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Trent 10
Season 1, Episode 1
Written by AnOddEncounter
Directed by AnOddEncounter
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A New Hero Rises: Part 2


Narrator: So there I was, fighting a giant Steampunk Squid...

(A large, bulbous green puffer fish-like alien with a mouth covering the middle of his head with yellow eyes on each side his legs were short and stubby, he had a long tail and wore black pants with an Omnitrix symbol on them ran into view and shot a large blast of slime at the Squid causing it to slowly dissolve and fall back into the sea.)

Narrator: After that, I decided to do my part-time job as a delivery boy when suddenly...

(An adult in a pink apron and hat with a emblem saying "JOSOKKO's MOVERS" on both the apron and the hat in bold was suddenly ambushed by a pink caterpillar alien in a large life support armor, A tall man with the left leg of a chicken and the right leg of a dragon with a chicken's beak, and a tall warthog like male wearing a purple and black leotard swinging around a red energy flail. The adult would then pull out a watch like device and dial up an alien transforming into a red, humanoid manta ray-like alien with yellow horns going from his nose, yellow membranes stretching from his arms to his torso which then flew past the group and fired laser beams from both his eyes and tail at them having no effect for the most part as he weaved in and out between laser shots, flail swings, and fire breath flying up and turning the dial on his chest displaying green holograms until it found one of a large crystalline alien that it slammed it's hand down on transforming into something different, a blue cat-like alien with black razor like appendages on his arms crashing down on the the warthog.)

Blue Alien: Not what I wanted...

Bubble Helmet / Thunder Pig / Cockatrice: "We require the Omnitrix!"

Blue Alien: Tch, tch, tch... yare yare daze.

(The two would charge at each other the Blue Alien landing key punches on the Warthog and Cockatrice and elbowing Bubble Helmet in the well... helmet launching him into the wall knocking him out cold)

Blue Alien: All in a days work for Trent 10...

Narrator: If only it were that easy...

(A large red spherical Robot came out of the ground from under Trent with four black legs sprouting from the bottom.)

Blue Alien: Aw... Shit...

(The alien would reach for the Omnitrix dial turning until it found the hologram of a humanoid figure with green stripes all over it's body similar to circuitry pressing it's hand down, making it turn into a humanoid salamander with a light purple body with darker purple camo-esque spots all over his body)

Purple Alien: "Oh, well screw me I guess!"

(The alien would turn seemingly invisible in the blink of an eye camouflaging into the Robot's dark red.)

(The robot however happened to anticipate this and shown multiple bright lights around itself showing the alien's shadow)

Purple Alien: Aw fuckerbuggs...

(The robot then began to rotate extremely quickly attempting to throw the alien off)

Purple Alien: C'mon give me Mantamile dammit...

(Currently trying to change alien until he became an orange squid like alien)

Squid Alien: Or, Squidbanks just to fuck me over, great job Omnitrix...

Voice: (Laughs) Fool! My robot is sending an interference into your Omnitrix making it so you have no control over your transformations!

Squidbanks: That just sounds like the shitty plot of a kid's cartoon episode...

Voice: How's this for shitty!

(The robot would fire a laser beam cutting apart a tall building making it fall on top of Squidbanks)

Squidbanks: Fu-

(The screen would pause as an adult who was the same person as the delivery boy walked on screen)

Narrator: Hey, it's me again, you're probably wondering 'what the hell is going on.' Or 'Oh boy, it's this idiot again', Wait, wait wait, let me do you one better... 'Who is this dumb ass?' To which I say, in order, 'It's narration buddy', 'Rude.' and lastly 'Rude.' But I'll give you an explanation, My name is Trent Woods, saved the world a couple times and for about... a decent while I trained to become a Plumber, but let's not worry about the future, and let's learn about the past."

(A ripple would fill the screen as a younger version of Trent woke up, got out of bed to do his daily routine of making the bed, washing his face, and going downstairs to eat.)

Trent: Any reason as to why you guys are so happy?

(His parents would both look at him as if he was crazy)

Mom: Don't you know, it's the Olde Bellwood Days Festival today, you've always remembered it the last years.

Trent: Oh, right how could I forget!" (Currently running to fix himself a plate of pancakes)

Dad: Whoa, whoa not so fast kiddo, you'll trip!

Trent: But, Dad!

Dad: Just eat your food Trent.

Trent, sulking: Fine.

(Trent finished eating and he and his family were ready to get into the car)

Dad: Since we're on a little road trip, how about we start a family tradition, my dad's father used to do that with him, and he did that with me.

Trent, unsure: You know you don't have to do this...

Dad: This is important family bonding, a Road Trip tradition is going to bring us closer

Mom: Honey, we said that we'd listen more to Trent from now on.

Trent: We shouldn't need a compromise to consider a road trip song to be a silly idea.

(Despite Trent's complaints, Dad broke into song)

Dad: 'Fifty Bottles of Milk on the wall, Fifty Bottles of Milk, take one down and pass it around, Fourty-Nine Bottles of Milk on the Wall'-

(Suddenly everything stopped as Future Trent came on screen waving his arms to get someone to stop the scene)

Future Trent: Now, now, for both of your and my sanity we're gonna skip this to...

(The screen began to fast forward stopping at a giant Crabdozer terrorizing the city, then to a Petrosapien in Plumber armor fighting an alien in what seemed to be knight's gear)

Future Trent: Okay, way too far! Go back like, almost all the way... there!

Trent: That was... not fun.

(Trent and his family stepped out of the car at the parking lot where the festival was being held)

Dad: I can feel this family is closer than ever...

Trent: Dad, I'm 15, Family Bonding is a bit too late to introduce

Dad: That's fair.

(Trent walked off to think about what he's going to do)

Trent: Let's see... Rides that are trying way too hard to be relevant, Bumper Cars, 'Kiddie Rides', and... Rides that are just made to advertise a movie, for once I'm taking the first one.

(Trent went to get some popcorn to eat, then went on his way to the ride only to find an expansive line)

Trent: Well... Shit.

Man: As you see kid, you gotta wait.

Trent, thinking: If this redneck son of a bitch calls me kid one more time...

Trent: Yeah sure.

(Trent decided just put on his earbuds and wait in line as a montage played, with each scene fading out into the next, and just when Trent finally made it to the end...)

Man: You're just a smidge tall enough

Trent: Am I supposed to be thankful...?

Man: Just get on-

(Suddenly a mosquito rose out from the man's drink suddenly growing larger than the both of them combined, morphing into a fat, grotesque rock-skinned alien covered in purplish-pink sacs, crushing the man under its foot, roaring into the sky, its weight crashing down on the people waiting to start the ride)

Trent: Shit!

(Trent was obviously startled and dropped to the floor before catching himself and getting away, as he did the alien morphed into a long, giant worm-like alien and began to burrow after him)

Trent: Run! There's some sort of rogue creature!

(An alarm went off, blaring across the whole festival, which was stopped when the worm alien came out, destroying it, and going after the other alarms)

Dad/Mom: Trent's in trouble! How could we let this happen!

(Meanwhile, Trent ran into a store to hide out, knowing the alien was off his tail, while his parents were running around the festival trying to look for him)

Trent: Okay, it stopped tailing me... but why? Was it after food? Anger? The latter can't be it, it wouldn't stop going for me and go after the sirens if it was pissed. Right! Maybe its like that thing from that one anime... Sheer Heart Attack? Right, its going after heat- No, it went after the sirens, those weren't producing heat and they weren't hotter than I was. No, its after sound!

Store Owner: Kid, this isn't the place to be!

Trent: Shh! Shh! You keep talking and that thing'll find us!

(Trent and the Store Owner hid under a counter, as the alien seem to give up digging and morphed into a large purple bird with bald neck spots and bald legs dive-bombing small children and anybody around before seeing the store and diving down in front of it)

Trent: On 3, we get the hell out of here, got it?

Store Owner: I'm getting out of here now, I'm not taking orders from some kid!

Trent: Oh sure, go let yourself get killed, and if that doesn't kill you maybe you can not take orders when someone tells you not to see a train coming your way.

Store Owner: ...Get counting-

(Before the Store Owner could finish the alien had poked a whole in the roof barely missing him)

Trent: 1!

(The two darted out of the building not without Trent knocking his arm against the counter)

Trent: Shit, can't bother to check!

(The bird would notice Trent and the shop owner, morphing into a giant four legged spider, using its front legs to form a red force-field like web)

Trent: Run! Opposite Directions!

Store Owner: Don't have tell me twice!

(The two ran away from each other, but instead of thinking about going after one, the spider alien went right after Trent stabbing the ground behind him as it went, while this was happening a green light came from Trent's wrist)

Trent: Getting chased by an alien, watched a dude get smashed right in front of me and now whatever THIS is-.

Ultimatrix: Recalibrating...

Trent, sighing: That is just the cherry on top, isn't it.

(Suddenly Trent's parents came in front of him to defend him)

Trent: Wait no-!

(In a split second the two were dispatched by the alien with no regard, lying on the floor, their torso slashed open, guts spilling on the floor, almost cut in half)

Ultimatrix: Finished Recalibrating, the Ultimatrix is ready for use.

Trent: If using you means saving my life and stopping this bastard, then I'm down.

(The alien raised a pincer at Trent and brought it down right on top of him, when suddenly a crystalline fist slammed into him, as it was hit, it was suspended in the air, then slammed into the ground, constantly being rubbed against it)

Female Alien: This is no place to be, a Terroranchula could kill one of us, let alone a child!

Trent: You want me to get out of here?! What do you think I've been trying to do for the past few minutes!

(While Trent was complaining he was making grand gestures, ones that clearly showed off what was on his wrist, the Ultimatrix)

Female Alien: That device... On your wrist, is that the- (Gasp) Ultimatrix!

Trent: The what?! Why am I so special today?!

Female Alien: You don't understand, this is important, we need to protect you! My name's Xylene and we can explain this later-

(While Trent and Xylene were talking, the alien had morphed into a large Tyrannosaurus Rex like alien with a segmented body with four legs and six small arms)

Trent: We don't have time now!

(Trent began to run away, barely dodging the alien's webs)

Xylene: The only way you can do this is if you use the Ultimatrix, we won't be able to stop an Kaosseffexx on our own!

Trent: They only called you two!?

Xylene: The others are evacuating everyone else still here!

Trent: Well how am I supposed to use the Ultimatrix?!

(As he asked the question Trent turned around to reconvene with Xylene)

Xylene: Swipe your hand over the face plate, then the podium should come up-

Trent: I don't have this sort of time!

(The Crystaline alien made a wall of diamonds to protect Trent and Xylene)

Trent: Thanks!

Xylene: Now, with the podium up, there should be holograms shown and-

(The diamond wall suddenly fell as the Kaosseffexx gave up dealing with the Crystal Alien and stomped on the wall, shattering it, the shards raining down on Trent and Xylene, stabbing the Ultimatrix, damaging it)

Ultimatrix: SustainedeniatsuS damageegamad, repairiaper?

Trent: Not what I need right now!

(Trent pressed down on the podium, forcing the diamond out)

(Alien Transformation: Trent appeared on a black and green background, an x-ray filter placed over him showing his skeleton, his body began to break apart into cubes, then forming back together to form a bulky head, the x-ray filter then zoomed out as more blocks came back on screen, forming a body, a red, yellow and blue, with black lines all over.)

Block Alien: What Alien is this?!

(Xylene was laying on the floor, one of the diamonds had slashed her)

Block Alien: What Am I supposed to do?!

(Suddenly, on its own Trent began to break of pieces of his body, melding with Xylene's wound, not healing it, but stopping bleeding)

Block Alien: Awesome! But how am I supposed to stop this!

(Trent's body acted on its own, extending his arms to grab the Alien's head, sling-shotting him up to it)

Block Alien: Not what I wanted to do! When I want to do something do it on my terms!

(Trent grabbed the Alien's horn pulling it back to restrain it)

Block Alien: Way stronger than I was before!

(Suddenly, the alien morphed into the bird from before, doing a few Barrel Rolls to shake Trent off, while a Galvan in plumber armor climbed up Trent's arm)

Block Alien: Not a good airline to be on right now!

Galvan: You do realize this isn't a good time to be snarking, right? Anyways, do you understand the Hephaestan Neuro grip.

Block Alien: Pinch big thing, it goes night-night. Yeah, I've heard of it, not sure how it's done.

Galvan: Well, that's good mostly, but there's a problem... The Omnivoracious is an extinct species... Or it should be, we don't have information on Pressure Points.

Block Alien: Well aren't you just brimming with support and confidence.

Galvan: What I'm saying is that we need it to transform into something else.

Block Alien: Okay... Mr. Omnivoracious, could you please transform into something else?

Galvan: Wow... Very funny Segmentsapien... Wait, you actually gave me an idea!

Segmentsapien: Knew you'd get something out of that!

Galvan: I jump off, that Omnivoracious will chase me down, and if I can get far enough it should de-transform!

Segmentsapien: Great, now jump!

(The Galvan had already jumped by then, falling down causing the Omnivoracious to speed up)

Segmentsapien: Oh no you don't!

(Trent would grab onto the bird's collar pulling back, digging his blocky feet into its back, as if pulling the reins of a horse, making it slow down, while doing so he'd notice a man on the clock tower in peculiar headgear laughing, but he brushed the idea out of his mind, allowing the Galvan to get away and hide in a pipe where it couldn't go, causing it to transform back into the Terroranchula)

Segmentsapien: Neither of us have wings dumbass!

(The Terroranchula created a large red web, throwing to the floor to catch itself, throwing Trent off in the process)

Segmentsapien: Clever girl...

(The Terroranchula picked up the pipe the Galvan was in, shaking it up and down)

Segmentsapien: You're not getting that chance!

(Trent would extend his arm slamming his fist into its face knocking it far away)

Segmentsapien: Eat brick fist! I could call myself, Brickhouse!

(The Terroranchula then ran away, morphing back into the Mosquito Alien from earlier, teleporting into someone's bleeding wound as they were being pulled away, but Trent shook the image from his mind)

Brickhouse: You better run!

(The two aliens from earlier and the Galvan came back to Trent to congratulate him)

Xylene: You've done well... Your name?

Brickhouse: Bri-

Ultimatrix: SustainedeniatsuS damageegamad, repairiaper? Sustained damage repair? Sustained damage repair?

Brickhouse: Repair.

Ultimatrix: Starting repair. Shutting Ultimatrix down.

Brickhouse: Wait but I'm transformed! No wai-.

(Brickhouse disappeared in a flash of red light)

Trent: Aw... Come on!

Galvan: I didn't think you were this young, almost makes me more impressed.

Trent: Almost? Almost! You are so lucky I can barely see you at that size! Maybe there's an alien for that!

(The crystal alien turned his arm into a blade putting it between Trent and the Galvan)

Crystal Alien: Silence!

Xylene: Now isn't the time to argue! We need to get you to safety before it comes back, or someone else attacks!

Trent: There was a-

Crystal Alien: We're going.

Xylene: While I was the one who told us to leave, we need to give the boy some space, he's grieving!

Crystal Alien: He seems stable enough.

Trent: I'd rather not stay here and see more dead bodies. Quit treating me like I'll be traumatized for life or something.

Xylene: Are you sure-

Crystal Alien: We'll be taking you to the Plumber base to get information.

Trent: (nervous chuckle) Is this like... an interrogation? Am I under arrest for stopping that thing?

Crystal Alien: No, we're simply going to evaluate what kind of person you are, and if you'll be capable enough to help the Plumbers.

Trent: So... Personality test and Recruitment, sounds easy enough, where's the digs?

(The Crystal Alien put numbers into a pad on his arm teleporting the 4 to an island off the coast of Bellwood, containing a full base, and one plumbing store)

Trent: Is this just some sort of Plumbing joke?

Crystal Alien: Concealment. And because one of the higher ups thought the symbol of an intergalactic peace force's base should've been a plunger.

Trent: I like them already.

Xylene: He's one of our greatest.

Trent: Seems like a guy I'd want to meet-.

Ultimatrix: Repairs finished, Ultimatrix is ready for use.

(Trent, the Crystal Alien, Xylene made it to... a toilet.)

Trent: They really tried to get this Plumbing joke going didn't they.

(The Crystal Alien wasn't amused while Xylene visibly tried to hide a snicker, but regained composure, looking back at the toilet)

Crystal Alien: Tetrax Shard, asking for access to the base, for three.

(Tetrax put up his badge to ask for access, which was the same emblem on Trent's Ultimatrix)

Trent: We're gonna go through there...? What kind of Super Mario bullshit is this?

Xylene: Language!

Trent: English!

(Tetrax and Xylene just looked at Trent)

Trent: Human joke.

(Suddenly a blue wave went over the three, scanning them)

Trent: This isn't toilet water... is it?

Xylene: Do you have any problems with teleportation?

Trent: Did I have any on the way here? Don't think so.

Xylene: Oh, forget I asked.

Trent: Yeah sure, whatever you say-

(The three were teleported into the toilet, sent across an elevator down to the base before any of them could think)

Trent: aaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!! (Voice-Cracking) Maybe you should give a better warning next time.

(Trent stood up in a dizzied daze, staggering around)

Tetrax: Maybe repairs are in order after all.

Trent: Don't tell me I have to go through that... again... I think I can taste colors now...

Xylene: Oh no not at all, its only to get in, the elevator leads somewhere else.

Trent: That only makes me feel, half better.

Tetrax: Motion sickness is expected, now, we have business to attend to.

Trent: Right. Right. But I want to look arou-

Tetrax: Now.

Trent: You really are a buzzkill.

(The three entered an interrogation room)

Trent: Well... That doesn't give me hope that I'm not getting interrogated.

Tetrax: Information.

Trent: Well... Since you asked so... nicely, I first saw it at Flight Pass, y'know, one of the rides. It was a Mosquito thing first, then some fat, thing then when I ran away it turned into this worm, then it was a Bird... An extinct one apparently, then it was-

Tetrax: Start over, you're saying too much at once.

(Trent repeated himself, slower this time while they wrote down what he said.)

Xylene: Now, i-if you don't mind us asking of course, when did it kill your parents.

Trent: When I was running away and reached a dead end, they came in front of me to protect me, it was that Terroranchula thing you were talking about.

Xylene: I see.

(Trent yawned before getting out of his chair)

Trent: Ooh, good time was had by all, I'm tired.

Tetrax: You'll need that energy for later.

Trent: I'll need it for... Oh... Screw you.

Tetrax: What I mean to say is that you'll be training here.

Trent: I can't find somewhere else to be?

Tetrax: We can't have someone of your power running around without anybody to keep you in check.

Trent: You make a compelling case. Fine.

(Trent walked out of the room, and took a rest on one of the benches in the lobby as the screen stopped with Future Trent coming on screen)

Future Trent: And that is how the normal became abnormal.

[To Be Continued]

Noteworthy Events

Major Events

Minor Events

  • Minor Character 1 makes his first appearance.



  • Nemetrix Alien

Aliens Used

  • Spherioid [Future]
  • Mantamile (Aerophibian) [Future]
  • Citrakayah (Selected Alien was a Basalt) [Future]
  • Merlinsapien (Selected Alien was a Galvanic Mechamorph) [Future]
  • Squidbanks [Future]
  • Brickhouse

Nemetrix Aliens

  • Mosquito Alien
  • Mucilator
  • Slamworm
  • Omnivoracious x2
  • Teroranchula x2
  • Tyrannopede


Josokko Movers Is a reference to the Jojo's Bizarre Adventure character Josuke Higashikata

Trent says "Tch, tch, tch... yare yare daze." A reference to both Mahummad Avdol and Jotaro Kujo from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Stardust Crusaders, both being catchphrases of the two characters respectively.

Trent references the Part 4 stand Sheer Heart Attack when thinking about why Slamworm would be going after him and then going after the sirens.

Trent references Jurassic Park when he says "Clever Girl..."


  • Brickhouse amkes his first appearance
  • This episode was spaced out in making, mainly because of demotivation.

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