Brandon 10
Season 1, Episode 1
Brandon 10 - Omnitrix
Written by Brandon
Directed by Brandon
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A Hero is Born is the 1st episode of Brandon 10 and the series.


Brandon 10 is racing to get to the store before it closes but he is to late. Upset he sits on the curb of the sidewalk and a car passes and splashes water on him. Then a muddy lottery ticket is blown toward him and Brandon becomes super rich. After buying and equipping him new lab he decides to celebrate. A while later, Brandon goes to a mountain and begins to hike. Later he sees a shooting star as it passes in warp speed. Soon he spots a small meteor coming right from the "star". Interested, Brandon 10 investigates and later finds a glowing rod from the meteor. He then goes to his new lab and creates a containment unit for the rod. His friend, Coco, decides to come over just in time to discover that Brandon has finished the unit. Now knowing how the device works, Brandon 10 transforms into Freezefire. Finding that there is a way to gain supreme power, the Conqueror sent his droids to create a giant droid monster. After finally knowing the current features of his "watch", the droid monster is completed and sent to retrieve the sample containment unit. Brandon discovers that there are droids scanning the area and eventually attacking him. Brandon goes Wildpup and destroys the droids causing the droid monster to lose control as it has no guideance. When the Device recharges, Brandon transforms into Ro-Warasaur and take the droid monster down causing the Conqueror to anger and swears for revenge. Brandon now decides to call to device, the Omnitrix

Major Events

  • Brandon 10 wins millions of dollars
  • Brandon 10 discovers a sample of the Omnitrix
  • Brandon 10 transforms into Freezefire for the 1st time
  • The Series Begins


  • Brandon 10
  • Coco
  • Citizens


  • The Conqueror's Droids
  • The Conqueror's Droid Monster

Aliens Used


  • (Muddy Ticket hits his face)

Brandon 10: Eww.

(Discovers that its a lottery ticket worth millions)

Brandon 10: Woah!!! I'm Rich!!!

Stranger: Hey Shut Up!!! ... Kids.

  • (Icon appears)

Brandon 10: I wonder if . . .

Coco: Brandon don't! You don't know what that can do to you!!!

(Freezefire transformation)

Freezefire: I'm ... an Alien!!!


  • This is Brandon 10's 1st episode
  • The Conqueror has no idea who Brandon 10 is but still wants revenge
  • The Droid Monster was connected to the Droids that Wildpup had destoried which is why it went on a rampage
  • One of citizens says is that Ro-Warasaur was Humungosaur during the droid monster battle proving that Alien Force came out when the show 1st (originally) began
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