A New Alien is the 14th episode of Shun 10 and the Goop Fest Special. 

A New Alien
Season 1, Episode 14
Air date none
Written by Zane
Directed by Zane
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Ren and Shun are walking

(Ren): so you couldn't stay away!

(Shun): what? i liked all the action!

(R): atleast there is no NSS anymore

(S): Yeah! 

Jaakor jups out of shuns pocket

(Jaakor): so what now?

(S): Yeah?

(R): well That thing has got new aliens

Shun smilles and transforms

(Goop): wow! this is awesome! i like this guy!

(J): Nice!

(R): You call that Pile of goo awesome?

he transforms

(Rupture): Now this is awesome!

(G): Yeah!

(Ru): Now what?

(G): What about destroying that underground NSS lab???

(Ru): What Underground NSS lab??

(G): Just Follow me!

Goop turns in to a pile and slides away. Rupture runs after him. Later we see them in a lab

(Ru): wow! i so didn't know about this!

(G): Let's destroy!

Goop spits acid, Rupture smashes and Creates explosions. Shoots some magma. They destroy everything. only one room is un harmed

(G): what do you think is in there

(Ru): Let's find out!

They walk in the room. there thay see to bods with black covers. Rupture takes them off and they see 2 Shuns

(G): Didn't see that comming!

(Ru): The cloning project! but it was about to start only next year!

(G): Let's destroy them!

(man): what the heck!

Shoots at Goop who turns in to a pil after he get's Shot.

(M): The Polymorph is down!

He shoots at Rupture but accidently shoots one of the clones.

(M): No! Not the clone!

Ruptures makes an explosion and the man explodes! Later we see Ren as Robatalien and 2 shuns sleeping on the tables

(Robatalien): Must Dowload Shun's Memory in the clone

(J): You sure it will work?

(RA): Yes!

He Pulls a lever. Electricirt sorounds Both shuns. The screens turns black. Later we see Ren walking.

(R): Are you ok?

(Shun): Oh Yeah!

A Robot crashes. Shun transforms

(Goop): Let's Go!

He Jumps in the air




  • Man
  • Robot


By Ren

By Shun


  • The New Shun is a Clone
    • He has All his past memories
  • There might be a new Series, the sequel for Shun 10
  • This is Goop Fest Special
    • Even know i had an other idea for this i made this one.
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