Mutant Drake
Season 2, Episode 2
Air date 11/21/16
Written by Brandon
Directed by Brandon
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The Other Kind
A New World is the fifteenth episode of the series, Mutant Drake.


In a town, a long time ago, a facility is seen in the distance, appearing damaged on the outside with smoke emitting from within. The scene cuts to the inside of the facility where exposed wires are seen sparking up, with pieces of debris on the floor as the scene pans across the floor, overhead, moving towards the left.

8 Years Ago

A man in a tattered lab coat is seen standing over a young child.

Robert: Drake, stay with me!

Young Drake: Dad... I can't feel.

Robert: It's going to be okay, son.

Drake turns his head and sees that his arm is missing.

Young Drake: I-I can't feel!

Robert, looking around: I'm going to fix this, Drake. (looks at Drake) I'm going to fix you.

The scene then skips to a short moment later, with the facility starting to fall apart. Drake is seen, strapped onto some kind of bench. Robert looks at Drake then pulls down a glass door, closing Drake in. Robert then attends to some machinery by the container, using some controls. The container than seemingly activates, emitting a brighter light which causes Drake to close his eyes and yell out in pain. The scene then fades to present, where Drake is seen yelling out in pain with his eyes closed.

John, kneeling over Drake: Drake! Drake, come on, man.

Areospace Innovations: Lower Levels
November 13, 6:12 EDT

Drake continues to toss around in pain on the floor. John holds his head with one hand, looking dazed. He turns his head and sees the remains of the elevator behind him.

John: Don't worry, dude. I've got your back. I just need to check the-

John looks around on the floor until he sees his tablet. He grabs it and attempts to turn it on but the screen is cracked, making the tablet unable to be used, essentially.

John: No, come on.

John turns his head and sees Drake, still in pain, on the ground.

John: We're going to need some backup.

Title Sequence

Now in the city, the sky is now more orange than before, more grey as well. The buildings are seen standing tall, an apartment building among one of them.

Palatal Valley Aprtments
November 13, 6:19 EDT

Inside the apartment building, Kate is seen entering her apartment building. She closes and locks the door behind her and makes her way over to her couch, where she falls right onto it and exhales. A phone ringtone is then heard shortly later. Kate then lifts her head and reaches into her pocket, retrieving a cellphone. She checks the caller ID which reads "John". Kate then answers her phone and puts it to her ear.

Kate: Hey, John. What's going on?

John, over the phone: Kate, I need you to get over to my apartment. Now.

Kate: A simple "Do you want to hang out, Kate" would have worked great but-

John, over the phone: No, Kate. It's Drake.

Kate, looking a bit more concerned: Drake? Is- Is he alright?

John, over the phone: Not really. He's sort of in this pain coma.

Kate: Pa-Pain coma? Wait, what? (getting up from the couch) What's going on? Where are you guys?

John, over the phone: We're sort of on an unofficial mission in an abandoned facility... outside the city.

Drake's yelling is heard in the background.

Kate: Can't you do something?

John: Not without knowing what's happening with his Nanogenes. And my tablet broke so I need you to go to my place and use my computer to access his medical files.

Kate: Alright, I'm on it.

Kate then moves to the door and leaves the apartment. The scene then cuts back to the lower levels of Aerospace Innovations with John using his cellphone and looking at Drake, still on the ground.

John pushes a button on the phone then puts his cellphone down on the ground and goes through his bag. He pulls out a syringe and uses it on Drake, pushing an unknown fluid into his arm. Drake then stops yelling out in pain and lowers down to flinches of pain and rapid heavy breathing.

Drake, weakly, lifting his head up: What- uh...

John: Relax. I gave you a sedative. It should lower the pain for a bit.

Drake then lifts his head back down, on the ground, still breathing heavy-like. John then sits on the ground and leans against the stone walls.

John: Now we just wait.

The scene then transitions back to the city where a different apartment building is seen, among the other buildings.

John's Apartment
November 13, 6:42 EDT

Inside the apartment, Kate is seen entering and closing the door behind her, with her cellphone still in hand. She moves across the room and sits at John's couch, grabbing his laptop from the end table.

Kate: Okay. I'm here.

The scene cuts over to John at the bottom level of the facility.

John: Great because it looks like the sedative I gave him is wearing off.

Drake is starting to grunt in pain, clutching at his chest. Back in the apartment, Kate is seen attempting to access the laptop.

Kate: I need a password.

The scene switching to John, shows him shaking his head.

Kate, over the phone's speaker: John? Come on, anytime now.

John: It's uh- JOHNISGREAT52. All in Caps.

A short snicker is heard over the speaker.

John: I heard that snicker, Kate.

Kate, over the phone's speaker: What- What snicker? I didn't snicker. I have no idea what you're talking about. I am being extremely professional right now.

The scene cuts back to the apartment where Kate is accessing John's files on his laptop. She opens up something similar to the files John was looking at earlier.

Kate: Okay, I need I found them.

John, over the phone's speaker: How's it looking?

Kate: Not good. I mean, I'm not a nurse but I can tell that Critical means something bad.

John, over the phone's speaker: Yeah, the Nanogenes are grouping together, forming some type of bond centering around the Prime Nanogene and cutting off any feedback to any other parts of his body.

Kate: Uh- in English?

John, over the phone's speaker: He's not feeling his arms because there aren't any Nanogenes in his arms. It's like his nervous system collapsed or something. Do the files indicate why the Nanogenes are behaving this way? Any build-ups overtime?

Kate, checking his laptop's files: No... Wait, uh- it looks like there was a small fluctuation ever since he got his Prime Nanogene back.

John, over the phone's speaker: Yeah that's just a small thing, nothing to worry about. It only happened when the Nanogene Prime interacted with the replacement I created for Drake.

Kate: I thought you removed that.

John, over the phone's speaker: Well, it didn't cause any problems but it was kinda hard to locate after a while so I just left it in there.

Kate, reading some of the files: Yeah, well, according to this, they did a lot more than interact. Apparently, they have been communicating with each other.

The scene cuts back to John, looking concerned and interested at the same time.

John: But that's not possible. The Nanogene Replacement isn't an actual Nanogene, how can it be communicating with the Nanogene Prime?

Kate, over the phone's speaker: I don't know, John. I'm not an expert with this stuff but that's just what it tells me.

John: I went over the files. It never indicated this.

Kate, over the phone's speaker: That's because you was reading what was displayed to you but when you work in media, as long as I have, you learn that you have to read in between-the-lines whether it's dialogue in an interview or data from a Nanogene.

John: Okay, what else is it telling you?

Kate, over the phone's speaker: That their communication signal or frequency were becoming more and more similar over time.

The scene cuts to Kate, looking more and more surprised by what she's reading.

Kate: John, both of these Nanogenes are combining somehow.

John, over the phone's speaker: What?!

Kate: Yeah but it looks like the- uh merging isn't working right or something.

John, over the phone's speaker: Of course it isn't working correctly. The Nanogene Replacement wasn't meant to merge with the Nanogene Prime. That's probably why the other Nanogenes left their original positions because the merging process isn't going through correctly and they need all the help they can get.

Kate: Okay so what do we do? Drake's in pain, John. We got to do something.

John, over the phone's speaker: Uh- Uh- You should be able to access the Nanogene Replacement's controls from my laptop, maybe if you shut down the Nanogene Replacement, stop it from communicating with the Prime, the merging process will stop and Drake's Nanogenes will revert back to their original positions again.

Kate, typing at the laptop: Okay, I think I understand like half of that.

Kate accesses the Nanogene Replacement's Operative Controls.

Kate: Okay, I'm shutting it down.

Kate presses the enter button on the keyboard and a red outline is seen appearing around the Nanogene Replacement icon on the screen. The scene cuts over to the inside of Drake's body, where the Nanogenes are seen merging until the Nanogene Replacement is deactivating, slowly down and then stopping the merging process. The surrounding Nanogenes then start to detach from the two main Nanogenes and revert back to their original positions. The scene then shows Drake, gasping for air and looking around. John then kneels next to him and holds his shoulders.

John: Hey, hey, hey. You're alright, you're good. I'm here. It's me, John.

Drake: Yeah. Yeah. (breathing normally)

John: You're good. (to Kate) Kate, I need we did it.

Kate, over the phone's speaker: We? I did most of the work.

John: Yeah but it was my expertise that allowed you to do that work.

Kate, over the phone's speaker: Whatever, I'm just glad that Drake is fine.

John helps Drake up from the floor.

Drake: Who is that? Is that Kate? I thought I said we didn't need her for this, John.

John: Drake, you were in pain on the floor. Who else was I going to call?

Kate, over the phone's speaker: Speaking of which, why didn't you guys call me?

Drake: I don't feel like explaining myself, Kate.

John: It's kinda personal for him.

Drake, looking at John, sternly: John.

John: What? It is, isn't it?

Kate, over the phone's speaker: Hang on, is this about Owens going missing?

Drake, ignoring Kate, looking around: Where are we?

John: I don't know. After we fought those Mutants, we fell down the elevator shaft and ended up here.

Drake, looking at the elevator remains: Yeah well we can't stay here. They'll be after us.

John: I don't know about you, man, but I didn't see any other ways down here.

Drake: We didn't see this way until I broke the wall down. Besides, we've probably been down here long enough for them to think of some other way of getting down here. Owens, could be down here, we gotta find him and get him out of here before they show up.

John: Okay. Alright.

Drake starts to walk away from the elevator and moves down the hallway. John grabs his bag and his phone.

Kate, over the phone's speaker: Wait, did you just say that you two fell down an elevator shaft?

John, putting his bag on: Uh, yeah. Look, we're gonna be going through the rest of this creepy hallway so I'll call you back. Just keep monitoring his vitals, let me know if there are any changes.

Kate, over the phone's speaker: Yeah but I-

John hangs out and puts his phone in his pocket. John then follows after Drake. The two then continue through the hallway, it's dimly lit from an unknown source.

John, walking forwards: I can't believe all of this is underneath the facility. I mean how far down are we?

Drake, walking forwards: I don't know but whatever this is, those Mutants must be keeping Owens down here.

Drake and John then exit from the hallway and come across a railing. They both then look very surprised with what they see. Beyond the railing, shows an entire level below them with multiple Mutants, similar to the ones from earlier, moving around, organized and working in a system. A couple of the Mutants are seen moving pieces of machinery, like the ones on ground level. There are also multiple structures appearing like advanced technology.

John: Unbelievable. Looks like there's much more than Owens down here.

Drake: What is all this?

John: I dunno. It looks like advanced technology. They must be building something using the machines from upstairs but- but they're just Mutants. I mean, not like you but- Class-2s do not act like this, this is way out of their focus.

Drake, turning to John: Well, maybe they're not Class-2s.

John, looking at Drake: What? Like a Class 4?

Drake: I dunno. (looks back at the activity below them) Whatever it is, it doesn't look any good.

John looks down there as well.

John: I can't see much from here and I get any closer, we'll be spotted for sure.

Drake: Alright, let me try something.

Drake activates his Smart Swim form which forms around his back, moving upwards until it completes around his head.

John: After what we just went through, you probably shouldn't be creating anything for a while.

Drake: It's been a while. Besides, I'm fine.

Drake leans against the railing but his arm bends, causing him to fall onto the floor.

John: Drake? (kneeling next to him) Hey, you alright? What happened?

Drake: I don't know. I just feel a lot of pain in my arm, John.

John: Well it's better than "I can't feel".

John examines Drake's arm.

John: Uh Drake, how long have you been feeling this pain?

Drake: John, you know I don't know time too well. Uh- I guess, a while. Maybe an hour.

John: Well your arm is broken. Usually broken bones heal within a couple of minutes but apparently this guy snapped right after you stopped the elevator from crashing. Well, semi-stop, I guess.

Drake: I thought I healed fast.

John: You do. You must have stopped healing for some reason.

Drake: It doesn't matter. (trying to get up) We're here to find Owens. Nothing is going to stop me from doing that.

John, seeing how Drake's efforts are going, helps Drake up and leans him against the railing.

John: Okay, I can't stop you. Just don't put much force on the arm, alright?

Drake nods.

John: I can't really take you seriously with this form on, man. It makes you look like some weird scuba-diver, dude.

Drake: John, seriously?

John: Right, sorry.

Drake shakes his head and turns to the activity. Through the Smart Swim's perspective, it scans everything happening, outlining the Mutants, machinery and whatever else in small holographic circles.

Drake, shaking his head: I'm not getting any data on the Mutants but the machinery looks like it functions in different ways.

Drake turns his head towards the left more and the holographic circles align with each other around a specific area within Drake's sight and enhance, showing him a couple of Mutants moving tall, empty containers.

John: What is it?

Drake: I don't know, John. It's just- those things that they're moving away. They look like I've seen them before or something like it. It also looks like someone was in it. The straps are open and there are stains inside. They must have just used it.

John: Alright, what about the big thing over on the right side?

Drake turns his head over there and the holographic circles attempt to analyze the structure.

Drake: I'm getting something.

The interface then starts to fail until it is no longer there.

Drake, looking around: Wait, something's not right.

The Smart Swim form then starts deteriorating. John's cellphone then rings. The Mutants, below, then stop and look around.

John: Uh, Drake-

Drake, with the Smart Swim deteriorating but still blocking his eyes: What is it, John?

John: Kate's calling.

Drake: Okay?

John: And the phone is loud.

Drake: Yeah?

John: I think they might have noticed just a tiny bit.

The Smart Swim then deteriorates from Drake's eyes, which he shakes the rest off. He turns back and sees the Mutants, all of them, looking up at him and John. They stand offensively.

Drake: We need to move.

The Mutants then start running towards Drake and John's position, moving out of sight.

Drake: Now.

Drake and John then run off from their railing and back into the hallway. They run down the hallway as an alarm sounds off.

John, running: They even got an alarm?

Drake, running: We can talk about it later, keep it moving.

John, running: Can't you block them with your crystals?

Drake, running, trying to activate his form: It isn't working.

John's phone rings again.

John, answering the phone, while running: Yeah, this isn't a good time, Kate.

The scene cuts over to the apartment where Kate is still on the couch with the laptop in her lap.

Kate: I know it probably isn't but you told me to call if there are any changes and it looks like the merging process is somehow activating again.

John, over the phone: What? That shouldn't even be happening, you shut it off, right?

Drake, in the background: John! Come on!

Kate: I did, it's off but it's still going on.

John, over the phone: The Nanogene Prime must be powering the Nanogene Replacement or something.

Kate: Yeah, that's what it looks like, I guess. Like whatever is in the Nanogene Prime is going into the Replacement and that's causing the Nanogenes to move back to the merging process thing.

The scene cuts back to Drake and John running through the hallway, with John still on the phone.

John, running, with the phone in hand: Alright, look, you're going to have to access the Nanogene program and find a way to stop the merging process because we are going to need some of Drake's forms right about now.

Kate, over the phone: Even if I stop the merging process, there aren't many Nanogenes left to create those forms.

The Mutants then start to enter the hallway, chasing after Drake and John from behind. John turns his head and sees the Mutants chasing them. He turns back and trying to run faster.

John: Yeah, well, just do something, alright? We're counting on you!

John shoves his phone in his pocket and continues running with Drake. Kate looks at her phone.

Kate: John? John?!

Kate then turns to John's laptop and looks over Drake's medical files and the Nanogene data.

Kate, talking to herself: Come on, Kate... They're counting on you.

The scene cuts back to Drake and John running, with the Mutants catching up.

John: We can't keep running. They're gaining on us!

Drake: Grab my back.

John: What?

Drake: Just do it!

John grabs Drake's back and Drake forms his Hover Speed, speeding off away from the Mutants, just as one of them was reaching for them. They move through the hallway and turn onto a bridge, showing off more of the underground facility. There are a couple of more structures and more containers.

Drake, seeing this: What are they building down here?

John, holding onto Drake: I don't know but what's important is getting out of here before more of those things show up and-

John looks ahead and sees the Mutants coming through the doorway and the other end of the bridge.

John: Drake, look out!

Drake turns his head back to the bridge and sees the Mutants ahead of him. He then turns direction and flies off the bridge, still hovering in the air.

Drake: These things are everywhere. I'll try and get us someone higher up, where they can't reach us.

Drake circles around the structure, searching for a platform but the Hover Speed starts to deteriorate.

John: Drake, your form- it's-

John then falls off the Hover Speed, grabbing Drake's foot, the remaining piece of the form. 

Drake, looking down: John!

The rest of the Hover Speed then deteriorates, causing Drake and John to drop out of the air and crash into the containers, knocking them over and breaking a few. John hits the ground and rolls to his side while Drake falls onto the glass, yelling out in pain as he landed on his broken arm. Drake then tries to roll to his side, on the glass, with it crunching with every move he makes followed by a groan of pain coming from Drake. He manages to grab the side of a fallen container with his other hand and lift himself up, leaning against it. The Mutants are seen approaching him. Drake grunts with his teeth closed tightly as he pushes himself away from the container, barely being able to stand.

Drake: Come on...

The Mutants continue approaching him.

Drake: Come on!

Drake then throws out his arms and activates his Fire Fists which form with a distorted mechanical noise.

Drake, yelling: COME ON!

Drake then throws his punches which impact, sloppily, against the Mutants, throwing them away from him and into the walls, containers and even the structure next to him. Some of the Mutants stay back while others move for John.

Drake, noticing this: Stay away from him!

Drake smacks a couple of him away while some Mutants grab his back and stab him with something. Drake tries to shake them off but they start to weigh him down with their bodies. Drake then releases a wave of heat from his fists, throwing them off of him. He then falls to his knees, exhausted and tired looking. His Fire Fists form deteriorating. More Mutants continue to approach him as Drake's vision goes blurry. Drake then falls unconscious as the Mutants surround him and John. The scene then transitions to later on, with John in one of the containers. John wakes and looks around. He tries to move but looks down and sees that he is strapped to the bench within the container. John then looks up quickly.

John: H-Hey! Someone get me out of here! (attempts to get out of the straps)

Voice: Why are you here?

The voice is raspy and unusual. John stops and looks out of his container. He sees a Mutant, similar to the others but thinner, more human-shaped. The arms are normal sized but the elbows extend outwards. Its head is also taller and it stands straight, without the hunch, like the others.

Mutant, repeating himself: Why are you here?

John: We're looking for someone... Someone we know.

Mutant: Hm...

The Mutant examines John from outside the container.

John: You speak... English.

Mutant: Yes. I do.

John: They don't.

The Mutant turns and sees the other Mutants, huddled around, standing there.

Mutant: Because they do not need to.

John: You shouldn't even be speaking at all. So are you like aware of what you're doing, do you remember your previous life?

Mutant: I do not know what you are referring to but whatever or whoever you came here for, is no longer here, at least, not in the way you expect them to be.

John looks to his left and sees Drake in a similar container, unconscious.

John: So you killed him. Is that what you're trying to say?

Mutant: We prefer the term, eradicate. Something I am considering, doing to you. The other one, however, might prove himself useful to us. Just like the others.

John looks out of the container, slightly taken back by the Mutant's comments. The scene then cuts over to Kate, still attempting to use John's program on his laptop.

Kate, talking to herself: Why isn't this working?

Kate inputs a different variation of whatever she is typing but receives the same message on the screen reading "Unable to Complete".

Kate: What are you unable to complete? What?

Kate then throws her head back, sighing. She closes her eyes.

Kate: What. What. What. Uh- Come on, Kate use your journalistic know-how. 

Kate then opens her eyes.

Kate: Okay. If I don't know the what then what else?

Kate lifts her head from the couch and looks at the screen, still showing the message.

Kate: I know the who, I know the when, I kinda know the where, but not the why. So 'why' are you unable to complete?

Kate types on the laptop. Her eyes shifting back and forth as she reads the screen. Kate pulls up some files on the Nanogene Prime and the Nanogene Replacement.

Kate: Okay so the Nanogene Prime is functioning normally according to this data and the Nanogene Replacement has the same details except- some of these parts. (highlights some of the details with her cursor) So what if I get rid of these parts using the program John told me about?

Kate accesses the program and inputs something else into it. The message then goes away and the Nanogene Replacement icon are seen to be breaking apart into various pieces, still connected to the Nanogene Prime.

Kate: Uh Oh. I think I broke something.

The Nanogene Replacement icon then shows its pieces moving around the Nanogene Prime. A new message then comes up on the screen reading "Recalibration in Progress"

Kate: Or maybe not...

The scene then cuts over to the inside of Drake's body. With the Nanogene Replacement's pieces forming around the Nanogene Prime, like on the laptop screen, except the Nanogene Prime starts extending and reforming with the Nanogene Replacement pieces attaching to it, becoming something new. The scene then transitions to the Nanogene Prime on a screen. The screen then falls over along with pieces of the ceiling as the scene zooms away from where it was, showing a facility falling apart.

8 Years Ago

A young Drake emerges from the container, falling onto the floor.

Young Drake: D-Dad? (looking around) Dad!

Drake gets up from the floor and walks through the laboratory. The walls then start coming down. Drake looks around, seeing the state of the facility. He runs to the door but debris falls down, blocking the exit. He looks up and sees more of the facility falling down upon him.

Young Drake, afraid: AH!

The debris then falls onto Drake, blocking his view, leaving only darkness to see. The scene cuts back to the present time, with Drake still in his container. John continues to struggle out of his straps but his efforts appear to be useless.

Areospace Innovations: Unknown Section
November 13, 7:30 EDT

Mutant: Your efforts are meaingless. Just as your eradication will be to everyone you know.

The Mutant moves to his controls and accesses them, activating some type of power within John's container causing him to clutch his fists and yell out.

John, in pain: GAH!

Drake's body then moves slightly.

Young Drake, afraid: AH!

The debris is still seen falling down on him. Present Drake's body moving, shaking more and more erratically. Young Drake throws his arms up, as if to stop the debris from landing on him. Drake essentially mirroring his arm movement, lifting them up, as much as he could with the straps around him. Young Drake, followed by present Drake, clutching their fists. Then a surge of power flows through Drake's arm, creating a rough make-shift version of his Fire Fists form, enlarging his arms and protecting him from the ongoing debris falling onto him.

Young Drake, yelling out, forcefully: AH!

Drake then opens his eyes, awaking from his unconsciousness, an orange pulse moving through his eyes. Drake then yells out, forcefully, pushing his arms further against the straps of bench as the surge flows through his arms aligned with a mechanic noise, sounding more vibrant, creating a new form around his arms, as his hands start to enlarge slightly with the skin turning into a plant-like substance. A green liquid then explodes from his arms, breaking through the straps and the container, throwing glass outwards. The Mutant shields himself with his arm and lowers it to look. It sees Drake standing outside his broken container with his arms outwards, in a form appearing similar to a hatchet with metallic tips and green liquid within the ridges with small seeds sprouting from the sides. Drake then runs up to the Mutant and strikes him into the structure behind him. Drake then chops the controls in half, stopping the emitters within John's container from causing him anymore pain. The other Mutants then roar out and charge for Drake. Drake turns around and strikes at a couple of them, not piercing their durable skin but knocking them down. A few more Mutants come at him from behind but Drake throws his arm out which stretches and knocks one of the Mutants into the rest, knocking them over. Drake's arm then slings back to its original position. He looks down at his arm and tilts his head in a slight surprise. Other Mutant then jumps onto Drake's back, attempting to weigh him down with its body but Drake throws his arms back with enough force to chop at the Mutant's nerves at his sides, causing it to fall off of Drake and onto the floor. Drake then jumps forwards and breaks open John's container, chopping at it the hinges, allowing the glass doors to come loose. Drake then chops John's straps off, freeing him.

John, feeling his wrists: Thanks.

Drake: Don't thank me yet. More of these Mutants are going to show up.

John: If you can take down the structure, it could weaken the foundation of the facility enough to cave them in.

Drake: What about us?

John: If the levels above us fall on them, we could get to higher ground and escape through the exposed levels.

Drake: Something about higher ground, okay. But what about Owens?

John: He's not here, Drake. If he is, they killed him.

Drake looks down at the ground for a short moment.

Drake: Get out of here, John.

John: What about you?

Drake: I'll find my own way. Go.

John then heads off. Drake then clings his two hatchet arms together, sharpening them. He then runs to the structure, jumps forwards, and chops his arm into it. He then chops the other and proceeds to scale the structure, moving upwards to a more exposed area of it. When Drake gets there, he slams his arms against it, then again and then again until the structure shakes with an explosion, throwing it off balance. Another explosion occurs within the structure, moving lower and lower into the floor. The structures then experience a similar breakdown as they start to fall off balance as well. Without the structures in place, the ceiling starts falling apart, along with the levels above it. Debris starts to fall onto the Mutants as some are caved in while other search for an escape route. The Mutant, capable of talking, gets up from the floor and looks around.

Mutant: No!

The entire place rocks as more debris falls down upon them. The Mutant runs off into a hallway as the debris blocks it off. John finds a pathway created by the walls and ceiling falling apart and climbs it up, moving upwards through the facility. Drake unhooks his hatchets from the structure which is falling towards the ground. He runs up the structure and jumps off the edge, onto the next structure. He gets up and continues running as the structure continues falling towards the ground. He then leaps from the structure and clings to the wall as the structure hits the floor, trapping more Mutants. Drake looks down on them with a glare and then continues to scale the wall. On the surface, a moment later, John is seen running out of the facility with the ground around it starting to break up. John then stops and turns at the Aerospace Innovations facility, starting to fall apart.

John: Come on... come on.

Drake then bolts out of the doorway, running as the facility falls apart. His form deactivated. The ground underneath, starting to cave in as well.

Drake: Keep running!

John then keeps running with Drake behind him as the ground continues to break apart, seemingly chasing after them followed by the streets and building falling into the ground, caving in. The cave in is about to catch up Drake when then jumps, tackling John and landing outside of the edge of the town. With the entire town, falling into the cave in. John looks up with his back to the ground, at the remaining of the town, followed Drake who landed on his side. Drake and John then turn to each other, breathing heavily. The sound of an engine is then heard as Jumpjets are seen flying above the crater of whatever is left of the town.

Drake: I guess they found out.

John: Looks like it... yeah. (sighs)

Later, the Director is seen looking at a screen, showing images of the crater and the remaining of the town. Her arms are crossed and her expression is upset. The door slides open and Drake and John enter the room.

MCA Manhattan Outpost: Briefing Room
November 14, 1:14 EDT

Director, turning to them: Do you have any idea what you've done? An entire town was destroyed because you two decided not to follow my orders. I warned you not to get involved with this, Drake, because this is something that you're not ready for but you went out of your way just to ignore me and now look what that resulted in.

Drake: We did what we thought we had to do, Director.

John: And there are some things that you don't know.

The Director glares at John.

John: If I may add...

Director: By all means, Mr. Reed. After all, I did entrust you with locating Agent Owens only to have you tag along with Drake, here, and destroy an entire town.

Drake: A town that was overrun with Mutants.

Director: We would have contained the Mutants.

John: They weren't just Mutants, Director. They were advanced. At least, more advanced than typical Class-2s.

Director: What's that supposed to mean?

John: They were communicating with each other. With us. It was like a Class-2 and a Class-3 combined.

Drake: And they were building something underground. That's why you didn't find anything before.

Director: Okay. We'll look into this but I'm suspending the both of you for our recklessness and keeping information from me.

John: Makes sense but if we're coming clean with information with have, uh-

Drake: We might have something on Owens.

Director: ...What?

John: Well these Mutants are using advanced technology, if we can track their movement based on an energy frequency or their suppliers like Aerospace Innovations, we might be able to find Owens.

Director: And you're certain that these Mutants have Owens.

John: I'm going to be honest with you. My science isn't completely certain about this.

Director, turning to Drake: What about you, Drake?

Drake: I'm sure.

Director nods her head.

Director: Okay. You're on the case. Take whatever resources you need and bring Owens back.

John: That's it? Just like that?

Director: Believe it or not, Mr. Reed, I want Owens back here as much as the two of you. Besides, the other leads you turned up are dead ends. This is the best lead we've got so you two are going to follow it and find Owens. (to Drake) I wasn't sure if you were ready for this type of thing which is why I wanted you on the side for this. But since you're so determined, I'm letting you go.

Drake: Why wouldn't I be ready?

Director: Because this is going to take you out of the city.

Drake: I've been out of the city, Director. I can handle it.

Director: This is out of the state too, Drake.

Drake: Oh...

Director: I'll give you some time to think about it. Mr. Reed, I need you with me in preparing for this mission.

John: Yes, Director.

John and the Director then leave the Briefing Room, leaving Drake alone to think about this. The city is seen with its various buildings with its lights breaching through the night sky, with stars above with the moon as well. Drake is seen kneeling at the edge of a building rooftop, looking out at the city, thinking. The scene then cuts over to a brighter sky with the sun replacing the moon, clouds in sight and the buildings remaining but the loosing its light and the city being filled with the daylight of the morning. Drake is seen on a balcony, leaning against a wall, next to the glass door.

Palatial Valley Apartments
November 14, 8:55 EDT

The door then slides open and two legs are seen emerging from the side. Drake continues looking out, unfazed by their entrance. The person stands there for a moment then closes the door behind them and walks around Drake. They then lean against the wall and slide to the floor, next to Drake.

Kate: How did it go?

Drake: (exhales) The Director listened and is letting me go to find Owens.

Kate: Okay, that's good. So what's wrong?

Drake, turning to Kate: How do you know something is wrong?

Kate: I can tell. You always come here when you're troubled by something or if you just want to talk to me. Or maybe both, I dunno.

Drake then turns back.

Drake: The lead that we have on Owens... It's not in the city, Kate. He's not even in the state.

Kate: Oh. I think I see now. You never left the state before.

Drake: No. I haven't. Leaving the city isn't the hard part. I did it all the time, moving from the MCA Headquarters to back here. It's knowing that while I'm gone, something could be happening, that really gets to me, Kate. When I'm outside, I know that I will be back and that this city will have someone looking after it. Someone here to save the city. That's my purpose, Kate. That's why I do what I do. It's to save the city because the city is all I have. It's apart of me, Kate. How can I leave something like that? How can I just go on without that part of me?

Kate: When I was trying to work for Central News, my dad used to worry about leaving me alone. He was worried that I would get hurt or someone would try to harm me. He always thought about what would happen to me if he let me go but he did it because he trusted me. It was my life and my choices. But it wasn't easy for me. He was the only thing keeping me from doing what I'm doing now. I was worried that without me, he wouldn't be able to move on. But he told me that no matter where I am or what happens to me, that I will always be apart of him. Right here (points to her head) and here (puts her hand on Drake's chest). That's your mind and heart, in case you didn't get it.

Drake: Yeah, I- I think I do.

Kate: Look, I'm not going to tell you what you should or shouldn't do, Drake. This is your choice. You don't have to leave the city but Owens is out there. John might go after him but he's going to need you with him in order to do this thing. The city will always be here, Drake. Just let me know what you decide, alright?

Drake nods as Kate gets up and moves around Drake. She puts her hand on his shoulder then opens the glass door, entering the bedroom then closing the door behind her. Drake then looks out on the balcony. The scene cuts over to the inside of the apartment, later on.

Palatial Valley Apartments
November 19, 9:23 EDT

Kate is drinking from a mug while looking out the window. Drake's reflection is then seen in the window and Kate, noticing it, smiles.

Kate: So? (turning to Drake) What did you decide?

The scene then shows Drake who is looking down. He then looks up slowly until he is seen facing forward.

Drake: ...I'm ready.


Noteworthy Events

Major Events

  • Drake's Nanogenes are reformed and is functioning normally again
  • Drake destroys the hidden underground facility
  • Drake and John discover a new lead on Owens
  • The Director sends Drake and John off to find Owens

Minor Events

  • Drake unlocks more forms
  • Drake decides to leave the city



  • Unknown Mutants
  • Unknown Mutant Leader (First Appearance)

Forms Used

  • Smart Swim (x1)
  • Hover Speed (x1)
  • Fire Fists (x1)
  • Acidic Thorns (First Appearance) (x1)



  • This episode is a continuation of the previous episode.
  • There was meant to be an extended ending of this episode acting as a set up for the next episode however the episode was ended earlier, leaving the remaining scenes for later on.
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