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Awaken In the Darkness
Jadgax (Part 1)

Part 1[]

"YOU ARE WHAT?" Ben howled. Julie responded calmy, "Don't worry Ben. You are the father and no one will hurt our baby." Ben sighed. Reed zoomed in, "Kevin has a 104* fever. And to make matters worse Vilgax said he needs him for Jadan." Ben replied, "How is that possisble? Jadan is in the Null Void. I only sent him there a couple hours ago!" Reed gave him an I-really-don't-know-so-don't-look-at-me-for-answers look. Ben sighed again. "We need to bring his temperature down. Big Chill can handle this.....Articquanna! Close enough." He blew up into the air and it became chilly throughout Los Soledad. The cold messed up the Alientrix. "Stormfront. What the hell? Hey I can't change or revert!" He hit the trix symbol. Nothing. Vilgax appeared out of nowhere and slammed Stormfront into the ground. Stormfront shot lightning at him, knocking him aways off. He growled and flew into Stormfront. Stormfront bit him with his fangs and Vilgax howled in pain. Stormfront punched him in the gut then slammed him into the ground. Stormfront ripped a tentacle off and slapped him with it. "Hey Vilgax, why are you hitting yourself?" Then he grabbed Vilgax by his helmet and chucked him into the distance. Stormfront tried to revert but still, nothing.

Part 2[]

Stormfront went to check on Kevin. Vilgax was back. Great, Ben thought to himself. He shot powerful winds and pressurized rain. Vilgax slammed back into the wall. Stormfront hovered over shot pieces of the Earth at him (like rocks). Vilgax groaned. He shot laser's at them destroying the miniature bolders. He tackled Stormfront and put him in a sack. He walked off and teleported up to Jadan's ship. When arrived Jadan kicked his face in. He left him to Rojo. She smiled. "Been a while Tennyson." She held her arm up and a blaster came out. She aimed it and it started to light up when Stormfront broke free of the ropes and smashed her head into the wall, killing her. Stormfront found himself face to face with Haranuge. He pushed him aside and kept hovering. Stormfront barged in and tackled Jadan but found himself all bloody and weary moments later. Jadan kicked him into the wall and grabbed him by the tail and slammed him into the ships controls. Luckily there was a backup pair. Stormfront eye's closed as Jadan threw him into the lab where he would desect him bare handed. Stormfront moaned as he thought of his son/daughter.

Part 3[]

Stormfron pulled and fought against it but it was no use. Jadan had put a netrulizer on him to redce his powers. Ben suddenly had an idea. He shook with the remaining strength and the netruelizer landed on Jadan and he turned pale and weak then fell over. The Neutrilizer drained the battery out of the Alientrix reverting and Ben ran off. Vilgax confronted him. Ben kicked him in the nuts then slid between his legs and kept running. Security drones shot laser's at him but failed. Ben jumped off the ship dropping 50,000 feet below. "Come one. Come on." He said as the Alientrix recharged. He was at 30,000 feet now. It was still recharging. "Come on come on." 20,000 feet. 15,000. The minutes grew endless and it felt like forever Ben was falling towards his death. Finally at less than 1,000 feet it recharged and Ben transformed, "Stinkfly!" He safely flew to Los Soledad and reverted.

Part 4[]

Stinkfly crashed landed into the ground and reverted, unconscious. Julie ran over but HackWire held her back, shaking his head. He put his hands together then on Ben's chest to electrify it. Once, twice nothing. Then suddenly he gasped up for air, gapping for breath. Julie kissed him and they hugged. "Don't ever do that to me again." Julie told Ben. He nodded then got up and left to his room to nap. Meanwhile on Jadan's ship Will Haranuge entered Jadan's room. "No, impossible!" He gasped when he saw the- "WHO THE HELL ARE YOU AND WHO AND WHY ARE YOU ON MY SHIP IN MY ROOM!" Jadan roared. He charged and sliced Will's head into four pieces, killing him. "No one must no of my new......weapons." Jadan smirked. An army of robot Ben's all linked to a Omnitrix bowed down to Jadan. Jadan slapped down the Omnitrix. All the Ben's yelled, "Chromastone!" He slapped it again. "Four Arms! Cannonbolt! Big Chill!" Jadan laughed evilly, "MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!"