A Small, Small World is the twelfth comic of Young Plumbers and second issue of Set 2.

Young Plumbers Comics
Set 2, Issue 2
Production Code: B02
Release Date: December 22, 2012
Written By: Paper
Artist: Paper
Directed By: Paper
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Plumbers' Academy
November 28, 2012, 12:44 PM EST

[Rob and Water are working in a lab. Water is operating a machine while Rob types data into a computer.]

[Water]: Remind me what we're doing again?

[Rob]: Working on our latest project in Alien Technology and Tools. It's due in two days!

[Water]: What do you we have to do again?

[Rob]: Did you even pay attention? We've been learning about the history of technology. We have to do a report on technology then and now and a perform an experiment on one ancient machine and one modern once. This is the modern one, but we still have to do the ancient one.

[Water]: Oh, right. Okay, I clicked the dial twice to the right, now what?

[Rob types some stuff into the computer.]

[Rob]: Flip the switch and then press the blue button.

[Water]: Flip the switch...

[He flips the switch.]

[Water]: And press the red button...


[Water presses the red button. A beam fires out of the machine and hits Water and Rob, shrinking them down to a very small size.]

[Rob]: What did you do?

[Water]: I presses the red button, like you said!

[Rob]: No! I told you to press the blue button...

[Water]: Nu-uh...

[Rob]: Did too...

[Water]: Did not..


[Rob]: Can we just head back up and then reverse the process.

[Water]: I guess this counts as our experiment then, huh?

[Rob]: Maybe...

[They begin to walk forward and eventually find a bunch of unknown figures standing across from them.]

[Water]: Who are you?

[Microsapien #1]: We are the Microsapiens. How dare you enter our territory?

[Water]: Territory! We're at the Plumbers' Academy! This is the Plumber's territory...

[Microsapien #2]: Plumbers? Who are the Plumbers?

[Rob]: Something tells me they aren't exactly that smart...

[Microsapien #3]: We're smarter than humans... and last I checked humans weren't that small...

[Rob]: We had a little accident...

[Microsapien #1]: Either way, you're coming with us!

[Water]: No, we're not!

[Rob and Water jump at the Microsapiens. On the next page, Kruto and Slick are standing in the office.]

Plumbers' Academy
November 29, 2012, 8:19 AM EST

[Kruto]: Something's not right... We haven't seen Rob or Water since yesterday morning. Where could they have gone?

[Slick]: I saw them eating lunch at noon. I heard them say they were going to one of the labs to work on their project for Alien Technology and Tools.

[Kruto]: They must have activated something that made them either teleport or shrink, and since none of the teleporters are kept in the labs...

[Slick]: They shrunk... Who should we send?

[Kruto]: Brian can shapeshift... Zon could go--

[Slick]: We're not sending Brian and Zon on a mission together. They always compete with each other...

[Kruto]: Bink can do magic...

[Slick]: Okay...

[On the next page, the two Magisters are meeting with the two recruits they mentioned.]

[Bink]: So we need to find Water and Rob?

[Kruto]: They've got to be near here... It's the only room with a shrinking machine...

[Brian]: Okay wait, I can turn into a flea, but how can Bink shrink?

[Bink]: Magic! Llams yllaer nrut!

[Bink shrinks. On the next panel, Brian turns into a flea and appears next to her.]

[Brian]: Let's get started...


[Bink]: Well there they are!

[They see Rob and Water fighting the Microsapiens.]

[Water]: How long have we been fighting?

[Rob]: A long time...

[Water gets knocked back into Rob and then fall unconscious and begins to be dragged away by the Microsapiens.]

[Brian]: After them!

[Brian and Bink begin to run after their fellow recruits, but the Microsapiens are too fast.]

[Bink]: We're too late...

[Brian]: But we know where they are headed...

[Brian begins to walk forward.]

[Bink]: Wait... Let's be safe and ask Kruto and Slick about them first...

[Brian]: We don't even know who they are!

[Bink]: C'mon, we're asking!

[Bink returns to normal size and walks off. Brian follows moments later. On the next page, Bink and Brian are meeting with the Magisters.]


[Kruto]: Microsapiens... The species you saw was likely the Microsapiens... We thought they had left a long time ago...

[Slick]: A long time ago, hundreds of years ago, the Academy was infested with Microsapiens, but most of them were extinguished, or so we thought... They're not evil or anything, they're just major annoyances...

[Bink]: So what should we do?

[Kruto]: If there's one thing the Microsapiens can't stand, it's noise. They hear only high pitched sounds, so they can't hear us when we walk by, but if you shrink down your frequency goes up right into their normal register. All you need to do is go above that with this...

[Kruto shows them a sound gun.]

[Slick]: Just run in there and blast this everywhere and you should be good to go...

[Brian]: Thanks...

[Brian and Bink each take a gun. On the next page, they are back into their shrunken forms in the lab with the Microsapiens.]


[Brian]: Here's there camp... Are we just supposed to go right in?

[Bink]: Guess so...

[After a moment, Brian and Bink charge into the camp and begin to fire the sound guns every which way. The Microsapiens collapse to the floor, creating an easy path to the prison where Water and Rob are.]

[Brian]: This way!

[They make it to the prison where they find some guards with noise-blocking headphones. Brian kicks one and then knocks another one into the wall. Bink kicks one and then gets hit by a guard's bo staff. Brian kicks that guard and then punches another into the wall.]

[Bink]: Thanks...

[Brian]: Let's keep moving!

[Brian and Bink eventually make it to a room with Water and Rob in it. They blast their sound guns, knocking the guards in the room out.]

[Water]: Thanks...

[Bink]: Now let's get out of here...

[They exit the prison and find a large Microsapien standing in front of them.]


[Microsapien King]: Not one more step!

[Rob]: Let us go!

[Microsapien King]: Never!

[He draws two swords and charges at the recruits. Rob punches him into the ground and then Water knocks him over. He slashes Water with his sword and then falls to the ground because of the sound gun.]

[Bink]: Let us go!

[Microsapien King]: You can, if we have a treaty... We never want anyone to bring those terrible weapons to our camp ever again.

[Brian]: I think we can agree on that...

[Brian shakes hands with the king.]

[Microsapien King]: Agreed...

[Brian]: See you around...

[The recruits leave. Brian and Bink turn back to normal size and finds the two Magisters waiting for them.]


[Kruto]: Find them?

[Brian, picking up his hand]: Yep!

[He places them next to the machine and after Kruto presses a few buttons, Water and Rob turn back to normal size.]

[Water]: Thanks... a lot...

[Rob]: So does this mean we fail our project...

[Kruto]: I'll have to talk to Relgo about that... Seems like a successful mission... What did you do?

[Bink]: We worked out a treaty with the Microsapien King. We're not allowed to use the sound gun near them ever again.

[Kruto]: Well then, you did a good job nonetheless. Granted, it wasn't much of a mission, but still, you did good work today...

[Slick]: Nice job!

[Water]: How about that A?

[Slick]: Nice try, but I'd guess you still have to do the project...

[Water]: Aw man!

[The last panel shows the others laughing while Water stands there angrily.]

[The End]


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A Small, Small World

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