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A Hero of 10; Rebooted
A hero of 10 Rebooted logo
Creator Dreamer2Dusk
Co-Writers SpookyLaundry
Artist(s) and Others TBA
Seasons TBA
Episodes TBA
Created on 03/20/2020
Rating TV-PG
Preceded By A Hero of 10
Succeeded by A Hero of 10; After Math

A Hero of 10; Rebooted is a series by Dreamer2Dusk that follows Azlin Jones, her sister Emilia, their Grandfather Arthur, and friend Ryan as they take a trip together but end up with an adventure of a lifetime. It is supposed to have TBA seasons, and it was created on 03/20/2020.


Unlike the original story that precedes it, this one has a separate storyline and plot to it.

Azlin is her own person and must learn to be a hero with the help of her friend Ryan and her family, to face threats big and small. but her greatest enemy is closer to her than she will ever know.


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  • Azlin Jones, a cheery and bright heroine who ready to make friends and kick butt.
  • Arthur L. Jones, the wise and valiant grandfather of Azlin and Emilia.


Bounty Hunters

  • Tetrax Shards, last of his kind does what he can to survive with only the hope of reviving his people.
  • Khyber, Greatest Hunter in all of the universe or so he says.
    • Zed, Khyber's loyal pet that seems to like JD more than her actual owner.
  • Vilgax The Conqueror, he a warlord and a bounty hunter a double threat.
    • Psyphon, Vilgax's loyal righthand man who is always there when he is needed.
  • Sotoragg Elites, the finest that Sotoragg has to offer.
    • Sixsix
    • SevenSeven
    • EightEight
  • Krabb


Azlin's Aliens

JD's Aliens

  • Dark Matter
  • Hot Shot
  • Bashmouth


  • There is a total of three Trix users, each with their own set of aliens.
  • The co-writers are the other Trix users.
  • Vilgax is evil but not one of the main villains.
  • Character like Ben, Gwen, and Kevin do exist.
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