog-O

Aliens Used

Armors Used

  • Black Sun
  • High-Tech
  • Absolute Zero
  • Slasher
  • Healing Factor


  • Ethan quotes the typical "Hang on, its going to be a bumpy ride" line.
  • The Bleach anime is confirmed to exist in the E-10 universe.


  • This episodes resembles many of the Ben 10 canon episodes.
    • Voided when Ethan sacrifices himself to the heated machine, and then using Big Chill to reverse everything.
    • War of the Worlds, when Ethan creates a peace treaty to the Secret Alien Containment Team.
  • This episode flashes back to "The Watch That Changed Everything."
  • ChamAlien was originally supposed to be in the episode, but didn't make it to the final cut.
  • Swampfire's species is confirmed to be inside the Omnitrix, the Agent confirms at some point Ethan will unlock him.
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