Mutant Drake
Season 1, Episode 1
Drake Base
Air date 10/10/15
Written by Brandon
Directed by Brandon
Episode Guide
City of Change
A Rainy Day is the pilot episode of the series, Mutant Drake.


In the city, this day, the atmosphere was grey, the clouds had turned dark and thunder echos softly throughout the skies above. It was night, just about. The view of the scene lowers from the skies as it enters the city below where the buildings stand tall until the street level is put into focus. A teenage girl is seen walking down the pavement of the sidewalk, carrying a brown, paper, grocery bag, filled with various food products, such as apples, milk, and that long bread that sticks out of the bag, with her phone in the other hand. She was wearing a dark leather jacket over a red shirt, blue jeans that seemed to fit her too tight, a red bag strapped around her, and brown boots, possibly new. Her hair is brown and her eyes are blue.

New York City
October 2, 22:10 EDT

Girl, on the phone: Yes, I know. ... I know that too. Look, we just need to seal the deal with that interview with Councilman Pugsley. If we score that interview, it'll be a promotion for sure.

The girl turns the corner of the building she was walking besides and enters an alleyway.

Girl, on the phone: Yeah, I'm on my way to the apartment right now. Did you talk to Adam about the pictures? ... He's still in Timbertoll? I don't see what's so special about that place to be honest with you.

A metallic object is heard falling over in the darkness. The girl looks slightly startled.

Girl, on the phone: Yeah, I'm going to have to call you back.

The girl hangs up the phone and puts her phone away into her pocket.

Girl, calling to the darkness: Hello?

There is no reply. The girl grabs the grocery bag with her other hand now and sets it on the ground, next to her. She then reaches into her red bag and retrieves a small flashlight. She activates the flashlight and shines it at the dark, moving closer and closer to where the noise originated. Thunder echos softly throughout the skies again.

Girl, calling again: Hello?

A trash can then rolls from the darkness into the light created by her flashlight. The girl looks at the trash can as it comes to a stop. A growling noise is then heard. She looks up at the noise and sees two red eyes bleeding in through the darkness. She shines her flashlight at that area of darkness and a red-brown, hunched over creature with, of course, two red eyes and spikes coming from its shoulders is seen. Reacting to the light, it roars out. The girl, now scared, moves back. The creature jumps forwards at her and the girl falls back, landing on her bottom and dropping the flashlight. It then starts to rain. The creature roars out again, advancing towards her, and the girl screams. Thunder strikes through the skies once more, louder than before, with lightning accumulating in the clouds as a silhouette of a humanoid figure is seen on the rooftop above the alley way. The figure then jumps down from the rooftop and enters the alleyway. The creature jumps at the girl through the rain until a fiery object crashes into the creature's back. The girl crawls back, still on the ground, and squints to see through the dark and the rapid raindrops. A shadowy figure strikes the shadowy creature with hard-to-see objects that explode into fiery "blocks" every once and a while. The shadowy figure then grabs the shadowy creature with the hard-to-see object and throws the creature against the wall behind them. The shadowy figure then goes over to the shadowy creature and the hard-to-see objects vanish with a mechanical noise. The shadowy figure places his hand on the creature and within a bright flashing light, the shadowy creature disappears. The girl is breathing hard as the humanoid figure looks at her. She gets up by placing her hands against the wall to assist her.

Figure: You're safe now.

Girl, breathing hard: Who-Who are you?

The humanoid figure just continues staring at her through the rain. Thunder is then heard very loudly. The girl looks up at the clouds behind her and then turns back to the figure who isn't there anymore. Startled, she moves back and looks around for the figure who is nowhere to be seen. She then exits the alleyway, as seen from the rooftop view. Meanwhile, on that very rooftop, the dark, humanoid figure is seen watching her from above, crouching, as thunder goes off in the background once more.

Title Sequence

Now morning, the city is seen, brighter than before. Citizens are seen walking down the sidewalk. One, walking his dog. Another riding their blue bike next to a Taxi. Somewhere in the city, an apartment building is seen.

Apartment Building
October 3, 7:30 EDT

Inside the apartment building, specifically a room in the building, the girl is seen lying on a couch. She gets up a short moment later and goes to her desk. At her desk, she opens up her laptop and opens up a window. She types in the search engine, Kadmos, "red creature attacks". A short moment later, the search engine comes up with some results. The first three links read out: "Large red animal discovered at Zoo...", "Wizards World - Color: Red Type: Creature..." and "Mutant Creatures Come in Every Shape and Size...". She then proceeds to click on the third link and a website comes up. The logo for the website reads "Conspiracies Explored" while the text underneath it reads: "A few months ago, I was approached by an agent of the organization known as the Mutation Containment Agency. While rumors have came up that hazardous creatures escaped a facility, we were advised to stay calm. Of course, their story of radioactive materials being unloaded would have worked if I didn't have my previous experience with the supernatural. So, of course, I had to do some snooping around and I ended up escaping the scene with evidence that my theory was correct. Evidence that mutants exist." A blurred image of a strange, disfigured shape is seen by a bridge. The article continues with, "Since they were hiding something, I decided to dig up more research on the organization known as the MCA and uncovered important information that could endanger us all. Rumors of a potential secret weapon with unstable abilities carried by a person like you and me. While this weapon has been hasn't been seen or even recorded, there are incident where its markings were shown and it is evident that it was being used against isolated incidents of mutant attacks. While the person carrying this weapon can not be described, if you ever find this person, you need to expose them once and for all." The girl looks at the final words. The scene then changes to a news corporation building with the logo on the side.

Central News Corporation Building
October 3, 8:38 EDT

Inside the building, there are people working at their desks and walking around as TV screens hang from a column showing the news. The girl is chasing down a man who looks to be in his late 50's, wearing a white shirt, striped suspenders, brown pants, old fashioned shoes and is carrying a mug of coffee, probably. He has bald spots and grey hairs, lots of them.

Girl: Chief, you gotta send my story out. This-this is big. You have no idea.

Editor-in-Chief: No, you have no idea what I have to put up with and then you come along giving me a ridiculous story.

Girl: Chief... Chief.

The Chief enters his office and sits at the desk while the girl enters the office after him.

Chief: Sit down, close the door behind you.

The girl closes the door behind her and takes a seat at the desk.

Chief: What happened? Are you alright?

Girl: I'm fine. I was just- I had a bit of an incident yesterday.

Chief: Did you hit your head or something? Because this story, (shows papers in hand) is out of control.

Girl: I know it might sound far fetched, Chief, b-but it's real. I was attacked by some sort of creature and a mysterious figure saved my life. We need to find out who he is and what he's capable of.

Chief: Do you have any proof?

Girl: What?

Chief: You heard me.

Girl: It was 10 at night. I was going home, not taking a scoop.

Chief: You know how it is, the rules never changed. You need proof. You need evidence. You need a strong lead and you need support because you don't have mines.

Girl: Chief, just-

Chief: No. Not this time. I'm sorry but I have a lot of work to do.

The girl breaths out as the Chief stands up.

Chief: I want you to take the week off.

Girl: What?

Chief: This job is obviously causing you a lot of stress.

Girl: I can't believe you don't believe me.

Chief: Hey. I didn't say that. It's just hard to help you if I don't know what I'm dealing with.

Girl: You know exactly what we're dealing with, Chief.

Chief: What? Monsters, Creatures in the Dark? I can't put this in the paper never-the-less on the channel. I know you want that promotion and I know how hard-working you are which is why I'm giving you a week to clean yourself up instead of firing you right now. You're a good girl but if you want to be a lead reporter, you need the facts and you need the proof. Now go get some rest.

The girl gets up from her seat and is about to leave the office.

Chief: Kate.

The girl turns around and looks at the chief.

Chief: I've got something for you.

The Chief goes over to Kate and gives her a small camcorder.

Kate: What's this for?

Chief: For gathering proof and evidence. You're going to make a good reporter some day but everyone has to start small. But come back with that mutant stuff and you're out of here, got that.

Kate: Yes, sir. Thank you.

Chief: Now get out of here. I've got work to do.

Kate smiles and leaves the office.

Unseen Person: Kate!

Kate looks up and sees a teenage boy approaching her. He's wearing a red sweater with a white shirt underneath that, with grey pants and white sneakers. His hair is brown and upwards slightly while his eyes are green.

Kate: Oh hey, Adam, you're back.

Adam: I heard what happened and I came as soon as I could. Are you alright?

Kate: I'm fine. Just had an accident that's all.

Adam: Well if you need anything, I'm here for you.

Kate: Actually, I'm going to need your help with something.

Adam: Sure. What is it?

Kate: I'm looking for a person. I think it's a boy.

Adam: Oh... right.

Kate: It's for an interview, relax. He was there at the accident. I didn't really see him that well so I'm going to need your help with this.

Adam: I don't know, Kate. This guy could be anywhere.

The scene then cuts to a grassy field where a large facility is then seen.

Upstate New York
October 3, 8:52 EDT

Inside the facility, various officers in uniform are seen walking throughout the white interior of the facility. An alarm is then seen going off in one of the corridors. The officers are now running up and down, carrying weapons. There is now a small group of them, armed, at a mechanical door disengaging.

Officer in Command: What's the condition?

Officer: The door is unlocking now.

Officer in Command: Do we have enough firepower this time?

Officer 2: Yes, sir. Hopefully. We're not exactly sure but it's more than the time before now.

Officer in Command: Good. Hopefully we won't have to use it today.

The door then slowly opens, the officers are ready to engage. The door then fully opens revealing a humanoid figure within the bright light. The light then fades away, adjusting with the atmosphere of the interior and revealing the figure as it steps inside. Black Boots are then seen coming into the shot as then enter the facility. The scene then moves upwards to show off the figure's, also, black pants, and black hoodie until it stops at the face of a teenage, spiky black haired, brown eyed boy.

Boy: I've had a long night, guys. Can we just skip the procedure?

The men stand ready.

Boy: Alright fine. I'll go.

The boy walks past the men. The officers then sigh in relief.

Officer in Command: We got lucky, boys. We got lucky.

The men then proceed after the boy. Later, they enter a room, probably an office, with a desk and a chair, facing the window.

Female Voice: Leave us.

The officers leave the boy and exit the room. The person in the chair turns around and faces the boy, putting themselves in the shot. The woman is young, wearing a grey suit jacket, black pants and a earpiece in her ear. Her hair is long, black and her eyes are blue.

Woman: Do you have any idea what type of problems you're giving me? I can't have you sneaking out again. You're putting yourself and this organization at risk.

Boy: What else am I supposed to do? Stay in my cell?

Woman: It's called a room. Why can't you just accept that?

Boy: I've seen cells, Director. My "room" may look different but it doesn't feel different.

Director, getting up and putting hands on the desk: And how would you know what a real room feels like?

There's a short moment of silence between the two. The woman sighs and slides back into her leather seat.

Director: You have a serious problem and we're on the peak of making progress. You're staying here until we find what we're looking for.

Boy: You've been making progress for the 5 years I've been here but while you're trying to figure out what's wrong with me, you're not finding out what's wrong out there.

Director: You don't know what's happening out there and they don't know what's happening here. If they really knew, if people really knew, they would be scared. Scared of you and what you can do. We can't let that happen.

Boy: Or maybe you're too afraid to do something about it.

Director: You know what? I don't need this from you. As long you have a life here, you will do as I say.

Boy: Doing the same thing every day isn't a life. So I guess I'm not doing what you want, Director. I'm done here.

The boy makes his way to the door and exits the office.

Director: Drake... DRAKE!

The doors close behind him. Drake walks through the white corridor, looking upset. He looks up and sees a security camera peering at him. He looks to the right and sees two officers with weapons armed, staring at him. Drake then looks straight ahead again. He then enters a dark room and the doors slides together from the sides, closing, after he enters.

Male Voice: You're late.

The lights then turn on and a man is seen leaning against the wall, next to the door. This man is wearing a forest green, maroon sweater over a white buttoned shirt, with the collar sticking out, black pants with brown knee pads and military combat boots. He has brown hair curved over his forehead and brown eyes. He has a serious look on his face.

Drake: And you're in my room.

Man: You can't keep sneaking out.

Drake: I already had this conversation and I'm not having it again.

Man: You continue to neglect the rules and there will be consequences. I'm warning you know.

Drake: Then what? You're going to treat me like the others?

Man: If we have to. You're loosing control over yourself and that puts everybody at risk. I suggest you get yourself cleaned up and think carefully before you decide to pull any more stunts. Are we clear?

Drake, with little care: Yes, sir.

Man: You can start with that attitude.

The man then exits the room after the doors had opened for him and the doors close behind him when he leaves. Drake then yells out and punches a wall. The scene then transitions to the Director's office.

Director: How is he?

Man: Not so good. I can't continue to train him if he's under so much strain.

Director: Can't? Agent Owens is my best agent and as my best agent, you should be able to.

Owens: Whatever is upsetting him is beyond me. I'm not a scientist. I'm just his trainer.

Director: And what about the isolated incidents?

Owens: We're taking care of them but more and more incidents occur.

Director: Are we close on finding the source?

Owens: No. But we have found a point of interest.

Director: Good. Gather a team and investigate. If there are any incidents in the area, contain them and cover it.

Owens: Yes, Director. Owens leaves the office. In an intersection of corridors, Owens encounters a couple of officers, hanging out around the corner.

Owens: The Director wants us top side. We're looking for any possible evidence and/or infections at the Construction Site at Burrow Street.

The officers nod as the scene focuses on the hidden figure watching their conversation from behind the corner. The figure then rushes off afterwards. The scene then cuts to the Construction Site in the city. It's now night and the sky is still grey. 

Burrow Street Construction Site
October 3, 21:28 EDT

Officers, from the facility, are seen packing up equipment at the front of the entrance to the Construction Site into a moving van. Around the corner of the building, in front of the Construction Site, comes Kate and Adam.

Adam: I can't believe we're actually doing this.

Kate: Shh!

Kate leans in as she peeks around the corner.

Adam: My inside source said that the MCA Officers would be investigating this area for something. Probably your mysterious male figure.

She then comes back with her back against the wall.

Kate: They're still there, Adam.

Adam: He also said that they usually do a check up for about 3 hours. Five, if it's really important. They've been here since about 4:30-ish so..., if he's right, they should be leaving (starts to look at watch) right, about...

An officer closes up the moving truck and pats the side, after which the truck drives off.


The remaining officer gets on a, seemingly, custom-made motorcycle, specifically made for the organization, and drives off after the truck. Adam laughs nervously when he sees the cycle drive off.

Adam: See? What'd I tell ya? (awaits response) ...Kate? Ka- (turns around and sees Kate entering the Construction Site) Kate! ...Kate!

Adam attempts to catch up with Kate. Kate stops at the entrance gate and enters the Construction Site.

Adam, catching up: Kate, wait. This- This is (catches breath) This is trespassing... (quietly) Kate!

Kate: We have to get out of our comfort zones occasionally, Adam. Besides, we're not going to gather any evidence from outside there.

Adam: Look, I just wanted to see if this guy would show up. We could snap some pictures, take an interview and that's it. I can't afford to get arrested.

Kate, turning around to face Adam: Adam, relax. If anything, I'll take the fall for it. (turning back) We're not going to get into trouble.

Adam: Oh I have a bad feeling about this.

Kate: Why?

Adam: Because you always say something about not getting into trouble and I always have to bail you out of some sticky situation.

Kate, looking around: That's not completely true... and nobody says "sticky situation" anymore, okay?

Adam, starting to looking around: We work in the news, Kate. Pretty much anything doesn't go out of style. I mean, have you seen Chief's vintage newsboy cap last week?

Kate, looking straight ahead: Shh!

Adam, confused/curiously: What? What is it?

Kate, quietly: I think I hear someone.

Adam glups as Kate approaches a large concrete drainage pipe. Now at the entrance to the pipe, Kate looks inside and sees a red light approaching the entrance with soft mutters. Kate then leans in and the mutters become more clear.

Male Muttered Voice: How much longer do we have to wait?

Female Muttered Voice: Patience. When we collect enough materials, our time will come.

Kate, quietly, to herself: "Our time will come"? What does that-

She can now hear their footsteps as her eyes widen. Turning back to Adam, Kate flares her arms around.

Adam, quietly: What?

Kate, quietly: Hide!

Kate then hides behind a stack of cement bags while Adam does the same. A pair of black, tall boots then exit from the drainage pipe a short moment later, followed by a pair of metallic feet.

Female Voice: Okay, you big oaf, where'd you hide it?

Male Voice: Somewhere those stiffs wouldn't think of looking.

Mechanical noises are heard as the metallic feet walk off. A figure is seen approaching a dirt and sand. Kate and Adam are put back into shot as digging noises are heard behind them. Back to the figure, in which his back is only seen, the pile is now mostly cleared, revealing a concrete panel. Back to Kate and Adam, a breaking noise is heard behind them. Adam looks worried while Kate has a curious expression on her face.

Male Voice: (breathing out) ...Got it.

Female Voice: Hurry up already. He wants it as soon as possible.

The tall, black boots then walk back into the drainage pipe, shortly followed by the metallic feet. After a moment, Adam breaths out in relief.

Adam, to Kate: Who were those guys?

Kate: I don't know... but we have to find out. Come on.

Adam: Kate, (Kate gets up and heads to the drainage pipe) Kate! No. Wait. Kate!

Kate then enters the drainage pipe.

Adam, getting up from behind the cement bags: Dang it, Kate.

Adam chases after Kate, once more, as she makes her way down the drainage pipe. Meanwhile, at the top of a steel structure in the Construction Site, a dark figure is seen crouching and looking at them from above. A while later, Adam and Kate find themselves in a tunnel with the two figures ahead of them, turning the corner, towards the left.

Adam, quietly: This shouldn't even exist. Drainage pipes don't lead to whatever this place is.

Kate, quietly: Must be a secret area. Adam, this could be big and we can be the first ones to report about it.

Adam, quietly: We don't even know what it is.

Kate, quietly, looking around: Looks like a tunnel. By the looks of it, this thing is moving lower and lower. But who would hide something underneath Manhattan?

Drake, unseen, quietly: Maybe you should let someone else answer that question.

Kate turns around, startled, and sees Drake behind her and Adam.

Kate, quietly: Who are you?

Drake, quietly: That's not important.

Kate, quietly: After what we've seen, I think it is.

Drake, quietly: You're not supposed to be here. Leave.

Adam, quietly: Maybe we should take his advice.

Kate, quietly: We're not going anywhere, thank you very much. (to Adam) Come on, Adam.

Drake, quietly: You're going to get yourselves hurt and I don't want to have to deal with that.

Kate, quietly: Well too bad. We have the right to be here.

Adam, quietly: We actually don-

Kate, quietly: Quiet, Adam!

Drake, quietly: You're getting in my way again. Now leave.

Kate: Wait. Did you say again?

Adam, quietly: Kate.

Kate: No. Hang on. You said again. Have we met before?

Drake, quietly: That's really not-

Kate, realizing: Oh. My. Gosh- You're him. You're him, aren't you? You're the guy.

Adam, quietly: Seriously?

Kate: You're the guy.

Adam, quietly: He's the guy?

Drake: Yes. I'm the guy! Now what do you want?

Kate: An interview.

Drake: What?

Adam, quietly: An interview. She asks you questions and you answer them.

Drake: You mean an interrogation.

Adam, quietly: Kinda. Uh (to Kate) Kate, I don't think we should be spending our time with this guy.

Kate: He's the guy who saved me from that creature. I have to know how he did it.

Adam, quietly: Yeah but he doesn't exactly seem like someone who wants to be interviewed.

Kate: It doesn't matter, Adam. And why are you talking so quietly?

Male Voice: So that we don't notice.

Kate and Adam back away and turn around to face the voice behind them and see a big, hunched-over, brown-furred creature with metallic armor covering not only his body but the left side of his face. He also has a scar over his right eye. Next to him is a young woman, possibly still a teenager, wearing a worn out red coat over a black dress with a belt strapped around her waist. The bottom of the dress' skirt is shredded and she has ripped, black stockings above her tall, black boots. Her hair is black and her eyes are a pale green.

Adam, scared: What- What is that thing?

Girl: Aw now there's no need to be mean. You might just hurt his feelings.

Drake: You're a mutant but you're not acting out.

Kate: Mutant?

Mutant: How does he know about mutants?

Girl: He must be important. Let's show 'em to the boss.

Drake: We're not going anywhere.

Girl: Oh? And what are you going to do?

The Mutant then strikes Drake who is thrown back. Drake then gets up and looks cross at the Mutant.

Mutant: You're just a weak little Human.

Drake: Guess again...

Drake then throws his arms outwards to both of his sides and has a concentrated look on his face. His eyes then glow a bright orange as a surge of power flows from his shoulders to his arms aligned with the mechanical noise heard before. Once it gets to his arms, they then start to take shape into a more muscular form as his hands enlarge and the skin starts to start like it was made of a rock-like substance. Fire then explodes from the cracks and overcomes the enlarged fists that remain. Drake then runs up to the mutant and strikes him into the wall.

Kate, shocked: ...You're on fire.

Drake: Yeah. I know.

Girl: The kid's a mutant too.

Mutant, getting up from the wall: I'm going to end him.

Girl: No. We're leaving.

Mutant: He's just a kid.

Girl: I said we're leaving.

The girl and the Mutant then run off down the rest of the tunnel. Drake's arms then reform back to their normal forms as another mechanical noise is heard coming from his arms.

Drake, turning to face Kate: Are you hurt?

Kate, stunned: N-No.

Drake: Good. Now leave.

Kate: No. No, hang on a sec. You can't tell us to leave after that. I deserve an explanation. What was that?

Drake: That was a mutant and a woman aiding the mutant escaping. And now I have to go after them.

Drake starts to head off.

Kate: I meant your hands. What- Are you one of those creature things?

Drake stops, sighs and turns back at Kate.

Drake: I'm sort of like them.

Kate: What makes you so different?

Drake: Each mutant has special abilities but they're out of control and very dangerous. Except I can control my powers.

Kate: So what are you? Some type of super hero or something?

Drake then gains a serious expression on his face and glares at her for a moment.

Drake: Like I said, it's called an interrogation.

Kate: ...Wait, I-

Drake: Just get out of here and don't tell anybody about this.

Drake flips up his hoodie then runs down the tunnel.

Adam: Kate... Kate.

Kate: Yeah?

Adam: We should leave. This-This is crazy. This is-

Kate: Amazing.

Adam: No, Kate. This is dangerous. We have no idea what we're throwing ourselves into.

Kate: You're right.

Adam: Ok. Ok. Let's just head back and-and we'll uh... sort everything out back at the-

Kate then runs down the tunnel.

Adam, noticing: Kate? Kate!

Kate, running: Sorry!

Adam puts his hands on his head. Now, at the end of the tunnel, Drake finds himself in a larger tunnel which connects to another larger tunnel.

Underground Tunnel System
October 3, 22:10 EDT

Drake looks around the tunnels. He then sees that the tunnels are actually longer than they seem. Drake makes his way down the tunnels. They seem to be roughly made, the sides made of dirt. As Drake continued down the tunnels, he heard a noise, almost as if someone was creeping up right behind him. Drake suddenly turns around and notices Kate following him, closely from behind.

Drake: What are you still doing here? I told you to leave.

Kate: Like I said before, I'm not going anywhere.

Drake: ...You're not scared.

Kate: Why would I be scared?

Drake: Because of what I did. Because of what happened.

Kate: I shouldn't be scared of the truth, no matter how scary it is. One of the key steps to becoming a reporter.

Drake then has a thoughtful expression on his face as he looks downwards for quick moment. He then snaps out of it and looks back at her.

Drake: You still shouldn't be here.

Kate: No matter what you say, I'm not leaving until I get a story.

Some muttered voices are heard in the distance. Drake then turns his head towards its direction.

Kate: What are you-

Drake: SHH!

They are both quiet. The muttered voices become more clearer.

Drake: It's the two of them. They must be close.

Kate: I'm coming with you.

Drake, now facing her: No. We're not talking about this anymore. Go. Now. I'm not going to let you get hurt. Leave. Now. I'm serious.

Drake then turns back and continues down the tunnel. Kate looks at him continue without following again. Drake, after a while, finds the two in another tunnel. The furry mutant touches the dirt wall with its hand and a portion of the wall in front of them collapses revealing a new doorway. The two step through and the dirt rebuilds itself. Drake approaches the wall and looks at it. He then places his hand on the wall but it doesn't work. Drake then gets upset and punches the wall. Drake then lets out a small groan after doing that. Drake then lets go of his hand and looks back at the wall. He now has an upset look on his face. On the other side of the dirt wall, movement can be seen at a small portion of the wall. Dirt then starts falling from the wall revealing a hole. The hole then gets larger as long, sharp objects are seen penetrating the dirt wall. Drake is then seen entering the room through the large enough hole. He then looks around the room and steps forwards. He then looks down, surprised, when he notices that there is an actual floor in this room rather than dirt. The floor is black and white colored, checkered. He then looks at his hands which are opened up, rather than in a fist, and sees long, sharp, crystalline claws extending from his fingers. He then "deactivates" them as they retreat back into his hand. He then looks up and walks over to the doorway across the room. He walks through the doorway, unaware of Kate entering the room behind him through the doorway he made. The dirt then rebuilds behind her as she follows him into the room from a far distance. Drake sees the Mutant enter a doorway to the right so he follows them quietly while Kate, arriving at the doorway as Drake enters the other, makes her way to the left side. Drake enters the new room and doesn't see the two in sight. He walks forwards and approaches a railing. He looks over the railing and has a shocked expression on his face. Over the railing, there are hordes of various types of mutants, some hard to make out while others are very clear. Some of which include rat mutants, insectoid mutants, and humanoid shaped mutants.

Mutant, unseen: He followed us!

Drake turns around sharply and sees the two behind him in the corner.

Girl: I told you he would.

Drake: What are you two doing here with so many mutants?

Mutant: Why should I tell you? You're nothing but a weakling.

Drake, now anger, activates his enlarged hands and runs at the Mutant. The woman runs off and the Mutant dodges the strike.

Drake: Tell me!

Drake slams his fists against the ground and they explode in a fiery wave which hits the Mutant. Drake then stands above him.

Drake: Who's weak now?

The Mutant then laughs.

Drake: What is it?

Mutant: Did you really think I was fighting you? It's called a distraction.

The girl then approaches him from behind.

Drake: What are you-

The girl grabs onto Drake's neck and electrocutes him with a strange energy.

Drake: AH!

Drake then falls upon the ground, unconscious, as his arms return back to their normal forms.

Girl: Didn't take so long for me, now did it? (smirks)

The Mutant gets up and growls at the girl.

Mutant: Next time, you can play the bait.

Girl: Just carry him, you dolt. The boss wants to see him right away. I can sense it.

The Mutant goes over to Drake's body and picks him up. The two then exit the room through the doorway they entered.

The view of the room is fuzzy and blurry. It then gets clearer as Drake, now in the scene, is seen waking up. He gets up and look around. He is now within some type of large chamber. The floor is the same but the walls are different, they aren't made out of dirt but instead of wood from roots, growing over each other to form the walls themselves. He looks up and sees a golden/wooden throne with wires and tubes connected to it. It's empty. Drake then looks to the left of the chamber and sees a desk with various equipment on it. He then looks to the right and sees a humanoid figure with his back turned to him. Drake then gets up completely and looks at the figure.

Hidden Chamber
October 3, 23:28 EDT

Man: Ah. You're awake.

The man turns around to face Drake. This man looks tired. Lines on his face. His skin isn't normal too. It's more grey than a regular tone. He wears a black turtleneck and white lab coat over it. This coat is shredded at the bottom and brown in some areas, probably dirt. His pants are long and brown and his boots are black. His hair is black and nearly shaggy and his eyes are red. He also has this smirk on his face and thick eyebrows.

Man: Welcome to my chamber.

Drake: What happened to me?

Man: I do apologize for my friend's behavior. She's a little mean spirited. I take it that you've been acquainted with my friends, yes?

The man points to the corner where the woman and the mutant are standing. The scene now focuses on the mutant.

Man: Shadow Hound (scene moves upon the woman who is shorter than the Mutant) and Psyche.

Drake: You mean the ones who tried to kill me?

Man: Surely not. You see I'm going to need you in one piece and they respect me quite well.

Drake: And why should I?

Man: Ha. Good question. Good question indeed. I've been watching you for a while now. Or, at least, I've heard about you. I expected you to be taller actually. Anyways, I've heard that the MCA has a secret weapon and that it's being tested on the streets of Manhattan. Project D.R.A.K.E. But I never imagined this "weapon" to have a mind of its own. Of course, you're more than just a weapon to me.

Drake: You have a lot of mutants down here. I think this is the source of all the incidents on the surface.

Man: This is the source of the mutants, yes, but I have no idea what you mean by incidents.

Drake: Mutants come from whatever here is to the surface and attack people.

Man: You're in my domain. New Haven. It's where me and my children live... safe, from harms' way.

Drake: Your children? You have something to do with the mutants?

Man: I have everything to do with them. Most of it, anyways. You, on the other hand. You are new. Very interesting, Very unique. I like it. You see, you are capable of controlling your genetic abilities unlike anyone else. Aside from me, of course.

Drake: What? You're a mutant too?

Man: Mutant is such a harsh term. I prefer the term, "gifted", yes?

Drake: ...Who are you?

Man: A scientist. A doctor, if you'd like. You can call me, Ryden Kurtzman. I worked on the devices that caused the mutation in the first place.

Drake: So you worked with the mutation and the mutants respect you which means you can help cure it.

Ryden: Yes, of course, but why would I do such a thing? This is new life. Such beauty to be exterminated? I couldn't do such a thing willingly. These aren't infections, Drake, they are creatures of divine perfection. You have a gift and you should be able to use it. Right?

Drake glares at Ryden but then a thoughtful expression appears on his face as he looks downwards, thinking. The scene transitions to Kate who is wondering the hallways. Kate is looking around until she sees a doorway to her right. She then looks around again and notices no one around. She then enters the room and looks around once inside. In the room, there are diagrams, charts and drawings on the walls and on the desks. The room is standard sized, possibly smaller than one. 

Ryden's Study
October 3, 28:33 EDT

She looks at some of the diagrams on the walls while making her way to the desk that's closest to her. At the desk, Kate finds a drawing. She picks it up and examines it. The drawing is of a circular device with the initials B.T. at the bottom right corner. Kate looks at it, confused. She notices another paper under the one in her hand and puts aside the drawing in order to grab the other one. The paper looks straighter than the one for the drawing, it's probably printer paper. On the front of the paper, is a chart representing population.

Kate, reading to herself: "Mutant Population, Day 1, 10... Mutant Population, Day 2, 23.5... Mutant Population, Day 3-" (takes a moment to process what she's reading) (continues) "-Too many to calculate... Assumed to be world wide"? Kate then puts the paper down and looks at a stack of papers. The first one has too many words to summarize but the more noticeable words, the ones at the top of the paper, states, "Nanogene Development Research and Results" with the word "Condemned" stamped on the front in red.

Kate, looking at the paper: What the heck is a Nanogene?

Kate then looks behind her, turns back, stuffs the papers in her leather jacket pockets and runs out of the room through the doorway. Kate runs through the hallways until she stops and looks around. The hallway now splits into two directions, right and forwards. Kate then leans against the dirt walls by placing her hand against it. Back in the main chamber, Ryden shivers slightly.

Drake: What is it?

Ryden: Nothing of much concern. Shadow Hound, Psyche, would you do me the honor of having a word in private with our guest?

Shadow Hound: But, Master-

Ryden: It's quite alright, Shadow Hound. I know you like to help out around here so if you see something out of place, do bring it to my attention, yes?

Shadow Hound then nods. They both leave the room through a massive doorway with dark, twisted roots making up the entrance.

Ryden: You're free to go too as you wish but how much do you really know about your abilities? If you want, you can stay here and I can teach you how to control your abilities even further.

Drake: How do you control them?

Ryden: It should all feel natural despite the unnatural element involved. Tell me, how much do you know about Nanogenes.

Drake: Nanogenes are the cause of the infection. They spread through the air and are microscopic. Very unstable.

Ryden: Where did you learn that from? A kindergarten? Nanogenes are devices that I, especially, worked on. They possess the sample of DNA for likes you've never seen. Each DNA sample carries the genetic pattern for various creatures. However these creatures have yet to be identified or even named. However, I'm sure you know about the real incident.

Drake: The explosion at the science facility.

Ryden: At least, someone knows their history.

Drake, looking at the throne, changing the topic: What's with the chair?

Ryden, walking over to it: You like it? It's my personal throne. (his walk starts to turn into a limp) I actually need to- uh.

Ryden then places his arm on the throne's seat as if he can't stand anymore. He then forcefully moves himself onto the throne's seat. He presses a button and the wires from the throne start to "come alive" and hook themselves into the back of Ryden's neck and his arms. Brown fluid then pumps into his body from the back of the throne.

Ryden, sounding more energized: Sorry about that. Do excuse me. I need to substain myself.

Drake: On what?

Ryden: Nanogenes.

Drake: But I can see it. In the tubes.

Ryden: There are a lot of Nanogenes in there. A sea of Nanogenes. Dead, of course. The perfect meal.

Back in the hallways, Kate is seen walking through them and looking around once more. She then turns the corner and sees the girl and the Mutant coming towards her direction. Both sides then stop and look at each other.

Shadow Hound: It's the girl!

Psyche: Don't just stand there. Get her!

Shadow Hound then pounces from the ground and runs after Kate who runs off down the hallways. Shadow Hound catches up to her and then snatches her by her waist as she struggles to break loose.

Kate: Let me go! AH!

The two make their way back with Kate. A moment later, back in the main chamber, Drake is watching Ryden on his throne. The two then enter through the entrance with Kate in hand.

Ryden, noticing: Ah. I see you've found an intruder.

Kate: Let me go!

Drake: What are you doing here? I thought I told you to leave.

Ryden: Do you two know each other? How interesting. Now if I didn't know any better I'd say you both came in together which would make you an intruder too. Except, New Haven is a home for all of our kind. All gifted are brothers and sisters here. Here, you can do whatever you want, anything you want. This is your new home.

Drake: Why would you offer me a home?

Ryden: Because we're not so different. You and I have a lot in common and I think that maybe if we work together, everything will work out perfectly.

Drake: What about her?

Ryden: Hm? (turns to face Kate) The girl? (turns back to Drake) We'll just dispose of her like the others.

Kate: What?!

Drake: Don't. You don't have to do this.

Ryden: You're giving me orders? (chuckles)

There is a moment of silence and tension.

Ryden: Alright. We'll let her go. As long as you stay with me, here at New Haven, and join me in my attempt to make the gifted better. It's time for a change.

Kate: Don't do it. It's a trick. I saw his reports. The Nanogene project was condemned, it failed.

Ryden: Don't listen to that thing! Listen to me.

Drake: She doesn't know anything about mutants. You lied to me.

Ryden: I didn't lie. We could make them better. We can make them stronger, more powerful, unstoppable.

Drake: Those doesn't sound like a home. It sounds like an army.

Ryden: That's enough! Soon... Soon, you will see what I've been working with and you're a reckless moron for not accept my offer when you had the chance... Kill her.

Drake: No!

Drake activates his enlarged hands and goes over to the two but Shadow Hound places his claws close to her neck. Drake then stops in his tracks.

Shadow Hound: Come closer and the girl dies.

Drake then looks at them and, defeated, deactivates his enlarged hands.

Shadow Hound: Stupid kid.

Drake then throws his arms outwards to both of his sides and has a concentrated look on his face. His eyes then glow a bright orange as a surge of power flows from his shoulders to his arms occurring at the same time as the mechanical noise heard before. Once it gets to his hands, they then start to take shape into long, sharp claws made from a crystalline material. The claws then shine as they remain. Drake then throws a single claw which slices a feeding tube behind the throne. The machinery then malfunctions and electrifies. Shadow Hound drops Kate and goes to Ryden.

Shadow Hound, going over to Ryden: Master!

Kate then kicks Psyche in the leg causing her to fall over. Drake goes over to Kate and helps her up. The two then run out of the main chamber.

Psyche, holding her leg: Ugh... They're getting away!

Ryden, weakly: The worm...

Shadow Hound turns around and sees a worm crawling on the ground.

Ryden, weakly: Bring it to me.

Shadow Hound grabs the worm and gives it to Ryden who holds it in his hands.

Ryden, weakly: This should hold them off...

Ryden then "hacks" into the worm which starts to mutate. Now in the dirt tunnels, Drake and Kate are seen making their way through it.

Kate, stopping, resting: I can't believe that just happened. Drake, turning to face her, stopping: We can't stop moving. They'll be right behind us.

Kate: Did you- Did you not just see what just happened? (dry chuckle) They're all gobbing over him now. They can't get us from-

A roaring is echoed from the back of the tunnel. Drake and Kate turn to face it.


Drake: I don't think its them. Come on!

Drake grabs her arm and starts to run off, pulling her at the same time.

Kate, reacting to the sudden pull: Hey! (starts to run off as well)

The two are now running down the dirt tunnels as the roaring is still echoing from behind them.

Kate, running: That thing is still after us. Where's the exit?

Drake, running: I don't know.

Kate, running: Well what is it?

Drake, running: I don't know.

Kate, running: What do you know?

The two stop running when they approach a dead end.

Drake, looking at the wall: That this isn't the exit.

The roaring is heard again. Kate turns around, with a slight panic. She then sees a large, white/pink skinned mutated worm approaching them after turning the corner.

Kate: It's coming this way.

Drake: Shut up for a minute.

Drake forms his fingers into the sharp claws from before and starts attacking the dirt wall.

Kate, facing Drake: What are you doing?

Drake, digging: I'm digging.

Kate: Oh great. (turns back to the worm) I getting suspended and killed by a giant worm on the same day.

Drake then breaches through the dirt wall and makes a small gap. He then sees a railing on the other side. Drake then gets up from the ground, deactivates his claw form and grabs Kate by the arm.

Drake: Move.

Kate, confused: What?

Drake: Move!

The worm is now a few feet away, increasing in speed. Drake then pushes Kate out of the way and activates his enlarged hands. He then performs a X-Shape with his arms as he blocks the charge from the incoming worm mutant which slams him through the thick dirt wall. Drake is then through onto the tracks while the worm mutant moves along through the tunnels. Kate then peeks her head around the corner and sees Drake lying along the railings. She goes through the new large opening and goes over to him.

Subway Tunnels
October 3, 29:45 EDT

Kate: Oh my gosh. Are you okay?

Drake doesn't respond.

Kate: Please wake up.

Roaring is heard through the subway tunnels.

Kate: Wake up. Come on... Get up. Get up-

The scene focuses on Drake. It then transitions softly to a school in a very light orangey glow.

Kate's Voice, slowly fading out: Get up!

Boy, unseen, slowly fading in: Come on. Get up!

The scene then focuses on a young child, covering himself which makes description hard to make out, being thrown into the ground. The child is then surrounded by three other kids. The young child thrown on the ground lowers his arms and looks up at them. He's wearing an orange shirt, brown pants and white with red colored sneakers. His hair is black, neat and he has brown eyes.

Boy: I said Get up!

School Building
7 Years Ago

The young child then gets up and tackles the boy. They rustle in the ground as the boy hits the young child in the back. Another kid, tall one, goes up to both of them and attempts to pull them apart.

Tall Kid: That's enough! Both of you!

The tall kid finally gets them apart.

Tall Kid, to the boy: Get out of here before I get the teacher!

Boy: Whatever. He's just a stupid baby.

The boy then kicks some dirt at the young child.

Young Child, blocking his eyes: Ah!

The young child then wipes his eyes and tries to get up to go at the boy again, who is walking away with the other ones, but the Tall Kid stops him by holding him with his arms.

Tall Kid: Stop it. Stop it! You're out of control, niño.

Young Child: I have to fight him. I have to.

Tall Kid: When are you going to learn? You can't keep taking on kids that are bigger than you, Drake.

Young Drake: I have to.

Tall Kid: Why? Why do you have to?

Young Drake, failing to find an answer: I... I-

Tall Kid: You don't know. Do you?

The young Drake lowers his head, as in disappointment.

Tall Kid: Cheer up. I'll tell you why you feel this way. It's because they're taking something from you. Your stuff or your reputation. Whatever it is, you're probably scared or something. But you have to stand up for yourself and you have protect the things you care about. That's why you do it.

Young Drake: So what do I do now?

The Tall Kid chuckles and then rubs Drake's head, messing up his hair.

Tall Kid: You get some goggles. I'm tired of seeing dirt in your eyes all the time. Come on.

The Tall Kid helps Young Drake up and they both walk off together as the scene fades back into the scene at the subway tunnels with current day Drake lying on the railings with Kate kneeling over him.

Kate, echoing: Wake up! Come on, Wake up.

As Drake starts to come to, Kate's voice comes more and more clearer.

Kate: Wake up already.

Drake, getting up: Huh. Yeah. (holding his head)

Kate: That worm thing is coming back this way. What do we do?

Drake, looking around the tunnels: We have to get back up.

Kate: But that guy back in the chamber place thing, that's what he wants. To send these mutant things to the surface.

Drake: Doesn't matter. I need to fight this thing and I need some room to do it.

Kate, seeing a marking on the wall: Wait a minute. I know this line. We-We're under 43rd- No, um- 46th street. There's a station right back there.

The worm mutant's roars are heard from behind them.

Drake: Not an option. Come on.

Drake then runs down the tunnel, followed by Kate shortly after as the worm mutant, after turning around completely, comes back for them. A moment later, at the station, a small group of individuals are seen awaiting for a train. Two of which are sitting on benches. Drake and Kate then make their way onto the platform after running down the tunnels. Drake then stops and looks at the people who seem bewildered by their sudden appearance.

Kate, grabbing Drake's hand: We can't stop moving. Like you said. Unless. I mean... Unless you have a plan.

Drake: A plan? I'm just going to punch it really, really hard.

The worm mutant then crawls through the tunnels, scaring off the citizens. The mutant then strikes Drake with its which throws him out into the middle of the street. Drake then slides against the street, at the crosswalk, as his hoodie falls on his head. He then looks up, very cross. A view of the area is seen, with the towering buildings, citizens and taxis.

Times Square
October 4, 12:00 EDT

Kate then runs out of the subway station as the worm mutant bursts through the entrance. An approaching taxi driver notices this and stops the car as the worm approaches the taxi. The driver leaves the car as the mutant flattens it with his entire body as it begins to crawl out from the subway.

Drake: He's stronger than any mutant I've picked off.

Kate: Then there's only one way to end this.

Drake: I'm not going to kill it.

Kate: It's just a worm! People are going to get hurt.

Drake looks around and sees the citizens running.

Drake: I refuse to kill. This isn't up for debate. There has to be another way.

Kate, thinking, while looking at the street, with her finger above on her lip: ...Heat.

Drake, looking at her: What?

Kate, moving her finger: Worms hate heat. (turning to face Drake) I did an article on worms for about a week. Extremely boring but I noticed that worms stray away from any sources of heat. It paralyzes them.

Drake: Paralyze... Gives me enough time.

Kate: Enough time to do what.

Drake: Nevermind. You need to get out of here. Story or not. I'm not letting you get hurt.

The worm mutant then, after destroying a street lamp by striking its head into it, notices Drake and roars at him. Drake then activates his enlarged, fiery hands which causes Kate to step back.

Kate, backing off slowly: Okay! Maybe you might- uh actually have a point. I'll just be over here. (runs off)

Drake then approaches the worm slowly as the worm approaches Drake with increasing speeds. Drake then increases his speed as well and then jumps forwards. He then strikes the worm mutant in the head and sticks the landing. He then spins around and strikes the worm mutant in the side however that has hardly an affect on the worm mutant. The mutant then lifts its tail end and brings it over to smack Drake into a street lamp, causing it to knock over and crash into a car. Drake then gets up, and shakes it off. He looks up at the worm creature and runs at it again. He then strikes the worm's stomach with his right fist which explodes into a fiery ball of fire right at the moment of impact. The worm, weakened, then lowers its head in pain. Drake then causes his left fist to ignite and uppercuts the worm in the head, now in reach. The worm creature's head is then thrown back. Now exposed, Drake opens his fists and joins them together, and performs a double-fist slam against the street which releases a wave of heat from his fists which reaches out to the worm, weakening it. The worm mutant then falls over on its back, paralyzed. Drake then breaths out heavily as his arms deactivate into normal arms. It then starts to rain. He then walks over to the worm. Kate watches in the distance. Now at the worm, Drake extends his arms out and then places then on the worm's side. Drake then closes his eyes and concentrates. His hands then activate and perform the same hacking maneuver that Ryden performed however, instead of mutating, the worm starts to change back into into its original form, non-mutated. The worm then recovers and crawls away. Drake then looks around and sees the citizens of the city staring at him. Some with phones in their hands. Others still running away. All of them with scared and surprised expressions, written on their faces. Drake then lowers his head, disappointed, and retreats back into the subway. Kate, surprised, looks at him go but refuses to follow him. She looks around at the damage and shocked citizens. Now it pours. Later, on a television screen, a reporter is seen behind a desk, next to a photo of Drake, in his black hoodie, from behind. She's wearing a purple outfit, has black hair and brown eyes.

Reporter, on TV: In Latest News, a strange worm-like creature has been seen today in Times Square. People are seen unaware of what to make of this.

Another reporter is seen with the same photo. Female. Brown Hair. Brown Eyes. Red Dress.

Reporter 2, on TV: A mysterious individual was seen at the scene. A male from the looks of it. His identity? Unknown.

Yet another reporter is seen with the same photo. Male. Brown Hair. Blue Eyes. Grey Suit.

Reporter 3, on TV: Damages to the City are being evaluated but the main question is how many more of these creatures are out there and what is to come to our city. But more importantly, who is responsible?

Now in the Director's Office, Drake is seen seated across from the Director's desk who is sitting behind it.

Director's Office
October 4, 2:30 EDT

Director: I only asked you to do one thing, Drake. One thing. And that was to stay out of trouble. Not to draw attention. Not to make our situation worse than it already is and you didn't listen. There is a mutant on every news channel in New York and word is spreading past the state all over the country. Of course, whatever else you did caused the mutant activity to increase. The construction site was our only chance to end this and now it's not accessible anymore. You better give me one piece of good news before I send you into permanent lock down where you'll not only never see the light of day again but I will make sure that your experience here is the worst possible experience to ever be experienced. I'm talking about things involving very, very sharp objects because I am so close too loosing it right now. So you better tell me something good about this.

Drake: You were right... They were scared. But if I didn't do anything, they wouldn't died and they wouldn't feel anything at all. There's a person underground planning something. His name is Ryden Kurtzman and he has an army of mutants.

Director, calming down: Okay... How exactly is this a good thing?

Drake: Information. Now we can do something. (standing up) Save the city.

Director, standing up: It's not that easy, Drake. Because of all this distress you've caused, MCA has to cover it up.

Drake: No. You don't have to. MCA can explain it. Make them not scared. It's time for a change. Hoping it's a good one.

The Director then glares at Drake.

Director: Ok. I can't afford to deal with this which is why I'm sending you to an outpost in the City. If the mutant activity is increasing, someone has to deal with it and it's going to be you but, under no circumstances, will your identity be exposed. You will do this as discreetly as possible. Are you clear?

Drake: Yes, Director.

Director: Now get out of my office. (sit back at her desk) You're leaving in about week.

Drake then walks out of the office.

Director, to herself: What am I going to do with that kid?

Back in the city, Kate is seen walking along the pavement, carrying an umbrella. It's currently raining.

New York City
October 10, 10:08 EDT

A noise then comes from the alleyway that she's walking past. Kate then looks around and then enters the alleyway, carefully. Drake then exits from the darkness, wearing the hood over his head, and approaches Kate.

Kate: (gasps) You came back...

Drake, looking up at her: Why wouldn't I?

Kate: It's not like I'm important or anything.

Drake: You helped me out back there. I owe you.

Kate: You're the one who saved my life. I should be giving you something. (starts searching through her bag)

Drake: That's not really-

Kate, pulling out camcorder: Here.

Drake: I'm not going to-

Kate: Just take it. You might need it.

Drake hesitates and then takes the camcorder.

Drake, putting it in his pocket: You might need it for your job... thing.

Kate: I'm going to need some time to settle before getting back to the work. I'm sure everyone is... (playfully) Buuut, if you really wanna help out, then how about an interview?

Drake: How about no.

Kate: What?

Drake: (shrugs) Didn't really work out the last time.

Kate: (chuckles) I'm Kate, by the way. Kate Wilson.

Drake, taking off his hoodie: I'm Drake.

Kate: You got a last name, Drake?

Drake: I can't remember.

Kate: What type of guy doesn't remember his last name?

Drake: The same one that saved your life over and over again and then punched a giant worm mutant in face.

Kate: Ok. Ok. (after a short moment of silence between them) So happens now?

Drake: MCA moved me into the City. There's going to be some mutant activity in the area and somebody has to clean it up. Guess that gives you some things to do for interrogating.

Kate, correcting: Reporting. But why are you telling me this?

Drake: If you weren't there, I probably would've screwed up along the way and Ryden would've gotten what he wanted in the end. A lot of people could've died today or tomorrow. I'm not into a self-image thing so I'm going to say that, yes, I do stupid things but that doesn't mean people have to pay for my stupidity. I want you to make me more... (throws hands out) more... (throws hands out again)

Kate looks at him with anticipation.

Drake, pulling his hands back: I don't know the word. I need you to make me more...

Kate, realizing: ...Human.

Drake turns around slowly and faces Kate who looks at him in a slightly surprised way.

Drake: Yeah. I guess that's it then. But you probably have things to do.

Kate: I did... but things changed. It's a new world out there for me and I- (breaths out) I don't know what to do.

Drake: I don't know what to do too.

Kate then looks right at Drake and starts to smile.

Kate: Maybe we can... help each other.

Drake looks at her for a moment. Kate's smile then drops as the moment drags on.

Drake: ...When do we start?


Noteworthy Events

Major Events

  • Drake saves Kate from a mutant attack.
  • Kate and Adam investigate the mysterious activity.
  • Drake and his abilities are known to Kate and Adam.
  • Drake and Kate meet Ryden and his henchmen.
  • Mutants are now known to the public.
  • A New Era begins.
  • Drake moves into an outpost in the city.

Minor Events

  • Kate attempts to get her story published but is suspended instead.
  • Drake is caught sneaking out again.
  • Kate discovers information about Nanogenes and Mutant Development


  • Drake (First Appearance)
  • Kate Wilson (First Appearance)
  • Agent Owens (First Appearance)
  • The Director (First Appearance)
  • Adam Freeman (First Appearance)
  • CN Editor-in-Chief (First Appearance)
  • MCA Officers (First Appearance)
  • Young Drake (First Appearance)
  • Tall Kid (First Appearance)
  • School Boys (First Appearance)
  • Citizens (First Appearance)


  • Ryden Kurtzman (First Appearance)
  • Shadow Hound (First Appearance)
  • Psyche (First Appearance)
  • (Red) Human Mutant (First Appearance)
  • Various New Haven Mutants
    • Rat Mutant (First Appearance)
    • Various Humanoid Mutants (First Appearance)
    • Insectoid Mutants (First Appearance)
  • Worm Mutant (First Appearance)

Forms Used

  • Fire Fists (x5) (First Appearance)
  • Crystal Claws (x3) (First Appearance)


  • While Kate is on the phone, she mentions an interview with Councilman Pugsley. Pugsley is actually the surname of the writer, Tom Pugsley, the first episode of Ben 10, And Then There Were Ten.
  • Kate also mentions, on the phone, that Adam is in Timbertoll. Timbertoll is an allusion of the town Bellwood.
  • The website description, "Mutant Creatures Come in Every Shape and Size...", has the term "Every Shape and Size" in it. This is an allusion of a phrase sang within the Ben 10 Theme Song; "He's slimy, freaky, fast and strong, He's every shape and size, He's Ben 10."


  • This is the first episode of Mutant Drake.
  • Originally, the episode was meant to launch on the 3rd but was delayed until the 5th.
    • However, because of the unexpected Wiki Maintenance, about 20 minutes of writing was lost which extended the delay to the 10th.
    • The promotion for the series stated that the episode would actually air on the 2nd but this was error.
  • While the original title was "A Rainy Day", the title was considered to be changed to "On a Rainy Day" or possibly "A Rainy Night". However, the title remained the same.
  • The flashback scene was inspired by the one in the episode, Into the Ring, from the series, Daredevil.
  • A scene that was removed from the original plot was that the episode would end with a transition from the alley way to a rainy chase with a regular theft, stealing because of the discovery of mutants. Drake would then attack the theft and stand over him, planting his image into his mind. Before knocking him out, Drake would deliver an epic line. This, however, might be saved for a future episode.
  • Rain was ultimately supposed to have more of an effect on the episode.
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