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Ben 10:Haunted
Season 1, Episode 1
Written by Ghost King001
Directed by Ghost King001
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Ghost King`s Project


Our story begins a few weeks after "A New Dawn". The Universe was adjusting to all the constant changes such as time travel and universal recreation. All actions have a consequence and the consequence of these actions was about to emerge into our world once more. A vortex opened up in the desert near Bellwood and a blue and somewhat transparent entity emerged.

???: Where am I? (He begins rubbing his head, he is disoriented from the vortex) Am I...back on Earth? (he kneels to the ground and takes a deep whiff) Yes. No mistaking that smell. This is a desert and I am back home. I should head to the nearest settlement (The being then levitates up and begins to slowly float towards Bellwood) I wonder what has transpired since my imprisonment? I suppose I will just have to wait and see.

Theme song!

We cut to Ben, Gwen and Kevin who are at Mr. Smoothie's. It is late at night.

Ben: Things sure have been dull lately (drinking a smoothie) I wish something would happen!

Kevin: You shouldn`t say things like that. Bad things always happen when someone says that.

Gwen: We`ll see. But Ben is right, it`s kind of nice not fighting anyone. It`s a shame Rook is on Watch duty at HQ.

Meanwhile. The Entity floats to the nearest museum.

Entity: what is this building? (he floats in, unaware of the invisible laser triggers and silent alarm) Why are there so many skeletons suspended in frozen states? (He waves his hand in front of a wooly mammoth replica) Hello? Hairy pachyderm? can you hear me? WHY DO YOU STAY STILL AND NOT REACT! (His eyes glow redder than they usually are. He then stops) You are no longer alive. Are you? (He carefully floats to it`s chest) There is no heartbeat. It is just...(He looks at the other exhibits). They are all deceased, or items. (He reads the plaques near the exhibits) I have been gone a very long time.

???:FREEZE! (The Night Watchman appears. He then drops his Gun when seeing the Being floating in mid air) Wh-what are you?

Here is a hint: BOO! (His hands glow a bright green color as he fires an orb of energy from each palm at the Night Watchman. The Watchman dodges and runs away screaming) you are lucky I do not kill. (He floats away and turns to be spooked by a Tyrannosaur Skeleton) YOU! (He fires another round of the green energy at it. It crumbles into nothing.) Or...not? (He studies the dust that was once a skeleton.) No. You are not him, Good. (He then continues reading to learn)

The camera cuts back to Ben, Gwen and Kevin who are driving back home. Suddenly the radio announces a Watchman at the museum has spotted a ghost).

Kevin: Can you believe this? This has to be fake news.

Gwen: What if it isn`t? He could have mistaken an Ectonurite for a ghost. We should go investigate.

Ben: It`s probably a kid in a costume. I`ll go in myself.

Kevin: You sure?

Ben: If I need help you`ll know. (Kevin nods and drives to the museum. The Night Watchman waits outside shivering)

Watchman: Ben Tennyson! Thank goodness you`re here!

Ben: Where`s Spooky at? (The Watchman motions inside) you wait out here (Ben enters) Hello? Where are you Casper?

Entity: Casper? what is Casper? (He floats down) I am no Casper. I am the King Ghost! And you young man are either brave or a fool to face me, leave now or else. Last warning.

Ben: Sure. And I`m Santa Claus

Ghost King: No you are not (he doesn`t seem to understand sarcasm) Santa is an old, jolly and obese individual.

Ben: It`s called sarcasm. And now it`s time for you to go home.

Ghost King: Why, I am home! I just got back from that wretched dimension I was forced into by that wizard! And I am NOT going back! (His hands glow green again) I warned you. Time to suffer my wrath! (He flies at Ben and releases a blast of the energy. But Ben is too quick and dodges)

Ben: Maybe you`re not a kid! (He then turns into Ghost Freak)

Ghost Freak: GHOST FREAK! Why don`t we talk this over?

Ghost King: Hey! Where did that kid go!? (He looks around wildly.) Minion type 2! Why do you float there and do nothing? FIND HIM!

Ghost Freak: Boy are you slow. (Ghost Freak then flies at Ghost King and attacks him)

Ghost King: How dare you traitor! I will send you to the fiery pits for this treason! (Ghost Freak punches him) You asked for it! (He fires more spiritual blasts from his hands at Ghost Freak. Ghost Freak turns intangible and reveals his tentacles.) You, you are no ghost! You are a shapeshifter! Now I am REALLY angry!

Ghost Freak: Took you long enough, genius. (He then turns into Big Chill.)

Big Chill: BIG...CHILL!

No matter what you turn into I shall-(he then gets frozen)

(Big Chill turns back into Ben) Ben: Be frozen in ice. Stay here while I call the Plumbers to pick you up (He leaves).

Ghost King: (Thinking to himself while in ice) What kind of sorcery is this?! What are Plumbers? Whatever is going on I am not going to stand here and wait! (The spirit breaks free and escapes.) Mark my words changeling, This is FAR from over!


Noteworthy Events

Major Events

  • Ghost King is freed from his prison dimension. From there he tries to gain knowledge about Earth`s history since his banishment.
  • Ben and Ghost King meet.
  • A hatred for Ben begins from Ghost King.
  • Ghosts are revealed to exist.

Minor Events


  • Ben Tennyson
  • Gwen Tennyson
  • Kevin Levin
  • Night Watchman
  • Newscaster


  • Ghost King

Aliens Used

  • Ghost Freak
  • Big Chill


Ben calls Ghost King Casper mockingly. This refers to Casper the friendly ghost.


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