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Puzzle Piece: Infinity
Season 1, Episode 2
Air date 5/26/2020
Written by SpookyLaundry
Directed by SpookyLaundry
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Welcome to Paradise
Clowning Around


[A camera pans in on Ridge Valley High School with a time card reading: Four Months Ago. We see Dalton with slightly neater hair and less facial hair. He is walking to his locker and when he arrives, he starts to clean it out. When he is finished, two figures walk over to him. One is a tall African-American guy wearing a white shirt and jeans. The other was an average height white guy wearing glasses and a black sleeveless jean jacket.]

Zander: “Damn. Can’t believe we are finally graduating. Feels like we just met in freshman year. Those were the days.”

Cole: “I am so glad to finally get out of this dump.”

Dalton: “Same. What are your guys’ plans for after high school?”

Zander: “I plan to go to school on the east coast. Not really sure what for just yet, but it’s better than sticking around here.”

Cole: “I am actually also leaving for the east coast, but for music. Maybe start a rock band as well. Who knows.”

Dalton: “Oh ... both of you guys are leaving pretty far. That’s… good for you guys.”

[Dalton’s expression grows a bit sad, His friends take notice.]

Zander: “I’m sure you have a plan, Dalton.”

Dalton: “I am going to college up North. It’s called Paradise University.”

[Scene fades to black]

-Theme Song Starts-

[The scene fades back into Zander’s hand on Dalton’s shoulder trying to cheer him up.]

Zander: “Cheer up, Dalton. I’m sure you will make great friends in college. We can still see each other during breaks as well.”

Cole: “Yeah, dude. This won’t be the last few times you’ll see us. Plus, you can always call.”

[Dalton smiles at his long time pals and ropes them in for a group hug. Just then Principal Munson comes walking down the hall.]

Munson: “Boys, it will be a pleasure to see you leave.”

[Munson leaves and the three boys laugh after he is gone.]

Cole: “Some things never change. Glad to see Munson won’t. Never did any crap like my brothers and yet he still hates us.”

Dalton: “We are still down for Grad Nite, right?”

Cole, Zander: “For sure!”

[The boys part ways as the scene changes with a flash from a camera. Suddenly, the setting was now high school graduation. All three boys were sitting together as Munson was on stage giving a speech.]

Munson: ”And it is with great honor that I officially announce this year’s class, graduated!”

[The crowd cheers as the students in robes jump in excitement as they throw their caps in the air.The three boys fist bump in triumph. All seems well when an explosion happens nearby, causing the audience to scream. A red robot is seen rolling to the ceremony.]

Munson: “Everybody, evacuate the premises at once!”

[The crowd begins to scatter, separating Dalton from his friends. Dalton is trying to run away when he is knocked down to the ground. The crowd clears as it is now him, the robot, and a girl. Dalton uses his strength to pull himself up running to the girl as he pulls her up. The robot turns and begins to fire at them. Dalton pushes the girl away.]

Dalton: “Brie, run!”

[Brie gets up, running for her life as the beam comes crashing down onto Dalton. Just before the beam hits him, a man in a hazmat suit steps in front of him blocking the blast and redirecting it to the robot, destroying it in the process. Dalton looks up in awe.]

Dalton: “You saved me!”

Unknown: “Yes, I did. Just like you saved that girl.”

Dalton: “Well yeah, she needed help. How did you save me by the way? That blast should have killed you.”

Unknown(Thoughts): “It seems this Terran is quite the pure of heart, just as he said one should be. Maybe I shall bring him for evaluation.”

[Dalton looked to the man with curiosity. The man broke out of his trance and looked back at Dalton.]

Tetrax: “My name is Tetrax Shard and I am not from around here. If you wish to learn more, meet me in the woods when you get a chance. My base is located out there.”

[Dalton’s face sparkled with excitement. Tetrax left leaving Dalton in awe. Sirens could be heard and flashing lights blinded the scene changing it to Dalton’s bedroom. Dalton was sitting on his bed thinking about the man’s offer. He hadn’t told Zander or Cole as they would think he was stupid for even thinking about going. Dalton’s phone started to spring to life with a small bright light. The light was triggered by a text.]

Brie(Text): “Hey Dalton, I know you still hate me for what I did, but I wanted to say thank you for today. Zander told me you somehow made it out alive.”

Dalton(Text): “Yeah, no problem.”

Brie(Text): “Hey, I was wondering if you wanted to go out sometime, I want to apologize for what I did and I wanted to get back with you. You obviously still care, even after what happened today.”

[Dalton lets off a frustrated sigh and his face turns to anger.]

Dalton(Text): “No. I do not forgive you for what you did. You broke me. I can’t ever get over that. You broke my trust. I only saved you today because it was the right thing to do, not because I still care for you. Which I do not.”

[Dalton sent the text then went to his contacts and blocked her new number. He put his phone on the charger as he laid in his bed thinking about today’s events. He slowly drifted to sleep as the scene faded to black.]

[The scene was the next day, Dalton could be seen walking into the woods. He seemed excited, but a bit hesitant to go further. He convinced himself to go further when he ran into a spaceship-like lab. On the outside it was a white sleek material that looked futuristic. There was green tubing that seemed to transport something around the ship.]

Dalton: “Woah! This is like the coolest thing ever!”

[Tetrax came out with five other aliens. One was a squid woman, another was a three-eyed lizard woman, two were little frog-like beings, and the final was in a big robotic suit]

Suit: “Is this the Terran, that was so special that you called me all the way down from Galvan Prime?”

Tetrax: ‘Yes, he has shown quite the pure of heart. I myself saw how noble and brave he is”

[Tetrax turns his attention to Dalton and he gestures to him to come forward.]

Dalton: “Uh… hello? I am Dalton Ford.”

Three-Eyes: “Hello, I am Xylene, pleasure to meet you.”

Squid: “The name is Myaxx.”

Small Frog Girl: “Zennith.”

Small Frog Guy: “Albedo, the second smartest being in the universe.”

Dalton: “Only second? Who’s the first?”

Albedo: “The Galvan in the suit. His name is Azmuth, The First Thinker.”

[Dalton looks at the robot suit and extends his hand for a handshake to which Azmuth denies. Azmuth ushers them all inside as he straps Dalton to a chair. Tetrax pulls up the video feed he captured from yesterday’s incident.]

Azmuth: “Hmm… yes. It seems he is pure of heart. Now boy why did you sacrifice your life for this girl, Brie is it, when your memory shows that you hate her with all of your being?”

Dalton: “First, because it was the right thing to do. Second, how are you doing that?”

[Azmuth ignores him as he pushes Albedo to go get something. Albedo returns with a pod that Azmuth takes making some modifications to. He turns back to Dalton opening the pod in his hands taking out a watch that he pushes onto Dalton’s left wrist. It latches on gluing itself to his skin. Dalton winces a bit in the uncomfortable feeling.]

Albedo: “This watch is a device that Azmuth designed which allows the user to change into alien lifeforms for peaceful means. A “walk a mile in their shoes” type of deal. He is entrusting you to wear it and be a symbol of peace to the universe. You will stay here until we train you to be efficient with the Omnimatrix. Tetrax will train you, Xylene will track your biological needs, I and Myaxx will be here for Omnitrix maintenance. Now any questions?”

Dalton: “Uhh… yeah. How come Azmuth and Zennith aren’t staying? Also, I can’t stay here. I have to go away for college in a few months.”

Albedo: “Azmuth is a very busy man and does not have time for this which is why he is letting us four handle it. Zennith is his partner and therefore goes where he goes. As for the college thing, we shall just have to accompany you there.”

[Azmuth activates a button on his suit teleporting himself and Zennith away. Tetrax unhooked Dalton from the table and pushed him out the door walking with him.]

Tetrax: “Research has shown that the only way that one learns is by hands-on activity, so we are going to a known site that those robots from yesterday are known to appear.”

[Dalton let out a nervous gulp as he walks with Tetrax as the scene fades to black.]

[Scene fades back into an abandoned construction site. Sparks can be seen from inside the half-built structure. Dalton tries to go in for a better look but is stopped by another robot. Dalton screams, running towards Tetrax.]

Tetrax:”You realize that watch on your wrist can protect you, correct?”

Dalton: “Yeah, but it isn’t like anyone told me how to use it!”

[Tetrax grabs Dalton’s wrist and activates the watch showing him how it works. The holograms pop up surprising Dalton. Dalton scrolls through all of them before selecting one. Tetrax slams it down as Dalton is transformed into a bright, green light.]

{Lodestar Transformation: Brown magnetic rocks start to form onto Dalton’s body until he is a brown rock. The rock morphs into a little controller shape, spitting out clawed arms, legs, and a head. A crest grows on his metal head as some rock falls off his stomach. Lodestar looks at his hands.} 

[The scene resumes as Lodestar takes a look at himself.]

Lodestar: “Woah! This is so trippy! What does this guy do?”

Tetrax: “You are a Biosovortian. Meaning that your body has a magnetic pulse allowing you to have magnetic manipulation.”

Lodestar: “So you are saying I have a magnetic personality?”

[Tetrax lets out a sigh as he releases shards out of his hands that have morphed into cannons. Lodestar looks in awe as he is hit by a laser from the robot. Lodestar is knocked back as his head is still spinning in place. Lodestar holds his head still and looks at the robot. ]

Lodestar: “That feels weird. Might need to puke after that.”

[Lodestar looks at his claws thinking to himself as he tries to figure out how his powers work.]

Lodestar: “Maybe it comes from these claws? I mean that’s got to be it. They look like magnets and everything.”

[Lodestar lets his claw out as it lets out a magnetic blast damaging the robot and opening a small tear on it. Tetrax shapes his hand into a point as he opens up the tear more.The inner workings of the robot are now exposed as Tetrax goes in slicing wires. The robot begins to whirl and slowly die.]

Lodestar: “Well that was easy. Let’s go find the person responsible.”

[Lodestar changes back into Dalton with a red flash of light as he runs ahead into the building. Tetrax trying to stop him.]

Tetrax: “Dalton, no!”

[Dalton was already in the building as Tetrax ran in after him. Dalton looks at Tetrax and shows him a metal sphere with a holo message on it. There was no image but the voice was deep and distorted.]

Voice: “It seems both my enemies have teamed up. Azmuth has chosen Dalton over me? Pathetic. Dalton is nothing compared to me. Both of you shall perish at my hands.”

[The holo message begins to beep and both Tetrax and Dalton’s faces panic as they drop it and run out of the building. They hit the deck after they put some distance between them and the building. The explosion goes off as the building’s framework falls to the ground.]

Dalton: “Who the hell was that and why does he know my name?”

Tetrax: “I have no clue, but this feels like a bigger mystery than just a simple alien rampage.”

[The camera zooms on the dust cloud as the scene changes to a bus riding along the highway. Dalton and his friends are all sitting on that bus heading towards their Grad Nite.]

Dalton: “This is going to be a blast!”

Zander: “You said it!”

[The three boys smiled at each other with sheer excitement. They still had another hour drive, but they didn’t care. They were excited for a day of goofing off at Disneyland. The scene cut to Disneyland as the three boys were walking around. A montage started of them going on the following rides: Space Mountain, Star Tours where after Zander and Dalton are seen building lightsabers, Matterhorn as Dalton gets ragdolled around on it, The Tea Cups with Cole throwing up afterwards, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Indiana Jones with all three boys ragdolling around the cart, Pirates with Cole being drenched in water as the other two boys laughed, and finally Haunted Mansion. Slowly the day turned to night as the true Grad Nite Party started. The students were being pushed into California Adventure as music started to fill the air with sound. Later into the night, the three boys entered the Pixar Pal-A-Round. They slowly rose to the top before they were stopped to enjoy the view. Dalton sighed a bit as the realization hit him.]

Dalton: “This is the final hangout for a while isn’t it?”

Zander: “It doesn’t have to be dude. That attitude is what will bum you out. Just gotta enjoy the moment.”

Cole: “Yeah. It isn’t like tonight is our last night alive. We have all summer to do stupid shit before college starts.”

[Dalton smiles at his friends as the three do their special handshake. They readjust in their seats as they begin to swing when it suddenly stops again. Everyone looks at each other confused. Dalton looks towards the ride operator and to the side to see a robot similar to before.]

Dalton: “What the hell?”

Cole: “What is that thing?”

Zander: “It’s that thing that attacked graduation!”

[The robot looks up towards Dalton seeing the Omnitrix on his wrist as his eye flashes as it starts to attack the ride they are on.It shoots a laser blinding the camera allowing the scene to transition back to the Codon Lab. Albedo wakes up to see the computer fashing from activity from Dalton. He scrambles setting off an alarm waking everyone as they assemble in the main room.]

Tetrax: “What is it Albedo?” Albedo: “Dalton has activated the Omnitrix on his trip, he must need assistance. Tetrax you must-”

Tetrax: “Understood. Dalton is being targeted and can’t defeat these robots alone.”

[Albedo nodded as Tetrax walked away to an escape pod taking it to the sky making his way to Dalton. He leaves behind a smoke trial that transitions the scene back to Dalton and his friends vs the robot.]

Robot: “Target located! Proceeding with extermination!”

Cole: ‘Oh, fuck! We are all going to die!”

Dalton: “Not on my watch! I have an idea, but don’t freak.”

[Dalton activated his watch like Tetrax showed him. The core popped up as the holograms appeared.]

Cole: “What the hell are you doing with your watch?”

[Dalton ignored him as he lands on the magnet alien again. He slams down the watch and is transformed into a green light. ]

{Spidermonkey Transformation: Dalton hunches over sprouting a tail as his jaw becomes more ape-like. His feet become monkey-like. His two arms become four as blue fur grows all over him. Dalton’s eyes turn into six eyes. }

[Spidermonkey looks at his body in disappointment.]

Spidermonkey: “This isn’t the alien I wanted!”

Zander: “Alien? What the hell?”

Spidermonkey: “I will explain later. For now we survive.”

[The cage they were in starts to slide down the broken track. Spidermonkey quickly shoots webs at his friends and jumps out with his friends behind him. He swings his way down to the ground as he frees his friends.]

Zander: “Woah! You are some kind of spidermonkey!”

Spidermonkey: “Spidermonkey? I like it. Now run!”

[His friends ran as the robot turns to Spidermonkey. He is warming up his eye laser. Spidermonkey quickly webs his eye up as the laser cuts it. The robot’s arms rapidly spin as Spidermonkey jumps out of the way.]

Spidermonkey: “This is going to be a lot harder than when I was the magnet dude.”

Voice: “You are not skilled or worthy to wield such power Ford. That power should be mine so I can be the hero everyone wants!”

Spidermonkey: “Whoever you are, it would be greatly appreciated if you didn’t stalk me! Also, take a look around, this isn’t what a hero does. You are making a scene and hurting people!.”

Voice: “You turned me into a villain! If you hadn’t gotten chosen then I would have been chosen not you.”

Spidermonkey: “You obviously do not have a pure heart if you are acting like this whoever you are.”

Voice: “I will see you, when I want to see you.”

[The voice cuts out as the robot fires another laser hitting Spidermonkey sending him into the hot dog cart. Spidermonkey gets up grabbing a lamppost and swinging it at the robot. It falls over and shoots another laser cutting the lamppost in half, leaving Spidermonkey’s half in a point. Spidermonkey throws the pointed lamppost at the robot’s eye, destroying it in the process.]

Spidermonkey: “That takes care of that. Now to go explain this whole mess to the guys.”

Tetrax: “No need for that. I wiped their memories, they now remember all three of you being saved by the Arachnichimp form.”

Spidermonkey: “His name, er- I mean, my name is Spidermonkey.”

Tetrax: “Let’s go. You have caused enough damage here.”

[Spidermonkey changed back into Dalton in a red flash as he walked with Tetrax to a nearby pod taking them back to the main ship as the scene slowly fades to black.]

[The scene fades back to Dalton in a chair as Albedo and Myaxx work on the Omnitrix. Dalton is impatiently waiting.]

Dalton: “How much longer is this going to take, Albedo?”

Albedo: “After tonight’s accident, we need to look at the Omnitrix to make sure….. How odd. Myaxx hand me the Photon Screwdriver.”

Myaxx: “Why what’s going on?”

[Myaxx hands him the tool as he quickly works on the Omnitrix. The watch starts blinking and beeping. Myaxx takes a step back when suddenly, a shockwave is released from the watch hitting Albedo. Albedo falls to the ground as he begins to glow. The glow soon fades as Albedo stands up revealing to now be Human.]

Dalton: “Al….Albedo, are you okay?”

Albedo: “Yes, I am. Why wouldn’t I-”

[Albedo soon realizes he is at near equal height with Dalton. He rushes to a reflective surface and sees he is a pale human with red eyes and white hair. He looks to the others.]

Albedo: “It seems the interference was from the droid and the Omnitrix created a release point as I was working causing me to change into this. I shall let this run it’s course and not try to fix it as that could very well make this worse.”

Myaxx: “Albedo, are you sure?”

Albedo: “Yes, quite sure. Now we must continue.”

[They look at Albedo who goes back to work on the Omnitrix as the scene transitions into the present day. Dani looks at Albedo in awe.]

Dani: “All that happened in like a week. Damn. Albedo, I am so sorry that happened.”

Albedo: “Oh it is quite fine. This form is a lot easier to move around in and I still retain my vast Galvan knowledge.”

Dani: “I wanna help in any way I can. You guys let Dalton tell me, so that must mean something.”

Tetrax: “We will figure something out. For now, return back to campus and do not tell anyone about this or what you have learned.”

Dani: “Will do Tetrax.”

[Dalton and Dani exit the lab and start to head back to campus. The four aliens are left talking amongst themselves. As Dalton and Dani talk along the way.]

Dani: “So now you are a superhero, protecting our school?”

Dalton: “Yeah, I guess so. I will admit it’s pretty cool.”

[The camera changes back to the lab perspective as Xylene says something to the others.]

Xylene: “Human mating still confuses me, but Dalton and Dani certainly make a great couple.”


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Noteworthy Events

Major Events

  • Dalton's origin story is revealed
  • Spidermonkey and Lodestar both make their debuts
  • Albedo is accidentally turned into a human

Minor Events

  • Azmuth, Zennith, Zander, Cole, Brie, and Mr.Munson make their debuts



Aliens Used


  • The episode title is a reference to the movie "A Star is Born".
  • Cole's line: “What the hell are you doing with your watch?”, is an allusion to Kevin reacting to Ben using the Omnitrix in his debut episode.
  • Photon Screwdriver is an allusion to the item from Doctor Who.


  • This episode shows Dalton learning an alien species name for the first time.
  • This episode shows the first named transformation being Spidermonkey who is named by Zander.
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