Brandon 10: Ultimate Hero
Season 3, Episode 8
Brandon 10K UH
Written by Brandon
Directed by Brandon
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Return of the Lycosidians
A Hero's Future is the 38th episode of the series, Brandon 10: Ultimate Hero.


The episode begins outside of Bellwood. Everything is quiet and it is also night. Suddenly, particles start appearing above the ground and form together to form a bright blue, mixed heavily with purple, portal. A figure then emerges from it, walking out slowly. It's eyes are seen, glowing red. The figure then walks into the view, blocking it. The darkness is moved to the side as a transition to a cargo truck, with the words "Knight Corp." on its side, driving down a road. The truck driver has orange headphones on, listening to music, while driving the truck.

Truck Driver, singing to himself: Are mine the only eyes that see. This cut and dry routine. Even when you're by my side. I still need time to feel the company.

The figure then walks into the middle of the road and is seen through the trucker's window. The truck driver sees the figure and hits the brakes hard. The truck starts to come to a stop but not fast enough. It then impacts with the figure causing the truck to crash and flip over. It skids against the road then comes to a stop. The scene cuts to the figure standing in front of a fire with the grill of the truck wrapped around it. It grabs the grill and throws it off, approaching the rest of the truck with his eyes still glowing red. The scene moves horizontally, showing off the opposite down truck crash, with a broken front window and the door a couple of feet away, until it comes to the truck driver who is crawling away from the crash site. A shadow is now casting over his body. He then stops and turns, seeing the figure standing there, looking down at him.

Truck Driver: Wh-What are you?

Figure: Where is the Apocalypion?

Truck Driver: What?

Figure, grabbing the figure and holding him close: WHERE IS IT?!

Truck Driver, scared: Dude, I don't know what you're talking about! Please!

The figure looks down and sees a half burned newspaper with a heading reading "New Exhibit at the Bellwood Museum: APOCALYPION". The figure then looks right back at the truck driver.

Figure: Nevermind.

The figure then raises the truck driver.

Truck Driver, struggling to get out of his grip: What- What are you doing?

Figure: I don't need you anymore. Consider yourself... expired.

The figure then slams the truck driver against the road, causing a small dust cloud due to the impact. The figure then leans up and cracks its neck. He then walks out of the dust cloud, putting himself into the moonlight. He is a big, muscular humanoid creature with red skin, black leggings, a metal belt with a yellow-green core in its center and a black mask covering his face except his beaming red eyes. The figure then continues walking down the road, passing a sign saying "Welcome to Bellwood".

Theme Song

After the titles, Coco's Car is seen driving down the road. Inside, Coco is driving and Sarah is seated next to him in the passenger seat.

Coco: So any reason why I we're helping Brandon in the middle of the night?

Sarah: I thought you were a night owl?

Coco: I am. Sometimes. Only when I working on something... which I wasn't.

Sarah: Well I usually just pull all-nighters when I-

Coco: Study?

Sarah: It's like you know me or something. Anyways, I don't know why Brandon called us. He just said it was important.

Coco: I swear if it's another one of his fake emergencies.

Sarah: Define fake. And please don't mention kidnapping, being trapped in alien form or even discovering a secret alien base. Because those are real emergencies.

Coco: Well there was this one time he called me when I was in the middle of fixing my car.

Sarah: Yeah he tends to do that.

Coco's Car then arrives at the Bellwood Museum. Coco and Sarah get out of the car and approach Brandon who is looking around.

Brandon, noticing them: Oh hey. You made it.

Coco: It's kinda late for a field trip, Tennyson.

Sarah: What's the situation?

Brandon: The Ultimatrix. It's been acting up and lead me here.

Coco: You sure it doesn't need to re-calibrate again?

Brandon: Pretty sure. The face plate just lite up in the corner of the hourglass, pointing towards here.

Sarah: Why would it do that? Was it detecting alien radiation?

Brandon: I have no idea.

Coco: Y'know for the guy who made that thing, you know nothing about it.

Brandon: I know one thing. This museum is important somehow.

Sarah, looking around: Where's Jenny? You picked her up from the Mechanic Base, right?

Brandon: Yeah. She's on patrol.

Coco: Patrol? Dude, we don't have patrol.

Brandon: Well we do now. Since there's four of us, and the extra member isn't a ten year old, we can have her engage in physical activities.

Coco: What uh- type of physical activities are we talkin' about exactly?

Brandon: The type that saves the team. You know how many situations we get ourselves into where we end up in some type of trap or something? If that happens, we'll have someone on point to break us out.

Coco: Doesn't that just happen out of convenience.

Brandon: Well that's not something we can rely on. This isn't some scripted episode of some TV series.

Coco: Okay. Okay. I get your point. Jeez.

Sarah: So how are we supposed to get inside a locked museum?

Brandon: I've got just the guy.

Brandon pulls down his sleeve and activates the Ultimatrix. He scrolls through the available transformations and slaps down the face plate. He transforms into Portal.

Portal: PORTAL!

Portal then charges up his hands and turns around, facing an open space. He then fires a beam in front of him, creating a small green portal.

Coco: This thing isn't going to teleport us to Tokyo or Atlantis, right?

Portal: Just get in the portal.

They all then enter the portal which vanishes after they enter. The scene then cuts to the inside of the museum where the same green portal opens up. The team then steps out and it closes behind them.

Coco: Uh- this doesn't look like the entrance.

Portal: I was trying to get us to the source of the interference but there was some sort of disruption in the fabric of the universe or something. We must be close though.

Sarah, looking around: We're close to where the new exhibit is supposed to be. They kept the whole museum in lock down for about week while they installed it.

Portal: You know where it is?

Sarah: Based on the photos the museum released and the little information I've heard about it, yes. This way.

Sarah takes the lead and goes down a hallway, followed by Portal and Coco. They pass by a couple of small displays: one being a film projector, another being a brush sword, the next being a busted jetpack. They then reach the end of the hallway which contains a display for a large metallic ring with large compartments attached to each side. It looks ancient.

Portal: Whoa.

Coco: Totally Whoa.

Sarah: It's the Apocalypion. The artifact that the historians found underground last month. According to the description, it was believed to be a gateway that brought evil spirits from another world.

Coco: And you believe that junk?

Sarah: Last time I checked, we fight aliens for a living.

Coco: This doesn't sound alien. It sounds like some magic mumbo jumbo.

Sarah: Magic is real too. I mean one of your enemies was an actual Sorceress.

Coco: Either way. It doesn't make sense. Magic doesn't work on tech so why would the Ultimatrix lead us to it.

Portal: He's gotta point.

Sarah: Okay fine. What's your idea, Coco?

Coco: I think it's alien tech.

Sarah: You just said it wasn't.

Coco: I said that evil spirit baloney wasn't alien but this (checking it out) this is.

The Ultimatrix starts beeping. Portal hits the Ultimatrix symbol on his chest and transforms back into Brandon. He looks at the Ultimatrix which is lit in the upper part of the hourglass only. He lifts the Ultimatrix up and looks up, seeing the Apocalypion.

Brandon: I guess this is the source. I honestly have no idea what to do at this point.

Coco: Well we already broke into the museum so I say we borrow it and examine it back at the Warehouse.

Sarah: Are you crazy? We can't steal this. It's an artifact.

Brandon: Sarah's right. Plus I don't feel like lifting anything and I know for sure you won't be helping.

Coco: I would have... maybe.

Brandon: Maybe there's some type of inscription written on the back like an action figure.

Coco: Yeah. I'm not such a fan of action figures anymore.

Brandon, after looking behind it: Didn't see anything. Maybe it's just broken or something.

Brandon then leans on the Apocalypion with his arms crossed. The Ultimatrix then sparks up which causes Brandon to back away from the Apocalypion.

Brandon, petting the Ultimatrix: Easy, girl.

Coco looks at him with a confused expression.

Brandon, noticing: Uh- Long story.

Sarah, looking at the Apocalypion: Guys...

Brandon and Coco turn and look at the Apocalypion too which already started activating, filling the inner ring section with a purple wormhole. The team then stand in front of it as Brandon holds the Ultimatrix. Hooded figures then drop from the wormhole and charge for the team.

Brandon: Whoa!

Brandon gets tackled by one of the figures while Sarah throws energy discs at the rest. One of the figures tries to grab Coco but Coco punches him in the face.

Coco: I am so not getting 'napped into some weird portal again.

Sarah: Long story?

Coco: You bet.

Coco kicks another figure in the leg.

Coco: Ha! These guys don't see so tough.

Brandon, unseen: Speak for yourself!

Coco turns around and sees Brandon grabbing the arm of one of the figures, attempting to stop him from hitting him. Brandon then kicks him off and exhales in relief. He leans against the knocked over display he was pushed into which contained a golden idol and plaque reading "Golden Idol discovered by Archaeologist Hank Crafter". Brandon then grabs the plaque and slams it against one of the hooded figures approaching him. He then drops it on the ground and fiddles with the Ultimatrix.

Coco, grabbing and throwing one of the hooded figures: Now might be a good time to use that thing.

Brandon, trying to activate the Ultimatrix: What do you think I've been trying to do?

Coco: Fight like a man for once?

Coco then elbows one of the hooded figures in the face.

Brandon: Hilarious.

The Ultimatrix then activates.

Brandon: Finally.

Brandon slaps down the face plate and undergoes a transformation sequence. He spins around in DNA and curls up due to the changes. His ribs enlarge then his leg bones vibrate until a boot quickly grows over the foot. Then metallic cuffs form, quickly, around the arms followed by a tail growing from a pack on his back. His head shapes into a cone-shaped helmet and, within a flash, Shock Speed appears.

Shock Speed: SHOCK SPEED!

Shock Speed then quickly dodges one of the hooded figures, causing them to fall on the ground. Shock Speed then stands ready as another hooded figure comes for him. He then runs around him. The hooded figure then stops and looks. Shock Speed then taps his shoulder causing the hooded figure to turn around. Shock Speed smiles and waves at the hooded figure, wiggling his fingers. The hooded figure tries to grab him again but Shock Speed runs around him again but kicks him in the backside this time, with both feet, quickly, managing to land back on them in time. He then runs across the whole room, taking out all the hooded figures and putting them together in the center. Coco and Sarah then look down at them as Shock Speed runs right in between them, placing his hands on his hips, smiling.

Sarah: No rope?

Shock Speed, quickly: I was going to but I didn't want to use anything that could be an artifact.

Coco: We don't need it. These guys are pretty weak.

Shock Speed, quickly: Where did they come from anyways?

Sarah: The Apocalypion.

Coco: Let me guess. These are the evil spirits. I'm not buying it.

Shock Speed, quickly: Well they were definitely after something.

Voice: Yes. They were.

The team turns around and sees Doctor Quantum walking out of the shadows towards them.

Doctor Quantum, walking towards them: They were after you. (stops in front of them)

Shock Speed, quickly: Doctor Quantum?

Shock Speed transforms back into Brandon.

Brandon: What are you doing here?

Doctor Quantum: I believe the question is "When I am doing here?".

Sarah: That doesn't exactly make any sense, Doctor Quantum.

Doctor Quantum, thinking to himself: Perhaps. Maybe I got it wrong.

Coco: The kid asked you a question, Quantum.

Doctor Quantum: I would have thought by now it would have been obvious. Something is wrong with time.

Brandon: What do you mean something is wrong with time? You mean the Apocalypion has something to do with time travel.

Doctor Quantum: That's exactly what I mean. I've came to warn you about the perils of the device but it seems that I arrived too late.

Coco: But aren't you like a time traveler? You can just arrive at whatever time whenever you want.

Doctor Quantum: It's not that simple, Coco. There is a temporal disruption around this museum but more specifically around this item in particularly. A doomsday weapon of mass destruction with the capability of unleashing an armada of ultimate beings who live on time while we live on air.

Brandon: So we destroy it. Piece of cake.

Doctor Quantum: Not that it would solve the grand problem all together but it would end his attack on this timeline. I'll just have to deal with the rest, I suppose.

Brandon: "His" attack?

Doctor Quantum: Nevermind that, Brandon. You won't be able to destroy the Apocalypion because you'll be too busy attempting to defend yourselves.

Coco: What are you talking about?

Doctor Quantum: In about 23 seconds, a powerful creature will emerge and attempt to get a hold of the Apocalypion. You'll try to defeat him but ultimately fail. He's too powerful.

Sarah: So what do we do?

Doctor Quantum: I'm thinking.

Brandon: You're thinking? But don't you know the future?

Doctor Quantum: The future is always changing, Brandon. The future... Hm... 2 seconds and 48 milliseconds.

Brandon: Wait wha-

An explosion then occurs behind them. The team turns around while Doctor Quantum continues pondering to himself. Through a broken wall, the red skinned humanoid climbs through and approaches the team through the flames.

Brandon: Whoa...

The creature joins its fists together and slams them down on the team but Sarah protects them with a pink energy shield. The shield then cracks on the second slam.

Sarah, struggling: I... can't... keep this up.

Brandon, turning to Doctor Quantum: Doctor Quantum, there must be something we can do.

Doctor Quantum: No. He will destroy you. I mean there are two, possibly three options but we can't allow for the first one to occur or the possible third one and I doubt you'll be able to do the second option. Unless we do the fourth, technically third, option.

Brandon: Anything that'll help, Doctor Quantum.

Doctor Quantum: It'll break the rules of time but we don't seem to have much a choice. (putting goggles on) Prepare yourselves.

The creature raises its arm again but when it slams down, the team vanish within a bright blue flash. The creature looks at where they used to be and breaths heavily. He then looks up and sees the Apocalypion which is still active. The scene then transitions to the city then moves to the right until it shows a large tower. Inside, a temporal flash occurs and the team arrive within the tower.

Brandon: Phew. That was close.

Doctor Quantum, looking around: Don't be off your guard, children. We're not out of this yet.

Sarah: Right because whoever or whatever that was back there now has the Apocalypion.

Coco: But you're not thinking time-wise, Sarah. He sent us to the past which means we can destroy the Apocalypion before that freak gets there.

Doctor Quantum: No, Coco. If I did that, it would result in a paradox too large to handle. No. I had to do something far worse.

A black boot then steps into view, behind the team.

Voice: He sent you into the future.

The team and Doctor Quantum turn around. The black boots of the figure is seen as the view moves upwards, showing off the figure until it reaches his face. The figure is wearing brown cargo pants with green lines, a black belt with a green orb in the center, a black shirt with green stripes and a black beard with black hair. His eyes are green and he's crossing his arms.

Brandon: The future? Wait a minute, that's- it can't be- (to the figure) You're-

Figure, walking over to Brandon and stopping in front of him: Yep. I'm Brandon 10,000. I'm you.

Brandon looks surprised.

Brandon: You're me? Wow. I mean wow. I've been working out.

Brandon 10,000: Yeah. You have. But today's my lazy day so yeah. (to Doctor Quantum) Doctor Quantum, you mind telling me what's going on exactly?

Doctor Quantum: I was just getting to that. (to the team) The creature that attacked you. Back at the museum. That was a being known as The Destroyer.

Brandon: I've heard that name before. (looking at Brandon 10,000) We fought him. Together, in the future.

Brandon 10,000: I remember but that wasn't me. That was a different Brandon 10,000.

Brandon: Like an alternate timeline?

Doctor Quantum: Exactly. Like I said before, the future is always changing. Every decision we make creates a new branch in the time and space continuum. The future you visited when you were of the age of ten was a future based around the decisions you made in that timeline.

Brandon 10,000: And I'm the result of your decisions in this timeline.

Sarah: But aren't they the same timeline? How can ten year old Brandon and 16 year old Brandon exist in different timelines if they're the same person with the same memories?

Doctor Quantum: Because of the temporal gap. Let's say that version of Brandon belongs in Timeline A and the current version belongs in Timeline B. In between those timelines is a gap in which minor events flow over. Events which exist in your memory because they did occur but are so minor to the timestream that it can be easily modified without affecting neither the past or the present. Now let's introduce a new timeline: Timeline A1 or better known as Timeline A, lower case b... Ab. Timeline Ab aligns perfectly with the original timeline, A, mimicking the events and carrying its own version of Brandon however, unlike Timeline A, it doesn't stop at the temporal gap. It connects with Timeline B, making it a whole.

Sarah: So Timeline Ab is technically Timeline B.

Doctor Quantum: Precisely. Although some would argue it's the other way around.

Coco: Any reason why this time travel lesson is important some how?

Doctor Quantum: Because... a dark force from Timeline A is attempting to breach into Timeline B.

Brandon: What is it?

Doctor Quantum: Not what. Who. Tempus.

Brandon: Who's Tempus?

Brandon 10,000: Tempus is an alien from another dimension who used his powers to manipulate the fabric of space and time for his own benefits. He's powerful, he's dangerous and he's a pretty big deal.

Doctor Quantum: In Timeline A, you fought Tempus and defeated him by throwing him into the Apocalypion of that timeline, which, in turn, destroyed it but, like anything else, it exists in every timeline which means Tempus is in between timelines and now that the Apocalypion of this timeline is active-

Brandon 10,000: He can breach into our timeline.

Brandon: You guys say timeline way too much in the future.

Coco: What I don't understand is why didn't he just go somewhere else?

Sarah: That's the one thing you don't understand?

Doctor Quantum: I assume that he did but he probably didn't find what he was looking for in those timelines. This is the prime timeline now and he knows it which is why I created the temporal gap in the first place. I trapped him in your past so he wouldn't access your future so he went after you in that timeline. The time and space continuum then created Timeline Ab in order to seemingly replace Timeline A completely but it didn't really work, now did it?

Brandon: You mentioned he was after me back at the museum and now again. What does he want with me?

Doctor Quantum: You were the key for him re-accessing his species which was lost to time by their own war against each other.

Brandon 10,000: Which means he'll be making his way to the future.

Doctor Quantum: In time. First, he must recover and I have to re-assess the fabric of time and space. I'll sense his arrival into the future and be here to deal with him. Just stay here till I return and don't dig into your future.

Doctor Quantum then vanishes in a temporal flash.

Brandon: He still does that to you?

Brandon 10,000: (sighing) All the time.

Brandon, looking around: So... this is where I live?

Brandon 10,000: Yep. Brandon 10 Headquarters. I reassure you it's different and better than the other one from the other future. Some other people work here too but they help me out with missions and work and stuff.

Brandon, looking out the window: Cool.

Brandon 10,000, to Coco and Sarah: You guys can hang out in the lounge. I'll up up the tower's defenses.

Sarah: A lounge? You wouldn't happen to have a spa, right?

Brandon 10,000: Oh Sarah, you never changed.

Coco: I'd like to help with those defenses.

Brandon 10,000: Pretty sure you wouldn't understand future tech, Coco. And besides, I know you're just trying to get a peek at what the machines will look like.

Coco: How'd you know?

Brandon 10,000: Because I'm from the future. Also because future Coco does the same thing with my inventions.

Brandon: You still invent stuff?

Brandon 10,000: Had to. When you need to be in Human Form on covert missions, you'll need the gadgets and the exercise. Still gotta get a jetpack like Uncle Bill though. Man those things are cool.

Sarah, being escorted to the lounge: You know you're horrible at keeping the future a secret.

Brandon 10,00: I'm doing my best. If Quantum doesn't like it, he can sue me.

The three of them then enter a room as the door closes behind them. Brandon continues looking at future Bellwood through the window when a kid with black hair, a green shirt with black pants approaches. Brandon turns and sees the boy. The boy looks up and sees Brandon.

Brandon: Hey... Are you lost or something?

Kid: No. Who are you?

Brandon: I'm a guest. Is it bring your kid to work day or something?

Kid: Or something.

The kid pulls out a small metal sphere and activates it. It projects a light blue hologram of Brandon 10,000.

Kid: Hey there's a kid here. He says he's a guest.

Brandon: Kid?

Brandon 10,000, over the projection: Yeah. He's with me. In fact, he is me. I'll explain later, Ren. Just make sure he doesn't go anywhere classified or just anywhere in general.

The hologram then fades out and Ren puts the sphere away.

Brandon: Well that's no fun.

Ren: Rules are rules. So you're supposed to be Brandon 10?

Brandon: I am Brandon 10. There's just some time travel stuff going on here.

Ren: Sure there is.

A beeping sound is then heard. Ren raises his arm and reveals a futuristic watch.

Ren, activating the watch: Yeah?

Girl, over the watch communicator: Ren, we've got a problem. The dog is running around in the lab and I think he activated the teleporter.

Ren: Ugh! I'm on my way, sis. Just don't touch my hover boards. (ends transmission) (looks at Brandon) You better not go anywhere or my dad will kick your butt.

Ren then runs off.

Brandon, crossing his arms: Yeah? Well your dad is probably an idiot. ...Weird kid.

A faint explosion is then heard. Brandon turns to the window and looks slightly surprised. He then sees a smoke trail coming from the base of a building with the words "ChemLabs" on the front. Brandon then runs down the hallway. The scene then transitions to street level where two robbers. One dressed in black with a hood and a bandanna covering his face while the other is wearing an armored orange suit, carrying a big metallic crate labeled "ChemLabs".

Robber 1: Hurry up with that, would ya!

Robber 2: I'm coming. Quit your talkin', twip.

Robber 1, smelling the air: Yo! You smell that?

Robber 2: You know I got no nose.

Stink Breath then lands next to the robbers, using his jetpack.

Stink Breath: Hey guys. Little late for a robbery, huh?

Robber 1: It's 10K!

Stink Breath: Something like that. How about you drop the cargo and I'll go easy on you?

The two robbers look at each other then back at Stink Breath. The second robber then drops the cargo slowly.

Stink Breath: There we go. See? Wasn't that-

They both then pull out double barreled blaster per hand.

Stink Breath: -easy...

They then fire plasma blasts at Stink Breath who flies out of the way and takes cover behind a car. The blasts hit a lamp post which comes crashing down on the car which sounds a car alarm.

Robber 1, inserting power cell into blaster: Come on 10K, you put up more of a fight the last time.

Stink Breath then jumps out which his arms out and releases a gas which covers his vision.

Robber 1, coughing: I can't see!

The second robber taps the side of his helmet which activates a visor over his head. Through the visor's vision, a thermal reading of Stink Breath is seen approaching them. The second robber then walks forwards and grabs Stink Breath by the throat and swinging him into the building next to the gas.

Stink Breath: GAH!

Robber 2, raises fist while holding Stink Breath against the wall: Who's got the upper hand now, zikroid?

Voice: I do!

The second robber turns to the right and sees Brandon 10,000 approaching them on his green hover board. He then performs a back flip off of it, landing on the street and the hover board hits the second robber off of Stink Breath. Brandon 10,000 rises then looks surprised as the second robber takes his hover board and crushes it.

Brandon 10,000, upset: That... was my favorite... board.

Robber 1, stepping out of the gas: Well this is very flip-side.

Robber 2: Yeah. Why are there two 10Ks?

Brandon 10,000: The real question is why are you two stealing from ChemLabs?

Robber 1: We don't gotta answer you, 10K, and you're not going to take our pozaz.

Robber 2: Yeah. You can't take our weps.

Robber 1: Shut it, you zouch! (hits his shoulder)

Brandon 10,000: You mean weapons? ChemLabs is supposed to a bio-chemical research facility but if they've got weapons, and I'm guessing alien weapons, then you shouldn't be using them.

Robber 1: What are you gonna do, 10K?

Brandon 10,000: Mainly just kick your butts and maybe gloat afterwards. Yeah I'll probably just gloat.

Brandon 10,000 then reveals his Ultimatrix which is bigger and bulkier. The tubes carrying DNA are more outwards and longer as well.

Brandon 10,000: BIO-SHOCK!

Brandon 10,000 then transforms within a flash into Bio-Shock. The first robber aims his blaster at Bio-Shock who throws his hand out and fires an electric charge at the blaster, draining its energy. The weapon then falls apart in his hands. The robber looks surprised at his hand then angrily at Bio-Shock.

Robber 1: Set him!

Robber 2: You got it!

The second robber then pulls out a larger blaster which fires thick orange blasts. Bio-Shock back flips onto the car behind him, dodging the blast. He then drains the electricity from the fallen lamp post and composes it into a ball of energy, throwing it at the second robber, frying him and his weapon. The first robber then pulls out an plasma blade.

Bio-Shock: Are you going to sit there all night?

Stink Breath looks at Bio-Shock then smirks. He hits the Ultimatrix symbol on his chest and transforms into Size Man.

Size Man: SIZE MAN!

Bio-Shock then jumps over the first robber which hits his plasma blade into the car, tearing the door off completely.

Bio-Shock, in mid-air: EARTHQUAKE!

Bio-Shock then transforms into Earthquake and lands on the road, slamming his fist against it. This causes the road to shake and has both robbers fall over. The second robber grabs Earthquake's feet and throws him into the orange car which flips over into the park behind it. Earthquake looks up from the ground as the two robbers approach him with more blasters.

Robber 1: Looks like your little clone buzzed off.

Size Man's Voice, booming: Little?

The two robbers then turn around and look up in awe and see a gigantic sized Size Man looking down at them. Size Man then jumps over them.

Robber 1: SHOOT HIM!

The two robbers shoot their blasters at Size Man who shrinks down until he's out of sight.

Robber 2, ceasing fire: Where'd he- (is punched out by an unseen force)

The first robber then backs away, pointing his blaster around.

Robber 1: You think I'm scared? (to blaster) Locate target.

Blaster: Target located. Target is directly below you.

Robber 1: Wait wha-

Size Man then jumps up from the grass, grows to normal size and punches the first robber in the face, making him fly up slightly and land on his back.

Earthquake: Nice one.

Size Man: Really?

Earthquake: Well, it's a classic move.

Size Man: Just made it up.

Earthquake transforms back into Brandon 10,000.

Brandon 10,000: Oh right. Sorry. Time travel.

Size Man places his hand on the Ultimatrix symbol and transforms back into Brandon.

Brandon: Right.

Brandon 10,000: And I thought I said to stay in the tower.

Brandon: And miss out on the future? Besides, there was an emergency. Also how'd you find me?

Brandon 10,000, pointing to belt: Crime wave detector. Re-engineered from James' Hotline. Detects and directs me to the nearest crime spots.

Brandon: Cool.

Brandon 10,000 crosses his arms and looks upset at Brandon.

Brandon: I mean uh- sorry for leaving the tower.

Brandon 10,000: (sighs) Well I guess I'm glad that you- er I was able to take out a couple of common criminals.

Brandon: These are common criminals? Not like super villain bad guys and stuff like that?

Brandon 10,000: Yep. These are just two low-life criminals, Trace and Exo.

Brandon: Wow. I guess the future is tougher than I thought.

Brandon 10,000, looking past Brandon: Something tells me it's about to get even tougher.

Brandon turns around and sees a purple storm over the park.

Brandon: Please tell me this is normal weather for you guys.

Brandon 10,000: It's Tempus.

A purple time portal then opens up in front of the two Brandons. A figure then exits from the time portal. Plated, metallic boots are seen, standing there. Tempus is then revealed after fully exiting the time portal.

Tempus: Finally... The future.

Brandon 10,000: Tempus!

Tempus: Brandon Tennyson. It took me eons to break back into this timeline and when I come to the future to deal with one of you, I get two. (chuckle) I must have came in the nick of time.

Brandon: I know why you're here, Tempus. You want me so I can open a portal for your species. Well, it's not happening.

Tempus: Is that what you think? That was my plan before now things are different. Opening a temporal portal using the Apocalypion was a plan that brought only failure and my demise in a now alternate timeline so I thought why try the same thing here, in the prime timeline, when I can just turn this timeline into my own?

The Destroyer then exits the temporal portal, carrying the Apocalypion.

Brandon 10,000, surprised: Destroyer!

Destroyer, placing the Apocalypion down carefully: Brandon 10,000.

Brandon 10,000: How did you-

Tempus: Break him out? Please. Don't insult me. I have access to all of time and space. I'm breaking him out of the Capture Zone prison right this very second.

Brandon 10,000, activating the Ultimatrix: Ren, evacuate the base. Now!

Brandon: So what do we have to do with your new plan, Tempus?

Tempus: Aside from the fact of destroying you, I'll benefit from your demise, taking your place as the prime essence of this timeline.

Doctor Quantum, appearing from a temporal flash: Not if I could help it, Tempus.

Tempus: Doctor Quantum. We meet again. Thanks to you, I was trapped in that alternate timeline and beaten by a mere child.

Doctor Quantum: I warned you of the future, Tempus, but you chose not to listen to reason.

Tempus: I don't need your warnings, Quantum. I too am a time walker.

Doctor Quantum: And that's all the power you have. You can't change history. You're not powerful enough.

Tempus: Oh really? Well that might have been true when you locked me away in that alternate timeline but when I escaped, I was trapped in crosstime looking for an opening, any opening at that point, and I found plenty.

Brandon: Crosstime? What's crosstime?

Doctor Quantum: Crosstime is made up of parallel versions of the history we know. Alternate realties, if you'd like. One being a world where Coco found the genetic sample and created the Omnitrix, another being a world where the Conqueror almost got the Earth sucked into the Capture Zone and one where you united with multiple heroes to stop a powerful alien lifeform from absorbing every planet in the galaxy.

Brandon 10,000: We get the point.

Tempus: And it was magnificent. All those alternate realities. None of which could satisfy me but, by destroying the Brandon 10s of those timelines, I grew more powerful. Powerful enough to convert this timeline into my own version.

Doctor Quantum: I won't allow this, Tempus.

Tempus: You can't interfere. The rules of time forbid it and you've already broken a few by bringing these two together.

Doctor Quantum: Very well, Tempus. I'll play your game but know this. When this is over, when you lose, I will come for you.

Brandon: And in the meantime, you'll just have to deal with us.

Tempus: I'd rather just eradicate you from time and space but I'll let my new associate take care of you first.

The Destroyer steps up and cracks his knuckles.

Brandon: So... how did you defeat this version of him again?

Brandon 10,000: I threw him into a sun for an uninhabited galaxy and then caused that sun to explode. 

Brandon: Right. You think we can do it again.

Brandon 10,000: Probably not.

The Destroyer slams his fists into the ground, breaking up the park grounds. Both Brandons dodge out of the way.

Brandon 10,000: You take on Tempus. I've got the Destroyer.

Brandon: He's too powerful for you.

Brandon 10,000: I've got this! You need to stop Tempus before he rewrites this timeline.

Brandon nods then activates his Ultimatrix. He slaps down the face plate and transforms into Loch Ness.

Loch Ness: LOCH NESS!

Loch Ness turns and faces Tempus who is facing him.

Loch Ness: Give it up, Tempus. I've defeated you in an alternate timeline before, I can do it again.

Tempus: Try all you like, Brandon 10, but I am more powerful.

Loch Ness: So am I.

Loch Ness then smacks the Ultimatrix Symbol which then grows spikes. Loch Ness undergoes an evolutionary transformation and becomes Ultimate Loch Ness.

Ultimate Loch Ness: ULTIMATE LOCH NESS!

Tempus then fires a purple temporal blast at Ultimate Loch Ness who throws a Hydro-Bomb which disintergrates upon impact with the temporal blast.

Ultimate Loch Ness, surprised: Whoa!

Tempus: Once I remove you from this timeline, I'll be master of it.

Ultimate Loch Ness: Not gonna happen, ugly!

Ultimate Loch Ness blasts Tempus with water which knocks him over. Back with the other battle, the Destroyer fires a fiery beam of flames from his eyes but Future Agilmur is seen dodging it.

Destroyer, firing lasers: Fight me, Tennyson. Fight me!

Agilmur, dodging: And get disintegrated? Yeah, no thanks.

Destroyer: I will destroy you, Tennyson! I will destroy you, your loved ones, your world. Everything!

The Destroyer jumps up and slams his fists against the ground, sending out a shockwave which hits Agilmur, knocking him into a statue of Brandon 10,000. Agilmur looks up as The Destroyer approaches him. Agilmur then looks upset, gets up and runs towards The Destroyer.

Destroyer: I will destroy!

Agilmur, jumping towards him: BIO-SHOCK!

Agilmur then transforms into Bio-Shock and kicks the Destroyer right in the face. Bio-Shock: Not today.

Bio-Shock then looks back and sees Ultimate Loch Ness battling against Tempus. Tempus fires an temporal beam which disintegrates a park bench and a futuristic trash can. Ultimate Loch Ness then turns his arms into water whips, stretches one out and wraps it around the Brandon 10,000 statue. He then lifts himself upwards and swings out of the way, dodging the temporal beam. He looks down and sees the Destroyer getting up.

Ultimate Loch Ness, swinging: Splash and Freeze maneuver!

Bio-Shock looks up then, after a short moment, nods. Ultimate Loch Ness then changes his second water whip into a water cannon and blasts the Destroyer. The Destroyer tries blocking the water beam with his arm then uses his laser vision against the beam. Bio-Shock then sees a puddle flowing towards him created by the water dripping off of The Destroyer. He then places his hands on the ground and sends an electric pulse through the water, electrocuting the Destroyer and stopping him from using his laser vision.

Destroyer, being electrocuted: GAHH!

Ultimate Loch Ness, blasting him with more water: Now!

Bio-Shock: SNOW BEAR!

Bio-Shock then transforms into Snow Bear. Snow Bear then freezes the Destroyer in a block of ice created by his ice breath.

Destroyer, freezing: This isn't over! I will destr- (becomes frozen)

As Snow Bear stops his ice breath, Ultimate Loch Ness lands next to him.

Snow Bear: You're lucky I remembered that move.

Ultimate Loch Ness: I knew you would. After all, who could forget a classic?

Snow Bear then transforms back into Brandon 10,000 and Ultimate Loch Ness devolves into Loch Ness and transforms back into Brandon.

Tempus: On the contrary, what would be left to remember you by as soon as you're removed from this timeline forever? (charging his temporal blasts)

Brandon 10,000: He's too powerful to take on, even with the both of us.

Brandon: But he got that power from the Apocalypion, right?

Brandon 10,000: Yeah... He did, didn't he?

Brandon: Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Brandon 10,000: Probably already thought of it. I'll hold him off this time, you do your thing.

Brandon: Got it!

Brandon runs for it and Tempus prepares to fire at him.

Brandon 10,000: Tempus!

Tempus stops and looks at Brandon 10,000.

Brandon 10,000: You want Brandon 10? I'm right here.

Tempus: Destroying your past self would be more essential but destroying you twice over would be more enjoyable.

Tempus fires a temporal ray at Brandon 10,000 who just stands there.

Brandon 10,000: TIME TURNER!

The temporal ray then hits Brandon 10,000 as a flash overcomes him. Tempus shields his eyes from the flash with his arm then lowers it and looks, only to be surprised. Standing where Brandon 10,000 is a New Alien, Time Turner.

Time Turner: Looks like your time is up, Tempus.

Tempus growls then fires a temporal beam at Time Turner who, in turn, fires a green a temporal beam. Keeping the two beams, evenly fired.

Tempus: Give in, Brandon. I know you'll get tired eventually while I, on the other hand, have all of the time in the world.

Time Turner: Heh- you sure about that?

Tempus looks confused then realizes something. He turns his head, still firing the beam, and sees Brandon activating the Ultimatrix, in front of the Apocalypion.

Tempus: What is he doing?!

Brandon then smacks down the face plate and transforms into Astro.

Astro: ASTRO!

Astro then flies up and fires an energy beam at the Apocalypion.

Tempus: NO!

Tempus then disengages from the beam battle, runs towards Astro but gets blasted from behind by Time Turner's temporal beam. Tempus looks up from the ground, weakly, and sees Time Turner approaching him slowly.

Time Turner: Told ya.

Tempus then turns his head and sees Astro charging up a large ball of energy then releasing it onto the Apocalypion, causing it to crack up until it explodes as a temporal beam shooting into the sky.

Tempus: NOOO!

Tempus then vanishes within a flash, leaving behind only a trail of smoke. Time Turner then transforms back into Brandon 10,000. He then looks up and sees Coco and Sarah floating down in Sarah's energy bubble. They then land on the ground and Sarah removes the bubble.

Brandon 10,000: Where have you guys been?

Sarah: Sorry I forgot to bring my GPS for navigating the future.

Coco: So what'd we miss?

Brandon 10,000: We did it. We beat Tempus. Well, myself and I did, anyways.

Sarah, looking around: Where is Brandon, anyways? Our Brandon.

Brandon then walks over, holding his arm.

Brandon: I'm right here.

Doctor Quantum: Splendid. It's good to see that you survived after all.

Brandon 10,000: No thanks to you.

Doctor Quantum: On the contrary, without my interfering, you wouldn't have been able to have this experience and defeat Tempus.

Brandon: Speaking of which, is Tempus really gone this time?

Doctor Quantum: I highly doubt it. History does tend to repeat itself and in this case, he made the same mistake as before. Going after you, of course. Although I predict that Tempus will be spending the rest of his entirety in crosstime, looking for more ways to enter our timeline. That is he would be if I didn't just send him into a timeline designed just for him.

Brandon 10,000: A prison to his liking. Now he'll have no reason to escape.

Doctor Quantum: Except to get revenge on Brandon 10 or whatever dark fantasy that roams through that mind of his.

Brandon: And what about the future?

Doctor Quantum: Oh I'm sure the future will be fine as long as no potential historical events occur between your time and (turns to Brandon 10,000) your time. But in order for a future to exist, the younger Brandon must return back to his present.

Brandon 10,000: Understandable. I wouldn't want anyone thinking the awesomest hero in the universe talks to himself all the time but it was great going down memory lane.

Brandon: And it was great seeing that I turned out awesomer than I thought I would be.

Sarah: And I'm just here cringing over how his failure to understand polysyllables never changed.

Brandon: Wait before I go back, I just gotta know. Any tips for being a hero and any chance I could get that epic alien transforming feature?

Brandon 10,000: I should have known you would pull something like this. Look, Brandon, you don't need any tips because you're already a hero. Just remember, you'll go through some hardships but you can't let it make you into something you're not. You have to learn from it and through that learning, you become better. But since you're me and a teenager, you probably hate learning so I'll sneak you a little gift just to mess with the time-space continuum.

Brandon 10,000 then examines Brandon's Ultimatrix, turns the dial several times until it accepts a code.

Ultimatrix, in cybernetic female voice: Access Codes accepted. Various DNA Samples unlocked.

Brandon 10,000: Just gave you some of my future aliens. You're gonna need them.

Brandon: Thanks!

Doctor Quantum: Right then. Back to the present, children.

The team gather around Doctor Quantum who puts his goggles on. Brandon then looks at Brandon 10,000 and smiles. Within a temporal flash, they vanish. Brandon 10,000 is crossing his arms and looking at where they used to be when another temporal flash occurs behind him and Doctor Quantum walks next to him.

Brandon 10,000: You just returned my younger self to the present.

Doctor Quantum: And I just finished warning your younger self.

Brandon 10,000: About what?

Doctor Quantum: The fact that you don't remember is the problem.

Brandon 10,000: I remember, Doctor Quantum. I remember everything up until that one point. Everything is just grey around that one point in my life then these new memories take place up and until now.

Doctor Quantum: I'm starting to understand it now, Brandon. And if it is what I think it is then I am so sorry but this moment in your life that you don't remember could be something most dreadful. (walks off)

Brandon 10,000: Then I hope it's not at all what you think it is. For the sake of the future.

The scene then transitions back to the present, at the museum, where the temporal flash occurs again and the team appears with Doctor Quantum.

Doctor Quantum: Here we are then. An exact minute after Tempus and The Destroyer left for the future to avoid altering the time continuum.

Coco: Yeah, whatever. I've had just about enough of dealing with time travel for today.

Doctor Quantum: Well the good news is you won't have to deal with time for a while now.

Sarah: Well that's a relief and all but who's going to fix the museum?

Doctor Quantum: That, I'm afraid, is out of my hands. Until we see each other again, children. Toodles!

Doctor Quantum then vanishes within a temporal flash and the team just look at where he was.

Brandon: I should really start thinking about my future.

Sarah: Like studying for that history exam next week?

Brandon: Yeah on second thought-

Jenny then enters the museum through the opening that the Destroyer caused.

Jenny: What happened?

Sarah: It's a long story...

Coco: Well I don't know about you guys but I'm hitting the sack.

Jenny: Is that some sort of training method?

Coco: It means I'm going to sleep, Jenny.

Brandon: Sleep? Dude, we've got the future to explore.

Coco: No. I've had enough time travel.

A flash then appears and the Blue Energy Alien walks over to the team.

Coco: Now what?

Blue Energy Alien: Nothing. I'm not interfering. Stop noticing me.

Brandon: I'm sorry, dude, but you make a horrible time traveler.

Blue Energy Alien: Really?

Brandon: Yeah. Tell you want though. Let's get milkshakes and burgers. All five of us.

Blue Energy Alien: I would like to have that honor but I can't interfere. However, I will wish you a Happy Birthday.

The Blue Energy Alien then vanishes within a blue flash.

Brandon: Huh?

Coco: Guess it's just the four of us then.

Jenny: I look forwards to having these milkshakes.

Sarah: Fine. I'll have a milkshake too. After everything that just happened, I could use one.

Coco, walking out through the opening in the wall: You could have choose a better time but sure I'm up for it.

Sarah and Jenny follow Coco through the opening while Brandon stays behind.

Brandon, checking out the Ultimatrix: Doesn't matter what time it is. (looks up, smiling) It's always Hero Time.




  • Tempus (First Re-Appearance since The Original Series)
  • The Destroyer (First Re-Appearance since The Original Series)
  • Trace (First Appearance)
  • Exo (First Appearance)

Aliens Used

By Brandon

By Brandon 10,000


  • This episode was made to celebrate the fifth anniversary of Brandon 10.
  • Originally, Brandon was meant to meet his ten year old self from the Alternate Chaos timeline which would cause some conflict between them serving as the drama of the episode.
    • Likewise, the episode would have been given a different title.
  • While not having a proper description in the film, the Apocalypion's design in the episode was based on the Stargate but made to be more compact.
  • The scene where Brandon takes on the future thugs was inspired by Justice League Unlimited episode, The Once and Future Thing.
  • The future slang spoken by the future thugs were terms used in the animated series, Batman Beyond.
  • The episode was meant to be featured in both the future and the present with the team and Brandon 10,000 exploring the future then battling Tempus until the battle takes them back to the present. Brandon 10,000 would then be the one going back to his own time with Doctor Quantum rather than the other way around.
  • To clear possible confusion, the version of Doctor Quantum that appeared after the team was returned to the present is from the future and is refering to an event that has yet to occur on the show.
  • There were meant to be more future objects/events introduced in this episode as a way of unintentionally foreshadowing something later in the series like the episode, Brandon 10,000, did.
  • The title of the episode is meant to be similar to the episode, A Hero's Son.
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