A Sticky Situation
Season 1, Episode 11
Air date Unknown
Written by Richard
Directed by Richard
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A Sticky Situation is the eleventh episode of Richard 10: The Alpha-Omegatrix.


Feedback is fighting some Megawatts in the woods. The Megawatts threaten to use electricity to multiply and take over Earth. Feedback absorbs the energy from the Megawatts, but instead of shooting the energy back at them, he puts it into the Alpha-Omegatrix to give it more energy, and turns into Water Hazard. Water Hazard shoots water at the Megawatts and they short curcuit.

While heading back to the base as Jetray, he is cut off by a giant, robotic Jetray creature.

He saw a familiar Galvan in the machine. It was Dr. Ammunition. Jetray, knowing he would be no match, changed into Armodrillo, and grabbed onto the machine.

Armodrillo tried to use his jackhammers to bring the machine down, but it was too powerful. Instead of forcing it down, he tried to break it with Jury Rigg, only able to get inside of it.

After getting inside, Jury Rigg transformed into Big Chill, and froze the machine, then flew out.

Later, at Tacopolis, Richard began complaining about the Super Taco that was being advertised.

Suddenly, a giant robotic taco, controlled by Ammunition, stormed at the team. Richard dialed up Smoke Stack, but was transfomed into ChamAlien. ChamAlien became invisible, and sneaked into the robot.

While in the machine, ChamAlien transformed into RichardTaco and began to destroy parts of the robot from the inside. He then transformed into Goop and started to break the machine even more.

The machine exploded, and then Ammunition fell in front of Destiny and Matt. Before Ammunition could do anything, he was picked up by Rath and was thrown to Timbuktu.

Rath transforms back into Richard, and the team continue the day at Tacopolis

Major Events

  • Water Hazard makes his debut.



  • Richard
  • Destiny
  • Matt


  • Megawatts
    • Leader Megawatt
    • Megawatt Lackie
  • Dr. Ammuntion

Aliens Used

  • Feedback
  • Water Hazard (debut)
  • Jetray
  • Armodrillo
  • Jury Rigg
  • Big Chill
  • ChamAlien (accidental; selected alien was Smoke Stack)
  • RichardTaco
  • Goop
  • Rath


Megawatt Leader: We shall use electricity to multiply and take over Earth!

Feedback: Want to multiply? Just go to math class! It's that simple!

Richard: *dials up Smoke Stack; transforms; realizes is wrong alien* Ugh, ChamAlien? Why can't this thing ever get it right?


  • This episode has references to a Richard 10 episode and a Ben 10: Omniverse episode:
    • It has a reference to Richard 10,000 because it has Feedback fighting Megawatts.
    • It has a reference to The More Things Change Part 1 where Ben uses Feedback to fight an enemy in the woods.
  • Richard seemed to have been fighting the Megawatts for a while prior to the episode, as he had to put energy into the Alpha-Omegatrix to transform.
  • This marks the first time Tacopolis is shown on screen.
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