This episode is this month's exclusive "Halloween"-themed episode. Enjoy!

Reader discretion advised, however. The content of this episode is thus intended to be dark.

Ben 10: Heroes of Evolution
Season 1, Episode 6
Air date August 20, 2014
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"The Number Game"

"A Monster's Redemption" is the sixth episode of Ben 10: Heroes of Evolution.


Edwards Community College
July 16, 2014, 8:41 PM ET

(A few girls are all talking while leaving the building.)

[Kate]: Sarah, wanna go for drinks?

[Sarah]: I'd love to, but I already said, I have studying to do, guys, I'm sorry.

[Kate]: Tomorrow?

[Sarah]: Definitely. It'll ease off the exam tension.

[Kate]: Bye, then, Sarah!

[Other girls]: Bye!

[Sarah]: See ya!

(She leaves while the other girls head to the parking lot)

(Sarah is seen walking down the sidewalk from the college. The camera zooms out aerially to the point where the edge of a roof is visible. From the right, a figure is partially seen crouching.)

[Narrator]: Isn't she beautiful?

(A silhouette of a hand is seen.)

[Narrator]: So... young, and so close to being absolutely clean of imperfections.

(The hand is then shown fully, the arm resting on the crouched knees. The hand is gray and withered. Gloves are put on.)

[Narrator]: The madman's mind can always ignore such elegant qualities... people say I have the mind of a madman. That I'm bloodthirsty... a sociopath, sadistic... they say I'm a monster. They say these things to themselves, inside their minds... a pool full of shallow thoughts rushing in at a time of immediate tension...

(The narrator's rusty boots are seen.)

[Narrator]: Natural thoughts before death. I can... I can read these people before I rid them of their imperfections - it's quite fascinating, and I'd take notes if I wanted to, except I don't have time.

(The camera pans upward to show a gloved hand holding Darkstar's helmet.)

[Darkstar]: My mind doesn't have time. My mind only involves running from things - people say the only way to face fear is fear itself - all I am bestowing upon my victims is my own fear... my vulnerabilities. This... this vicious chain of inner doubt, and shirking from life's ruthlessness... it follows them down to their graves. People say it's my ruthlessness, but every single time my vulnerabilities take over in my timid moments, I pause to think how many of my weaknesses... how much of my shame I've put into the ground.

(Darkstar puts on his helmet.)

[Darkstar]: The truth here is that I've never really "rid" myself of anything - I've only let it expand, let it spread and infect the frightened little atmospheres that make up the minds of my victims in their final minutes. The mortal fear that surrounds these people in the form of shallow little thoughts like "please let me live" - it's a cloud. It shrouds and obscures this little... parasite carrying my weaknesses like a poison - now some may be divided on whether killing these people is an act of mercy, for stopping this virus from growing... the truth is that because of the concept of families, this virus continues to spread. To the minds of the loved ones. And then the fear becomes paranoia.

(Sarah takes a right down another street - Darkstar begins walking across the rooftop to the other edge of the building to continue seeing her walk.)

[Darkstar]: Yet this parasite stays in me. It's where it was born, and its full potency makes a home inside my chaotic little mind. Stays there, fuels both my compulsion for killing and my fear of it. It's a very unpleasant path to go through... the initial stages are the worst... when you don't understand it. The normal mind is so fueled by curiosity that it wishes to use the last of itself before fading away - it's how the aggressive minds are in fact the most easily penetrated - this curiosity to understand the surrounding fear simply prompts the mind to go ahead and understand it.

(Darkstar continues walking along rooftops, following the path Sarah is taking.)

[Darkstar]: And because of its more present predicament: confusion, it seeks to take the easiest route out of the fear - the path of the conventional madman. To embrace the fear. It becomes so... involved in doing so that by the time the task is complete, escape is never in sight. The mind makes a home for itself in the fear... the same way fear makes a home for itself in the mind. It's a very mutual relationship.

(Sarah takes a left - Darkstar quickly makes his way down some staircase catwalks on the side of an apartment, down to the sidewalk.)

[Darkstar]: Most madmen would admire this... the so-called "perfection" of what has been created - but this is essentially the "creation of destruction". The mind has tricked itself into taking the path that leads it to its new, monstrous state. It's handed its control of itself to the fear instead. And this new fear-powered mind fuels the compulsion to do what the scared person might do: to run.

(Darkstar follows Sarah over to a relatively empty street that leads to her neighborhood. Darkstar moves to a fence and waits.)

[Darkstar]: I'm acknowledging all this because I'm attempting to fix myself. To rid myself of the fear. But I did say there was no escape - I've been trying to train my mind into finding an escape. To fight the fear. Yet the fear is still winning - it's convincing me to think like a madman.

(A sequence of high-contrast black and white visuals flashes all over the screen, making up skull-like shapes.)

(Darkstar clutches his head.)

[Darkstar]: That happens. Every single time I try to fight the demons surrounding me. I become distracted... reminded of the madman's endless thirst by the fear that always wins me over... it tells me to kill. To kill and kill. Because what I am requires it. I need energy to sustain my human appearance, but the fear in my mind insists that both sides of me represent the monster. That I can never fix myself. And the only way to stay running is to kill.

(Sarah comes close to the intersection near the fence Darkstar waits at.)

[Darkstar]: And it picks the perfect time to do so. Right when my body feels weak. To the point where I cannot fight the fear - no matter what I try to tell my mind, the pain of vulnerability forces me to give in. To get whatever it needs to relieve itself. It tells me I can never fight fear, nor can I fight pain, and that the illusion of power comes from my violent conquests. And because it's so willing to get any form of reliever, the first thing it finds is the voice of fear. that voice chants one word: KILL.

(Darkstar begins to approach Sarah.)

[Darkstar]: It's how I am. The mind and the body cannot work separately - the former gives me fear and the latter gives me pain. Anytime I fight one, the other attacks at full force. And I stay convinced that this is what I need. I feel as though my own death would fix this, though the fear takes over yet again and keeps me from allowing that. It makes me acknowledge one thing: that life goes on.

(Darkstar lunges at Sarah and grabs her by the throat. He shoves her against the fence, pressing his palm to her back. Black smoke seeps out of her as her skin becomes rotten and Darkstar's becomes human. He takes his palm away and finishes strangling her now-lifeless corpse. It falls to the ground.)

[Darkstar]: But Sarah's doesn't. Now I wait and witness my vulnerability seep down into her wandering soul.

(He takes off his helmet and inside is the normal face of Michael Morningstar.)

[Darkstar]: My body is fixed, and now the pain from there travels to my mind, which fear gladly gives up its control over just to sit back and witness me hurt and hurt. And as my body eventually deteriorates, the pain flows back down as fear regains its control.

(Michael walks away.)

[Darkstar]: And that is the "vicious cycle". It's what my mind turned into. And whose fault is it? None other than mine. I'm the one who let fear's parasites expand and drag my mind down into what it is today. Fear convinced me to never let go of it - I can never have suicidal thoughts and I can never let anyone harm me. I can only harm them while fear is in control, then regret it as pain is. And, you see, when I try to harm myself, the pain naturally goes to the body; fear goes to the mind, and tells me to stop. Fear gives me pain, and pain gives me fear. Rinse and repeat.

St. Paul's Clinic
July 17, 2014, 4:11 PM ET

[Dr. Richard Wilson]: That's... that's quite a story, Michael.

[Michael]: I know, doctor, I know how unhealthy this sounds, how uncomfortable this makes you feel...

[Dr. Wilson]: The good thing is that you're getting better at defying the fear, and, and controlling yourself.

[Michael]: All it does is come back to haunt me. Every single day. I'm surprised you've never recorded our sessions.

[Dr. Wilson]: I know, it feels a bit... wrong, not to report murder confessions, but this is different. It's private, I understand it. You need someone to talk to.

[Michael]: You're only one that does understand. Maybe during our next session I'll come out clean? Use less metaphors?

[Dr. Wilson]: We'll see. But the way you describe things, forcing yourself into doing something, rushing it, isn't the way to go. Take your time, practice. Practice saying no.

[Michael]: I'll... I'll do my best.

[Dr. Wilson]: (Looks at his watch) 4:15. I guess today's session is over then?

[Michael]: Yeah. Nice seeing you, doctor.

[Dr. Wilson]: You too.

(They shake hands and Michael leaves)

(Dr. Wilson looks at his hand. There are more wrinkles and age-marks than there were before.)

(He begins to shake and looks at the door nervously.)

[Dr. Wilson]: (Whispers shakily to himself) You're anything but okay, Michael. (Deep breath)


Crime scene
July 17, 2014, 4:07 PM ET

(Several police cars are stationed around Sarah's body. Detectives and officers walk around while photographers take pictures.)

[Detective]: Let's see... Sarah Collins, aged 21.

[Blake]: That's it?

[Detective]: Sorry?

[Blake]: Cause of death, evidence linking, nothing at all?

[Detective]: See, that's my point. We literally can't find anything.

[Blake]: That the body?

[Detective]: Right.

(Captain Rozum gets out of his car.)

[Capt. Rozum]: Evening, gentlemen, what have you got?

[Blake]: Absolutely nothing.

[Capt. Rozum]: I'm sorry?

[Blake]: No evidence, no cause of death, for god's sake.

[Detective]: Come see the body for yourself, captain.

(Blake is crouched down next to the body.)

[Capt. Rozum]: I refuse to believe this, nothing?

[Blake]: You'd be surprised that they're right, especially judging that it's these guys.

[Capt. Rozum]: Are you kidding me? You of all people, nothing?

[Blake]: Victim's body is literally drained of all life force.

[Capt. Rozum]: WHAT?

[Blake]: Feel her hands, they're like wood.

(Rozum puts on a pair of latex gloves and crouches down.)

[Blake]: Yeah, feel that.

(Rozum presses on Sarah's palm with his forefinger. It doesn't even squish slightly.)

[Capt. Rozum]: Jesus.

[Blake]: Terribly unrealistic dryness - she also has absolutely no blood in her.

[Capt. Rozum]: Absolutely no blood?

[Blake]: Her limbs, shoulders, everything is dead white. But her face is where it gets interesting.

[Capt. Rozum]: Yikes, what the hell even happened? Did you say this woman was 21?

[Blake]: But she looks like a 90 year-old, right? Whatever happened to her involved some kind of aging.

[Capt. Rozum]: Yeah, kinda to a rock, quite literally, I'm afraid. Well, if you can't find anything I say we take this to the morgue.

[Blake]: Sure thing, James. I anyways might have an alternative to this thing.

[Capt. Rozum]: Remember that I'm "Captain" to you now.

[Blake]: Aye aye, Captain.

(Rozum laughs and walks off.)

Mr. Smoothy's
July 17, 2014, 4:22 PM ET

(A shot shows thumbs playing a soccer video game on a phone.)

[Ben]: Okay, keep heading left and then pass to that guy in the center, and then shoot.

[Julie]: You've told me this a dozen times already, I know!

(The player with the ball dribbles to the left.)

[Ben]: Okay, now pass, don't actually-

(Rather than pass to the player further towards the goal, Julie kicks long-distance and makes it.)

(She smiles and slides the phone back to Ben.)

[Julie]: What did I tell you?

[Ben]: Nothing, actually, this came as a surprise. I've never tried it. (Sips smoothie)

(The smoothie makes loud slurping noises as it nears emptiness.)

[Julie]: (Cringes) God, don't do that!

[Ben]: (Chuckles) I'm getting refills, you want any?

[Julie]: I'll pass.

(Ben takes her cup as well and throws it in the trash on his way to the vendor.)

(Julie goes over to Ben's phone.)

(She starts another round. Her player passes and runs...)


[Julie]: AAH!!!!!!

(Ben hears this from the vendor.)

[Ben]: Whoa, what was that?

(The vendor comes with a smoothie, but Ben is gone.)

[Vendor]: The hell?

(Ben runs over to the table.)

[Ben]: Julie, are you alright?

[Julie]: (Panting) THIS. (She shows him the phone)

(There's a picture of Sarah's body from the morgue.)

[Ben]: Jesus Christ! Who's the sender?

(Julie slides down her thumb from the top to bring down a tab that says "Blake".)

[Julie]: Who's Blake?

[Ben]: A human apparatus sent from hell itself. Here, let me see that.

(He dials a number and walks slightly away while holding the phone to his ear.)

[Blake]: Hello?

[Ben]: Hey, what the hell was that all about?

[Blake]: (Laughs) You're always at that damn smoothie place.

[Ben]: So? Is this how you call me on a case?

[Blake]: I just needed a way to attract your attention.

[Ben]: You call that attractive?

[Blake]: She actually kinda was a pretty woman. Sarah Collins, aged 21.

[Ben]: Am I supposed to know who that is?

[Blake]: No, but I figure you'd know who did it.

[Ben]: Why? It's just a murder.

[Blake]: It probably wasn't the best decision to show you a picture from the morgue after we cleaned her up, but even from here you'll be able to see what's strange about her.

[Ben]: *(Sigh)* I'm not "moping around", I'm out with my girlfriend.

[Blake]: Not surprised you have one. How many before this one, Mr. Superstar?

[Ben]: I was actually never much of the social kind, so zero. This is all genuine.

[Blake]: Not much for social, huh? I wonder why.

[Ben]: And that makes two of us.

[Blake]: (Chuckles) Just get over here, will you, kid?

[Ben]: Whatever.

(Hangs up)

(He walks back over to Julie.)

[Ben]: Blake is a BPD detective who has a thing for not taking too many people seriously.

[Julie]: Yeah, I can see that.

[Ben]: Well, he tells me that our body has more to it than meets the eye, so...

[Julie]: So you gotta go?

[Ben]: I'm really sorry, Julie. I mean, I haven't seen you in a while and everything, but uh...

[Julie]: Duty calls, I get it. Either way, thanks for all this. It was fun.

(She gives him a hug)

BPD Morgue
July 17, 2014, 4:34 PM ET

(A detective is inspecting the body and looking at the autopsy report.)

[Blake]: What more can you add to that, anyways?

[Detective]: I'm actually trying to add something. This seems like a pretty interesting M.O., anyways.

[Blake]: Anything so far?

[Detective]: Well, with your insight still not being sufficient, I doubt I'll get anywhere.

[Blake]: That's why I've called in the kid. He'd probably know this.

[Detective]: What, you think it's something, uh, not human?

[Blake]: Well, the signs of aging are there but most chemical solutions having to do with such a strange intoxication would have at least one thing to show.

[Detective]: I'm aware too, and I've been at it with this microscope for sometime.

[Blake]: With nothing?

[Detective]: With nothing.

(A door in the corner opens and Rozum comes in with his coffee.)

[Capt. Rozum]: Let me guess, nothing?

[Blake]: Oh, you got that right. Chemical traces are also off our list, Captain Jimmy.

[Capt. Rozum]: I hope you know that you take such designations seriously?

[Blake]: Right, right. It's just that feeling where one of your parents teaches a class you're in and you can't help but call them "dad" or "mom".

[Capt. Rozum]: Is that what I am to you?

[Blake]: I'd look up to you as a kid, remember? Now, you're just some big old patriotic friend I have trouble relating to.

[Capt. Rozum]: Same goes to you, I guess, but without patriotic.

(He walks over to the body.)

(The front door opens from behind them. Ben enters.)

(A few of the doctors make way.)

[Blake]: Well, the prodigal son arrives at last.

[Ben]: Make it quick.

[Capt. Rozum]: You called him here, Dennis?

[Ben]: With the worst methods possible. You scared the hell out my girlfriend, you know?

[Blake]: Why did she have your phone?

[Ben]: Eh, I was showing her my soccer game.

[Blake]: Seems like all your associates find you hellbent on showing them soccer.

[Ben]: Since when have you been in touch with my associates?

[Capt. Rozum]: Must I break up every idiotic conversation between two people always oblivious to me?

[Blake]: People are oblivious to the patriotic, it bores them.

[Capt. Rozum]: Touche. Caring for the law doesn't make you "patriotic", it makes you a decent citizen.

[Blake]: And what does that make me?

[Capt. Rozum]: Also a decent citizen, I hope, or else that badge would still be a souvenir.

[Blake]: Fair enough.

[Capt. Rozum]: Now, Ben! We can't exactly find anything related to human sciences in Ms. Sarah Collins here, so do you think we call it in?

[Ben]: You call me in. Let me see.

(Ben goes over to the body, which has a long white LED positioned above it and glowing. He puts on latex gloves.)

[Blake]: Good, now feel her shoulder.

(Ben pokes at her shoulder and biceps. Nothing moves.)

[Ben]: That's rock-hard.

(He looks at his gloved finger, having collected some flaky dust.)

[Ben]: What are these flakes?

(He shows his index finger to Blake.)

[Blake]: Jesus Christ, that's dead skin!

(Ben wipes his finger with a napkin.)

[Blake]: Well, see, everything in her is essentially dead.

[Ben]: And her face...

[Blake]: It appears to be aged severely.

[Ben]: Aged?

[Blake]: Any chemical capable of that process in intoxication would have traces. This body has no traces.

[Ben]: And her skin. It's grayish, and wrinkled to death. And now the wrinkles have hardened to feel like stone or wood.

[Blake]: Correct...

[Ben]: And I'm guessing she's bloodless, dead white underneath, fully dysfunctional organs, visible bones, very hollow...

[Blake]: Correct on all counts. You've memorized this inside and out, huh?

[Ben]: Well, this seems like a very psychotic, bloodthirsty, outlandish, even personal way to kill someone.

[Capt. Rozum]: Sure...

[Ben]: The reason I recognize this is because I've come in contact with this man before. Would you believe me?

[Blake]: Why the hell not? I mean, we just took out a snake version of Hannibal Lecter a few days back.

Dark, Unlit Apartment Room
July 17, 2014, 4:38 PM ET

(A shot of Darkstar's silhouette removing his helmet is shown. Ben continues to talk to the cops but his voice is a narration.)

[Ben]: The man we're dealing with is known as Michael Morningstar.

(Darkstar sits down.)

[Ben]: Many know him as "Darkstar".

(A shot of Darkstar's facial silhouette is lit up by a lightning strike. Rain is heard outside.)

[Ben]: This man's M.O. is quite interesting, and quite unsettling as well.

(The lighting continues to silently flash as a close-up shot of Darkstar's face shows a bit of blood on him.)

[Ben]: He's very brutal...

(Darkstar reaches for something on a table in front of the couch he's sitting on.)

[Ben]: Sadistic...

(Darkstar is holding a lamp - he turns it on.)

[Ben]: Quite greedy... he has this, this pathological hunger for death.

(Darkstar is seen looking down, horrified.)

[Ben]: His justification is that he relies on it.

(Darkstar is looking down at six dead bodies on the floor, lying in a pool of blood staining the already tattered floor and carpets.)

[Ben]: He feeds on those he deems "beautiful", or those who he sees value in.

(Darkstar looks to the right at the spot on the couch next to him.)

[Ben]: It's a very twisted mentality, the way he can just see what people are worth, only to take it from them.

(Darkstar is looking at a gun. He slowly begins reaching for it.)

[Ben]: He's not very good at keeping promises.

(Lighting strikes again, but a series of black and white, high-contrast skulls is shown.)

(Darkstar's hand trembles as he lifts the gun closer.)

[Ben]: His so-called "charm" is just reaping and taking advantage of whatever he finds to be his victims' weaknesses. A little deathtrap, basically.

(Darkstar closes his eyes and shudders as he holds to gun to his head.)

(His hand trembles violently. He tries to take deep breaths...)


(He tightly shuts his eyes as the bullet floats next to his temple.)

(He shakily takes several deep breaths.)

(The bullet shimmers before flying back into the gun barrel in a wisp of black smoke.)

(The gun cracks and bursts in half.)

(His hand is shown dropping it in slow motion as it is seen shattering upon impact with the ground.)

(The next shot shows Darkstar, in real time now, clutching his head and staring at the bodies.)

(Darkstar shudders before getting up and overturning the table, knocking the lamp over.)

(He walks over to it, and picks it up.)

(He drops the lamp on the bodies, igniting and burning them as he exits.)

BPD Morgue
July 17, 2014, 4:42 PM ET

[Ben]: They way he kills people involves directly aging them to the point where their bodies are entirely dysfunctional.

[Capt. Rozum]: And... is this like some special ability he has?

[Ben]: Their bodily energy is what he's able to actually absorb and take in as his own.

[Blake]: Like a battery charger?

[Ben]: His victims are his power outlets. It's all really just a bunch of black magic.

[Capt. Rozum]: I see.

[Ben]: I mean, he's even preyed on my cousin before, but we've withstood him. At times we've even needed his help on things.

[Blake]: Help? You consulted this violent a psycho for help?

[Ben]: I actually don't know what it is that's turned him into a serial killer.

[Capt. Rozum]: What do you mean?

[Ben]: Well, when I said he relies on it, lack of energy actually ages him and makes him look like a zombie. So he'd have to absorb whatever his victims have to sustain his healthy appearance.

[Blake]: Does this have any effect on his actual health?

[Ben]: Not that I know of, since he's even more dangerous as a zombie. He's just an energy vampire. As far as I know it's only his appearance.

[Capt. Rozum]: You're saying we're essentially after an extremely self-conscious beauty queen here?

[Ben]: That sums it up just about right, Captain. Either way, tread with caution.

[Blake]: Our best bet is not engage him.

[Capt. Rozum]: But then how do we catch him?

[Ben]: I'll find a way. He's clearly become a bit unstable.

[Blake]: We'll run background checks over at the precinct, see if we find anything.

[Capt. Rozum]: In that, you enjoy the rest of your evening, Ben. And again, thanks for the help.

[Ben]: Not a problem.

(He leaves)

Gwen's House
July 17, 2014, 4:48 PM ET

(Gwen is taking out the trash outside her house.)

(She sees Ben's car coming in from the distance and waves.)

(Ben slows to a halt and pulls over. He lowers his window.)

[Gwen]: 'Evening.

[Ben]: Hey.

[Gwen]: I saw Julie coming back home. Where were you?

[Ben]: Blake needed something.

[Gwen]: Oh yeah! How is he?

[Ben]: He and all the others were all a bit baffled by this murder, but I cleared them up after seeing the body. Doesn't mean things are any better for any of us.

[Gwen]: Explain?

[Ben]: Darkstar's back.

(Gwen goes wide-eyed.)

(Ben gets out of the car.)

[Gwen]: How?

[Ben]: The body was all aged, hollow, with no blood. Clearly him. I told the police everything I knew and they were a bit unsettled.

[Gwen]: Like always.

[Ben]: Look, I know this is not gonna make you feel any better while still living with how much he comes after you, but I think he's a bit unstable now.

[Gwen]: *(Sigh)* You're right, of course, I feel worse.

[Ben]: If you're wondering why I think so, it's because of how sloppy he's getting. Leaving bodies at the scene, M.O. evidence suggesting increased aggression... either way I'll stop at nothing to make sure you're unharmed. I know Kevin will too.

[Gwen]: I appreciate your concern, but I can take care of myself just fine.

[Ben]: This is not a bodyguard proposal, Gwen, it's just reassurance. We need to have each other's backs on this.

[Gwen]: Well, you've got mine, I've got yours.

(They give each other a light "bro-hug".)

[Ben]: Deal of life between us. Anyways I need some rest.

[Gwen]: So do I. I decided I'd just finish up overdue chores since there was nothing.

[Ben]: I was never entitled to being the police consultant, you know?

[Gwen]: But it seems you're the one who enjoys it most.

[Ben]: Fair enough. Have a nice evening.

[Gwen]: You too.

(Gwen dusts off her hands while going back into her house while Ben gets in his car.)

Ben's House
July 17, 2014, 4:56 PM ET

(Ben is switching through news channels.)

[Reporter]: Fire breakout at-


[Reporter]: Financial trade correlations seem to be wavering in the highs despite the recent scandal with-


[Reporter]: Reports show the body appeared aged despite the burns, which-


[Sports Commentator]: We think he'll be going for a nice record this season...

[Ben]: Wait a minute...

(He switches to the previous channel.)

[Reporter]: Among the six bodies, the one recovered only suffered minor burns to their sides, though reports show wood-like scorch marks around the body. Initial medical examinations show the literal lack of blood inside the victim's body and facial scarring and wrinkling suggesting some sort of rapid aging pattern.

[Ben]: Oh, good god.

(His phone rings. He picks it up off the tabletop and answers.)

[Ben]: Hello?

[Blake]: Hey, Ben, we ran a background check on Michael Morningstar, and the guy's not even recorded for a single murder in here! Totally clean.

[Ben]: Well, that's gonna be a problem - he's struck again.

[Blake]: What?

[Ben]: Are you near a TV?

[Blake]: Yeah...

(Blake is seen in the BPD offices picking up a remote.)

[Ben]: Switch to news channel 106.

[Blake]: 106... (Presses remote buttons)

[Reporter]: Due to the body being collected only 20 minutes ago by a smaller group of detectives, the police captain has yet to respond on this case, though public reports from only an hour ago suggest that this corresponds to an unusual M.O. pattern...

[Blake]: Crap. We have to get to that body.

[Ben]: The report says there were six.

(In the precinct, an officer comes over to Blake.)

[Officer]: Blake? Six bodies reported to have landed in the morgue just now.

[Blake]: Reported on TV too. We need to whup whoever publicized these, the case is far from complete.

[Officer]: Alright, sure, but I'm just letting you know, should you do anything about it.

[Blake]: I will. (Holds the phone to his ear) Hey, sorry, Ben. Officer just reported the morgue finding. We need to find out what the hell's going on here.

[Ben]: I'll stay in touch then. Right now all I can do is watch.

(Blake hangs up.)

[Blake]: *(Sigh)* Jesus Christ...

St. Paul's Clinic
July 17, 2014, 5:18 PM ET

[Dr. Wilson]: Well, you said you have a problem?

[Michael]: (Solemnly staring at the ground) I do.

[Dr. Wilson]: Well, don't keep me in suspense. What is it?

[Michael]: The fear.

[Dr. Wilson]: Okay...

[Michael]: It's... *(sigh)* It's difficult.

[Dr. Wilson]: Alright, look, Michael. If you want to tell me anything, be open. I don't do cryptic. If you want to let the problems escape you, then start verbally. Tell me - all I'm here to do is help.

[Michael]: The pain, too...

[Dr. Wilson]: Alright. Look. I think it's just that you don't trust me...

[Michael]: I don't trust anyone...

[Dr. Wilson]: What?

[Michael]: I have no qualms about being open with you, doctor, but I've settled with the sole belief that no can solve my condition.

[Dr. Wilson]: Well...

[Michael]: It's why I've come up with a solution for it on my own...

[Dr. Wilson]: That's good, very good. (Looks at his expression) You're not satisfied. (Looks further) No, you're still unsure whether you can be fixed.

[Michael]: Doctor, can people really be fixed?

[Dr. Wilson]: Well, answering that with whatever solution you have will ultimately fix you, am I right?

[Michael]: That's if people can indeed be fixed.

[Dr. Wilson]: Alright, you're not exactly cooperating with me, Michael, but look. Patient-induced therapy is a great thing. It allows for the acknowledgement that the patient understands their situation, and despite the chances of a favorable outcome, at least we're sure the patient is confident of their repair. Should the solution fail, fine, but we've lit the spark of motivation. Approaching the situation differently is simply keeping it ignited.

[Michael]: Well said, though my problem is that I doubt my plan will work.

[Dr. Wilson]: To fix that, you start by sharing away so we both know what to fix. Patient understands their situation at last, and the doctor simply has to help apply a solution.

[Michael]: How would you understand?

[Dr. Wilson]: Your metaphors are vivid, clear, and make perfect sense to me.

[Michael]: No one experiences what I do.

[Dr. Wilson]: That's what the mind would be inclined to think, but-

[Michael]: You're deriving off the minds of most people. I'm not most people.

[Dr. Wilson]: Look, I always get an odd duck every once in a while, but-

[Michael]: I'm the oddest.

[Dr. Wilson]: But we can still-

[Michael]: No, you can't. You can't. You won't fix me, and we can't approach this situation dynamically. No one is like me, and even if a madman succumbs to the twisted delusions, our minds can never meet, nor can they sympathize. One acknowledges the problem, the other doesn't. Or, the other scenario is where neither mind is stable enough to even see an end to the madness. The uplifting will take time the other mind is too unstably comprehensive to have the patience for. They're like magnets that always find ways to repel each other.

[Dr. Wilson]: But... I'm sane.

[Michael]: Exactly. Even an experimental descent into psychosis will never work, one reason being how idiotic it is, and the second proving point A by presenting the solution as impossible.

[Dr. Wilson]: *(Sigh)* You see how you're making this increasingly difficult? Now look, I didn't mean to provoke any part of you in saying-

[Michael]: You didn't provoke anything, I understand you fine. I understand your point, rather, because I can just see all its flaws. Difficulty is nonexistent in an impossible task hence any process being utterly pointless.

[Dr. Wilson]: And your point?

[Michael]: My pointS all reinforce the suppression of your objections to my plan.

[Dr. Wilson]: How could I object if I don't know your plan?

[Michael]: All I'm aiming to do here is to warn you of how objectionably my plan may present itself. The aforementioned impossibility simply states further as to why there's no point in insisting an alternative.

[Dr. Wilson]: Come on, you actually think there's no other way?

[Michael]: Your harsh confusion has its reasons to be there when I tell you that I need to fool the fear into thinking it's won.

(Wilson leans back in his couch and stares in confusion.)

[Dr. Wilson]: Into thinking it's won?

[Michael]: Do you remember my vicious cycle, doctor?

[Dr. Wilson]: I noted it, yes. (Flips through pages) Ah, yes. Stopping yourself from an act of violence induces pain, which triggers fear to act as an antidote by pressuring your mind to tell you to continue killing.

[Michael]: Very good.

[Dr. Wilson]: Any instance of pain triggers fear to fight it off, so the only way to avoid any pain at all is to allow fear to stay in control.

[Michael]: And the fear's constant action?

[Dr. Wilson]: To make you kill... (He suddenly drops the notebook and stays silent, slowly shuddering. He takes a deep breath and removes his glasses.)

(Michael watches with a slight squint to signify his shared discomfort.)

[Dr. Wilson]: (Slowly folds his glasses) W-when you say you want to, to create an illusion for the fear... are-are you s-suggesting what I think you are?

(Michael slowly nods.)

[Dr. Wilson]: *(Deep Breath)* You... you want to continue killing, and killing... to "satisfy" the fear, am I correct?

[Michael]: I told you it's the only way.

[Dr. Wilson]: N-no, it is NOT the only way... th-there has to be an alternative...

[Michael]: And if there isn't?

[Dr. Wilson]: Th-then I've failed you, Michael.

[Michael]: You haven't failed anyone, you've done your job.

[Dr. Wilson]: I have done the opposite! I can understand failing someone to another clinic, but coaxing them into killing people?

[Michael]: I was far worse in the beginning. I brought myself up and acknowledged the problem because of you. Now I'm moving on.

[Dr. Wilson]: You're descending back to where you were at the start!

[Michael]: No, I'm eliminating it.

[Dr. Wilson]: N-no... (Deep breath) No... (Looks up) I have your tapes, you know?

[Michael]: This is psychology, you can't use blackmail to coerce a mentally ill patient. And if you wish not to provoke me, do not reach for those tapes anytime soon.

[Dr. Wilson]: (Deep breath) M-Michael, I feel it terribly cruel and unfair to call you a m-murderous monster as opposed to just someone who needs help, but you're refusing it to the one person who's willing to give you help, in favor of something unbelievably irrational!

[Michael]: If that were true I'd have killed you by now. You're the singular person I can empathize with in exchange for the same. I've shown mercy to you not as a service, but rather as compassion for someone who understands. If I were unstable like the beginning, that mercy wouldn't be there and such a connection on such a mental level would be nonexistent. This would further prove true when you're dead. That hasn't happened and I'm not willing to put a "yet" at the end of that.

[Dr. Wilson]: L-look. Being in need gives you no right to just go and d-defy the limits that every person has.

[Michael]: BUT I AM NOT EVERY PERSON! (His fists shudder)

[Dr. Wilson]: Y-you're right, you're actually, you're actually lacking in progress.

[Michael]: (Stands up straight and glares at him) How dare you...

[Dr. Wilson]: (Sigh) M-Michael... (Deep breath) During... during our last meeting you tried to "drain out" my hand in a handshake. I saw wrinkles on my hand, and signs of aging.

(Michael looks at him in confusion and takes a deep breath.)

[Dr. Wilson]: Now, look. If you're gonna call it impulse, a patient who has made progress would know to fight off such psychological impulses, am I correct?

[Michael]: You are correct...

[Dr. Wilson]: And... and in the stage of underdevelopment, it puts you in no position to justify such outlandish therapy methods until you are fully realized. And no, I do not just mean the problem, I mean you.

(Michael takes a deep breath.)

[Dr. Wilson]: Please, just sit down, and l-let's talk this out calmly.

(Michael takes another shaky deep breath.)

[Dr. Wilson]: Oh, and as much as you want to differentiate yourself from the outside world, the only way to bring you back to stability and sanity is to join the others. Independence is fully free within you, but sanity is when the mind is level with the others.

(Michael clutches his head and begins shuddering.)

[Dr. Wilson]: Oh, god...

(Michael pulls his hands down and looks at Dr. Wilson, his face slightly aging. Michael pants.)

[Michael]: (Shaky breath) I am so sorry...

[Dr. Wilson]: You're... you're aging again, aren't you, Michael?

[Michael]: The pain... the pain gradually increases and the fear tells me to kill...

[Dr. Wilson]: What did I tell you about progress? Our point was to fight off your vicious cycle and we're nowhere close to it!

[Michael]: That's because of the fear. It stays in me. It fights all. (He turns to Wilson) I fight all. I defy all. It makes me defensive.

[Dr. Wilson]: (Deep breath) Michael...

[Michael]: In a few minutes I'll stop acknowledging all this and be lost in fear's carnage. And no, we can't work to stop that until it wears off.

[Dr. Wilson]: B-but you're going to create an illusion that it hasn't?

[Michael]: To essentially wear off the fear. Exactly.

[Dr. Wilson]: B-but these people...

[Michael]: At times, sacrifices are necessary, doctor.

(Wilson takes a deep breath.)

[Michael]: Goodbye.

[Dr. Wilson]: Michael, please don't-

(The door shuts.)

(Wilson frantically runs out.)

[Dr. Wilson]: MICHAEL?

(He hears a loud noise.)

[Dr. Wilson]: Michael, you come back here!

(He runs into the lobby and his face turns to pure terror.)

[Dr. Wilson]: Jesus Christ...

(Some of the desks are chipped and cracked. He walks behind one...)

(Three fully lifeless bodies lie behind it.)

(Wilson covers his mouth in shock and impulsively pulls out his phone.)

(He pauses momentarily and takes deep breaths, considering whether he should call the cops.)

(He shuts his eyes tight and drops his phone. He looks on at the bodies, unsettled.)

Ben's House
July 18, 2014, 11:03 AM ET

It's raining outside; this is for the ambient sound.

(A close-up shot, level with the road, shows raindrops falling on the pavement into puddles.)

(The next shot faces Ben's house and slowly zooms, until a car zooms by and splashes the lens.)

(The water on the camera transitions the shot into the one through the rainwater-covered window of Ben's room.)

(Ben is sitting on his bed reading a comic.)

(His TV flickers with static. He lowers the book to look at it.)

(He gets up and reaches for his controller as the TV statics and goes to the Sumo Slammers menu.)

[Ben]: Dammit, there goes my score again.

(His phone rings.)

(He picks it up.)

[Ben]: Hello?

[Blake]: Ben?

[Ben]: Hey.

[Blake]: Yeah, I'm surprised this call's even working in this damn storm, but that murder from yesterday - we checked out the body. Same M.O.

[Ben]: Yeah, wherever Darkstar is we have to find him.

[Blake]: You sure it's him?

[Ben]: There's no way it can't be.

[Blake]: Well, yeah, sorry you can't come over to the morgue right now to check out the body, but with what we can do so far, background checks are once again coming up with nothing.

[Ben]: I doubt he's ever even come in contact with the police before. Anything from his childhood?

[Blake]: Well, from what you've been telling us, this guy's bound to have some alien bloodlines to him. Any way we can trace those?

[Ben]: Wait... Plumbers... oh my god! That would work!

[Blake]: You're calling a plumber to find a mass murderer?

[Ben]: The Plumbers are the space police, essentially. My grandfather's among their highest ranks.

[Blake]: And have these people come in contact with your Darkstar before?

[Ben]: One of their high-level guys arrested him the same night we were authenticated to be Plumbers.

[Blake]: Well, you get that this rainstorm isn't necessarily gonna help us get close to them?

[Ben]: I don't know what Darkstar would be up to now, but we can probably find him by the time it dies down.

(Strange voice-like background noises with static is heard, followed by the sound of something being picked up.)

(Blake says something like "will do", shrouded by static.)

[Ben]: What was that.

(After a small pause, Blake returns to the phone.)

[Blake]: Hey, I-

[Ben]: You know, I could look and see if we've found pictures of him.

[Blake]: Hold that thought, I just got a dispatch.

[Ben]: Okay, did they provide a description?

[Blake]: Appeared to be male, dressed in black, gray boots, I think that's it.

[Ben]: Did they mention blonde hair or some kind of helmet?

[Blake]: (Momentary pause) Helmet, yes.

[Ben]: It's Darkstar.

[Blake]: Jesus Christ, we just found our catch. Location is... a freeway intersection exiting Kelley Street. You sure-

[Ben]: I'll be there.

(Ben looks around for a moment and then opens up the nearby windowsill.)

(He climbs out, closes the window, and lands near a bush, crouching down and avoiding windows as he sneaks around the house. He uses his elbows to cover his head.)

(He takes cover around the corner of his house overlooking the driveway.)


(A car-starting noise is heard.)

(Ben's father is seen reading a book while the car is seen backing out through the window in the background, which Carl has his back turned to.)

[Sandra]: Hey, honey, did you hear that?

[Carl]: Was it a car?

[Sandra]: Ben's in his room, isn't he?

[Carl]: I'll go check.

[Sandra]: No need.

(She walks into Ben's room - it's empty.)

[Sandra]: Oh my god...

(She sees something on the bed - it's a dark spot, which is wet upon her touching it. It's near the window.)

[Sandra]: He went out the window, there's rainwater on the bed.

[Carl]: What the hell is this?

(He gets up and goes over to the front door.)

(He opens it and stands on the front porch, looking at the driveway.)

[Sandra]: Is his car there, honey?

(Carl shakes his head.)

(Sandra continues walking and looks out - both parents put their hands on their hips in frustration.)

July 18, 2014, 11:14 AM ET

(Ben's car speeds down a lane, splashing water by its sides.)

(Ben checks his GPS for Kelley Street. It displays something.)

[Ben]: Eight miles... shouldn't be a problem.

(He turns back to the road.)

(A low-angle shot shows his car taking a right around a hardware store, splashing water at the camera as he turns. This prompts a transition to the next scene.)

3 miles from Kelley Street
July 18, 2014, 11:21 AM ET

(A few cops are waiting at the corner of an intersection. Blake and Rozum are talking to them, their cars parked nearby.)

[Capt. Rozum]: You four wait here, there's more cars coming in to cover the other streets.

[Officer 1]: Understood, sir.

[Capt. Rozum]: You got the suspect description?

[Officer 2]: Fully, captain. We're ready.

[Capt. Rozum]: Good. Blake and I'll head to the destination, see if anything's up. Dennis, you ready?

[Blake]: Always was, Jimmy.

(Rozum glares for a quick second before patting Blake's shoulder hard and walking towards his car.)

[Capt. Rozum]: Come on, we need to hurry.

(Suddenly, Blake turns around. He sees a car incoming.)

[Blake]: Is that...

(Ben's car zips by.)

[Capt. Rozum]: Goddammit, how could he miss us?

[Blake]: Sorry if I didn't specify a rendezvous. (He gets in.)

[Capt. Rozum]: (Starts the car) Did you? (Backs out and takes a left)

[Blake]: Well...

[Capt. Rozum]: (Slaps steering wheel) Jesus Christ! And there was me thinking you were part of every alphabet soup agency out there.

[Blake]: He tends to have his own agenda.

[Capt. Rozum]: So? You can't just appeal to everyone's impatience!

[Blake]: Hey, don't make me feel like a rookie, you hear me?

[Capt. Rozum]: Don't give me orders.

[Blake]: Not right now, take a right here. We'll cross paths at the traffic light.

(Rozum does a "whatever" face and takes a sharp right alongside a few trees. Ben, meanwhile, has taken a right further ahead that loops around a curved road over to an intersection at a traffic light.)

(The light shows red. Rozum lowers his window and signals to Ben.)

(Ben is looking around and sees this. He lowers his window.)

(Rozum signals to go in his direction, a left for Ben.)

(Ben gives a thumbs up, but the cars next to him start moving at a green light. He puts his hands back on the wheel and turns.)

(Rozum follows and moves his car to the left of Ben's. Blake lowers his window.)

[Blake]: Hey, sorry for not asking for a meet!

[Ben]: Yeah, I saw you, but I was in a bit of a rush! Sorry for getting rain in your car!

[Blake]: Touche!

[Ben]: That means you still owe me one!

(Blake smirks and shakes his head in ridicule, raising his window.)

[Blake]: Alright, left here.

[Capt. Rozum]: I know.

(Rozum takes a left, but Ben continues straight.)

[Blake]: Dammit, he missed us again!

[Capt. Rozum]: (Looks behind) Are you kidding me?

(Ben, meanwhile, is confused and tries to take a right, but the traffic light goes red.)

(He skids and stops in the center of everything - a car comes speeding in, beating the red...)


(Ben's car goes swiveling into a line of traffic as panicking drivers get out.)

(His car hits its left side on the hood of a red Prius.)

(The car that crashed him swivels around in the middle of the road.)

(A few people get out of their cars on the opposite stopped traffic.)

[Man]: Excuse me? What are you doing in that car?

(The car that hit Ben turns and advances towards the man.)

[Civilians]: Hey, watch out!

(The man turns to run, but is hit. He goes tumbling towards the sidewalk - the car continues towards him and squashes him in between it and the curbside.)

(Civilians scream and panic.)

(Rozum's car takes a right and is caught in traffic; he and Blake get out and run towards the vacant center of the road.)

(The light goes green, and then red, and then green again. A few cars start moving forward.)

(Blake runs in front of the traffic.)

[Blake]: Nobody move! Stay right where you are!

(Rozum runs in with his gun aimed.)

[Capt. Rozum]: Ben? Ben!

(He looks to the left. Ben is groaning and crouched in his car.)

[Capt. Rozum]: Oh, good god...

(He rushes in and opens the door. He drags Ben out, but Ben slowly gets up.)

[Capt. Rozum]: Hey, you alright?

[Ben]: *(Groan)* Yeah... oh my god!

(They look up at the body of the man, which now looks like ground meat.)

[Capt. Rozum]: YIKES!

(A few of the civilians yell "officer!" and point at the car that hit the man.)

[Capt. Rozum]: (Yells) Is that the perpetrator?

[Civilians]: YES!

(Rozum aims his gun at the car, but starts to speed towards him.)

(Rozum runs backwards and fires a few shots at the windshield. The car skids...)


(Rozum and Ben are trapped inside a triangle formed in the space between two cars the side of the rabid one, which crashed into the hoods of the two cars.)

(Ben looks through the passenger-side window... the driver has a gray helmet.)


[Capt. Rozum]: What, that's him?

[Ben]: Fire at him!

(Darkstar speeds forward and frees the space, but heads towards Blake.)

[Capt. Rozum]: DENNIS!! BEHIND YOU!

(Blake rapidly swivels around and fires his gun at the car, which skids and turns the opposite direction.)

(Blake fires three more shots at the car, but it crashes into traffic on the opposite end.)

(Ben, meanwhile, vaults over the hood of a damaged car next to him and runs towards Darkstar's car.)

[Capt. Rozum]: Ben, come back!

[Ben]: If you try handling this, he's gonna massacre you!

[Capt. Rozum]: I'm a cop, dammit!

(Ben slams the Ultimatrix's deal and jumps in the air.)

(A rotating shot shows Ben jumping in slow-motion...)

(A flashing pattern of high-contrast black and white skulls and blood puddles flares across the screen.)

(Darkstar clutches his head.)

(Raspy voices echo "FEAR! Fear....")

(Darkstar's voice is heard, calmly saying, "you've won... you have control.")

(The skulls flash away and Darkstar yanks his hands back...)


(His car scorches and burns, tumbling to the side.)

(He crawls out and gets up - a shot shows the scorched back of his car sparking, with bolts of electricity dancing in the water puddles. The camera pans over to a few yards from Darkstar's car - there stands Ampfibian.)

(Darkstar gets up and jets a beam of dark energy towards Ampfibian, who throws one of his fins forward with electricity.)

(He suddenly stumbles forward as sparks of electricity travel down the energy beam towards Darkstar.)

(The black gaps making his helmet's eye holes flash. He clenches his right fist tightly.)

(Struggling, Ampfibian drives his left flipper into the ground.)

(Sparks of blue electricity travel through the water and intensify at Darkstar's feet, electrocuting him. He lets go of his beam.)

[Darkstar]: AAH!!!

(Ampfibian lunges at him and knocks him backwards.)

(Blake and Rozum advance with their guns aimed.)

(Darkstar grabs a woman and holds her by the throat.)

[Blake]: You let her go!

(Darkstar yanks his arm around the woman's throat, creating a line of aged skin. She begins to choke and collapses on the ground.)

[Capt. Rozum]: What the hell did you do to her?

(Darkstar's head is blasted by electric sparks. He huddles down and pulls a man to him with an energy beam. In a rapid movement, he drives his fist through the man's abdomen and out his back - little blood splatters as the man's skin goes dead-white.)

(Blake and Rozum fire at him but their bullets go up in black smoke upon proximity with Darkstar.)

[Blake]: Did that just...

(Darkstar drives his fist into the ground and cracks the pavement beneath Blake and Rozum's feet. They stumble.)

(He lunges for them but Ampfibian tackles him from the side.)

[Darkstar]: AAH!!!!

(Ampfibian holds Darkstar's head and shocks him with lightning - his helmet slowly cracks.)


(Darkstar jabs Ampfibian's abdomen, and puts his hand underneath one of the layers of his skin. He blasts it and Ampfibian curls up.)

(Darkstar grabs Ampfibian by where his throat would be and absorbs him by holding one of his fins.)

[Darkstar]: You think I didn't know you would come? This is all for my mind, you're part of the process.

[Ampfibian]: You... feed... your mind... through... murder... why... would I be... part... of that?

[Darkstar]: There won't be any coercion necessary when you're DEAD.

[Ampfibian]: Good luck with that.

(He sets his fin on electricity and makes Darkstar let go. He shocks the rain-wet pavement around himself and creates a shield.)

(He advances towards Darkstar.)

[Darkstar]: You throw me back and I have an innocent to kill.

[Ampfibian]: Not on their watch, you don't.

(Blake and Rozum grab Darkstar by the arms. He rolls forward, throwing them, but yanks his own arms back, twisting theirs.)

[Capt. Rozum]: AAH!

(Darkstar rolls to the left and jabs Blake repeatedly in the chest - Blake quickly grabs the last one and knees Darkstar's stomach. He brings his elbow down on the back of his head, further cracking the helmet. He gets up and stomps Darkstar's back.)

(Darkstar rolls around but Rozum, who has gotten up, fires a bullet. Darkstar catches it and his palm smolders with black wisps.)

[Blake]: Stand back, James!

(A blast of electricity zips down the road, but Darkstar does a backflip and evades it. He lands on the hood of a car.)

(Rozum and Blake continue to fire at him nonetheless, but he stops the bullets with his palms.)

[Ampfibian]: I don't think there's any point in doing that.

(As Rozum and Blake lower their guns and begin reloading them. Darkstar swings down and kicks the driver's door open.)

(As the driver is running, Darkstar uses his foot to slam him against another car, by the neck, and quickly strangle him.)

(The man crumples to the ground as Darkstar speeds the car forward.)

(Ampfibian shoves Rozum and Blake to the side and takes the hit, but electrocutes the car.)

(The car skids towards the right - Darkstar hits the accelerator and speeds through traffic.)

(Blake gets up.)

[Blake]: He's gone!

[Capt. Rozum]: No he isn't.

(He pulls out his radio.)

[Capt. Rozum]: Hey, can you guys hear me?

[Officer]: Yes, captain.

[Capt. Rozum]: Suspect is headed in your direction in what appears to be a blue Civic! Be as ready as you can, fire at will!

[Officer]: Yes, sir!

3 miles from Kelley Street
July 18, 2014, 11:32 AM ET

(The five officers keep their guns ready and aimed.)

(A blue car comes speeding towards them.)

[Officer 1]: Alright, there he is!

[Officer 2]: Captain said fire at will!

(The car comes closer...)

[Officer 2]: Wait for it...

(The car swerves.)

[Officer 2]: Now!

(Gunshots and metallic noises are heard as the side of the car skids into the camera.)

Kelley Street
July 18, 2014, 11:33 AM ET

[Capt. Rozum]: (Puts radio back) Dennis! Get in the car!

(He sees Blake already running for the car.)

(He starts running towards it.)

(Ampfibian's veins stop glowing as his skeletal structure and jelly-like skin dissolve into a more human form. He glows green and becomes human.)

[Ben]: My car's just dented on the side! It'll be fine! You guys go!

[Capt. Rozum]: We will, and probably follow! Your car doesn't have traffic to back out of!

[Ben]: Sure thing!

(Ben rushes into his car. The sparks in the road die down as the rain slowly begins to stop.)

(Ben starts up his car and speeds through a gap in the traffic.)

(Rozum, meanwhile, opens his car door.)

(He pulls out a loudspeaker.)

[Capt. Rozum]: Everyone, may I have your attention please!

(Several civilians look up.)

[Capt. Rozum]: You may continue moving once we exit the intersection! We'll call technicians to fix the traffic lights!

(Many people nod. Rozum puts the loudspeaker away and gets into the passenger seat.)

(The car backs out and goes around a few damaged vehicles and through a traffic gap leading to the road Ben followed.)

3 miles from Kelley Street
July 18, 2014, 11:37 AM ET

(The camera pans up from five bloodied corpses up to the road on which two cars approach.)

(Ben's car stops first and he gets out, followed by Blake and Rozum.)

[Capt. Rozum]: Oh, hell...

[Blake]: Their car! The side is scratched with a wide dent, passenger door's totally mangled!

[Capt. Rozum]: Anything else?

[Blake]: Wait, the hood! A corner's dented and the entire bumper got butchered! He crashed the front of the car, facing the road, sending it rotating and crashing this fence!

[Capt. Rozum]: All during one huge hit-and-run?

[Ben]: No... near this guy over here there's large tire marks and shell casings.

(Blake turns around to look and listen.)

[Capt. Rozum]: He skidded while he was being shot?

[Blake]: Yes, yes he did! The car swerving on its side would cover a larger area, get more people!

[Capt. Rozum]: And knowing how smart these men were, if they positioned themselves along the sides of the road and advanced towards the car while it skidded...

[Blake]: The back would've hit the officers on the west end of the road while officers on the other side suffered a direct collision.

[Capt. Rozum]: Don't you think at least one of them would've only suffered a concussion?

[Blake]: Well, judging from the roughness of the tire marks, he was going at an extremely high speed - that's what's likely, if we need any facts, we have to get a couple o' guys over here.

[Capt. Rozum]: But not us.

[Blake]: What?

[Capt. Rozum]: Us three personally have a lot to review back at the precinct, and we'll benefit the most from Ben's insight, having been at the scene. I'll put out a finest message for this lunatic.

[Blake]: Won't we need a picture?

[Ben]: I'm bound to have a few, maybe Gwen can make sketches. She was interested in art at some point, doesn't really abandon too many ambitions.

[Blake]: Sounds good.

[Capt. Rozum]: Can't say the same about what happened here. (He puts his hands on his hips, and runs the fingers of his right hand through his hair, sighing in shock and stress.)

BPD Precinct
July 18, 2014, 1:09 PM ET

(A mugshot of Michael Morningstar is placed on a table.)

[Gwen]: No need for sketches, this is off of authenticated Plumber records given to me by Cooper.

[Blake]: Doesn't really look the part for a killer.

[Capt. Rozum]: Agreed. Either way, thanks for these, Gwen, we'll go match them to DNA and records, see with find anything.

[Gwen]: What the hell is wrong with you?

[Capt. Rozum]: I'm sorry?

[Ben]: She's talking to me, Captain.

[Gwen]: You could've been killed! Since when did you start ignoring Kevin and I?

[Ben]: Look, the cops can't hold back a dispatch order, I too was in a hurry and a bit of a sticky situation.

[Gwen]: Fine, the cops can't wait, but you can!

[Capt. Rozum]: Hey, look. The cops are right here, we're fine, so's Ben.

[Gwen]: That's not my point! Ben, who gave you the obligation to take matters like these into your own hands?

[Ben]: Myself, since I got the Omnitrix.

[Gwen]: Then isn't that where we come in? To fix your judgment?

[Ben]: Gwen, we've faced threats to the Earth and you're acting like a paranoid mother over a simple mass murderer.

[Gwen]: It's not that simple from what you endured back there! Oh, and for those other threats, we had your back! Who knows what could've happened here?

[Ben]: Are you honestly that worried about me?

[Gwen]: Well, anyone's paranoid when they aren't present in a dangerous situation involving a loved one! Who knows what could've happened?

[Ben]: If you're saying you're "at ease" when you can see me in safety, that makes you a guardian angel, which I don't necessarily need with this. (Looks at his wrist)

[Gwen]: Well, we promised we'd stick up for each other! We're close cousins, we're family, for god's sake! Of course we need to stick up for each other!

[Ben]: Look, I appreciate your concern, but I think it's time you tone it down. Ask the cops, I was fine!

[Gwen]: If the cops were here!

(Rozum and Blake are gone.)

[Ben]: (Gets up) I consider this argument finished, and if you don't, it's no longer my problem.

(He walks off.)

(Rozum and Blake are printing out documents and analyzing them in a nearby room.)

[Ben]: Ah, here you are!

[Capt. Rozum]: Yeah, I spared myself of the pain of your melodrama back there.

[Ben]: Sorry about that.

[Blake]: Now do you see why I don't take personal fallout seriously? In the time you two were playing husband and wife, we found not one lead, but several!

[Ben]: Go ahead...

[Blake]: This Morningstar character was detained by the Plumbers around two to three years back, but he's also been recently going to several clinics, which note his "acknowledgement of mental deterioration".

[Ben]: Well, that's going great for him.

[Blake]: It's why he was constantly switching clinics, with a few homicides every time during intervals.

[Ben]: No one could solve his condition?

[Blake]: I think he was too, but what's interesting is the most recent application. One St. Paul's Clinic, somewhere in east Bellwood - not much info on this guy is popping up except a connection to a Dr. Richard Wilson, Psy.D.

[Ben]: Well then, what are you waiting for? Aren't you gonna check out this clinic?

[Blake]: Well, we just got the info, we're seeing if anything else is popping up.

[Ben]: And data from two hours ago?

[Capt. Rozum]: So far, everything from the hit and run's checked out with what Blake said. I put a few detectives on Kelley Street, but they didn't get anywhere; it seems the carnage started right when we arrived.

(The phone rings.)

(Blake picks it up and talks while Ben peruses through the reports.)

[Capt. Rozum]: Right, that's all info from his past clinics, plus autopsies on those homicides.

(Blake puts the phone down.)

[Blake]: Guys? The five officers' bodies are in the morgue, complete with conclusive autopsy reports. Apparently all photographed evidence matched.

[Capt. Rozum]: So essentially no leads?

[Blake]: That's right, meaning we can go see St. Paul's Clinic.

[Ben]: Do I need to come along?

[Capt. Rozum]: You, my friend, deserve a break after all this crap. Your parents must be worried sick.

[Ben]: I told them I'd be home in an hour, but they're gonna kill me either way for sneaking out. I'd rather continue on the case.

[Capt. Rozum]: You sure it's more unpleasant than discussing serial killers?

[Ben]: Teen home life is the most unpleasant thing around from my age group's perspective.

[Blake]: Need anything from here? You're welcome to stop by at that smoothie place.

[Ben]: I'm good, I had a heavy breakfast.

[Capt. Rozum]: Well in that case, I guess we're set to visit the clinic.

(They walk out of the office.)

(A bespectacled, middle-aged man is seen running through the halls further down. He's dressed in a jacket and jeans as opposed to uniform, and is carrying a bag.)

[Ben]: Who's that?

[Blake]: Doesn't look like a cop.

[Capt. Rozum]: Hey, who are you?

(The man slows to a halt and starts walking.)

[Man]: Are you the captain here?

[Capt. Rozum]: Sure am. What do you want?

[Man]: I... I heard you're investigating these odd homicides?

[Capt. Rozum]: Correct, you got a lead?

[Man]: I am one. Dr. Richard Wilson, St. Paul's Clinic. (Extends his hand)

(They all stare in surprise while Rozum slowly shakes his hand.)

BPD Precinct Interrogation Office
July 18, 2014, 1:21 PM ET

[Capt. Rozum]: You're saying he was a patient of yours?

(Ben and Gwen are standing on the side, watching.)

[Wilson]: Yes, yes he was. And... I also have a few confessions to make.

[Capt. Rozum]: Right... you said he was acknowledging his mental problems?

[Wilson]: Through a lot of metaphors related to fear and death, yes. I have a lot more to show in regards to that.

[Blake]: We'll get to that, but you said fear and death - did it ever cross your mind that your patient was a homicidal maniac?

[Wilson]: I felt it a tad unfair to think of him that way, but yes, yes I did.

[Capt. Rozum]: *(Sigh)* And you've been keeping this from us?

[Wilson]: Look, I came to you myself for information, so I fully understand that I too will face consequences, but this is not at all what you think it is.

[Blake]: Well then, why don't you tell us the truth from a perspective everyone can empathize with?

[Wilson]: Exactly what I came here to do. See... Michael... Michael was a very difficult man to deal with. It took some time to finally warm up to him, be comfortable around him... it all started with not seeing him as a mass murderer, but rather, someone who simply needed help.

[Capt. Rozum]: That's what all patients are to their doctors. You were going with the mindset that he was innocent, correct?

[Wilson]: I- *(Exhale)* I took that perspective only to understand his condition, never to sympathize with it, or get "swayed" by it in any way.

[Blake]: How did he describe his condition to you?

[Wilson]: Uh, can you get my bag from there?

[Capt. Rozum]: What's in it?

[Wilson]: A recording of one of my sessions with him.

[Ben]: Here, I'll get it.

(Ben walks over to the bag and places it on the table. He unzips it and inside is a DVD in a cover.)

(Blake gets up and goes over to the TV and inserts the DVD into the player. He turns on the TV.)

(Text appears on the screen: "Session #8, July 16, 2014")

(A security camera-like video of Wilson talking with Michael in his office is shown.)

[Michael]: It's how I am. The mind and the body cannot work separately - the former gives me fear and the latter gives me pain. Anytime I fight one, the other attacks at full force. And I stay convinced that this is what I need. I feel as though my own death would fix this, though the fear takes over yet again and keeps me from allowing that. It makes me acknowledge one thing: that life goes on.

[Capt. Rozum]: Jesus Christ...

[Michael]: But Sarah's doesn't. Now I wait and witness my vulnerability seep down into her wandering soul.

[Capt. Rozum]: Sarah... wait, as in Sarah Collins? (He pauses the tape)

[Wilson]: Yes, Sarah Collins. This was his confession of her murder, as well as his first description of this "vicious cycle"-

[Blake]: Wait, wait, hold up. Confession? You've been keeping his confessions from us?

[Wilson]: *(Sigh)* Look, if I'm right about how you found me, did you hear about other homicides during his time at previous clinics?

[Blake]: Yes...

[Wilson]: Other times, he'd begun describing these too, of how those who tried to acknowledge his condition were just "casualties of their ignorance" and how his thoughts would waver, and all this. He was saying he killed his previous psychiatrists.

[Gwen]: Casualties of ignorance?

[Wilson]: Yes.

[Gwen]: As in, they took his problems the wrong way and he killed them for it?

[Wilson]: I'm still alive, what does that tell you?

[Ben]: That he trusts you.

(Blake and Rozum look at Ben and then back at Wilson.)

[Capt. Rozum]: Is this why?

[Wilson]: Look, he needed to know that I wasn't out to incriminate him, and he needed to understand my empathy with his problems. The only way to do that was to be a little open.

[Capt. Rozum]: Alright, look. I can understand a simple gimmick that'll get someone to trust you, but following through on it? Keeping secrets about murders? I don't care how softly you'd take that as a justification, but us cops are never buying it. Did you even think for one second that you too were breaking the law?

[Wilson]: Look, one second was all I had. The others were too paranoid about it, according to him, and refused a lot of things.

[Blake]: Well, it appears you've become a bit dependent on his metaphors.

[Ben]: Well, before you arrest him, what changed your mind? Why are you coming to the cops only now?

[Wilson]: I was just getting there. This singular recording is the one point of breakage in our trust we had. Well, that's me speaking from my old perspective. This new one was cultivated after he came up with his most homicidal plan... to fix his homicidal ways.

[Blake]: Please tell us how that makes any sense.

[Wilson]: I would if I knew myself.

[Gwen]: Is that what prompted you to talk him out of it?

[Wilson]: And doing that prompted him to get violent. See, he was saying how his "inner fear" was the force acting to make him kill, and doing that was his only source of remedy to his bodily pain.

[Ben]: That's also his genetic basis, he does it to retain his appearance and youth.

[Wilson]: Right. And he was telling me how he planned to "trick the fear into thinking it's won". By overloading it, essentially.

[Capt. Rozum]: That being done by non-stop killing?

[Wilson]: I didn't know his point of satisfaction, and this level of homicide was too much blood to have on my hands. I never even intended to be part of any of this, but even with proof that he wasn't close to being stable, he just got argumentative, and threatening, and violent...

[Capt. Rozum]: And then what happened?

[Wilson]: He... *(Shaky exhale)* *(Sniff)* H-He... he killed the workers at lobby. (Deep breaths)

[Blake]: And you still didn't call the cops?

[Wilson]: All the feelings that hit me then unfortunately turned into hesitation.

[Capt. Rozum]: And so... you covered up the bodies?

(Wilson slowly nods in shame.)

(Rozum places his hand on his forehead and shakes his head in exasperation. He lowers his hand and looks back up.)

[Blake]: I think we know where we're headed now.

[Capt. Rozum]: You're coming with us to St. Paul's Clinic and showing us where you hid those bodies. And then, my friend, I'm sorry, but we're gonna have to arrest you. You covered up a crime scene.

[Wilson]: I... (Deep breaths) I-I understand, captain.

Mr. Smoothy's
July 18, 2014, 6:27 PM ET

(Ben, Gwen and Kevin are all having smoothies at a table.)

[Kevin]: Good god, how much did I miss out on?

[Ben]: Oh, and to round off how far we've gotten, Wilson hid those bodies in a closet, there was even bleach found at the lobby. Cops shut the place down, it's being investigated right now for further clues.

[Kevin]: You must be so proud.

[Ben]: Gwen's gonna tell you to take it more seriously.

[Kevin]: As her third, or fourth, was it? Yeah, fourth sentence since getting in my car. Oh, and by the way, don't expect me to fix that car of yours, you're on your own now. I can't keep cleaning up after you. (Sips smoothie)

[Gwen]: Alright, look. Just... just what we saw was pretty disturbing, and it made me paranoid.

[Ben]: If you're gonna say you're fine, you might as well cheer up now.

[Kevin]: I'm not even gonna ask Ben if he thinks it's fine, because you deserve it.

[Ben]: If I think what's fine?

[Kevin]: Where do you wanna go, Gwen?

[Ben]: *(Sigh)* Fine.

[Gwen]: It's alright here.

[Kevin]: You don't generally like this place. Anywhere. You want somewhere different? Fine by me.

[Gwen]: Look, it's okay. I'm not even in the mood to go out, I just though being with you two would ease the tension.

[Kevin]: Well, is it?

[Gwen]: It's not you, it's just me. I should be fine soon.

[Ben]: I guess we should just talk about something else. I mean, in all this time of leaving her alone, I think we've just essentially increased the stress.

[Kevin]: What else is there to talk about with you? You find this work to be the most interesting part of your life, and I'm not up for Sumo Slammers 3 or whatever's come out.

[Ben]: 3's coming out next year, they've made Sumo Slammers Generations for the interval.

[Kevin]: Number one priority, of course. Hey, wait... Gwen, if you don't mind, what did your parents say, Tennyson?

[Ben]: Grounded from the console for a week for sneaking out in the rain, I didn't mention details from the case. Luckily Generations has a handheld edition. Pretty crappy of course, but I'll have to make do with it for now.

[Gwen]: You're lucky I didn't tell them the truth, Ben.

(Ben's phone makes a notification noise.)

(Ben looks at it. The sender of the text is Rozum.)

[Kevin]: What is it?

[Ben]: I think I'll take this a few feet away.

[Gwen]: *(Sigh)* Of course it's the case.

(Ben walks over to the middle of the parking lot and checks the text. It says "Detectives at clinic not picking up.")

(Ben dials Rozum's number.)

[Capt. Rozum]: Hello?

[Ben]: Hey, you said that the detectives weren't picking up?

[Capt. Rozum]: We're about to go check it out. I was wondering if you wanted to come along.

[Ben]: Well... (He hears static)

[Capt. Rozum]: Hey, give me quick second. Yes?

(A few distorted voices are heard.)

[Capt. Rozum]: Oh my good god. Uh, right. Copy that.

(A sound of a static-filled radio is heard.)

[Capt. Rozum]: Ben, there's something else I need you on right now.

[Ben]: What is it?

[Capt. Rozum]: McDuffie Penitentiary. There's been a breakout.

[Ben]: A breakout?

[Capt. Rozum]: I'm getting a ton of notifications already about riots, but a man with a cracked helmet and dark clothing was spotted there, didn't look like a prisoner.

[Ben]: Oh, Jesus. I'll be on it.

[Capt. Rozum]: Be extremely careful. I wish I could send out more cops out there, but we're on a bit of a tight schedule. And follow your cousin's advice this time.

[Ben]: If she herself complies, sure.

(He hangs up.)

(He starts walking back to the table.)

[Gwen]: Alright, if this is about the case, there's no way I'm coming with you.

[Ben]: Kevin, you said you're missing out, time to fix that. And Gwen, despite thinking you had my back, I'll let you sit this one out if you want to.

[Gwen]: *(Sigh)* What is it, anyways?

[Ben]: Prison break at McDuffie. Apparently Darkstar's there.

[Kevin]: I'm in.

[Gwen]: Okay... *(exhale)* Okay. You made me come along. But after this we really need tomorrow off, this is a lot.

[Ben]: Oh, we've handled a lot worse, trust me. So, we clear?

[Kevin]: I guess so.

[Ben]: In that case, who's driving?

[Kevin]: Did you have to ask?

McDuffie Penitentiary
July 18, 2014, 6:38 PM ET

(Several prisoners are fighting each other.)

(In an upper floor, Wilson is panicking.)

(A guard passes by with a radio.)

[Wilson]: Um, excuse me?

[Guard]: Yes, I understand the situation, stay inside your cell to avoid it.

[Wilson]: Would you be able to call the security monitors?

[Guard]: We've been trying to for some time, but there's a problem. Stay inside your cell if you want to keep yourself safe.

[Wilson]: But my cell's in the lower floor!

(The guard gets voices and static on his radio. He continues walking by.)

[Guard]: Yes?

[Security Monitor]: Hey, I can finally reach you!

[Guard]: Is this security?

[Monitor]: Last one remaining. That lunatic came in here and killed everyone else!

(Wilson hears this and his face goes shocked.)

[Guard]: We're keeping our distance but the cops should be here soon. Evacuate this place!

[Monitor]: Sure, any prisoners on your floor?

[Guard]: Yeah... (He turns around to see Wilson gone) Jesus Christ, he's gone. I'll have to call you back, get out of the building.


(A prisoner slams another into a wall, but is grabbed by Darkstar and strangled.)

[Inmate 1]: AAH!!

[Inmate 2]: Who the hell are you?

(Darkstar jabs Inmate 2 and absorbs his stomach. Several prisoners clear out.)

[Inmate 3]: What the hell did you do to him?

(Darkstar yanks inmate 3 towards him presses his back to the ground, absorbing him.)

(Wilson, meanwhile, sneaks behind inmates on the same floor.)

(He catches a glimpse of Darkstar and runs back over to the stairs.)

(Darkstar finishes off another inmate but sees Wilson.)

(He shoves his way through several other inmates, killing a few, as the others run away.)

(Wilson rushes down the stairs, running through floors and shoving inmates aside.)

(Darkstar follows this path, blasting aside a few inmates on the way. He shoves his way around corners and sprints down.)

(Wilson runs into the lobby and bolts for the door.)

[Guard]: Sir, you need to-

[Wilson]: I don't have time, someone's coming to kill me!

[Guard]: This is a riot, we're doing our best to-

[Wilson]: Oh, you don't understand. Give me your gun.

[Guard]: Are you crazy?

(Wilson grabs the guard's gun.)

[Guard]: What the hell?

(He rushes the door and breaks the glass.)

(He runs out to the right.)

[Guard]: Hey!

(Darkstar, meanwhile, stumbles down the stairs.)

(He leans against a wall, his hands trembling.)

(Another sequence of flashing skulls shows up.)

(A hazy, brief flashback of Darkstar's attempted suicide in the six-victim murder earlier is shown.)

(Voices and echoes are heard: "Who would I trust to do it for me?")

(Darkstar opens his hands from fists and runs down the stairs.)

(In the lobby, the guard is outside the doors.)

(A blast from behind absorbs him and topples him to the ground.)

(A raging, growling Darkstar comes running out and to the right.)

(Wilson, meanwhile, is sprinting down the large parking lot.)

(He runs across the camera - to the side of him in the distance, Ben's car pulls up.)

(Ben, Gwen and Kevin get out and rush for the prison.)

(Darkstar, meanwhile, runs behind some trees on the side of the parking lot.)

(He sees Wilson in the distance and runs after him.)

(Ben's team, meanwhile, storms into the prison lobby.)

[Ben]: Hello?

[Gwen]: Anyone?

(A guard comes down the stairs with a gun in hand.)

[Ben]: Excuse me, did you see a man with a helmet around here?

[Guard]: He was slaughtering inmates! Where the hell did he go?

[Kevin]: Hey, this door's broken!

[Gwen]: It's a guard!

[Ben]: Oh my god, how did we not notice?

(The guard is on his stomach - they roll him over and his face is aged.)

[Kevin]: Yikes...

[Ben]: He escaped, alright.

[Gwen]: But he was never imprisoned!

[Ben]: Must have been Wilson he was after. He's likely gone too.

(Ben pulls out his phone and dials a number. He holds the phone to his ear.)

[Capt. Rozum]: Hey, Ben? I was just about to call you!

[Ben]: Darkstar's not here, possibly Wilson's missing too.

[Capt. Rozum]: He would've gone after him, explaining the breakout. He came looking for him. And here too.

[Ben]: As in the clinic?


[Capt. Rozum]: That's right. All the detectives here are dead.

[Ben]: Oh, god. Well, if he's chasing Wilson, it's unlikely he'll come back there.

[Capt. Rozum]: Blake and I are coming over to the prison, then. You?

[Ben]: I'm going after Darkstar, he needs to be stopped.

[Capt. Rozum]: I'm not gonna delay you, then.

[Ben]: Right.

(He hangs up.)

[Gwen]: Ben? I found something.

[Ben]: Yes?

[Gwen]: The little blood that splattered from this guy was facing to the right - I followed it and this mulch and grass over here is tattered up.

[Ben]: What, you think he sneaked out that way when we came?

[Gwen]: A lot of this grass is overturned, and this mulch - it leads off the corner of these plants and down towards the parking lot.

(Ben walks over while Gwen continues observing the mulch.)

[Gwen]: Oh my god. Footsteps!

[Kevin]: Seriously?

[Gwen]: Muddy ones. They lead out of the parking lot and over to that road over there!

[Ben]: Let's go!

(They start running in the direction the footsteps lead.)

Further down the road
July 18, 2014, 6:46 PM ET

(Wilson continues to sprint down the street. He reaches a shady, unlit block full of apartment complexes.)

(Darkstar, meanwhile, searches a street corner near a tree. He looks to the left and sees a figure taking a right.)

[Darkstar]: WILSON!!

(Wilson hears this.)

[Wilson]: Jesus Christ...

(He stumbles to the right and goes into an alley.)

(He's about to run to the fence when he sees Darkstar sprint by. He huddles in the trash bags and runs back over to the street from which he entered the alley.)

(He takes a right and runs over to a door.)

(It's locked; he pulls out the pistol he stole from the guard and shoots the lock open. He runs inside.)

(Darkstar hears this from the side and sprints over to the door.)

[Darkstar]: AARGH!!

(He charges through the doorway, hitting his side on one of the walls and cracking his helmet. He swings back up and the helmet falls off.)

(Darkstar nonetheless runs inside and up the stairs.)

(It's an abandoned, unlit apartment.)

[Darkstar]: Wilson, you come back! I'm not trying to-

(A few books fall over.)

(Darkstar charges through a nearby wall and breaks it open.)

(Wilson is hiding around a corner in a hall exiting this room. He runs the opposite direction.)

(Darkstar hears this.)

[Darkstar]: RICHARD!!

(He runs after him.)


(Ben, Gwen and Kevin come back from a street intersection further down.)

[Gwen]: Hey, this side is barely lit, it's likely they could've gone in there.

[Ben]: Yeah, we even missed it on our way here, let's go.

(They run into the street and look both ways through intersections.)

[Kevin]: Hey, over there! Are those walls burned or something?

[Ben]: Could be.

[Gwen]: Let's check this street, it's small. He still could've gone here.

(They take a right, not noticing Darkstar's helmet on the ground near the doorway.

Abandoned Apartment
July 18, 2014, 6:58 PM ET

(Darkstar continues to chase Wilson through the abandoned apartment.)

[Wilson]: Get the hell away from me, Michael!

(He fires his pistol back but misses - Darkstar blasts through another brick wall.)

[Darkstar]: Wilson, stop!

(Wilson grunts and stumbles near a table.)

[Darkstar]: RICHARD!

[Wilson]: No, I want to live!

(Wilson jumps over a few tables and jumps out a window.)

(He grabs onto a catwalk and climbs up over to a sky-bridge, which leads to the second floor of a parking garage.)

(Darkstar runs into the room where Wilson jumped out and goes over to the windowsill. He blasts at Wilson but only hits the bridge - Wilson narrowly reaches the parking garage.)

[Wilson]: AAH!!

(Darkstar jumps down over to the broken bridge.)

[Darkstar]: Calm down, doctor.

[Wilson]: Don't call me doctor, I'm done!

[Darkstar]: No, no, you misunderstand. Please, just-

[Wilson]: You're a killer and I can see it! I have failed you and I am sorry!

[Darkstar]: My point is that you haven't failed me.

(Wilson backs down further in the garage and looks around the bridge.)

(Darkstar breaks a few chains and the bridge collapses.)

[Darkstar]: Don't try and run.

[Wilson]: So you can kill me?

[Darkstar]: I'm only trying to talk to you, Richard.

[Wilson]: Yeah, bad metaphor!

[Darkstar]: Yes, too bad for my tastes, too. Stay where you are.

[Wilson]: I-

[Darkstar]: AH- There, there. It's okay.

[Wilson]: (Keeps gun aimed) I should shoot you now!

[Darkstar]: Yes, you should. It'll be more than just self defense, it'll be better. Better for you, from your perspective. Beneficial.

[Wilson]: Enough! Just give me your point!

[Darkstar]: My point is that I've found a remedy An even better one.

[Wilson]: W-what, even more homicidal?

(He stands, calmly facing Wilson.)

[Darkstar]: Compose yourself.

[Wilson]: How do-

(Darkstar holds up his finger to tell Wilson to wait. He clutches his head.)

[Wilson]: Michael, are you-

[Darkstar]: AAH!!!

(He staggers forward and turns to face Wilson.)

[Wilson]: M-Michael?

[Darkstar]: Yes, doctor?

[Wilson]: Are-

[Darkstar]: Am I okay? (Pause) Are you?

[Wilson]: ...I think you already know the answer to that.

[Darkstar]: You're paranoid, conflicted...

[Wilson]: Yes, all correct! Very good! W-what the hell are you getting at?

[Darkstar]': Patient-induced remedy.

[Wilson]: What?

[Darkstar]: Remedy for us both.

(Wilson takes several deep breaths while looking at Darkstar confusedly.)

[Darkstar]: The pain hurts me, the fear kicks in and relieves me of it by making me murder.

[Wilson]: Y-yes, you said so.

[Darkstar]: Good that you remember. Its magnitude stays with you, doesn't it?

[Wilson]: If, if you're asking whether I consider it severe, th-then definitely, Michael, d-definitely.

[Darkstar]: Yeah, there's the fear kicking in for you, telling you to run.

[Wilson]: Michael, please explain-

[Darkstar]: AAH!!!

(Another sequence of high-contrast skulls and facial outline visuals display but they static.)

(Darkstar is shown holding his head as his hands shudder. He then looks up at Wilson with a murderous expression.)

[Wilson]: M-Michael, please don't... please don't look at me like that.

[Darkstar]: The fear takes you, doesn't it, doctor?

[Wilson]: I am not...

[Darkstar]: No you're not, you're something else.

[Wilson]: C-can you let it stay that way?

[Darkstar]: Doctor's orders, sure, but I have a question for you, doctor.

[Wilson]: G-go ahead.

[Darkstar]: It's about fear's control.

[Wilson]: O...okay. Okay, sure.


[Darkstar]: Do you want to kill me... doctor?

[Wilson]: (Shudders) (Whispers) Please, don't-

[Darkstar]: I'll take your fear's answer as a yes.

[Wilson]: (Exhale) Michael...

[Darkstar]: I encourage you to go ahead and try, doctor.

(Wilson's expression slowly turns to confusion.)

[Wilson]: Y-you're... taunting me. F-fear?

[Darkstar]: You catch on well.

[Wilson]: B-but you just told me you wanted to die!

[Darkstar]: I... I wish I weren't this... confident, of keeping myself alive. I wish I was... stronger. I say that in terms of fighting my fear but it always comes across more... mundanely than that... ...but I'm still willing.

[Wilson]: (Gulps) If so, t-then you have a grasp of your intentions... F-Follow through.

[Darkstar]: Ah, but hurting myself is pain, is it not? Pain triggers fear, triggers impulse, triggers defense... triggers the monster.

[Wilson]: (Deep breath) I... I don't-

[Darkstar]: It's the vicious cycle I told you about. It really grasps your understanding after you witness it firsthand, doesn't it? (Smiles) When you're the victim?

[Wilson]: (Deep breath) (Tears up) I'm s-so sorry, Michael. (His right hand, with a gun in it, is trembling.)

[Darkstar]: Don't be. (Deep breath) I should be, for even considering spreading my weakness into you. Fear's instincts... (trembles) again.

[Wilson]: D...d-does that mean you're going to kill me then?

[Darkstar]: You tell me. (Pause) You tell me, right before you yourself put a bullet right between my eyes.

[Wilson]: W...w-what?

[Darkstar]: You heard me.

[Wilson]: B-but you're... you're gonna protect yourself!

[Darkstar]: I'm taking my chances.

[Wilson]: Th-that fast?

[Darkstar]: I decided this a long time ago, right now is simply my following through on it. My first, foremost, and final decision.

[Wilson]: And you've thought this through enough?

[Darkstar]: Just so.

[Wilson]: B...b-but-

[Darkstar]: You're worried this makes you a murderer yourself, right?

(Wilson cringes and cries even more. He lowers the gun and wipes his face.)

[Darkstar]: Richard? Richard, listen to me... listen to me.

(Wilson looks up.)

[Darkstar]: Richard, killing me makes you not a monster, but a savior. I'm the monster, the world's most bloodthirsty one at that. Eradicating this world of, of essentially a walking plague... it's not doing yourself a disservice... you'd be doing both yourself and the world the exact opposite.

(Wilson takes a deep breath)

[Darkstar]: (Calmly) Do you understand? (Pause) Okay... okay.

(Wilson stares at the ground, unsettled.)

[Darkstar]: I get it. I understand you. See, I'm keeping you alive, you're the one person who understands. I sympathize with you for that reason and so I can understand what you feel. It's a break of character that only you can trigger, you're special that way.

[Wilson]: Wh-what- what do you understand?

[Darkstar]: You're just as conflicted... you think killing me makes you a good person by ending a mass murderer, bud bad because you nevertheless killed a man. You think letting me live makes you a better person as you won't have someone's blood on your hands, but bad because the monster still walks.

(Wilson continues taking deep breaths and stares intently.)

[Darkstar]: This, this imbalance haunts you the same way it does me, with my own gravitas of what's good and bad... well, guess what? You can cure me of it!

(Wilson looks unsure.)

[Darkstar]: Oh, and that's not all, you can cure yourself of it! Me by taking me with my troubles and part of the world's as well, and yourself by knowing that you did the right thing. You removed a homicidal, sadistic psychopath from Mother Earth.

(Wilson begins shuddering nervously.)

[Darkstar]: *(Exhale)* Sometimes I get pushed like this... my limits may break and I'll have to force people to do things... I'm... I'm sorry, Richard, but if you don't comply, I'll end your conflicts for you by ending YOU! (He shudders)

(Wilson is alarmed.)

[Wilson]: W-WHAT?? No, no... is- is the fear getting in your head again?

(Darkstar shudders but makes small and rapid nods as his head trembles.)

[Darkstar]: Your problem is that the monster... is still walking. You, my friend, would've done a disservice to a lot more people than just you.

[Wilson]: Th-that doesn't-

[Darkstar]: Make any sense. Yes, you were right, the fear gets to me, makes my mind waver like that. It agitates me, I only go so far. It's yet another display of effects you can cease to witness by firing that damn gun!

(Wilson takes more deep breaths.)

[Darkstar]: See, see how many points I've made that just reinforce that you're doing only a service, and nothing else? It's your JOB, Richard, simply your job. To help patients. And your most interesting one is requesting the therapy they know is right. One sacrifice as opposed to a thousand homicides. You're the key to carrying it out. Play your part, I BEG of you.

[Wilson]: My job is as a psychologist, n-not some Angel of Death!

[Darkstar]: Ah, but why not be both, hm? See, it's because the sum of those two things, at least the way you do them, equals HERO. You can feel better every time you think that you saved thousands of lives from a potential slaughter. The fear eliminates my choice to refrain from taking said lives, but it hasn't gotten to you. If you force my hand and let it, then it would be overwhelmingly unfortunate.

[Wilson]: B-but I won't consider myself a hero! You'll call it a benefit, the world can call me savior, whatever, b-but what's the point of any of that if I don't feel the same?

[Darkstar]: Would you rather be called my victim? Because if you possess the ability to feel that level of shame from under your grave and literally not be able to do anything about it, don't you just see how absurdly sad that sounds? Finish the tale of Michael Morningstar on a happy note, and let the tale of Richard Wilson continue on something more. Live a better life, die a peaceful death. Not a grisly, shameful one the monster that stands before you is able to give you.

(Wilson takes even more deep breaths, shuddering hesitantly.)

[Darkstar]: If that's what you wish for, so be it. But do be warned that it makes you just as much as a psychopath. And I know you don't want that.

(Wilson exhales.)

[Darkstar]: And your only solution is to avoid that by uplifting yourself instead. What sane man would not want that? (Pause) *(Sigh)* The decision is yours, but patient's recommendation is that-

[Wilson]: Th-that I do it.

[Darkstar]: Wonderful that you finally get it. Now get ON with it. PLEASE.

(Wilson shudders for a moment, and then slowly takes aim.)

(Darkstar spreads his arms and positions his legs slightly apart.

[Darkstar]: That's good. Excellent. I am a homicidal and monstrous soul. End that.

(Wilson steadies and stops trembling. He squints.)

[Darkstar]: END IT!!

(Wilson prepares to pull the trigger...)


(Darkstar goes stumbling as something hits him; Wilson misfires.)

(Chromastone gets off of Darkstar. Darkstar's expression turns to seething hatred.)

[Darkstar]: AAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

(He violently jets a ray of energy at Chromastone.)

(Chromastone blocks it and tries to absorb it. The double absorption cancels out; the beams explode and they both stagger back.)

(Darkstar lunges forward.)

[Darkstar]: DAMN YOU TO HELL.

[Chromastone]: It's high time your spree comes to an end.


(Darkstar does a flying kick at Chromastone and slams his head into the ground. He stomps it.)

(Gwen comes in from afar and blasts energy discs at Darkstar, which he simply backhands to shatter.)

(Darkstar goes staggering back as Kevin grabs him by the throat from behind. In a choke-hold, Darkstar elbows Kevin twice and grabs him by the neck. He wheel around, and violently knees Kevin's abdomen repeatedly before shoving him into a wall.)

(Gwen kicks the back of Darkstar's head but Darkstar grabs her leg the second time and hurls it back. In her resulting cartwheel, Darkstar knocks her down halfway through with a blast.)

(He goes over to her and jabs her hard in the spine.)

[Gwen]: AAH!!!!

(He picks her up and clutches her by the throat, with his thumbs pressed hard against it.)

(He grits his teeth and slowly says his words with a growling undertone, filled with burning anger.)

[Darkstar]: Hello, lovely Gwen. It's... been... so... long.

(He's about to bring his arms together and strangle her...)


(He staggers to the left from a blast by Chromastone.)

[Chromastone]: YOU GET AWAY FROM HER.

(Darkstar grabs Gwen and hurls her into Chromastone.)

(Both go flying back.)

[Darkstar]: RICHARD!!

(Wilson, meanwhile, desperately runs around the nearly vacant parking lot.)

(He sees and car and runs for it...)


(The car is blasted by Darkstar and goes tumbling to the side.)

(Darkstar then grabs Chromastone, and swings him into a wall. He kicks his abdomen and runs over to Wilson.)

(Wilson gets back but Darkstar stops him.)

[Darkstar]: What the hell were you thinking?

[Wilson]: Y-you get the hell away from me, I'm done with this! I want to live!

[Darkstar]: And you get to live! Where's your gun?

[Wilson]: I got rid of it! I told you, I was done! I am, with everything!

[Darkstar]: Then be done with me too!

(Kevin comes charging at Darkstar, who kicks him back and does a 360 degree flying kick to his shoulder, knocking him down.)

(Chromastone blasts a prismatic explosion at Darkstar, who backflips and charges him again. He swings at his face.)

[Darkstar]: AARGH!!

(He kicks Chromastone against the border of the parking lot and uppercuts him over the edge.)

(Chromastone crashes down to the road below.)

(Darkstar jumps over and comes down - he's about to land with a punch, but Chromastone rolls to the side, gets up, and side-kicks Darkstar. Darkstar handstands over and does an axe-kick to Chromastone's head.)

(He uppercuts a crouching Chromastone and turns to the side. His fists tremble and smoke with black clouds - he charges a blast.)


(He brings down the upper floor of the parking garage. Two cars, Gwen, Kevin and Wilson fall with debris.)

(Darkstar kicks Chromastone in the face again and grabs him by the head. Smoke begins spewing out as he starts absorbing him.)

(Gwen climbs over debris and blasts mana - it merely shatters upon contact with the dark-energy bubble that begins to form during Chromastone's absorption.)

(Darkstar removes his left hand from Chromastone's head and blasts a smoking beam at engulfs Gwen and Kevin. They grunt and crouch down on their knees in pain.)

(Gwen's mana shatters and the shards are vacuumed by the energy beam. Kevin's metal tears off and crumbles in the energy.)

(Wilson, meanwhile, staggers over from under the rubble and sees this. He becomes horrified.)

[Wilson]: Michael, please, stop this!

(Darkstar ignores him.)

[Darkstar]: YOU THREE!!!

[Chromastone]: AAH!!

[Darkstar]: (Yelling) I have been seeking to end myself! I now know that my only possible remedy and chance at redemption is to put a permanent stop to my spree.

(He looks at Chromastone.)

[Darkstar]: If you consider yourselves saviors by any chance, save a mass of lives! Let the monster fall on his own! Not allowing me to do what needs to be done reinforces nothing but sheer insensitivity! You thus fail your purpose!

(Chromastone struggles and slowly gets up, staggering forward. He raises his hand and slightly blocks the blast from his face.)

(He speaks with grunts and pain.)

[Chromastone]: Our... purpose... is to save lives... despite what they deserve! *(Grunt)* Even... if the would-be... victim... thinks the same! Leaving... you... for dead... is supporting our cause... only by your book! Not ours! A... direct defiance... to what we stand for... by ours!

(Gwen and Kevin stare in both awe and agony.)

(Chromastone staggers towards Darkstar.)

[Darkstar]: You'd be surprised at how wrong you are.

(Chromastone raises his hand as bits of his crystalline body begin to break off.)

(He grabs Darkstar's arm.)

[Chromastone]: I'm willing to bet on it.

(He shoves Darkstar's arm back; Darkstar blasts himself.)


(Layers of his rotting facial skin peel off and decay as parts of his body begin to burn.)

(The dark energy cloud forming to attack everyone else backfires into Darkstar as the energy negates within him; smoke seeps out and a large, bright aura of energy flickers.)

[Chromastone]: No, no no... what's happening?

(He tries to grab Darkstar but his hands are repelled.)

[Darkstar]: Stand... back... (His face is nearly a skeleton)

[Chromastone]: NO!

[Darkstar]: So... be it.

(He closes his eyes and looks up.)


(A gigantic fire spews out as Chromastone is hurled backwards.)

(Gwen and Kevin slam into a wall in the parking garage. Wilson goes staggering onto the hood of a car.)

(Chromastone goes tumbling down the street, rapidly rotating in midair as chunks of purple crystals crack and land on the road like powdery rocks.)

(Chromastone smashes into a building as the veins in his body slowly glow green.)


(A cop car is speeding down the road.)

[Capt. Rozum]: He said this street?

[Blake]: We got it, the explosion came from there.

[Capt. Rozum]: Yeah, I see it. There's still a bunch of smoke, park alongside the road entering it.)

(The car takes a slight right and over to a corner of a street.)

[Capt. Rozum]: Right there.

(Another squad car following them parks behind them.)

(Rozum and Blake get out as two officers from the other car do likewise.)

[Capt. Rozum]: Alright, move, move! And tread with caution, there's smoke!

(The officers rush in but stagger back at the smoke.)

[Officer 1]: Captain, it's spewing hot there, you can't even breathe.

(Blake yanks at his lower shirt and tears off a piece. He covers his mouth and runs into the smoke.)

[Capt. Rozum]: Dennis, Jesus Christ!

(Blake, meanwhile, is desperately looking around.)

[Blake]: Ben?

(He hears something to the left of him.)

[Gwen's Voice]: B-Blake?

[Blake]: Gwen! Gwen, where are you?

(He runs towards where the sound came from and clears out from the smoke. They're sitting against a cracked wall among some debris in the parking garage.)

[Blake]: Hey, there you are! You alright?

[Gwen]: *(Cough)* Yeah...

(Kevin slowly gets up and helps Gwen up.)

[Blake]: (Pulls out radio) James, over here. Under the parking garage, Gwen and Kevin.

[Capt. Rozum]: Copy that, I'm coming!

(Rozum staggeringly runs in, covering his mouth with the collar of his shirt.)

[Capt. Rozum]: Good lord, what is burning back there?

[Blake]: Do you two know?

[Kevin]: I think it was Darkstar... *(Cough)*

[Blake]: Wait right here.

(He turns and runs towards the smoke.)

[Blake]: BEN!

(He runs past the central burning point.)

[Blake]: BEN?

(He hears groaning in the distance.)

[Blake]: Ben!

(He runs over. Ben is slouched on the sidewalk.)

[Blake]: Hey, come on, let's get you out of here.

(Ben slowly gets up.)

[Ben]: I... I-I can walk.

(Gwen and Kevin, meanwhile, are waiting with Rozum.)

(Ben staggers around the smoke.)

[Capt. Rozum]: Ben! Here, let me help you.

(Ben leans on Rozum's shoulder and staggers over to Gwen and Kevin.)

[Kevin]: Where's Blake?

[Ben]: He... he went into the smoke.

[Capt. Rozum]: What the hell is he doing?

(They all walk closer and wait.)

(They see a silhouette slowly emerging from the smoke.)

(Blake slowly walks out... carrying a scorched near-skeleton.)

(Ben, Gwen and Kevin all gasp in shock and disbelief.)

(Blake walks over and places the body on the ground.)

(Ben takes deep breaths and stares in horror.)

[Blake]: Is... is this Darkstar?

[Ben]: I'm... I- we... we're gonna have a hard time accepting that.

(In the distance, Wilson is leaning against a pillar, staring in disbelief.)

(He shudders and slowly begins walking away.)

(The camera focuses on him as he limps away from the scene. He is seen mouthing the words "do people change".)

(The scene cuts to black.)

St. Augustine's Cemetery
July 19, 2014, 7:01 AM ET

(The camera slowly zooms out as birds are heard and the wind blows the trees.)

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Credits music: Massive Attack - Live With Me





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