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A Mutant Of My Own
General Information
Original broadcast October 26, 2017
Season 1
Episode number 14
Overall episode number 14
Written by Alanomaly & Ebomnitrix
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A Mutant of My Own is the fourteenth episode of E-10: The Series.


After a strange twist of events, Professor Proff sends Ethan to another dimension. In order to survive he must face an unexpected threat, a creature who has all of his powers.


[At nightfall, we zoom down to the sounds of weapons being fired, the setting took place outside the power plant. Professor Proff raised his gun up in the air, then fired energy bolts at the group. Ethan and the Agent ducked for cover. The Agent grabbed the sonic and pressed on a switch, it turned off his device.]

Professor Proff: What?

Agent: You realize all I have to do is press a switch and all your weapons shut down, right? I mean, you have seen me do it before right?

Ethan: Give us back the energy power you stole!

Professor Proff: Not a chance, you see I’ve gathered all the necessary components I need to build my new dimensional stabilizing ray.

[Professor Proff grabbed a new weapon from his utility belt and it opened up a portal, he jumped into it and the portal disappeared.]

Ethan: Whoa that’s new.

Agent: He must have prepared for us, be on your guard.

Ethan: Nothing I can’t handle! Besides after facing foes like Proff before, there’s nothing me or my 10 aliens can’t…

[A portal shoots out from behind Ethan and Professor Proff jump kicked him to the ground. He began crushing his back with his foot.]

Professor Proff: I’m sorry, there’s nothing you and your 10 aliens can do what exactly?

[Professor Proff began squishing him and Ethan started to scream. The Agent swiftly grabbed out his device.]

Professor Proff: Don’t move or I’ll blow his brains out. Same goes for you kid [looking down at Ethan] You touch that watch, you’re done.

[The two glared as they tried to think of what to do. By surprise a pod crashed to the ground nearby, an armor jumped out attaching to a figure. The figure’s head moved up and it revealed to be Sif wearing the Arachnachip armor, as he surprised attacked him from the back, Professor Proff went flying and so did his gun. Sif began shooting webs from his launchers and started trapping Proff’s body to the ground. Ethan got up.]

Professor Proff: Damn fools!

Ethan: Thanks.

Sif (Arachnachip): It was no trouble, except for the armor getting here, now that was trouble.

Ethan: It’s over Professor Proff.

[Ethan tried to reach his hand towards the gun, and static started shooting out from it. Ethan was zapped.]

Ethan: Agh what the…

Professor Proff: Uh oh, you fools must’ve broken it. You’ve doomed us all!

Sif (Arachnachip): What does he mean by doomed?

[The gun started ripping apart and a portal started appearing in mid-air. Everything started shaking around them as it got bigger.]

Ethan: Agent, how do we shut it off?

Agent: How the fuck should I know.

Ethan: You’re the one who’s good with all the time… dimensional… portally scenarios! I’d just thought you’d know! Ugh.

Sif (Arachnachip): I don't know either. We look pretty screwed here Ethan, one of us think of a plan, fast!

[Ethan looked closer at the gun and came up with an idea.]

Ethan: Maybe I can fix it. [Ethan started turning the dial.]

Agent, Sif (Arachnachip): Wait, Ethan!

[Ethan slammed down Diamondhead's icon, surrounding his body in a green light.]

[DIAMONDHEAD TRANSFORMATION: In spinning background, a giant crystal wall appeared in front of Ethan. He ran towards it and as his body bursted through the diamonds, they started attaching itself onto Ethan from one arm to the other, then on to his head. Diamondhead started to slide in his landing, then struck a pose as a flash occurred, ending the sequence.]

[Diamondhead started walking slowly towards the portal. He then turned around and created a diamond safe zone for the Agent, Sif, and Professor Proff to hide behind. Diamondhead turned to the gun.]

Diamondhead: Okay, I just need to rewire the circuits together, maybe that would…

[The portal grew stronger and the diamonds around the group started to shatter. Diamondhead started floating in the air.]

Diamondhead: WHOAAAHHH!

[Diamondhead created a scythe to try and hold himself to the ground. He tried to inch his way to safety. He struggled to hold on and eventually his fingertips slipped, he went flying into the wormhole and the portal closed, causing a shockwave that shattered the diamond around the other three, and knocked them down. Smoke surrounded the area as Sif and the Agent sat up, staring at where Ethan originally was.]

Agent: Christ on a bike...

E-10 OP 2 - In My World

[Diamondhead was floating endlessly from wormhole to wormhole, as he screamed out of the top of his lungs.]

Diamondhead: What is this place, where am I?

[A light started to shine bright in front of him.]

Diamondhead: What is that?

[He was blown into the breach started falling from the sky and crashed into the ground. Smoke started surrounding the entire area, and eventually Diamondhead sat up.]

Diamondhead: Ugh… Remind me to cushion the blow next time…

[He stood up as the Omnitrix transformed him back to normal. The fog started to fade as he wiped off all the dust from his clothes.]

Ethan: Seriously, I should’ve gone Upgrade to soften the landing, at least that would…

[Ethan looked up as the fog cleared, and everything zoomed out to the view of an apocalyptic city. Buildings looked destroyed, the moonlight still shined blue, and everything looked either empty or broken.]

Ethan: Whoa… Where am I?

[Ethan started walking around on the empty road.]

Ethan: Why does this place feel so blue... and empty? Whatever, I don’t know where Professor Proff sent me, but its time Fasttrack ran myself back home!

[Ethan raised up his arm and slammed down the Omnitrix, it was still cycling through its recharge mode.]

Ethan: Great, no power. Now how am I supposed to find my way back home? If I’m even anywhere close to being home. [His stomach grumbled] Maybe I should find a place to eat, after all its about…

[Ethan grabbed his phone and there was nothing shown.]

Ethan: No time…

[The scene cutted to Ethan looking inside a burger joint to find the place demolished inside.]

Ethan: Nobody here…

[It cuts to him looking inside a ice cream shop, no one was inside.]

Ethan: Nothing here.

[Ethan snuck inside a Chick Fil A to find no one was inside.]

Ethan: Oh come on! This place is always busy on weekdays! [Started walking] There’s definitely something wrong here… Maybe there is nobody left in the city, maybe that’s why all the power is shut off around here, maybe it’s because… I’m all alone…

[He heard a noise. It sounded monstrous]

Ethan: [Looks around] What, what was that?

[Everything started spinning as Ethan kept turning from direction to direction to figure out where the noise was coming from. It got louder and louder.]

Ethan: Haha, nice prank… uh... Whoever you are. Seriously I’m not going to fall for these tricks! Just come out and show me who you are!

[Suddenly, a brief, high pitched noise was heard. Ethan looked down, and saw the Agent’s device rolling towards him, made of diamond-like crystals. He picked it up, then looked in the direction it came from.]

Ethan: Age-

[Just before he could finish talking, a seemingly unstoppable force came out of nowhere and rammed into him. He flew back against a building and fell to the ground. He grunted and got up, looking at his attacker. His eyes widened.]

Ethan: Agh! What the hell…

[Before him stood a monstrous, humanoid creature. He looked like a cross between Ethan’s aliens. His torso was colored tan with orange ChamAlien patterns on it, as well as Ripjaws’ gills. His arms had Slapstrike’s shoulder pads and golden spires from behind them, Heatblast’s upper arms, and Diamondhead’s lower arms with Wildmutt’s quills. He had ChamAlien’s tail sticking out of the back of his ragged jeans. His lower legs were Fasttrack’s, as was his belt. From his back, he had indigo Big Chill wings. His head looked human-like in shape. He had tentacle-like hair colored like Upgrade, red replacing green. A singular, red Grey Matter eye was on the center of his face. Ripjaws’ lure stuck out from the hair, and his teeth were similar to Ripjaws’ as well.]

Ethan: Are those… my aliens…

[Ethan stepped up terrified and started walking backwards as the monster drew closer.]

Ethan (Thoughts): Damn it… he probably has all my powers. Heatblast, Diamondhead, Slapstrike, Fasttrack. I gotta figure out how I’m going to defeat him, or at least slow him down. Maybe I should take the risk and escape… I don’t have much time, he can strike at me at any moment.

[The monster used Fasttrack’s superspeed and punched Ethan, throwing him back again. Ethan struggled to get up. The monster smirked before him.]

Ethan: I need to distract him.

[Ethan sat up and as the Omnitrix flashed green, he swiftly slammed down and transformed into Heatblast. Heatblast started tossing a fireball in his hands.]

Heatblast: You wanna play the hard ball, well go fetch!

[He threw it and the monster used his ice breath to turn the fire blast into steam. The steam cleared and Heatblast was gone. Meanwhile Heatblast started flying away.]

Heatblast: Man… that was a close…

[The monster struck him from above and sent Heatblast crashing into the ground.]

Heatblast: Agh… of course… why not…

[Heatblast’s pods on his back started to burst and lava blasted out at the monster, throwing him back. The monster fell and looked at Ethan furiously. He dashed and started fighting Heatblast with his speed. The two together collided in combat, hitting each other from fist to fist. Heatblast’s coal marks started to crack. Eventually the monster trapped Heatblast in a diamond statue and he started falling. He struck at the ground and Heatblast was shot up, flying into a rooftop. The crystals shattered from the impact.]

Heatblast: Agh… this guy is tough… I’m not sure I’m going to be able to defeat him.

[The monster jumped toward Heatblast, whose were terrified. The monster drew closer, and he trapped Heatblast’s arms in diamonds. He held him over the edge, getting ready to drop him.]

Heatblast: If I could just reach… the Omnitrix…

[The monster smiled and started crushing the diamonds, Heatblast started to scream. Eventually the shattering diamonds broke Heatblast’s arm free and slammed on the symbol. The diamonds exploded and Heatblast seemed to have disappeared. The monster began looking around, searching for him. He sniffed, but couldn’t detect Heatblast’s scent. Meanwhile Grey Matter was climbing off him and started making his escape. The scene then changed to Grey Matter running in the alleyways.]

Grey Matter: I gotta find a safe place to hide from that ridiculous monstrosity. If he has Wildmutt’s senses, plus Fasttrack’s superspeed, he should find me in no time. He could even be disguising himself with ChamAlien right now.

[Grey Matter turned and hid by a wall post.]

Grey Matter: He has all ten at once, without even so much as a recharge. My chances of success… nigh impossible. Maybe I was wrong before, maybe there are just some things my ten aliens can’t handle. I need to come up with a new strategy if I’m going to defeat this menace.

[Grey Matter stopped hiding and continued running. Eventually he snuck into a dark facility nearby. Grey Matter looked around to see if it was safe, then took a deep breath. Suddenly by a surprise a figure sneaked up right behind him.]

Sarah: Hey, what are you doing here?

[Grey Matter widened his eyes and turned around to see a lady with brown skin, in a blue uniform, carrying equipment was behind him. Then Grey Matter jumped and screamed.]

Grey Matter: Ah! Please don’t hurt me, I come in peace! I am only trying to hide away from the monster. [Drops to his knees] PLEASE SPARE ME!

Sarah: Whoa, easy. I’m not going to hurt you little guy.

Grey Matter: Oh thank the primes, I thought I was a goner.

Sarah: Not yet you’re not. Wait, is that you Ethan?

Grey Matter: Why, who wants to know?

Sarah: It’s me, I’m one of your comrades.

Grey Matter: Oh thank the primes...

Logan: Sarah, just who in the hell do you think you’re talking to here?

Grey Matter: I do know him however.

Sarah: It’s Ethan, he just came back.

Logan: About damn time.

Obito: Yeah, but why is he using Grey Matter?

Logan: He must’ve been trying to escape from Ebomination.

Grey Matter: Ebomination? Is that the name you’re calling the creature?

Alexander: Yes it is, what have you been hit on the head or something?

Obito: Never thought I’d see the day where Grey Matter goes dumb. You should’ve picked someone like Swampfire or Humungousaur to stop him?

Alexander: Or maybe Way Big?

Grey Matter: What? Look I don’t understand what any of you are talking about, so can you care to explain to me what exactly that may be?

[Grey Matter powered down into Ethan, and the three gasped.]

Sarah: He looks different somehow.

Logan: He’s younger… Let me ask you something kid, how old are you?

Ethan: Uh… 16?

Logan: Then there’s our answer. It’s not the same Ethan we know, he’s a different one.

[A black man covered in armor stepped in to the group.]

Terry: Hey! Why aren’t you wearing your suit?

Ethan: And you are?

Terry: I am Terry, one of the remaining survivors and co-leader of the ESO. What, now all of a sudden you don’t know me?

Ethan: No I don’t. Look okay maybe this will sum it down for you, I was fighting Professor Proff just a few hours ago, and then suddenly… woosh! I get sucked into weirdo portal and found myself stranded here, dealing with some monster who’s some big combination of all my 10 aliens, and now, just as I finally find a place to hide, I’m dealing with a task force who act like they know me and won’t shut the hell up to hear me talk. So now if you can stop confusing the hell out of me, just who in the fuck are you guys?

[The five looked at each other, confused and concerned, and then turned back to Ethan.]

Logan: We’re your team, Ethan.

[Ethan looked over at them with confusion. Eventually the scene cuts to Ethan sitting down on a chair, as the group tries to explain everything to him.]

Terry: So you were sucked from another dimension by this professor guy?

Ethan: That’s right.

Obito: Then where’s our Ethan?

Alexander: He must’ve either switched places with him, or his presence is taking over his for the time being.

Obito: Strange.

Terry: Anyway, as you’ve asked, we’re the ESO, the Ebomination Suppression Operation. When Ebomination surfaced, our job was to eliminate him before he could wipe away the rest of the planet’s population.

Ethan: Wait you mean?

[There was a moment of silence, the group looked down as one of them began to cry.]

Terry: Because of Ebomination, we’re doing whatever we can to survive.

Ethan: Are you all that’s left?

Terry: No, there are still villages left intact, so we’ve been able to hold out for a while. Y’know, this is all very weird, you being able to travel between dimensions and not knowing just who in the hell we are. In fact, I’d call it convenient.

Alexander: Convenient how?

Terry: Ebomination may be a monster in appearance, but he’s incredibly intelligent. It wouldn’t surprise me if he managed to MacGyver himself a way to clone our Ethan, and make this one as a spy, to learn about us. How we think, where we’re hiding out, anything that could give Ebomination the upper hand.

Ethan: Are you kidding me? I just fought him!

Terry: So says you, and you could be lying to us.

[Terry stood up, grabbed his weapon, and pointed it at Ethan.]

Terry: How well do you believe what you’re saying? A cloned spy wouldn’t dare fight due to the off chance of it dying and not being able to finish its mission, but if you’re not a cloned spy, you should have no problem fighting to prove yourself.

Ethan: Wait, what?!

Terry: Prove yourself, or I kill you right now.

Ethan: Fine...

[Ethan raised his arm up, and then slammed down, transforming into Slapstrike.]

Slapstrike: SLAPSTRIKE!

[He clapped his hands together, unleashing a sonic wave, the group fell over. Logan grabbed his gun and started firing. Slapstrike started defending himself with his armor. Then eventually Sarah jumped onto behind Slapstrike to where he can’t reach.]

Slapstrike: Agh! Is this really necessary?!

[The group grabbed their taser weapons and started holding Slapstrike to the ground and attempted to electrocute him.]

Slapstrike: GAAAAHHHH!!!!

[Slapstrike started shaking and he threw Sarah off, then punched the ground and created a shockwave, throwing everybody back. Eventually the tasers stopped and Slapstrike was covered in smoke, taking deep breathes.]

Slapstrike: Are we good yet?

[Terry looked up at him and smiled.]

Terry: Yeah. We good.

[Slapstrike sat up and hit the symbol to change back.]

Ethan: I wanna save up all my power just in case Ebomination shows up. Speaking of which, why do you call him Ebomination? Isn’t it, Abomination? Why is there an E in front?

Alexander: He gets his powers from your original ten. He’s an Ethan abomination, I suppose you could say. Ebomination.

Ethan: Alright, then let me ask you this, How long has Ebomination been around for?

Sarah: Since after your secret let out, I would say about...

Terry: 5 years.

Ethan: [Eyes widened.] 5 years and you couldn’t stop him?! Why would you take so long just to finish him off? I would’ve stopped him by now!

Terry: He is powerful beyond even us, beyond even you. If we were to take him out right here and now, we would all be dead. Nobody else would be able to fend him off, we our Earth’s last remaining hope. If we die, so does the rest of the planet. We’re all that’s left.

Ethan: Then why did the other me have more aliens than I do right now. If he had so many aliens, why couldn’t he finish him off?

Logan: Because he has all of your powers, or at least most of them. Imagine fighting a version of yourself who has every power you have. The only powers he doesn’t have is the power to wipe us all from existence, and then some. If you wanna beat him so bad, then go back out there and do it yourself, otherwise we’re staying put till we think of a plan to beat him.

[Logan sat back down and the group turned over to think of a suggestion. Ethan sighed.]

Ethan: Okay, I’ll do it. I’ll help you guys out and think of a plan to beat him. After all like you said, you’re Earth’s last remaining hope.

Terry: No, we are.

[He placed his hand over his shoulder. Ethan nodded, he stepped over to the group.]

Ethan: But look, I’m not just helping because there’s some threat out there trying to kill us. I need to find a way back home and I don’t know any other way how.

Obito: Don’t you have some kind of multidimensional time hoping alien?

Ethan: No, I don’t have that kind of alien.

Terry: Then we’ll help you get back to your world, since you may have switched spots with the other Ethan, or perhaps your placement here is what’s keeping him from being here. Either way, we’ll help you get home.

Ethan: Thank you. Okay so what is Ebomination’s weakness? Do we know what kind of powers can we work with to fend him off? At least enough to trap him.

Logan: Well, his weaknesses are those you have, not counting for aliens whose powers counteract the weaknesses of other aliens. Most aliens don’t need to breath underwater, so Ripjaws’ weakness doesn’t affect him, and Ripjaws also prevents the Heatblast part of him from getting hurt. Fasttrack has electricity, so he’s not as weak to electricity as someone like Upgrade. But…

Ethan: But…?

Obito: Compound weaknesses. Diamondhead shatters from high frequency sound, and Wildmutt’s hearing is weak to it, as well. It also messes with the concentration needed for him to go intangible.

Ethan: Then we need to fight him with frequency!

Logan: Don’t you think we’ve tried that? He’s outsmarted us time and time again. I haven’t met anyone from Earth smart enough to take him down, and I don’t think I ever will.

Ethan: Grey Matter’s not from Earth, maybe I could-

Logan: Don’t even try. You got away from him as Grey Matter out of pure luck. Outsmarting him with Grey Matter won’t work, he has the intelligence of a Galvan and then some.

Ethan: Okay then how do we outsmart him? What’s the one thing we can fool him with? What can we bait him with?

Terry: You.

Ethan: Come again?

Sarah: That’s right. The thing’s after your Omnitrix, it stores DNA from millions of lifeforms from all over the galaxy. Think of what he could become with all that kind of power.

[Ethan shocked to the result of what could possibly happen, he looked down then tried to think.]

Logan: Are you crazy? Using him as the bait would be too dangerous!

Terry: It’s the only chance we got, goddamn it.

Alexander: But to use him as bait? Commander, you better have a pretty good plan.

Terry: I do.

[The scene cuts outside to Ebomination searching for Ethan in the air. The creature tried to use Wildmutt’s senses but couldn’t find anything. Its mouth started to open and started growling in his impatience.]


[Ebomination swiftly turned to the sound of the voice, and spotted Ethan waving his arms. He started increasing his speed over to him. As Ethan saw the creature coming toward him, he slammed down and transformed into Fasttrack. Just as Ebomination attempted to grab him, Fasttrack zoomed to the other mountain top in a second.]

Fasttrack: Gotta catch me first!

Ebomination: Err…

[Ebomination began chasing Fasttrack as he ran into the streets. Fasttrack ran back and forth before he could grab him. Fasttrack zoomed into the screen and dashed away from the light posts. Fasttrack then found the intended building he planned to sneak into. He dashed inside and Ebomination increased his speed. They made it to inside an empty large warehouse. Ebomination then made it inside, and saw Fasttrack just suddenly standing there. He smiled and tried to attack him, but tripped and fell. The creature appeared confused as he stood up. He tried to smell him out but couldn’t pick up the scent. Then Fasttrack’s voice started to echo in the distance.]

Fasttrack: You know for someone with the brains of a Grey Matter, you sure can’t tell when a projection is sitting there right in front of you.

[Ebomination attempted to speak, but could only growl and snarl.]

Fasttrack: Don’t push your luck! Don’t even try to make out where my location is, because you sure aren’t fast enough to pick up my scent.

[Ebomination became furious and he threw an object over to the other side and started to howl.]

Fasttrack: Wow, you sure act up when you definitely don’t get your way.

[Ebomination was tempted to destroy the place as his eye began to twitch, his anger became louder.]

Fasttrack: Alright, alright! Fine, you want me?

[Fasttrack sped over to the shadows and stepped out of the shadows and walked out slowly, acting completely calm.]

Fasttrack: I'm right here.

[Ebomination made a smirk and he dashed right at him, only for him to get trapped in a thick, glass chamber. Ebomination, surprised, tried to phase out, but he couldn’t escape. He looked up as he spotted the chamber to be sealed up.]

Terry: It’s about damn time we got him.

[Ebomination turned to Terry and snarled.]

Logan: Wanna go ahead and put the bastard down?

Terry: Yeah, I’m going to enjoy this. [Smirking]

[Terry flipped a switch on the ground with his foot. Suddenly, a whirring sound could be heard throughout the room. A high frequency sound started blasting at Ebomination within the chamber, only just barely cracking the glass around the chamber.]

Terry: You wouldn’t think a mutual weakness would affect him that much.

[Ebomination, now on the ground from the noise, tried covering his ears, which did almost nothing, given that his hands were shattering. He was surprised and in severe pain. Eventually, he seemed to passed out. Terry crushed the switch, leaving it on for him to suffer.]

Alexander: We did it, we finally put that creature down!

Sarah: Woo! Yeah!

Logan: About damn time. I hated seeing the look on that face.

Obito: Now we can rebuild this city and finally clean up the mess he made.

Terry: And it’s all thanks to you kid, you did us proud.

Fasttrack: Me, but you guys were the ones who used Ebomination’s weakness against him.

Terry: Yeah, but we couldn’t trap him without you. If you hadn’t lured him there, we wouldn’t have been able to contain him, and finally we can all get a good night’s rest. Good job team.

[Ebomination’s eye opened, then it turned toward them. Slowly and subtly, one of the tentacle-like strands of hair on his head creeped across the floor, reaching the edge of the chamber. Once it got there, it crept around, and finally found a crack that went through enough of the glass to let his hair seep through. Now out, the hair moved towards a piece of the machine that sent out the frequencies, and then merged with it. Meanwhile the others were completely distracted, and were starting to celebrate their victory.]

Terry: Man I can’t wait to go back to home and have a nice warm meal and a bed to sleep in peacefully.

Logan: Yeah, now I head on home and…

[The talking started to fade as Fasttrack walked over looking to the chamber. He suddenly started to notice part of the chamber was beginning to turn black.]

Fasttrack: Hey uh guys? Is that chamber made of metal, and is it electronic?

Obito: Yeah, why?

[The chamber started to change, and red, glowing lines appeared on it.]

Fasttrack: Get back!

[The chamber began flashing white and it exploded. Everybody was thrown back and Ebomination sat up.]

Fasttrack: Aw man…

Fasttrack: Aw man, I thought I told you guys not to make anything out of metal!

Obito: It was all his idea!

[Alexander grabbed a flask and started to drink.]

Alexander: Eh?

Terry: It ain’t supposed to be made of something he can fuse with! Wasn’t our new stuff supposed to be too sophisticated for a Galvanic Mechamorph?

Logan: Maybe a regular one, but him...

[Ebomination looked down at the ground and found some spare parts of the chamber lying around. He grabbed them with his hair then sped off. Fasttrack followed in pursuit.]

Fasttrack: I don’t know what you grabbed, but you’re not getting away from me that easily!

[Ebomination turned back and blasted an electronic blast from his tentacles, throwing Fasttrack to the ground. He powered down and changed back to normal.]

Ethan: Ergh…

[A van appeared behind him with Terry driving.]

Terry: Come on! I know where he’s headed.

[The scene cuts to Ebomination’s hang out as held down the tools on his desk. He started making something out of the parts he took. He then reached onto the ground, and picked up a small device. Opening it with the Upgrade hair, he placed the chamber’s technology into it. Once he finished, the device lit up with a red Omnitrix-like design. He placed it on his chest.]

Ebomination: He thought… he could shut me up… with Vulpimancer vocal chords… Heh. He’d have to do better than that.

[The doors slammed open as Ethan and the ESO broke inside.]

Ethan: It’s over you alien mutant!

Ebomination: [Turns around] Thank you for leaving me the parts to finish my translator. Your “attempt” to finish me off was quite impressive, admittedly.

[The group looked surprised.]

Terry: I’ll be damned, you managed to get back to being a loudmouth.

Ebomination: I never stopped. You just couldn’t understand me.

Ethan: Wait a minute, you broke his vocal chords?

Logan: We didn’t.

[There was a white flash. The scene stayed in the same area, although everyone was gone, except for one person strapped to the wall. Zooming in, the person is revealed as the Agent, suddenly waking up, scared and confused.]

Agent: Where the fuck… What the fuck is this shit? Where am I?

Voice: It’s about time you woke up.

Agent: Who the hell is that?!

Voice: Just a friend… sort of.

[A man entered the room. The man was tall and muscular. He had a chiselled face, with shoulder length, slicked back, black hair, and no facial hair. He wore a dark grey overcoat, with a green and silver suit underneath it. The Agent scowled when he saw the man.]

Agent: Figures. Which one are you?

Man: I lost count.

Agent: I get to live that long? Nice.

Future Agent: Well, you don’t. I’m not your exact future. This isn’t my past. What I do here won’t affect me in the slightest.

Agent: I get the feeling that it ain’t gonna go well for me.

Future Agent: Not at all.

[The future Agent reached into his overcoat, and pulled out an Omnitrix. The Agent’s eyes widened with anger.]

Agent: Where the hell did you get that?

Future Agent: One of the many versions of Ethan who died during their early days. It’s simple to remove it from a dead body, you know.

Agent: What are you gonna do? Put it on me? I’d just make you regenerate!

Future Agent: Nothing so foolish. I’m going to make you a warrior. One that will tear through this planet to get the power he needs. Maybe even literally tear through it. First of all, we need to fix those vocal chords of yours. Need you to not be making endless jokes while you’re being tortured.

[The future Agent attached a tube to the Omnitrix, and then the other end was attached to a syringe. He activated the Omnitrix and it changed to the icon of Wildmutt. He stuck the syringe into the Agent’s neck, and turned back to the Omnitrix.]

Agent: [struggling to talk] Y’know, without a regulator… This won’t work. A regeneration will happen instead…

Future Agent: Will it? See, I took that into account. Once the transformation starts, as long as I keep twisting the Omnitrix’s core, you’ll keep getting DNA, enough to overpower the regeneration, and keep you as the warrior I need you to be.

[The future Agent pointed his device at the Omnitrix. He pressed a button, and the Omnitrix activated. Green energy shot out of the Omnitrix, through the tube, and into the Agent. The Agent screamed as the DNA mixed with his own. The core of the Omnitrix turned red (as did the energy coming from it), and then began to spin around, cycling through the icons of Ethan’s aliens. The Agent, slowly but surely, was transformed into Ebomination. Ebomination fell to the ground, unconscious. The future Agent stepped over him, and walked out of the room. The TARDIS was heard leaving. There was another white flash, and the scene changed back to how it was. Ethan looked at Ebomination, now even more horrified of the sight of him.]

Ethan: Agent… Why… Why didn’t you fight back…

Ebomination: I couldn’t at the time. At first when I came to, I was strapped to the fucking wall. Eventually when I was freed, I began to enjoy the power, so much I wanted more!

[Ethan turned to the others in anger.]

Ethan: Did you know about this?!

Terry: We thought it would be best if… you didn’t know. Not right away, anyways.

Ethan: You just let this happened to him, and didn’t do anything to stop it! Why didn’t try to you save him?! Why did you let him get like this and not do anything about it?

Obito: How the hell could we? We couldn’t have stopped the future Agent we tried!

Ethan: You could’ve contained him, and stopped him from acting up like this...

Ebomination: No, they couldn’t have. The second I became your aliens, I never felt better. Now I can do anything I desire, and nobody can stop me, not even the hit squad the other you tried to form.

Sarah: The last time we tried, he nearly killed half our team. We had to sit back and watch him do this in order to figure out a way to stop him. Until you came along that is.

Ebomination: Now I will finish you and take the Omnitrix’s power, but first… I must take out the... distractions.

[Ethan stood over to shield them and stared directly at Ebomination.]

Ethan: I’m not going to let you do this Agent!

Ebomination: You’re already too late…

[Ebomination smacked him over and Ethan fell to the side. The group tried to shoot him down and Ebomination trapped them in diamonds. He then turned his arms intangible, put them through the diamonds, changed his hands back, and blasted them with fiery diamonds, sticking them to the sides of the diamond containment while burning them. They began to struggle in pain. Ethan looked up at them trapped. He raised up his Omnitrix arm but, Ebomination pinned him into the wall before he could transform.]

Ebomination: 10 aliens… That’s not enough. It’s never enough. I need more.

Ethan: Jokes on you! I only have ten, and they’re the ten you have.

Ebomination: Correction: You only have ten aliens unlocked. Eleven if you count yourself. That thing… It’s full of em. You really think a device that powerful can only hold ten aliens?

Ethan: [He hesitated] More than 10 aliens…? [Looks up] Agh, you will never get access to all the aliens in the Omnitrix!

Ebomination: How stupid are you?

Ethan: Actually I would prefer to be called a dumbass.

Ebomination: What's your point?

Ethan: I maybe a dumbass, but I am smart enough to know that you just set yourself up to fail.

Ebomination: The mind of both a Time Lord and Galvan, with the abilities of a Galvanic Mechamorph. I highly doubt I’d be able to fail at such a simple task.

[Ebomination looked over at the Omnitrix, and stretched his hair out towards it. The hair then fused with the Omnitrix, covering the majority of it, and turning the core red. Energy began coming out of the Omnitrix, and through Ebomination’s hair into his body. Ebomination grinned. Energy shot out from his sides underneath each arm. From this energy sprouted two arms, composed of a purple, rock-like material. Each arm had black markings all over, and the hands were composed of a pink, crystal-like material.]

Ebomination: That’s more like it. For Galvan technology, this device is surprisingly easy to-

[Suddenly, the Omnitrix’s core changed back to green, catching Ebomination off guard.]

Omnitrix: Firewall intruder detected. Activating Omnitrix defense mode.

[The Omnitrix shot a wave of electricity at Ebomination, sending him flying back. When he got up, his body was glowing with colorful energy. Ethan looked at the Omnitrix.]

Omnitrix: Defense mode activated. Intruder identified as a Galvanic Mechamorph. Would you like to activate the counteractive protocol?

Ethan: A counteractive protocol? Yeah, let’s do it.

Omnitrix: Activating counteractive protocol.

[The Omnitrix core popped up and spun through all the icons and the Omnitrix glew at a light yellow color, as a new icon was revealed to Ethan.]

Omnitrix: Activation complete.

[Ethan raised his arm up in the air and slammed down.]

[ALIEN TRANSFORMATION: Ethan’s body started floating in the air, eventually a bright light started surrounding his body. As he noticed his body was changing into something new, he felt amazed, then energy started glowing from out of his body as his head turned up looking shocked. Pebbles started flying into Ethan’s body, forming into a lodestone armored substance. It started forming on his torso, then it grew onto Ethan’s right forearm, his hand had turned into claws. The same happened to his other arm. Shards grew out from his shoulders and then Ethan’s head started floating in the air as metal began surfacing through his entire face, his eyes flashed green. All the energy in the transformation merged onto Ethan, then as he finished forming, he jumped out of the transformation. A flash occurred, ending the sequence.]

[Everything dimmed as the scene zoomed up to the figure as he took a look at himself.]

Lodestar: Whoa? What kind of alien is this one?

Ebomination: A Biosovortian… How delicious.

Lodestar: Whoa there Agent, you’re not getting a taste of this DNA Sample!

[Lodestar pointed his hand out, and began to shoot green circular waves at Ebomination. The latter started to scream. Lodestar paused and took a look at his claw.]

Lodestar: What kind of power is this?

[Ebomination charged at him, and Lodestar blocked for cover, but by surprise he unleashed a barrier surrounding him. Lodestar opened his eyes and noticed he created a forcefield. Ebomination attempted to break through it by simultaneous punching it. Static started glowing from Lodestar’s chest and he unleashed his barrier at him. It threw Ebomination and all the objects back away from him.]

Lodestar: I wonder…

[Lodestar again blasted his green circular waves, and a metallic object began floating in the air.]

Lodestar: Magnetic powers? Oh-ho-ho, you’re in for a whirl of trouble!

[Lodestar threw the object at Ebomination as he got up, it hit him in the face and he stepped to the side a few feet.]

Ebomination: With those new powers, combined into mine, I will be unstoppable.

Lodestar: Oh you already got a sample Agent, now let me have a turn!

[Lodestar began to shoot magnetic waves and lifted all the metallic objects in the room, he threw them at Ebomination, who used his super speed to destroy the objects. An explosion occurred. He collapsed for a second due to the impact.]

Ebomination: You think a new form will stop me? Think again.

[Ebomination rushed Lodestar. He pinned him to the wall, though Lodestar was holding him back a bit.]

Ebomination: Even with your new found powers you’re still no match for me!

Lodestar: You’re right, I am no match for you.

[Lodestar looked over to see the Agent’s sonic device left over to the side.]

Lodestar: I’m better!

[Lodestar lifted the device and it blasted Ebomination to the side with an ultimate sonic blast. He began to scream and removed Lodestar from his clutches, Lodestar began to run away and looked over at the group trapped in diamonds. He saw the device’s blasts holding down Ebomination.]

Lodestar: I’m going to have to time this just right.

[Lodestar created a magnetic barrier around him, and moved the sonic away from him. Lodestar then used it remove the group from the diamonds and they fell to the ground.]

Alexander: You got any ice packs?

[Lodestar smiled and looked at Ebomination, struggling to be freed from his prison.]

Lodestar: I don’t know how much longer that’s going to hold him. You better come up with something soon before I time out.

Logan: I got something. Give that to me.

[Lodestar handed over the device, and Logan swiftly developed a blaster with his equipment. He eyed Lodestar.]

Lodestar: What are you doing?

Logan: Ending this. I’ve never had a clear shot or the right tech to do it. Now I do. The answer seems simple to me.

[Lodestar dropped the shield, and just as Ebomination rushed over to try and strike him, Logan blasted his weapon, shooting a magnetic wave, a sonic wave, and then larger laser. Ebomination’s arms shattered completely, his hair went crazy and disappeared. A hole went through his entire torso and he fell down to the ground, dead, with blood spilling out onto the floor. Lodestar shut his eyes and moved his head down. Lodestar changed back into Ethan. Eventually a bright light started to shining in front of Ethan, he opened his eyes and gasped. Ebomination’s body started to flash a golden glow. All of the Omnitrix alien parts seemed to vanish into thin air as his body reverted to the Agent’s. The energy wiped the facial hair from his face, and his body thinned out. His hair shortened and changed to be ginger. The energy went away, and he opened his eyes, which were revealed to now be green instead of brown. The group looked on in confusion and amazement as the Agent sat up. Lodestar transformed back.]

Ethan: Agent… you…

Ninth Agent: Regenerated? Yes. Surprising, I thought the regeneration wasn’t going to kick in. I haven’t the slightest clue how that even happened.

Logan: Goddamn it. [Sets gun down]

Sarah: It must’ve been the blast. When Logan managed to fire his weapon at you it must’ve triggered the regeneration process.

Terry: Impossible. Why did it take up until now for it to work?

Ethan: Because it had all his weaknesses that weren’t countered by other aliens, combined into Agent’s weapon. It triggered the regeneration process.

Ninth Agent: Yes, I suppose… No, that’s probably too convoluted. Comic book magic, let’s call it that. [Walks over to Logan.] Thank you Logan.

Logan: Well, at least you’re not as annoying now without that big mouth.

[He handed over his weapon.]

Ninth Agent: Well, so far I’m not. Haven’t fully… [opens mouth, excess energy escapes from it] ...learned how this one works yet.

Ethan: Well anyway, now that we’ve saved the day, can you take me back home now? I’d like to get this adventure out of the way before my friends in my world start worrying.

Ninth Agent: No problem, I’ll take you… Oh wait… I don’t remember where I left my TARDIS. It’s been years, and I don’t believe I have my key… I don’t even know if I can fly it.

Ethan: Aw come on!

Ninth Agent: Not to worry, lad! I believe with all these spare parts laying around, I should be able to build you a time jumper in no time. Wait a minute… I have just the thing.

[Later in an army base known as Los Soledad, they find a giant teleporter pad laying around inside. The Agent was now wearing a light blue button up shirt, an almost white overcoat, and khaki pants.]

Sarah: What is this place?

Ninth Agent: This is an dimensional constant that allows for interdimensional travel. The one thing that exists in every reality.

Alexander: Why is this even here?

Ninth Agent: Some humans messing around with concepts of time they don’t even fully comprehend.

Ethan: Alright, let’s turn this baby on. Hit the switch.

[The Agent nodded and turned on the lever, a wormhole started to open inside the teleporter. Everything started to blow a large gust of wind in front of them.]

Ninth Agent: I’ve set up the coordinates to your world, but I don’t know how long I can keep this thing up and running.

Ethan: Well, thank you guys for all the help.

Terry: No problem, we should be thanking you.

Sarah: Finally we can rebuild our world and hope that threats such as this will never happen again.

Ninth Agent: Hurry the hell up!

[Ethan began walking towards the wormhole, he turned back.]

Ethan: Hey, tell your Ethan I said “sup.”

Terry, Alexander, Sarah, Obito, Logan: Bye!

Ninth Agent: Go already!

Ethan: Alright-alright.

[Ethan stepped in the portal and it closed in front of them. Meanwhile back on the main Earth, the true Agent held Professor Proff against the wall.]

Agent: Where did you send Ethan?

Professor Proff: How the hell should I know? I only held the portal gun for a few seconds.

Sif (Arachnachip): Says the one who decided to mess with Level 18 alien tech and started messing with things he didn’t even know!

Professor Proff: Look I’d love to be able to help, so I can eventually hurt him and all, but it’s not like I can do anything about it.

Agent: [Sighed] Ugh, great. Now we’re probably gonna have to track him back at the TARDIS. Who knows how many eons that’s going to take us.

Sif (Arachnachip): Ugh!

[A wormhole started to open and Ethan stepped out. It closed behind him.]

Ethan: Hey guys, missed somebody?

Agent: And just like that you saved us a whole bunch of time.

Sif: Ethan where’d you go, what happened to you?

Ethan: I’ll explain later. Can we go to a Burger King or something, because man I’m starving…

[Ethan looked down to see Professor Proff on the ground. He smiled nervously.]

Ethan: Kick him…

[Sif smashed him with his in the face with his foot and the scene faded back to the base inside. Ethan sat on the couch finishing his meal as the Agent stood up and Sif leaned back.]

Ethan: And so, we triggered Ebomination’s regeneration and he changed back into you. Well a different version of you.

Sif: Uh-huh. [Slurping on milkshake]

Agent: Interesting.

Ethan: So he finally sent me home and that’s how we got here.

Agent: Okay, but why didn’t he send you back in the TARDIS?

Ethan: He said he couldn’t find it, it’s been years since he last saw it.

Agent: Well, if there’s a rogue Agent running around, transforming people into monsters, we better keep our eye out. Who knows what kinda fucktillery he’s up to.

[The group started hearing a girl’s yawns. They widened their eyes and ran downstairs. Once there, they saw Maggie getting up from her bed, yawning.]

Ethan, Agent, Sif: Maggie!

[They ran toward her as she finished stretching.]

Maggie: Can you guys keep it down? I just woke up. [Rubs eyes.]

Ethan: So glad you’re awake. Did you finally finish healing?

Maggie: Yeah, that’s what I woke up for. You guys look so excited to see me up, sorry to worry you.

Agent: I’m more excited for character development to finally happen, honestly.

Maggie: So, I assume you finally figured out how to make it up to me Ethan?

[Ethan was scared for a moment, he blinked and just smiled. The scene changed to the two standing in front of the garage way, staring at the night sky.]

Maggie: So that’s what happened huh?

Ethan: Well pretty much. I left out a few details, I guess it’s just better you guys don’t find out yet. [Looking at the Omnitrix.]

Maggie: Well, we need to talk about what happened before you left.

Ethan: Oh boy, I knew this was coming. Look Maggie...

Maggie: I know you’re sorry, but it’s not that I’m not open into moving into a relationship with you, it’s just I need time. Right now my priorities are to track down V.V. Argost, gathering the map to my village and to save my people before…

Ethan: Don’t worry, we’ll save them. Together. I promise.

Maggie: [Smiled] Well, I wouldn’t mind if we started things slowly, after all you still have to make it up to me.

Ethan: I know!

Maggie: But I don’t wanna make anything official, not until after we save them, okay?

Ethan: Okay.

[Ethan looked up to the stars and started to think to himself.]

Ethan (Thoughts): To be honest, getting into a relationship with Maggie is the last thing on my mind right now. I can't stop thinking about what Ebomination said... There’s more aliens in the Omnitrix then I thought there were… I thought there were only 10. If each alien like this new guy today are more powerful than the others... What other forms are there?

[We zoom into the Omnitrix, as an icon opened up for Lodestar.]

E-10 ED Past My Shades


E-10 ED02 - Episode 14

Major Events

  • It is revealed an alternate Rogue Agent has been messing the other Agents.
  • Ethan unlocks a new alien for the first time.
  • Maggie wakes up from her coma.
  • Maggie and Ethan decide it is best not to date just yet.
  • Ethan decides to keep Lodestar a secret from the team until further notice.

Omnitrix Alien Debuts


Ebomination Supression Operation

  • Logan (alternate counterpart)
  • Terry
  • Sarah
  • Obito
  • Alexander


Aliens Used

Armors Used

  • Arachnachip


  • When Grey Matter says "Thanks the primes" it's a nod to both Transformers and Grey Matter's home planet, Galvan Prime.
  • The Task Force ESO (Ebomination Suppression Operation) is a reference to Elder Scrolls Online.
  • The concept of Ebomination is a nod to both Kevin Levin and the X-Men Origins: Wolverine version of Deadpool.


  • Ebomination also had gained an eleventh alien, gaining Chromastone's arms, confirming his existence in the Omnitrix.
  • Humungousaur, Swampfire and Way Big are confirmed to exist in the Omnitrix.
  • The alternate Agent's regeneration does not confirm the next incarnation of the main Agent will be the same.
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