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Ryan 10: Alien Master
Season 1, Episode 1
Aa uv
Air date 4/22/2012
Written by SuperSaiyanKrillin
Directed by SuperSaiyanKrillin
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A New Start: Part 2

A New Start: Part 1 is the first episode of Ryan 10: Alien Master. It introduces Ryan, Katelen, and the main villain of the series, Sonilex.


Ryan is walking down the street, when two high school students come up to him. He knows them quiet well, as they bully a lot of kids from his school. The big one was Spark, because he was all fight and if he had an idea it would be quick efficient, and easy. The other was D-Top. They called him that because he was considered the top dog.

"Hi pip-squeak. Got any money? I need some for some pop." said D-Top stepping in front of him, and looking down at him.

"No I don't know get out of my way before I make you." said Ryan walking forward. D-Top stepped it front of him again and smirked. This made Ryan angry, and he slammed his foot down onto D-Top's. D-Top screamed in pain, as Ryan took off. They both took off after him.

As Ryan was running a car pulled out beside him, and out stepped a friend of his ever since he was little, Katelen. "Are we having some trouble here boys?" said Katelen as D-Top and Spark stopped in front of her.

"Yeah, that little squirt stepped on my foot. He's going to get ones coming to him." said D-Top as he tried pushing past Katelen. She grabbed him by the collar and flipped him onto his back. Then grabbed him by his foot as threw him at Spark. "That's it, I'm out of here!" said D-Top as he got up and ran, along with Spark.

"You better run!" said Ryan as he stuck his tongue out at them. He looked up and saw Katelen staring at him. "What?"

After a few minutes they were driving away. "You can't always get in fights. It's not safe." said Katelen as they were driving on the highway.

"It's not my fault! They're a bunch of bullies! They started picking on me!" said Ryan.

"Okay, fine. I can understand that. So are you ready for the cross country road trip this summer?"

"Yes! It's going to be...." he said before looking into the sky and see a meteorite crash into the road right in front of them. Katelen managed to maneuver around the hole. They got out and looked into the hole, when all they saw something glow, and it leaped at them.

To Be Continued



  • D-Top
  • Spark
  • Ryan Terlinger
  • Katelen

Major Events[]

  • The Alphatrix lands on Earth
  • Katelen and Ryan find the Alphamatrix